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ADVICE NEEDED: Baby Refuse To Drink Milk

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by yuner, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. yuner

    yuner New Member

    My 2-mth old son used to drink on average of 100ml of his formula milk. He's about 4.5kg now and I would think he need to drink at least 100ml per feed base on 6 feeds a day. However, just about a week ago, he started to reject the bottle after drinking about 40-50ml.

    He would struggle, kick his legs, push his hands around, and cry. We will then try to burp him and feed him again. Sometimes he would stick his tongue out to reject the bottle, but after I tried to force it into his mouth, he would drink maybe another 20ml.

    We tried different methods to test why is he behaving this way. We changed the teats, feed him anti-colic drop, coax & distract him, make the milk less warm, make the milk more warm. But all these doesn't work.

    So currently, I have to feed him more feeds per day as he's taking in lesser amount per feed.

    I have a habit of changing his diaper before or after a feed. So far his poo poo is ok, almost poo once a day. There's urine on his diaper when I change it everytime.

    Any mummy encountering this feeding problem with your baby? I'm confused and worried...

  2. miffy_68

    miffy_68 New Member

    Firstly, check baby's gums and tongue. Make sure its cleanse every bath time and are no white spots.

    Try some soothing music while feeding him.

    Lastly, you might need to check with your PD.
  3. michellelau

    michellelau New Member

    Hi Yuner,

    My 2 month old son faces the same problem as your son 2 days ago. We got worried that he got reflux and went to see our PD yesterday and realise that he was having sore throat and therefore making him difficult to swallow the milk.

    I would advise you to bring your son to the PD for a check up soon. =)
  4. gilera

    gilera New Member

    my bb is 6 months and had gone throu this.
    trick i find is letting him look at something moving or a repeated nursery rhyme then he would drink. but jsut as the bottle is finishing, he will struggle. drinking 125ml now at 6 months, 6 times a day.

    not checking this thread
  5. victoria_ching088

    victoria_ching088 New Member

    Its normal..even my 9 month old girl rejecting every now and then...try to distract her with toys.
    If this doesn't work..try different holding position or place her on a tilted pillow prop for feeding. Sometimes they are just uncomfy with the way we hold her...
  6. mummy142012

    mummy142012 New Member

    Hi mummy out there, My 8mths old baby recently can't finish his milk, will always left 50-60ml, he currently taking 150ml every 3 to 3.5hrs. Its started when I started give him porridge 2 times aday. Is it becos he wanted solic food so refuse to finish his milk??? It's make me worried as his weight from 8.3 kg dropped to 8kg. I have reduced the solic food n even changed his milk bottle, at first its work however the next day facing the problem again... Pls help..
  7. lasery2k

    lasery2k Member


    the timiing is too close le...u can start pulling the timing abit longer liao.

    might wanna try:

    morning milk,

    then lunch - solid

    around 2-3pm give some puffs or bb biscults.

    4pm- 5pm like tt give milk

    dinner solid

    then before sleep milk..

    see will improve mah...coz solid make them feel fuller hence the milk intake will drop if con't the full milk feeding routine..
  8. brink

    brink Member

    any advise if baby dont wan to drink breast milk but formula milk instead?
  9. vsc

    vsc New Member

    Hi Yuner, i m encountering exactly same problem as you used to have when your bb at 2mths. This problem has been last for almost a month, just wonder how you overcome this?
    I went for my family clinic to check on her throat but seem ok and we clean her tongue everyday...
    or anybody out there can advice me?
  10. ght

    ght Member

    I m also having this problem. My bb is 6 mths now. When she started rejecting bottle at 3mths, I coax her to sleep and fed her when she was sleepy. At 4 mths, started feeding her cereal with milk. Now not drinking from bottle, using spoon to feed her milk.
  11. freshbaby_78

    freshbaby_78 New Member

    Hi my 3 mth baby sudden prefer my breast over the bottle although he had been taking the bottle during day time since 4 weeks old..any remedies as I am going bck to work soon ..any mummies tried cup feeding ? Herd is very messy but at least no need to struggle wif the bottle ...

    Right now I am giving him small amount to test with other teats and he usually take max of 1.5 oz and goes bck to zzz usually by the time he wake up the milk had been left for more than 1 hr and the rest of the breast milk had to b thrown away .. Very heart pain ..
  12. finspitz01

    finspitz01 Member

    u can try changing the brand of the milk formula. My daughter used to refuse her milk after the first sip and for quite a few days. She would scream and cry, no matter how u hoax also cannot. Then we try our luck and change brand, and she was drink fine again. I think sometimes they get sick of the taste after sometime.
  13. bernardwong

    bernardwong New Member

    Sometimes I really dont understand ... when I ask the doctor, the doctor say its okay and that babys will eat/drink when they are hungry and if they dont, they are just not hungry .... *sigh*
  14. nana88

    nana88 New Member

    My 3mths old bb also suddenly refused his fm last week. He will cried after he suck and taste the milk. We tried changing the brand yest and he start drinking. I'm trying to switch his fm gradually, problem is he just refuse to drink the old fm. Is it a problem if I switch to new fm immd? My bb is still taking breast milk for 2 of his feed.
  15. wearybear

    wearybear Member

    Hi nana88, just go with the FM that your baby prefers. We all have preferences dont' we?
  16. kaixuan

    kaixuan Member

    Hi all mummies, just wana ask if your bb still face same drinking milk issue aft that phase. How long would this phase last? I m worried I can't train my gal to hold her bottle to drink as she shows no interest at all
  17. Mummy1981

    Mummy1981 New Member

    I had the same experience when my girl turned 2 months old. Had checked with pd suspected she had reflux and my baby feel painful after feeding hence she doesn’t want to feed cos she had associated feeding with pain. Pd prescribed medicine to balance the stomach acid to make it less painful for my baby. Feed the medicine 3 times daily.
    Pd had also suggested changing formula milk but it doesn’t apply to my case as my baby was on full time breastmilk.

    Simultaneously I had changed milk bottle as I suspected my baby might not like feeding cos the milk flow outpaced her. She was like drowning when feeding.
    Fortunately it works for my baby although she was rejecting at first few attempts too. Maybe it was a psychological problem that she had already dislike feeding.

    After a few attempts she was starting to accept feeding with the new bottle.
    Many times she was ok to feed without taking the medicine.
    Overall I think most likely it was due to milk bottle and not reflux problem.
    The old bottles are dr brown wide neck while the new ones are pigeon wide neck.
    I also tried pigeon slim neck. I think she prefers the wide neck more.

    I’m not saying dr brown is bad cos my elder son is ok with that and he’s still using it. He’s 2 years old now.
    Every baby is different so I think you have to try until he or she is ok with it.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019

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