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Advice needed- How to clean Avent steriliser?

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by adelia, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. adelia

    adelia New Member

    Recently I used vinegar to clean my Avent steriliser and found that the rubber components of the pump accessories that I sterilised turned a yellowish-tinge [​IMG] Is this the correct way to clean the steriliser? I feel that using water to rinse the steriliser is not sufficient.

  2. snowymum

    snowymum Well-Known Member

    if i am not wrong, for Avent steriliser, they do not advise the use of vinegar. Supposed to buy the de-scaler salt from the Avent service centre. Usually after I de-scale (for my avent milk warmer), I will run 1-2 rounds in normal tap water to ensure that the de-scale product is properly washed out. De-scale only do it once in a while... [​IMG]

    As for the rubber parts of pump accessories. Just to share that for Medela, the soft shields should not be sterilised. My Avent pump, the petals did turn yellow gradually after several rounds of sterilising. It's normal.

    Hope the above helps.
  3. vonn81

    vonn81 New Member

    I saw someone posted in another forum saying that we can get the critic acid from daiso to de scale the sterilizer....
  4. weientan2010

    weientan2010 New Member

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  5. alanisellen

    alanisellen New Member

    I have a similar steriliser. Purchase critic acid powder on ebay and follows the instruction on the steriliser's manual. I heard there are people using lemon.

    Oh ya.. my pump accessories went a bit out of shape after sterilising.... [​IMG]
  6. reflex

    reflex New Member

  7. leomavis

    leomavis New Member

    Was advised also by Avent steriliser promoter to use white vinegar and mixed with water 1:3 portion to clean the stains off the sterliser. Have not try it though..
  8. nicoleneo_10

    nicoleneo_10 New Member

    I bought the citric acid powder from Avent office Philip at Toa Payoh.. per pack $2. I think use the original citric acid powder safer..
  9. kachang

    kachang Member

    Heheh... I just tossed a few slices of lemon, switched on the empty steamer with water inside of course. And tadaaa... All icky brown water stains gone. Cheap and gd
  10. meistar

    meistar Member

    I use vinegar but still have stain leh. Also there is still the Chao da smell! How?!?!
  11. heatherwhite

    heatherwhite Member

    Yeah, I use the same method as Puteh, using few slice of lemon with some water and switch on the sterilizer and it does the job! I used diluted white vinegar before too, but I don't like the smell. Still prefer the natural lemon fragant. [​IMG]
  12. ling_wzl

    ling_wzl New Member

    Hi puteh/heatherwhite, where did u put the lemon slice in the sterilizer? Thanks!
  13. kachang

    kachang Member

    Hi ling, I put about 2 lemon slices at the base of the Sterilizer, where the water pools. The rest of the lemon I keep in the freezer, can use some other time. Heheh yes, heather I also buay tahan the Chao serng smell of vinegar.. Eeks.
  14. jean81

    jean81 New Member

    I tried the lemon slices and ended up with a blackened water bank.... How ar? Cannot use the steriliser any more?

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