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ADVICE NEEDED: Baby Refuse To Drink Milk

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by yuner, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. yuner

    yuner New Member

    My 2-mth old son used to drink on average of 100ml of his formula milk. He's about 4.5kg now and I would think he need to drink at least 100ml per feed base on 6 feeds a day. However, just about a week ago, he started to reject the bottle after drinking about 40-50ml.

    He would struggle, kick his legs, push his hands around, and cry. We will then try to burp him and feed him again. Sometimes he would stick his tongue out to reject the bottle, but after I tried to force it into his mouth, he would drink maybe another 20ml.

    We tried different methods to test why is he behaving this way. We changed the teats, feed him anti-colic drop, coax & distract him, make the milk less warm, make the milk more warm. But all these doesn't work.

    So currently, I have to feed him more feeds per day as he's taking in lesser amount per feed.

    I have a habit of changing his diaper before or after a feed. So far his poo poo is ok, almost poo once a day. There's urine on his diaper when I change it everytime.

    Any mummy encountering this feeding problem with your baby? I'm confused and worried...

  2. bmaple11

    bmaple11 New Member

    My girl had the same problem and we tried feeding when she sleeps. that worked, though it is a temporary method of course...
  3. fiona77

    fiona77 New Member

    yah, when the baby sleepy, it is easier to feed.
  4. yuner

    yuner New Member

    I tried.. But baby smart.. whenever i put the teat into his mouth, he would know.. and he would either start to throw tantrum & cry or simply just refuse to suck.. [​IMG]
  5. slong

    slong New Member

    My little one also stop to suck after drinking about 2 Oz, have to feed every hour. Now he getting 5 months, weight 7kg.
    Previously can drink up to 4 Oz at 2 hour interval.
    How to solve this....
  6. gilera

    gilera New Member

    ever tried upgrade teat size, might be frustrated from sucking and milk too slow.
  7. gal_ey

    gal_ey New Member

    My son also e same month as ur bb. Every feed will be a challenging thing. He would either slp durin halfway feed or he drink abt 50-80ml then he wouldn't wan to drink anymore. Last time he's drinking 120ml but duno y he drinking lesser. So I would let him drink 100ml n he finishes all sometimes. Or I will increase e water level to make it abit dilute. I ask e doc b4 she say is normal tt bb sometimes dun drink finish as maybe they r alr full. So we just have to feed him more feed. I also prolong his feeding time ESP at nite. So tt he will try to finish his milk.
  8. slong

    slong New Member

    Actually the teat size already change but no use.
    Its seem like he don't like to suck after he will feel full.
    If I change to the drinking water, then he will suck again.
    When I feed him when he feel sleepy, then he can finished all. Like whats mommy say on previous thread.
  9. karenchua13

    karenchua13 New Member

    Sometimes could be ear infection. I read from online bb will react this way when either their inner ear is blocked or having ear/sinus infection as it hurts them when they tried to suck.

    My daughter used to hv this problem at her 3rd mth for 1 week & refused milk up to 8 hrs.. Only willing to latch on after 8hrs frm last feed.. But she keep pulling away frm e nipple too.. But after seeing pd, her ear is full of wax but pd did mention it may not be e ear wax problem.. Aft using e ear wax drop, now she's drinking again..
  10. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Give it a break for a few days and in the meantime give him plenty of unprocessed dairy to make sure he is getting enough calcium so a yoghurt for breakfast, an ounce of cheddar as a snack or for dessert after lunch and make a cream or cheese sauce to go with his supper.

    You could try giving him porridge and other milk based cereals for breakfast too. Then as the week goes on try him with a couple of ounces of half formula half cows milk without saying anything or making a big deal out of it. If he freaks out dont react. Just leave it with him and if he doesn't drink it try him with water instead of juice.

    If he thinks he'll get yummy juice instead of boring old milk every time he throws a hissy fit you need to change that by only offering him water to drink. And dump the milk flavourings. They will only encourage a sweet tooth for processed rubbish that he really doesn't need.

    All the best!

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