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Advice Needed: Creams & Oils to prevent Stretchmarks

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by lime_n_liliac, Nov 24, 2005.

  1. lime_n_liliac

    lime_n_liliac New Member

    Hi! I was just given some Emu Oil and Lanolin Cream by a friend who recently came back from a holiday.

    Anyone have any advice if it's safe to use emu oil and lanolin cream on my tummy to prevent stretchmarks?

    Thanks [​IMG]

  2. vone

    vone Active Member

    hi lime,

    i used emu oil on my tummy 2 prevent stretchmarks. it's safe coz d oil is recommended 2 me by my gynae. if u r not sure, mayb u wanna cfm wif ur gynae. [​IMG]
  3. lime_n_liliac

    lime_n_liliac New Member

    Hi vone

    That's a good idea! I'll bring my bottle with me to my gynae appt next week so she can read the 'ingredients' listed [​IMG]

    I've read so many good things about Emu Oil. It seems it's good for carpal tunnel and muscle aches too!

    Thanks [​IMG]
  4. kikynss

    kikynss New Member

    I noe that u can apply olive oil to prevent stretchmarks
  5. aprilyeo

    aprilyeo New Member

    Oils are better than creams for stretch marks...my dear Aussie friend has recommended me to try LM Naturals stretch mark oil as she swears by it.
    Is Emu Oil good enough? Im into my 2nd trimester & i really want a highly effective one! heh

  6. lilacz

    lilacz Active Member

    IM currently using clarins stretch mark oil, going to finish soon. Find it rather ex and dont think i need another bottle since already in my 3rd trimester. How much is this emu oil and where can i get it? Thanks thanks for sharing.
  7. ruggles

    ruggles New Member

    I'm currently using olive oil, I started using at abt 1 month and the bottle is still 2/3 full!! I'm now in 19th week and no lines yet.(fingers crossed)
  8. aprilyeo

    aprilyeo New Member

    yeah, how much is this emu oil? Where can we get it? Pls share with us!! Thanks!
  9. lime_n_liliac

    lime_n_liliac New Member

    I've been using my Emu Oil diligently and am just past my 24th week. So far no signs of stretch marks (fingers crossed!) - it runs in my family and comes on pretty early in pregnancy so I've been really worried about that.

    I don't know where to get it in Sg yet but I know I'm going to be needing another bottle before junior pops [​IMG] Once I find it I'll post the info rightaway!
  10. fluffy596

    fluffy596 New Member

    I strongly recommend the propolis cream, no stretch mark at all for me. Thru' out my pregy i been applying every nite w/o fail. [​IMG]
  11. vone

    vone Active Member

    i gt my emu oil fr my gynae. if u gals r interested, then i chk it out & let u gals noe.
  12. lilacz

    lilacz Active Member

    Hi vone, how much is the emu oil?
  13. lucida

    lucida Active Member

    Just got the clarin oil but really felt the pain in my wallet.. Bought another stretch mark balm from L'occitance known as "Mom & Baby Balm". Intend to use this during day time cos' I dont think I will have time to apply the clarin oil in the morning. So the clarin oil just for night time... Spent almost $100 in total for both product today.. [​IMG]

    Is the emu oil expensive? If the price is right I am really interested to get it after I finish the clarin oil.
  14. red_ridden

    red_ridden Member

    hey Vone,

    i would like to know where to get too!
    I am using Bodyshop cocoa butter cream now, not too bad but seems like the emu oil is a wonder.
  15. baby26

    baby26 Member

    the propolis cream issit from forever living?
  16. vone

    vone Active Member

    hi lilacz / lyn, paiseh, 4gt 2 chk back on tis thread. i bought d emu oil fr my gyane. it costs me $30 4 d 50ml btl.

    hi connie, i gt it fr my gynae. i dun noe whether u can get it outside.
  17. lilacz

    lilacz Active Member

    Hi Lyn, i found a cheap place to get the clarins oil! Got it for about $50 at a shop in Chinatown. Its on the 3rd level of the newly renovated food centre besides OG. Worth it!
  18. etelle

    etelle Active Member

    is the shop u talking about call OCEAN??
  19. lilacz

    lilacz Active Member

    cant rem the name...I think so.They are selling all kinds of toiletries.
  20. lynettelim

    lynettelim Member

    i think i remember my Gyne told me not to waste any money to buy stretch mark cream as this is a gene thingy..

