Advice needed: free KKH baby stuff

Hi MELim, i booked the premier b1 package. With the changes in cpf recently, they have revised the package so less cash deposit. since dis is my 4th child, i had to pay a deposit of $1490. jz in case u're enquiring for 1st to 3rd child deposit, it'll b $1278.

just to share, for premier a1 package, the deposit dat i paid for was $2380. Dat was earlier dis year. For my 1st 2 deliveries, the deposit was lower, abt $1k+, both different amts.
The final bill (for this year's delivery), i received a refund of $700+.
Thanks fidzZzy.. So it is a must to put deposit?? which means I have to standby the cash on my 36 weeks visit to my gynae?? I wish to go for the B1 premier package, which means i need to prepare 1K plus this wed, 15/07/09??
ya the initial deposit is actually to book the package. so means during ur time of admission, they wont chase u n hubby to sign any medisave forms or make payment. all the admission lady told me that time when i asked, is to book at least 1.5 mth before i gv birth. aniwe, i'm giving birth in aug but i onli booked the package thingy early july lor.. hope this helps..^^
I just booked my hosp package 2 weeks back, premier B1, normal vaginal delivery, paid $1460 downpayment, how come so much compare to those who booked in July ?

Those "contract" said cannot downgrade or upgrade, anyone upgrade after signing the paper?
any updates on what do they give if we stay in B1? I going down to book tomorrow after my gynae appointment...
standard Toiletries only for mother, one packet of newborn pamper diaper and johnson baby wipes and a box of tissue for baby.