Advice expressing very little milk (bb 3m)


i dun open bag to add to frozen milk but i was told its ok to do it. i just add in bottle in fridge until enf to freeze then i freeze. but within 24 hrs.

hopefully i can pump enf to freeze in one go soon. sometimes can but rarely.

my bb just started to sleep thru so i get up to pump.

ya i latch on.

i shd hv started to pump earlier but did not get a pump until lately. got to work hard now.

think i will buy the soft shields apparently they help.

my bb is 15 weeks. next week my last week of ML. so sad. i start work on 15th. a week before u.



it is advisable not to combine milk when freeze but only combine when one is prepare milk for drinking.

freezing - I remember when I was in the antental class, LC or dunno who said cannot combine milk of different timing to FREEZE.

I also combine when warm boy will drink one day behind milk. if he drank fast, then will touch

current day (usually 5pm or 7pm feed will touch current day). usually, my fridge will have 5-6 bottles

of ebm (2-3 bottles of 125-150ml and the rest is extra like 20-40ml type).

some useful link to store ebm

fresh milk can be kept in fridge for 48hrs. thaw milk for 24hrs.Milk that is in the refrigerator may

be frozen within 48 hours.

re:latch on

when I had my no#1, I latched her on 3.5mth, did not have any pump. only got single pump when she is 4mth. then during 5mth, better, my cil lent me dual pump.


my ML ended on 19/5 now am on extended leave loh.

hmm that's mean yr bb is a Feb 09 bb?

Hi OC,

When i just started to BF, my boy didnt want to latch on. Whenever he latched on, he will cry n cry so in the end instead of direct latching him on, I pump out n then bottle feed.

I have BF my boy till now its been 7mths...Pumping the milk out n bottle feed. I drank fish soup with papaya and even tried fenugreek but i find that it does not help to increase much. For my case, I just dilligently pump n pump. By pumping frequently, it signals to the body to make more milk.


I read comments from many that pumping alone, without baby latching on, will not have milk supply and will gradually decrease but its not true..

Like I mentioned earlier, u just have to be hardworking enough to pump regularly n it will pay for all the hard work .

Btw, I realise one important factor contributing to good supply of BM, is SLEEP.. Whenever I have enough rest, my supply is good and when I do not have enough rest, my supply will go down.

Anyway, all the best!!!!


yup, i agreed sleep is most impt factor to contrubute to gd supply of bm. my bm is miserable and now is racing against my bb feeding. I wish per day got 48hrs cos not time for me to get enu slp.

Hi Afcai..

Time is never enough let alone a day there is only 24hrs when u have a baby...

From the day i delivered till today, I only at most have a maximum of 3 to 4hours sleep.. My little monster doesnt like to sleep n always wakes up in the midnight n wana my attention.

Do not be stress over BM supply. When u are stress, your supply will go down. I realised that this factor played an important part too. Try to be happy n relaxed n nurse or pump frequently to send signal to the breast to make more milk.

Btw, how old is your bb now?


juz to share..

i delivered in 2007

I had very pathetic supply even with constant latch and pump.

each time i pump in office i can only get 30-50ml fm both sides using PIS.

and i'm very diligent in pumping every 3-4hrly.

so whole day of pumping can only give my boy 1 milk feed. then back home, i latch and then give FM.

i hv also taken herbal supplement like More Milk, Fenugeek.. etc.. does not help at all.

have to say that I'm just one rares species with low supply of milk. but then not giving BM is not end of the world

you can still supplemnt with FM.. its not a crime and not something that you hv to be sad abt.

I persist for 6months of 30-50ml of BM till it dried up and I"m glad that at least my boy hv some BM .. betta than nothing!


oh...that's not gd when bb dun want to slp and wake up in the midnight. maybe dun let him slp so much during day time. my boy like a pig pig....slp and eat...the first 3 mth is really terrible as he is a preterm bb so he needed a highly attention care. how old is yr bb now?

my bb is 5mth+ (corrected age shd be 3mth+).

ai-yo, of cos, sure got stress.....tat's why my bm this time rd is lesser compare to my first preggie.

