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hi all
i am distraught as my wife no longer appears interested in our marriage but its not without reason. when she was pregnant i was caught doing some undesirable things on e net which i deeply regret. we have since reconciled but the issue always becomes a stickler in our arguments. to make things worse i lost my precious wedding ring. ive been searching high and low for it but to no avail. now shes convinced that im having an affair. which is totally not true but as it is, it appears that im being forced tp admit that i have another person on my life. how do i convince her otherwise?

im glad our parents have advise her against divorce and shes giving this one final go but she i can see that shes convinced it wont work. i still love her deeply and we have just received a beautiful daughter. shes such an angel. i cant bear to part with them both and am doing my best not to let this fall apart but im afraid that if i make any minor slip up, shell use it as a reason against me.

how do i win back my wifes heart. i cant bear seeong her with another man but she keeps saying that she is suffering every min with me. she cant rem any of e good times we used to have anymore. i admit that i can be selfcentered and brutish with my tone but im trying to make major amendments. im just afraid i might slip up.


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Some women take a long time before they can recover from betrayal, be it in a cyber or accidental form.
My take is to continue working on proving that you are sincere in reconciliation and with your family's backing, I'm sure she will gradually become softer and accept your apology.
All the best! Now what you need most is 'thick skin' to keep on working on getting her heart back.


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ive read some stories abt women suffering their husbands wrath in here. how mch they tolerated him. its really sad. i honestly believe im not that kind. i pray that my wife could really put the past behind this time. i also hope that her determination to exit this marriage wane. we do go out weekly for dinner together to catch up etc. infact i could say our rship is perfect when we are in agreement with each other.


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Is your wife jsut gave birth? How long ago? Is she suffering from post natal blue? Get external help pls!! Be it a counsellor or psychologist or your GP. Someone is able to link you up with the help needed. At times, very hard to do it without external help. If you are sincere, go for family counseling center to get a marriage counselling. She will see your sincerity as most guy wont do it, so you mean it, do it to show her you really care. At the same time, love your daughter a lot to let her know that its best to let her daughter to have a father and a complete family. Ask ehr if she still remembers those days during courtship etc. You need to mean it or else just 1 more slip and it will be gone forever!!


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Frankly speaking, when we women are dejected, we just can't remember the good times we had with our hubby cause all the bad things will keep coming to bang into our heads. If you really love her, maybe you can bring her back to the places where you all have good times together. Especially those places where you 2 have good memories. Maybe the place where you propose to her or maybe the place where you first met? It not only shows your wife that you remember the times you been with her but also show her that you had put in effort to mend this relationship.


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At least u are sincere in changing. I will be happy if my husband do to me. Treat her with more care and love and your wife sure can put the unhappiness behind if she feel love from u again. I can understanding the suffering ur wife is going cos I am suffering too. I believe ur marriage can be saved cos u still love her. Love can overtake everything! God bless


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hi all thank you for your kind words and encouragements. my wife and i a making improvements and we are slowly fixing our relationship. patching up all those cracked pieces. its still too early to say anything but shes smiling alot more now. im kinda glad she managed to trash out all those feelings within her. although it embarrased me deeply, i accept it. it was my fault to begin with. thank you all.


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Hi I suggest you give her a surprise by getting a new set of wedding ring. Its worth investing in, I am sure she will be very touch..


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mm.sn u are nice DH n Papa, must shower ur wife with love n care.

Ai Sakura ur blog is cool.. I love it!


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How sad. I guess the only choice you have is to keep on trying. You have to work hard to earn her trust back. Avoid talking to her about the issue over and over. Start again. And make her feel she's the only one. Show her how responsible you are, how much you love your child, and how much you consider her thoughts and opinion. Dont force her to trust you, give her time to heal.


Agree with yoyokomama. I think you should get yourselves a new set of wedding ring since one is lost. Whatever it is, the ring symbolises your marriage. Spend more time at home with her and the baby too.


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Yes, get yourselves a new set of wedding rings. can you buy it without her trying? It will be perfect if it manage to fits her perfectly...


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i think what you should do is take her somewhere that you two could talk about some issues and settle it once and for all.

take her out for vacation.Let her feel that she is so important and that your marriage is very important to you.

Give her the assurance that you wont betray her again.