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Advice needed: anti-stretchmark cream

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by joily, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. joily

    joily New Member

    hi mummies.. any cheap and effective anti stretchmark cream that any of u can recommend?
    thanx ^^

  2. mar_bride

    mar_bride Member

    Hi Jolly,
    Try Avent Indulgence cream....only abt $23 and can last very long. Not oily either
  3. joily

    joily New Member

    thanx doggy! >.<
  4. nataraj

    nataraj New Member

    TOPICREAM recommended by dr.caroline khi
  5. MEinME

    MEinME Active Member

    I using Clarin but my massage lady told me the cheapest and effective one is Olive oil, $3.80 a bottle.

    Used oil not cream or lotion.
  6. starlight74

    starlight74 New Member

    I used clarins too.
    Its bit expensive but it certainly works.
    Almost all of my frens who used it dont have stratch mark on the tummy, included me.
    Never tried olive oil though.
  7. modern_mummy

    modern_mummy New Member

    Hi Mums,
    Stretchmark creams is also depends on individuals too. As a postnatal massue, I'm met clients everyday. Some even does not apply any creams at all do not have any line totally and I've few clients usings clarins and the stretchmark reach all over not only stomach but thigh and at the back of the leg too. Some even ask frm their dr cream which cost abt $3+ not even 1 line appear. So I think does"nt mean the creams is expensive is gd and the cheap cream is not.
  8. bianbian

    bianbian New Member

    mothercare stretchmark cream works too
  9. blurbelle

    blurbelle Active Member

    hello mummies may i know WHEN is is necc to start applying stretchmark cream?
  10. coolbabe

    coolbabe New Member

    hi hi,

    the anti-stretchmark cream that i bought from my prenatal massage place is very effective. its also not only an anti-stretchmark but a firming cream. can also be used on the breast area during the later part of the 2nd trimester. non-oily as it absorbs quickly into the skin. i can dress up and go out immediately after my application. PM me if you wish to know more, happy to help you gals.
  11. june2006

    june2006 New Member

    My input!
    I'm using the Better Stretch Mark Removal from The Natural Source. I'm in my 6th month and tummy grew quite a lot during the 4th and 5th month. So far so good... very beautiful and smooth skin!
    One of my friends who have given to 4 children told me olive oil is good too. She's very convicted so I suppose she didn't have any stretch marks.
  12. athen

    athen Member

    Hi mums

    I agree with Mdm Rokiah bte Jantan. Whether u get stretch mark is depend on individual. Everyone's skin elasticity is different. If skin not so elastic, more stretch mark, vice versa. My gynae does not recomment stretch mark cream cos may not work on everybody. Jus normal body mosturising lotion will do. My fren uses stretch mark cream also get stretch mark. I din use stretch mark cream but use olive oil, also get stretch mark. so depends on individual lor.
  13. gs1979

    gs1979 Active Member

    Hi mummies, may i know when is the rite time to start using the cream? I'm now 9wks preggy.
  14. starlight74

    starlight74 New Member

    hi gintonic: i started on the beg of 3 rd month, to prepare skin to be strecthed.
  15. edelweiss

    edelweiss New Member

  16. milan

    milan New Member

    Hi, care to share WHERE n which brand of pure olive oil to buy? thks.
  17. praise_06

    praise_06 New Member

    hi coolbabe,
    can share where u got the stretch mark cream???
  18. ceron

    ceron New Member

    I've still Mustela Intersive Stretch Mark Cream, it is good and hypoallengenic... never used Palmer Stretch Mark Cream cos i had very bad experience with it and now still suffering the after effect.
  19. dleo

    dleo Member

    Hi, during my first pregnancy, i use Boots and there wasn't any stretch marks on my tummy. My second one, i used palmer but it made my tummy very itchy, so itchy that my Gynae had to give me anti itch pills and lotion. My gynae told me that she never believe in stretchmarks cream as stretchmarks are all genetic.