Gitz ,

keep it up, u have done a gd job. I also heard fr one mummy that her bm also super low - each time can pump 20ml. but she still persist on and give her gar for 6mth....


my boy has jus turned 7mths.. He seldom sleep or nap in the day too.. at most only once or twice a day less than 20mins and he will wake up n wana play...

Worst nightmare is, in the night, he sleeps at 10plus n will wake up ard 12plus... smiling at me. Then I will try to coax him to sleep n at 3 to 4plus in the morning.. he will wake up again for his feed.

Im going to BF my boy till when he turned 1 yrs old.. so currently looking to count down to that day which is another 5 more months..


for the first 4mth, my boy also will wake up at 12 midnight for feed. but now, he can slp thru night. his bedtime is 6pm+ and only woke up at 5-6am for his feed if not sometimes 4am. maybe u dun let him see u when he woke boy if see ppls during the night then he will open eye big big. so we dun let him see anyone and he just went bck to his slumberland.

dunno why my boy like pig pig, slp and eat. one dunno to let him slp, he also want to slp. all we need to throw him his pacificer, his bean spout bag and a handkerchief and then he doze off in his playpen.

haa..same as u...I'm also gg to bf till my boy turned 1 yr old. is yrs the first child?


U power!! how did u manage to train your boy to sleep at 6pm n only to wake up 10 over hours later...

So envy.. i also hope my boy can be like yours too... sleep longer. My boy doesnt like to sleep on his own, he sleeps together with hubby n me. so whenever he wakes up ard 3 to 4 plus in the morning, he will wake me up by either kicking here n there or make noise. first child, how about u??

WOW... another mummy joining me to VF till baby 1 years old, so lets count down to that day together!!!


no power, he is like that like a pig eat and slp. so surprise better to take care compare to my no#1. my no#1 last time eat and then DUN slp. faintz....we did not train him, he self auto want to slp, we dun let him slp at 6pm+ then he will be cranky- scream like murder. so got to raise white flag and give in. hmmm u got to train yr boy to slp on his own, u not scared hubby 'accidentally' smash bb when slp hubby does that b4 during nap time when we all slp together in a bed.

I got 1 31mth gar and 5mth(coming to 6mth) boy. that boy is a premature bb so by right his corrected age is 4mth.

yup, i do bf my no#1 till 1 yr 1 wk. when I wean off, it took me 4mth to wean off cos first kid, weaning off bf not easily, will felt engorge. I have mixture of feeling then...

but this time, I dun felt sad and in fact, i am counting the day he turned 1 yr old (still got half yr more...). I'm so tired man.....

now, my bm is racing against his feed. so next time, will be stititute him with 1-2 feed of fm cos not enu as my frozen ebm will be clear next wk.



Actually hubby and I sleep near the both edges of the bed, leaving ample space for baby to sleep. So far, hubby and I didnt "smash" bb b4 haha.. Thank God!!!

Nowadays I also give FM as a supplement for bb as MIL thinks bb is too skinny and wants me to give FM. But I still think BM is the best for bb so I only give once a day of FM, cereal once and the rest of the time is BM.

So your boy is ok to take frozen BM?? My boy doesnt like it at all. He usually takes one to two mouths n then he doesnt want to continue then got to throw away the frozen BM and give him fresh BM.

Because of that, I still have a few more packs of frozen BM in the freezer and dunoe what to do with them.. to throw, I heartpain cause they are precious drops n i got to pump so hard for that...

Anyway, lets keep the BM going!!!!

throw away. Are you using too high heat to warm the thawed frozen milk? I assume you know that once thawed best consumed with 24 hrs or less.

Its 70 degrees celcius. Any hotter it will break down the milk and it will spoil funny taste that the baby will surely reject. Well if you are already heating it up right. Maybe yr child is just particular. As far as i understand. Breast milk freshly pumped or thawed still tastes better than formula. Supposed to be this way.

