Advice Needed: Hosp Bills for Pre-term Baby


Hi Mummies,
Wondering if any mummies can share their hosp bills for a preterm-baby expenses and experience?

How much did u pay in cash and at which hosp? how long did ur baby stay (if any) and how heavy is the baby?

Am currently in week 32, and having high blood pressure (borderline case of pre-eclampsia) and hence hav chances of pre-term delivery.

Can mummies here share their experience if any?

Thanks a lot.


Hi, i can share my experiences with you.

My son was born at 34 weeks weighing only 1225grms and i stayed in hospital since he was 24wks till birth. You can imagine the bills i have.

For my son, he had serious jaundice as he is G6PD and he had 2 blood transfusions. Can't really remember how much for his bill but in total our bill was about 10k, this is at KKH.

I was very lucky to have insurance coverage under pregnancy complications by Great Eastern thus we do not need to pay anything.
Hi, my bb was borned at 29 wks, he's still in Nicu till week 35 at Mt A, our hospital bill was 47.8k . Bill size is dependent on wk borned n whether he has major complications. My son has no major problems but was on TPN to speed up growth n wt gain. On ventilator for 2 days n cpap for 2 days


hi zp1503,
thnks for sharing yr story...

hi berrybaby,
glad to hear yr bb was born with no major issues.
do u rem how much cash was paid?


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my gal was borned at 30week. I hv got almost the same bill size as berrybaby & same hospital somemore.haha


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wooh.. it really frighten me.
My gynae is from Mt A too.. The bill added up to $48K? how to pay like that?

My gyane told me to rest more coz now I'm in my 28weeks, tummy already feels the tightness. shouldn't feel this way so early. Gave me relaxation med for the uterus.
If u hv constrains can talk to Dorothy, they'll let pay by installmentz. But if really need to, I suggest to go Kkh, bill will b only 10+k


hi, if u r not frm kKh, u'll b charged as private rates. but can choose to stay in c class wards, cos it's fully subsidize. got a frd frm tmc, but went 2 kkh as emergency cos water bag bursted at 26weeks. she stayed in c class ward n her girl stayed for abt 3mths. bills was abt 20k+.

u can request to use parents (maternal side) medisave for deduction too, but must fully utilized u n ur hb's medisave first.



Hi Cloverluv,
If you know you have the chances of giving birth before full term, you can consider to see doctor in Kkh now and arrange to give birth in Kkh. The bill will be much smaller by half or more in government hospital.

My case is a bit sudden, so didn't expect a preterm birth and my Gynae was from Mt A. Gynae tried to delay the birth for 4 days, and in the meantime we found vacancies for NICU in Sgh, so I got transferred to Sgh and give birth there. My gal 30 weeker without complications cost us 26k for 46 days stay. And luckily got the subsidize of 50% so we paid about 13k.

If I don't get the vacancies in Sgh, in Mt A it will cost us about 25-40k. And it is not easy to get nicu vacancies, especially in Kkh last minute. So I really advice you start seeing Gynae in Kkh and make some arrangement to give birth in Kkh.


Hi bbmermaid/Aixin,
Thks for sharing.
am now passed the "safe" stage and thk god so far so gd...

now awaiting bb to be delivered via c-sect end of e mth.

once again, thks for all e insightful info.


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If your baby has any complications, pls go to govt restructured hospital. My DD was borned at 34 + 6 weeks at 1890g bcos I got pre-eclampsia. She stayed in NICU for 2 weeks and 1 week at nursery. Bill less than $4k overall if I rem correctly. But I opted for B2 ward.
My gynea was from TMC but it was emergency and I went to NUH to deliver.

My twin boys were born at 29weeks, weighing abt 1.2kg each at birth. At that time, I just relocated back to SG and had no OB/GYN at all. So when my contractions started, I made a quick decision to simply go to KKH as they have the most well-equipped NICU in the country. As I was already fully dilated by the time I reached the hospital, they did not even ask which ward or class I would like to be in. I was immediately bumped into C-class to keep the bills lows as my babies NICU bills will be attached to mine.

In all, we raked up $35K in total bills with my boys staying in the hospital till arnd 36wks. However, we were also able to get medical assistance from the social work department at KKH and they helped to reduce the bill for us, after deducting frm my Medisave as well as my parent's Medisave accounts. In the end, we did not have to fork out any hard cash to settle the bills.

I really appreciate the help I have gotten from all the staff at KK and I cannot imagine what the bill would have come up to if I had gone to a private hospital instead.