    Think what she said is true cos i applied the palmer cream for 1 week only, stop due to itch and after delivery, there's isn't any stretch marks on my stomach. I guess stretchmarks may also appear on those who have put on alot of weight during pregnancy and caused the skin to stretch. I only put on 12.5kg maximum for both my pregnancy.
  20. squigglytofu

    squigglytofu Member

    I had the same problem! I broke out in rash after using the palmer's cream after a while! then i switched quickly to aloe vera gel to sooth the rash and so far ok. occasionally when weather is hot, still a bit of rash but not itchy.

    It's true also that stretchmarks are genetic. Creams only serve to make ur skin more supple and help the skin stretch more easily. If the structure of ur skin is weak to begin with, then no amt of cream will prevent the marks.
  21. yuly

    yuly New Member

    Same here! i used palmer, and I had a horrible allergic reaction after using it. My gynae had to put me on medication to stop the itchy rash to spread.
    I used Mustela and find it good *used 3 tubes throughout pregnancy*.

    It could be a combination between genetic and how much weight you gain (or how much your tummy expands) that determine whether you get stretch marks or not.
    My mom didn't have any after 3 children, but my sis has it. Lucky for me, I don't. My tummy was much smaller than my sis though.
  22. squigglytofu

    squigglytofu Member

    yah i think the palmer's cocoa butter is too oily for our asian skin maybe. ahahah ang moh skin is dryer mah. also, our weather here is v humid, so prone to more rashes.
  23. joyjoymum

    joyjoymum New Member

    i use organic jojoba oil and olive oil. no stretchmarks at all. but after giving birth i forgot to apply on my breasts, my breasts got alot of stretchmarks due to engorgement!
  24. ceraine

    ceraine New Member

  25. helloot

    helloot New Member

  26. popkorn2008

    popkorn2008 New Member

    hmm, I have 2 extra bottles of Galenic Elancyl stretch mark cream in shirk wrapped (brand new). Willing to let go at $40. Bought for $47 plus. Keen, pls PM me or send me at email at sheryl0409@hotmail.com.
  27. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    im using CLARINS Tonic Oil after reading up on some posts on the forum. not too bad. it was a nice scent too.
  28. cheerios29

    cheerios29 Member

    So is oil better or cream betteR? Btw where to buy Mustela Intersive Stretch Mark Cream as mentioned in above threads?
  29. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    hi, i think i saw mustela at kiddy palace...u may want to call and check first...
  30. loonshi

    loonshi Member

    Try using the sakura seasalt which only cost $8.80. I have tried it and it works.
  31. svanessa

    svanessa New Member

    I'm using the Perfecta Mama intensive preparation for stretch marks.I'm actually very particular about ingredients in creams.This one contains all the vitamins and contains natural extracts.A friend recommended I use it on my breasts and belly during my second trimester and so far, no strech marks at all [​IMG]
    If any one of you are interested you can drop me a PM to find out more
  32. shiseru

    shiseru Active Member

    Do these creams provides relief for an itching belly as well? I do apply stretch mark cream but it didnt seem to ease the itchiness.
  33. ahmei

    ahmei Member

    they are supposed to help to moisturise. sometimes, itchiness is also due to hrmonal changes. i applied such lotion but still had stretch marks in my last trimester.
  34. butterflyworld

    butterflyworld New Member

  35. divineleia

    divineleia New Member

    I have used a few during my pregnancy. I have tried the Mothercare stretchmark cream and Topicrem as prescribed by gynae. However, I felt the best one was The L'occitane Mom and Baby Balm. I used it up till my seventh month of pregnancy then switched to Topicrem - I have no stretch marks. However, it's important to continue using after delivery as your skin goes thru a lot of changes once baby is out.
  36. earl_blue

    earl_blue Member

    Hi everyone, I read thr the thread and still not sure when i should start applying the anti-stretch mark cream?

    I am now only 5 weeks but anxious already as preventation better than cure... where should the anti stretch mark cream be applied? Thanks!
  37. yapeegurl

    yapeegurl New Member

    palmers for me
  38. tlsckt

    tlsckt Member

    I apply stretchmark oil (in the day) $10 bgt from Ocean &amp; Olive oil (in the night) $3.50. Personnally feel that oil has better absorption than cream. For those nt in the favour of using Olive oil (very oily &amp; messy), can try getting the stretchmark oil at Ocean. Nice smell &amp; suprising nt so oil, easily absorb.