On increasing supply i posted power pump on the thread above. Typing with hp cannot copy and paste.

Press or rather pump on ladies! Mothers are so great.

on storage. I used both the lanso something. Found it ex. I bring two avent bottles as they have caps during the day at work. I just mix them. Used to bring those small glass bottles and plastic caps but they leak.

Heart pain le leak wasted milk. Once i reach home. I transfer into feed sizes say baby now drink 100ml i freeze 120ml cos she will only drink the milk next month or so. I didnt have much yield 80-120ml per pump. Sometimes at my peak i had only 150-180ml.(my sil yields 300ml per pump! But she was my coach.)

Then i used playtex liners with rubberbands. Around $10-12 from bp around 200+ pre steralisedliners. I used plastic trays in my freezer. Plastic trays with holes so than the coldness will be spread evenly. I used cardbox before. After one week some bottles of milk still liquid not frozen! Thats when i paniced threw those away and got plastic holey trays. Can stack then on each other if yr freezes is separate compartment. The playtex is around $25 in sg stores i think the first yrs sells.

playtex is how many liners exactly i forgot but they come in certain sizes. I just buy the bigger ones as its more flexible. You can store max and thaw in the fridge before you sleep bring down from freezer to just normal fridge. Then by morning it should be mostly be thawed and my helper will also take just enough. If u want to keep it simple just stick to the amt baby will drink.

But sometimes you provide 120ml. Baby might want another 30ml or more. Abit of mix and match needed too.


are u a sahm? hmm seems u online often loh..I hardly can online wor...just sneak in during office hr.ssshhh...

oh, my hubby hor sometimes slp like log (can't even heard bb making noise) and when he will turn and then hand or legs place on kids body dangerous type....

ai-yo, u tell old folk, tbf bb never fats, figure gd....dun worry one...oic....what brand of fm u give yr bb?

my boy chin tai (hope he stay it is for solid food next time) anything also drink. but when given frozen ebm, he tends to poo more than 2 times per day. if no frozen ebm, then will only poo 2-3 days. last time, my gar poos once a wk as i dun freeze any milk.

why not mixed yr fresh one and frozen one one? throw, precious and heartpain wor.... for me,i will have 7-8bottles of ebm in the fridge and then i will tell my mum to mix ard loh. dun want him to have full frozen ebm cos he will poo after that.

haa...dun throw, add into yr milo or do facial. last time, i use expiry one to wash feet, wash hands loh....


hmm bm taste better than fm?? hmm...tot bm more more sweeter? (me never taste bm b4).

wow,yr sil pump 300ml per pump. wow wow.....mine once in the morning got 220ml the max. that's the once in a blue moon issue. my bm high today and will be low tml and vice versa.

is there cover to cover the holey trays?

Hi Vic ma,

I usually use the milk warmer to warm milk.. but i realised that the frozen BM smells alittle musky..

Anyway since my boy rejects frozen milk, i have stopped freezing BM...

Not sure if my boy is ok with the mix of frozen and fresh BM. If he doesnt like, then it will be a waste too..

Though, up to date I have not tried BM myself but I have friends who tried and commented that FM tastes better as its sweeter than BM.

But then, my boy prefers BM than FM.. There was once some time back where he reject FM totally and MIL insisted to force him to take FM if not got to give him BM all the way.

So now, whenever I give FM, I diluted it though its not recommended.


Yap, Im a SAHM. 24hrs/7days maid to my boy haha.. Whenever he sleeping or playing with my MIL, then I have the time to be online....

Haha my hubby too, when he asleep, he cant bb cry at all n I got to smack him to wake him up haha... But when he sleep, he only turn his body without moving his hands or legs around so its considered kinda safe!!

No point telling old folks that TBF babies will never grow fat.. say already also like that. She believes that babies should be chubby and not skinny and if BM doesnt make babies fat, then supplement with FM.