    if you family have that.. u tent to have also.

    i apply all diff kinds when i am pregnant also no use.. no cannot wear bikini. [​IMG]

    Did any of your gyne suggest that?
  21. janet_lee88

    janet_lee88 New Member

    I applied Galenic Elancyl stretch mark cream towards the latter part of my pregnancy. It's not so much because for the stretch marks but more so for the stretching of the skin at the abdomen which causes a lot of itch as the baby grows. Every morning, I applied the cream on the abdomen and if we go to shopping centres, I applied more as the skin tends to be drier. I remembered how I had to find fitting rooms to scratch the tummy.
  22. lucida

    lucida Active Member

    Hi LiLacz,
    Thanks for letting me know about that. I will go Chinatown next time to buy the clarins oil.

    Hi Lynette,
    Yup. Alot of my friends says that too. But, i think I just have to do something whether it helps or not. Kiasu :p Anyway, I think apply the oil or moisturiser helps to hydrate the skin such that it doesn't itch that much. So I think at least in will help alittle, may it be just a psychological thinggi... hee hee.
  23. etelle

    etelle Active Member

    hi Lyn
    i think whether it works or not it's good to try. During my first and second trimester i was lazy in applying the stretch mark cream and then i thought my mother doesn't have it so evry likely i wouldn't have. WHo knows in my 3rd trimester everything popped out and i got plenty of the stretch marks.

    Then my gynae was tleling me it has not been proven that stretch mark cream can cure stretch marks....so probably it would only lighten and not make it that obvious but it will not cause it to disappear.

    But my advise is if want to start start early. During first trimester can start applying dutifully everyday...dun be like me into last trimester then i regret...[​IMG]
  24. lynettelim

    lynettelim Member

    hahaha.. i remember stretching my tummy often also. but i still apply thick cream instead.. as i found that those stretch mark cream is not cheap.

    My gyne jokingly said.. save all the money then go for a cosmetic surgery loh... heee [​IMG]
  25. lilacz

    lilacz Active Member

    I think more or less it helps abit cuz it gives the skin some moisture as it stretches. Just like our face, sometimes without moisturiser, its so tight and the dryness may cause lines.I rather be safe than sorry. :p Have started applying since i know im preg at 5th week or 6th week till today (3rd trimester) diligently. Morning and night.So far so good. *touch wood*
  26. cin

    cin New Member

    Hi lynette,

    My gynae also said the same thing. Buy stretch mark cream or oil no use one, no need waste money. Just apply baby lotion or baby oil can already. Actually olive oil is the best (according to both my malay massage woman and gynae's nurse) but only if you can stand the oily icky feeling haha i only applied baby lotion throughout my pregnancy once a day at night on my belly and thighs, thankfully not a single stretchmark, heng ah!
  27. ethel

    ethel Active Member

    i used palmers cocoa butter oil for itchy skin. it has added vitamin E and collegen to help combat stretch marks. It worked perfectly! after birth of my first son, i didnt hv any marks.. i only had stretch marks on my bums coz i was concentrating on my tummy! its cheap only $18 from gaurdian. if yr friends goes to USA, ask them to get for you cost its only US$5!!
  28. wendyheng

    wendyheng New Member

    Hi janet
    I use palmers cocoa butter too but i still got sttetch marks on my stomach.maybe individual's skin different ah. hai. Now i looking for some effective cream to lighen my marks. Now using galenic elancyl cream to lighen marks. btw u have any advice??? Anyone elso noe which cream to use??? thanks
  29. teenoyl

    teenoyl Member

    Hi all,

    I agree with Lynette & Mummy2B too.. It's all in the genes.. with this believe, I didn't apply any cream for my 1st.

    For my present 2nd, me experiencing chilling cold during most nights so I am now using "Natalie Prenatal Massage Oil Aromatherapy".

    Extract from the bottle itself :
    Massage this blend of rich nut oils and soothing essential oils into abdomen to soften and condition skin, into tops of shoulders and base of spine, ankles and feet to soothe muscles.

    Sesame, sweet almond, grapeseed oils, vit E, rose geranium/tangerine/geranium essential oil.