    I have 1 bottle for offer, BNIB at $8. Overstock. Used abt 3 bottles, I applied when I am preggy at 7 weeks... Hope it helps! [​IMG]
  39. tanya79

    tanya79 New Member

    Hi, for those using the Clarins Tonic Oil, which one is it? Cos there are 2 types right? One is apparently for pre &amp; other one for post-pregnancy.. But not sure if it matters..
    Pls advise. Thanks!
  40. kyxyy

    kyxyy Member

    hi hi,

    I used Buds stretch mark cream when i'm preggy~ it's organic and useful for me. no stretch mark *phew* Not oily... it's sold at mothercare...

    i have an extra tube for sale... back then too KS, bought too many tubes... :p
    it's selling at mothercare for $52 since i have no use for it, selling it cheap...
  41. reverie_island

    reverie_island New Member

  42. pfy

    pfy Member

    Actually, my sis was using palmer and got a very bad rash after using it.
    The gynae actually tell her that NONE of the stretch mark cream works..it's genetic and depend u "heng"(lucky) of not.

    One of my sec 4 students also tell me the same thing. she watch some documentary whereby the various brands of cream were tested.. the only effective thing in fighting stretchmark??
    Laser.. sigh~

    Anyway, any moisturiser will do the job. it helps in minimising the itch when the skin stretches..so i'm using the cheapo-na-na Johnson lotion..keke..cheap and smell good.
  43. kang_kang

    kang_kang New Member

    I've a bottle of Clarins Body Treatment oil (100ml) to let go at $50. Bought in March 2010 and used only a few drops (less than 5ml). If u r interested, please email me directly at twinkletoes@gmx.net
    Collection at Tanjong Pagar (weekdays) or Ang Mo Kio.
    Thank you.
  44. sapphiregirl

    sapphiregirl Member

    Hi, I have two brands of stretch mark cream to let go:

    1) BN Palmers Gift Set (includes cream + lotion + oil) willing to let go at $40
    2) BN Clarins Stretch Mark Control willing to let go at $70

    Self-collection at Buangkok/Sengkang.

    Pls DO NOT PM me. Email directly at sapphire_girl_is@hotmail.com for a fast deal. Thanks!
  45. zdubib

    zdubib Member

    Hi, I have 2 tubes of brand new Palmer's Cocoa butter (organic) for sale. Bought them in August. I have been using another bottle for 3 months and has no stretch marks at all.

    Letting go at $25 per tube. Meet up possible at Pasir Ris or Tampines MRT stations. Email me limseowei@yahoo.com if keen. Thanks.
  46. coco69

    coco69 Member

    Hi. Sorry to interrupt.
    I have 2 spare bottles of Clarins Oil to let go. They are brand new, and unused. I bought too many, cannot finish.

    My price: $58/bottle (30% discount!)
    Retail price:$82/ bottle

    Do pm me if you are interested. Or email to jphua69@gmail.com.
    Can meet up at Bishan or Raffles Place. Other optiosns can be discussed. While stocks last! [​IMG]

  47. littlemssunshine

    littlemssunshine New Member

    Hi mummies! I came across the Marie France Contour Xpert Sculpting Serum online and I'm thinking of trying it out for my stretchmarks as it looks quite good. Has anyone tried it before?
  48. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    Alot of times, creams don't help.

    I have found this out many times with many women but to help REDUCE them if you rub vitamin E oil on your belly, daily along with cocoa butter it's proven to reduce them, but nothing will fully get rid of them if you get them.

    If your mom and grandma have them, chances are you will have them, and it all depends on how big your baby will get, and how fast you pop out. just make sure to keep your belly well hydrated, that was it'll stretch easier then if you have a dry non-mouistured belly.
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  49. AnetaAnett

    AnetaAnett New Member

    For stretch mark DermalMD Serum is awesome! After 3 kids I have old and fairly new stretch marks as well as scars from c sections. This serum goes a long way and absorbs quickly. My skin is so moisturized and after a few weeks the stretch marks are fading! My scar is getting smoother as well.
  50. ongntan

    ongntan New Member

    Organic Coconut Oil is pretty good

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