In her times, MIL only BF very short period and then totally give FM to her kids and so her kids are more chubby compared to my boy.

Thats a really good question when u ask me the brand of milk powder I giving as I have changed from brands to brands.. From enfalac to friso gold to isomil to mamil gold to currently similac. After similac think will go back to enfa as enfa has high DHA.

What about you, what brand u giving ur boy??

Actually I dont dare try my own BM leh, feels weird and u still ask me add into milo.. Maybe I will add into hubby's cofee without telling him haha. Did u try adding to your own milo.. how does it taste?


the trays just open trays once frozen hor u can put another try on top wont squash the milk under de lor. $1-2 from those neighbourhood shops lor try those bigger holes easier to wash with sponge once a while lor.


to us even if u suck directly from the breast u will find BM fishy one lor its normal de. but to a baby its supposed to be best food - its nicest to them.

Food warmer got temp settings one can u tell how many degrees celcius? if u heating very long 80 degrees also will spoil de lor. the BM consitution will break down then will become 'more fishy/mushy' lor.

qiqi i find its only important for storage for this reason la.

breast milk best for baby right? when u stop cannot say give breast sometimes dont give sometimes. weaning off means NO MORE BREAST period. u HEN HEN cut off within 1 -2 weeks it will be done. I always tot its hard to wean (my friends who are sAHM find it really a problem to cut off lor.

I tried 4 nites. 1st nite i gave in, 2nd nite i didnt cried like siao, 3rd nite cried. 4th nite she knew she not getting liao & just messed around dont want to sleep being naughty & that was it. I was surprised lor but those 4 nites not enough sleep (up to 3-4am crying lor) migraine for 1-2 weeks after that for me lor.

usually weaning most say baby will fall sick. if u have established EBM consumption - u can store for another 3 mths worth for eg, then baby still got milk for another 3 mths less chance for the child to fall sick or so sick lor during weaning period.

its the only reason why i encourage mothers to store la.

actualy the KKH lactation consultant said add to our coffee & milo lor cos its nutrients le.

I tell u what u know about stem cells?

keep (ok very TRIVA HOR BEAR WITH ME) & apply on your face with s sheet mask. u can buy dried sheet mask or wash one out & steep in chilled EMB & use as mask la. It could be very beneficial lor haha!


how's abt mixing the frozen ebm to some of his fm. won't tell the difference if amt is small. that's what i did for my extra frozen ebm and then I give to no#1. at least, not waste man...

haa...yr boss is yr son, yr hubby can slp still for so long....

last time, when I had no#1, my mum is like that. worst still, told her that ebm is not whitier than fm. but then she pour away my 3 bottles of 180ml-200ML (EACH) ebm cos she said yellowish. wow piang, that time so heartpain. nearly, she is ok liao...but still not 100%. so angry is that she will say bb dun want to drink finish never mind dun need $$. of cos, even got $$ where to buy...every drop is so precious. so I make sure my boy finished all and i will take over the rest of the 20ml. but now, my boy ok, he will finish all. unlike last time during first 4mth, he will drink until last 20ml then stopped.

wow, u also tried isomil...why changed so many type of fm? so far, my boy has not touch fm before except day 3 at hospital. so fr day 4 onwards till now (5mth+), he is tbf. of cos, day 1 and 2, he is on drip so no milk for him. so now, as my bm is racing against his feed 9actually by right, if i stayed at hm, my ebm is enu but bec i'm in office u know, cannot make it on time to deliver the 4 bottles hm so think next week, I will be starting him on nan. i gave nan bec taste is bland and similar to bm.

haa..yup, instead of putting milk into hubby coffee, place some ebm into him. gd for him to boosat up his immune system. heee.. of cos, i did not try putting into my bm. if got extra, will only give my no#1.


if there is no cover (similar to ice tray), then will the milk get containmated like that when it left open in the freezer?

yup, of cos, bb has not developed taste yet so anything we gave them also take if they are hungry.

agreed, after weaning off fr bm, my no#1 last time got sick withina mth.