    Believe this is the best, as it can eliminate stretch mark, relax the muscles especially the leg-cramps during the last trimester and also to keep body warm. Can easily find the oil in any pharmacy in hospitals. The promoter is well-trained and will assist you.. (I got a 10mins free demo massage too - shiok)..
  30. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    hi ladies,

    i applied stretchmark oil tt was safe 4 pregnancy and now i got rashes all over my body, i think i look so freaky! hahaha [​IMG]

    i heard tt shea butter is gd 4 stretchmarks. juz wonder issit safe 4 use during pregnancy?
  31. lynettelim

    lynettelim Member

    have anybody really seriously considering doing cosmetic sugery?

    really feel like going for it!

    Just realise that my breast also have stretchmark [​IMG]
  32. wendyheng

    wendyheng New Member

  33. aprilyeo

    aprilyeo New Member

    my aussie friend told me abt this stretchmarks oil 100%organic from australia. was thinking of buying in bulk cos she can get discount over there. instead of aus$99, if buy in 12 will be S$50. chk out the website www.lmnaturals.com. so far 3 mummies are interested. anyone else?email me @ ashley_nikkibabe@yahoo.com.sg.
  34. zazan

    zazan Member

    i used clarins 'tonic' oil during pregnancy... i m more KS, i applied additional body lotion at the last stage of pregnancy. my friend rec me to use clarins 'tonic' swearing its very effectiveness. lucky for me theres no stretch mark aft delivery. well i think it works for me though...
  35. ch1oe

    ch1oe New Member

    can advise where to buy the clarins oil? any tester available?

    I've tested the mothercare stretchmark cream. Though it's cheap, but personally dun like the sticky feel.
  36. zazan

    zazan Member

    u can get it at those cosmetic shop at toa payoh its cheaper....
  37. mikel

    mikel New Member

    The one from mothercare isn't really effective.

    Initially I used the one from mothercare, but stretchmarks still came. Then my gynea recommended one and the stretchmarks reduced in size ... it's from France and not really that ex.
  38. ch1oe

    ch1oe New Member

    where in toa payoh and any idea how much they selling? Saw in those big departmental stall and they are selling $78 leh!!! very expensive.
  39. ch1oe

    ch1oe New Member

    can recommend the brand and where to buy?
  40. zazan

    zazan Member

    its at tpy central the shop selling all the beauty products...its the stretch of block behind kfc. there r 2shops (one is called yu hwa if i am not wrong) side by side selling the same products u can compare on their prices, cant remember how much abt $50+ or $60+ definately cheaper than what u get fr counter. u wont miss it as there ll be alot of ppl crowding ard to get shampoos, body bath, perfumes etc...
  41. ch1oe

    ch1oe New Member

    thanks [​IMG]
  42. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member


    u gals aware tt we can use the clarins bust cream/gel when we r pregnant? my coll has showed me her stetchmarks on her breasts liao. i wan to avoid it, thus wondering if its safe to use clarins during pregnancy? [​IMG]
  43. sasi

    sasi New Member

    Hi crystallized

    Its safe to use clarins tonic oil during pregnancy even on bust area.
  44. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    hi sasi, i meant their bust cream specially juz 4 breasts. not this tonic oil. [​IMG]

    dun dare play wif oil liao. juz had a bad allergy of essential oils 2 wks back tt took me almost 2 wks to heal. [​IMG] better juz stick to my baby oil.
  45. sasi

    sasi New Member

    hi crystallized

    their bust gel n cream is not for stretchmarks,maybe if u r free u can go down to Clarins counter to have a sample of the Tonic oil,try on a small area to c if u r allergy anot.
  46. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    hi sasi,

    yah think i will do tt. really cannot play a fool liao.
  47. mikel

    mikel New Member

    The name of the cream is percutalfa. Not too sure if you can get it from outside.
  48. erica

    erica Member

    I used mothercare stretchmark cream in the daytime and clarins tonic oil at night. Not a stretch mark at all :)
  49. ch1oe

    ch1oe New Member

    hi all,
    I bought the clarins tonic oil but was confused by the instructions. It said that I should apply on damp skin, then FOLLOW BY A SHOWER. Why apply since i need to follow with a shower?? can anyone advise?
  50. crystallized

    crystallized Active Member

    hi ladies, the clarins oil states "stimulating". issit not suitable 4 pregnancy use then? i noe this oil is widely recommended during pregnancy. some mags even recommend it. i find it confusing... and one of the ingredients, if i rem correctly, majoram, is NOT recommended during pregnancy.

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