BM handlin must be glass bottle (cannot full else when frozen ice expands glass can crack. or these presteralised milk bags. I was not told of leaving it open. not something commonly done. either no one else uses that fridge except u. or please use playtex $24.95 for 100+ pcs of milk bags i think 140 pcs - it will last darn long & a bag of rubberbands cost how much only ($2 so much until i still have left overs more than 60% left over)

If u using it pretty fast after that - maybe your method could be effective. within a week or so? but if u intend to build up a storage. u need to label the date u expressed the milk lor. cos different freezers have diff shelve life too for expressed BM storage.


not bad u still asking even though u supposed to be experienced liao. is cos my friend told me her girl fell sick after weaning off - i tot to myself HOW to PREVENT THIS? - child sick is a dreaded word lor. so i began to plan ahead for the milk storage lo.

my friend how didnt successfully bf her #2 think #1 she didnt even try # 3 hor 4 mths old 8kg TOTAL BREAST FEED! so dont underestimate the power of breast milk keke!

after a ferw mths i also drank this mother's milk tea sold at most organic shops. one bag seep in hot water few times same bag drink thru the day.


u r right!!! My boss is my BOY!!! Working under him, super stress, no benefits and no off days leh.. Haha!!

Oh no, ur mum pour away your BM without checking with y]u, its really heartache esp its precious drops..

Actually the first month, my supply was so much that I had to get water bottles to fill but then my boy was still small and couldnt drink much n plus my freezer has many stuffs, no space to store EBM. As a result, I poured away few bottles of BM... its super HEARTACHE man, but no choice cause more than 3 days in the fridge liao.

I realise that fresh BM is whiter and frozen BM is yellowish upon thraw... is yours the same? Most of the time, my BM is whitish n only frozen BM is yellowish so sometimes I just wondered is it spoilt or not..

Btw, MIL and your mum same same.. in the past when she helped to feed bb, there is always balance and she will say bb doesnt want liao n say to throw away the balance.. I was kinda sad n heartpain that my precious drops are wasted!!

With regards the reasons for keep changing FM brand, as I wana let my boy try n see which he prefers.. Initially I too also didnt want to give FM to bb too but no choice MIL wants me to give.. since Im living with in-laws, got to listen.

My boy develop severe ecezma when he was 3mths old n PD wants me to TBF or give Soy milk n no FM at all. SO from then on, I didnt give any FM but only BM... Told MIL about what the PD said but she thinks that bb should continue to take FM as she doesnt believe FM will cause any allergy to bb. So no choice, went to get Isomil.

Check with u hah, why is it baby will fall sick when wean off? Does all babies tend to fall sick when they are being weaned off?? Is there any ways to prevent that?


oic. i also learn something fr forum cannot place ebm so full, luckily, I did not...thks god.

as for thre rubberbands , is it the normal rubber (red one)?

yup, i only storage my frozen ebm in upper compartment part of freezer and the lower one is for fish etc... (freezer divide into 2 portion).no lah, last time, I dun store frozen milk b4. bec this time round, my bb is a preterm bb so he is a small drinker that why got to store more than 30 bottles (glass). but as today, he is clearing the last bottle to learn something which i dunno leh.

yup, when the child fall sick, adult will be busy. wow....having no#3, then bf...powerful wor... this time round, my bm is lesser than last preggie.think stress....

how old is yr bb?

which mother milk tead? where to buy??how much? I craving for tea wor but cannot drink bec caffine....


haa..little master is demanding wor....

yeah, i cried man....esp precious and i pump so hard. the old folk dun really treasure it cos they said still can pump mah, free. faintz....

wow, u realy waste lot of ebm wor....heartpain leh.

true, forzen ebm is more yellowish and also got more particles in it leh...

re: mum feeding bb

that's why I will take over the last feeding. i already told hubby also dun waste my ebm.

my mil never touch bb one. sad sad....even my least both yr mum and mil got feed bb.

dun care lah, as long as u got bm just give mil also told hubby to give more water to bb. siao...tbf dun need to drink water one...wait drink water, he dun want to drink milk. old folk is like that.....

ai-yo...if bb is ok with one fm then just keep to that loh...but when yr bb tried so many fm...did he finish the whole tin? time, take mil to PD with u...last time, what I said, my mum also dun believe. so i get doc to explain to her when my no#1 is sick.

bb esp above 6mth onwards antibiotic (something like that) start to wean off fr mummy one (used up) so they started to build their own immune system. in fact, children below 3 yr old, immune system is weak. dunno why need to give them balance diet in their food wise and avoid crowded place are the way to prevent it. if not, dun think there's way to prevent except to let child expose to different bacterica so that their immune sytstem will be stronger.


anyway nowadays I feed my boy myself and no one else, so I make sure he drink to the last drop of BM.

Regarding water.. my mil same same. She always asks hubby n me give water but I always say PD says cannot give.. BB still small too much water, his lungs cant tahan, plus BM is made up of 90% water sp no need to give water..

But then, my boy only tried his frist drop of water when he is 6 n 1/2 mths old.. He doesnt like water at all. Everytime give him water, he cry n cry, just refused to take any water,not even a tiny slip. Just kinda regret that should let him drink water a little earlier when he was much younger so that he will not regret now.

Usually FM, I will finish Brand A first then change Brand B. Think will stick to enfa already after similac is finished... haha. Shall put a full stop to changing of milk powder.

I did checked with PD if its ok to change FM brand regularly and he commented that its ok as long as bb takes the milk and doesnt show any signs of rejection or allergy...


pai seh, usually wkend I dun have time to go online. now sneaking in during office hr.

gd gd loh, at least, won't waste the precious many times u pump per day (how long do u pump per session?)?

for my preterm bb, he needed to mix his iron drop with water. so we will have to give him 10ml of water mixed with 3 drops of iron drop daily. he anything also like....greedy pig and slp pig man....not really leh, my no#1, only give her water after 1 yr old....she dun have problem drinking water.

re:fm so sar, yr boy ok with all fm?? he still finished all if not wasted after opening a, better to stick to same fm loh. if u get abbott product, u can keep receipt then send to abbott to redempt fm. check out at abbott website (sg). I always accumalate more than 6mth receipt, send them at one go (save postage) then redempt 4-5 tin of 400g fm.


ya normal red rubberbands will do.

my girl's 25 mths now stopped bfin at 22 mths.

mother's milk tea is available most organic shops they have tea for nearly every kind of thing la. is caffeine free. atround $10 for a box of say 15-20 individually wrapped. sometimes the overseas sprees will bring in cheaper lor. bfing mothers usually buy 6 boxes at a go can last about 4-5 mths or less if u use a fresh tea bag with each brew i just use same teabag one whole afternoon.

Its a white box with some patterns. I think can ask pple will know. those specility shop in united sq, top floor at paragon & that organic shop opposite candy empire at millinien sells.

Vic ma,

wow, u gd still 22mth....

won't the normal rubber kept in fridge for long become smelly....


wow, so ex wor...saw idrug storeonline selling $4.40 (exclude shipping fee). but not many places got organic shop leh. I live in the west side, any idea got any organic shop there? if not, what's abt north side?


sorry can only reply only now as baby demands more attention than ever...

Keep wanting me to carry n play with him... so no time to log in to reply..

Since this month, I pump only every 4 to 5 hours and each session is 3mins.. Initially when I have delivered, I pumped every 2 hrs, then when my boy is 4 mths old, i pumped every 3 hrs so now slowly moving to 5 hours.. How about u??

WOw.. ur gal so good, does drink water when she only started to drink water when she is 1 yrs old.. Unlike my boy, he dislikes water.. he sometimes will split out the water n sometimes he even refused to open his mouth.

Yap.. my boy so far ok with all brands so now depends on which one hubby n I have decided to give him for long term..

U giving our boy similac hah?? I heard about the abbott redemption but usually I buy from mummies here leh, cheaper than supermarket... somemore I usually get 400g and it can last me 1 month as I only give once a day which is during night time then other times, on BM n 1 time cereal.


dun worries, no hurry....spending time with bb more impt.


u mean each session 3mins or 30mins.....?for me, initally, after I delivered, I pumped every 3hrs.

milk flow only came in the 4th day. actually, got milk on day 3 but block and cannot came out.massage until red red man but only can pump 20-30m. b is still hard then. my massage lady clear my block duct on day 6. I pumped every 3hrly for 3mth, 4hrly the 3rd mth, 4.5-5hrly on the 4th mth snd then covert to 6hrly when i returned to work on 5mth.


did u drink a lot of water during yr preggie time? I did. haa maybe that's the cause....


no loh. so far, I had not given any fm to my boy. think will be starting soon as I can't deliver my milk on time (in office). Have bought nan 1 to standby. true, need a small tin now. lie last time, I gave my gar 1 feed per day and then cannot even finish a tin of 400g. so near to 1mth, I just gave away. I also bought 400g nan 2 pro fr forum too. price grow from $8 (2 yr bck) to $10 liao.

yup, next time, if yr boy intended to drink gain iq (which is for 1 yr old), purchase it when it is on offer loh. I also did that and even buy voucher fr forum.


thanks for your understanding..

Each pumping session is 30mins.. My milk came in the nest day I delivered.. My flow was more during the first 2 months.. Each pump I could achieve more than 300ml but nowadays is around 200 to 250ml only.

Re: water..

I do drink alot of water but dunoe why my boy simply dislike water.. Well, just hope as he grows bigger, he will accept water better n like it.

Re: FM

What is the reason u give Nan?? U previously give Nan to your gal too is it??


usually, weekend, I no time to log in one....

wow, envy wor...milk came in so fast? did u latch on immediatly after deliver? cos when i had my no1, the mid wife will carry my NB to me and then I latched on. cos this time, my no#2 is preterm so no latch on. tha's why milk is lesser. also stress too.... wow...more envy when I see that u can pump more than 300ml, even with my no#1 that time, the max I can go is 260ml. yr milk suppy very gd liao leh...what did u eat?

on fri, bec i can't deliver my milk on time, hence, my boy had his first taste of fm. acc to my mum, he played with the teat by keeping stick out taste and give u a weird look expression. so mum got to coax him to drink the fm. so wkdays, he will be on 1 feed of fm while wkend will be tbf.ask u what reaction do yr boy had when he has first taste of fm?

yup, previously, my gar is on nan as hosipital give her nan. for my boy, nan is much blanded, more similar to bm. that's why I choose this. dumex is the sweetest loh (acc to my frenz). actually, my boy is on friso on day 3 (one day of fm only, day 1-2, he is on drip).

on fri, we started bb on Heinz cereal (he is on sample of nestle cereal on thur). he luv it. i dun want to start him so early but no choice. he shows sign of eating liao cos when he saw us eat, he dripped saliva, mouth move, scream. he is only 2 wk to 6mth (by right, he is 4mth only).what cereal u give yr boy?

my mum also tear tiny pieces of bread for him to eat. he luv it too.

hi OC, im using pumpin pal handsfree. it takes practise to use it too (that's what the lady who sells says too). Initally i couldn't do it, still had to hold on to the bottles. But with practise, it's getting better. i can surf net to pass time while pumping.

I'm also using the supershields. nothing too special i find but ok.

maybemummy: pls pm me how much are you selling the More Milk Plus. Thanks.

qiqi: how do you maintain your supply after going back to work? u mentioned that you pump exclusively and keep pumping. How many times do you pump each day?


Just to share my experiences.. I dun find the supershields effective, infact it pulled my nipples with the suction, and is quite painful.. I tried putting the avent petal massage cushion, it is more comfortable and give better let down. Avent petal cushion can be purchased from Philips consumer counter @ Toa Payoh, is $10 per piece.


I tried the the avent petal cushion but find that no different liao only that it is like cushion not hard....anywya, washing the the avent petal cushion also troublesome loh...

Hi, need some advice on this:

My boy's coming to 8 weeks now.. so far i'm able to express bm for his daily feedings as well as freeze maybe 7 to 10 oz. Having had expressed diligently for the past 2 months, I have ard 70 bags of frozen bm in freezer now. Since FBM can only be stored max of 3 months in freezer, need advice on how i can max the period my boy can have bm. He havent had a taste of FBM yet, wonder when and how to start him. Appreciate any advice.. thanks!

Oh btw i'm using medela pisa which i find pretty good in helping me get my supply up. i pump exclusively, no latch on. The max I expressed is abt 1.5 litres/day. Not exactly a lot but i'm quite happy. But i do find my supply dropping as some mothers here mentioned. Need to pump 30 min to yield the same amt i used to get in 15min. Sad.. sob sob... wonder whether my 'wells' are drying up...

Hi all, is there any one facing problem with Philips Avent Breast Pump SCF292. Mine keep giving me problem, such as no power in the middle of expressing, and sometime very noisy.....


I am supposed to have fully build breastmilk, each session pump about 180ml for both breast and at the same time breastfeed my son. I have over stall my breast milk and had decided to cut down the supply. So, I sometime pump around 6 hrs once , latch on every 3 hrs.

Then now, my supply drop till 20ml per 3 hour pump after start work. How? anyone has the same experience. How to get back? My menstration coming, will it affect the production of breastmilk? My son 5 months to 6 soon.

Advises please.


yes, menese will reduce bm that period. the lesser the pump is, the bm supply will drop.ppls said that slp more, drink more fluid, drink brown rice, freq pump will tend to maintain the flow.

usually, after return to work, supply will sure drop. stress stress....

Hi Happyface, to keep up the breastmilk supply you should latch every opportunity you get. The moment you get home latch (as long as possible) and over the weekends latch. I find that this helps my milk supply increase back when the baby sucks. I let my baby latch every feeding during the weekend. I bought myself a nursing cover from and use it everywhere even when I go out shopping! Get a nursing cover and you can nurse wherever you go.

Hi afcai and yenyenk,

my supply went down from 2 big bottle 250ml x 2 to 1 bottle of 150ml and now after menese, it goes down to 100ml for both breast. Even with pump every 3 hours daytime only and i am using a very good medela pump. But it seem that i cant maintain my supply to 1 bottle of 250ml. only get in the morning 180ml or less.

I am trying to cut down my weight, do a lot of walking and eat lesses also. Drink plent water, will it effect my supply when pump? I breastfeed directly and there isnt any problem. Enough for my son. but just pump itself, does not product the amount to save keep. Even, there is no encorgement on both breast, even it is empty, seem noting coming in...needs advises..



try not to go on diet when one bf cos all nutrient u ate will go to bb....for me, before I pump, I will drink a cup of warm water and also after pump.think it helps.I heard that by doing some massage on b b4 pump will stimulate the milk flow.

do u eat lot of fish as fish will increase milk flow? I also drink brown rice tea and fish soup etc...if not, last resort is to drink mother milk organic tea or medical to increase milk flow?

neverthless, with determination and perverance, jiayou in yr moo moo task. 3 wk ago, I just retired fr moo moo since I can only pump to 20ml liao.



Juz delivered for a week, but do not like latching on esp with the confinement lady, staring at me while doing it. So i'm pumping now. Can I check normally for pumping for the initial stage, how much shd the ss be? Me only have 20ml and I'm pumping every3 hrly. Shd I pump more often to get the ss up?