Advice expressing very little milk (bb 3m)


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i'm going to back to work next month. just started to pump to store. want to cont to provide BM. but pumping very little: 2-3 oz total in one session. is this normal for just started to pump?? bb is nursing with very little supplement. how to improve?? i hear people pumping 5oz each breast or more!! how long for me to get there! need to store as much as possible now. started too late. [IMG=] thks


I strongly recommend More Milk Plus by Mothercare, they are 100% herb base and Fenugreek is one of the ingredients. I personally tried it when I had no supply and after taking that my supply was full.

thks maybemummy, is it a herb supplement? i'm already taking fenugreek [IMG=]

how long did u take more milk plus before seeing difference in supply?

i can get it from any mothercare?


i called mothercare, they were clueless on the product and dun seem to carry it. did u rem the wrong store selling it? plse advise. or perhaps, they dun sell it now. [IMG=]



More Milk Plus is by Motherlove.

You can buy from VitaKids, they have branches at Forum, Paragon, and United Square. [IMG=]

oic, thks for the info. any idea if it works or price? how long does one have to take it?

i seem to be nursing fine but not pumping which i just started.

Hi Cushion, thanks for clearing up the mistake I typed.

Hi OC, yes it's a herb supplement. I took it in the night and the next morning I felt my breast was fuller and I was able to pump out 50ml. After latching my baby on I got my normal supply back.

I am taking Fenugreek noe, but it doesn't seems to work.. infact I think my supply has dropped even more by 10 - 20 ml after taking it..

i took fenugreek b4..dun find it really effective..i think u just have to pump dilligently to get ur supply up stress on that..

@maybemummy, thks. hehehe, no wonder mothercare had no clue what i was talking about!!


u need to pump for often to build up the supply. more demand = more supply. try expressing every two hours. u also need to express or latch ur baby at night. initially might be slow and supply might be little. but after a few days the supply will build up.

drink more milk! hehee.. i used to drink lots of Anmum lacta. My mum always ask me to eat oatmeal with milk to increase supply but i find it too heavy. She always prepared it during first few weeks of my confinement.

hi gal ,OC [IMG=]

what pump are you using now ? Sometimes pump plays a part.. I was using avent manual until i give up.. and switch to medela PISA..

Supply went up..

If you are using other pumps.. remember.. start to pump rapidly for a while..but softly..ard 10-20 sec , then pump slowly and harder..afterwards.. this shld help in "getting" more milk also.. [IMG=]

thks for the advice everyone.. .

i just started using the PISA too. so far quite disappointed with the volumes expressed. even if i pump at night after my bb has slept, i'm still getting low volumes. so to freeze, i've to accumulate various sessions! [IMG=]

am i expecting too much from 1 week of pumping??

at this rate, i dun know if i can continue after i return to work.

i shd hv started way earlier i guess but i assume if i'm nursing fine, there isnt any reason why i'm not pumping fine. [IMG=]

i'll go buy more milk plus first thing tomorrow.


Just to share...

I agree with mushloom, need to pump more frequently. Demand = Supply. You need to give the signal to your body so that it will produce more.

I'm using the manual avent pump thru out my breastfeeding period and my supply was sufficient and I was not on supplement.

My mom gets me to eat lots of fish..esp threadfin. She says this will increase milk supply.

Hope this helps [IMG=]

thks all again..

i hope it'll go up soon, now, i am wondering if my bb is even getting enf based on the low volumes i'm getting!! [IMG=]


JTS. the most impt thing is to relax! u sound so stressed! and trust in mother nature that supply will = demand.

i din take any supplements (intially was lazy to go and buy, then later... well I had enuf so no point), ate a lot of fish + veggies + fruits.

DS is now nearing 1yo and I m still pumping when I m at work.

if u r direct latching, and bb is gaining wgt plus has the normal pee and poo pattern, then bb IS getting enuf!

OC you don't have a problem with supply if your baby is feeding fine without supplements. Your problem seems to be let down with the pump. I think it takes time for the body to learn to have a proper letdown with a pump.

Do you pump in place of a nursing session or shortly after a nursing session? If you have just emptied your breasts recently after nursing, then it is not possible to pump out a lot. However if you pump around the time when you should be nursing and after the pumping session, your breasts do not feel soft and light as compared to before pumping, then I think it is a letdown problem.

I am pumping exclusively from one or two weeks after delivery as I don't enjoy nursing. This is my second kid so body seems more adjusted to pumping. I use the Ameda Lactalline. For my first kid, I also pump exclusively within the first month. Initially I may leak sometimes at the sight of the pump or when thinking of the baby! However for the second time, I don't have such problems. I think we must train our body to respond to the pump just like we need to train ourselves and the baby to breastfeed properly.

hi all, ya i think the let down with the pump is not good. maybe too stress staring at the volumes.

for me, i did not pump much at all as i got poor volumes from a borrowed ameda and i was happier just latching on. everytime i tried the ameda, i got poor volumes so i tot its the pump, so i went to buy the PISA. i suppose i'm not good with the pumps. as u say, cant get body to respond to the pump. argh.

go to try harder as i'm going back to work soon.

cellow, since u are pumping at work, any advice on this? we have a nursing room at work and i work 8-5pm. so i been booking 930-1030am and the 2-3pm slots. is the timing spacing ok? how do u sterilise your pump at work??? i bought a box of medela's bags for sterilizing in the microwave, i'm hving second tots of using it at work!! imagine how dirty the microwave can be!! yikes.

my bb pee is ok, but poop is not every day. maybe every 3-4 days she'll have 1-2 really big poops. is this normal? i was told BF bbs wont hv a lot of poops.

thks again all for your advice.



Try to distract yourself when pumping. I hold the funnels with one hand and surf the web with the other. Or you can try the handsfree kit. Time passes more pleasantly this way. You need to experiment with speed and suction power to find what suits you. Sometimes turning off the pump for a short rest helps. Before pumping and in the middle, you can also try to massage a little and pushing from outside towards the centre.

I buy 2 sets of funnels kept in separate plastic boxes so there is no need to clean pump parts at work. There is actually no need to sterilise pump parts. Sanitize with hot water after thorough washing with detergent will do. This is in Ameda's washing instructions.

If letdown is the problem, you may want to add a flexishield or the petal in Avent's manual pump. This has a massaging effect.


how do u hold the funnels in one hand!!? how do u do that!!! argh, i'm clumsy and always dripping milk all over! its so messy!! is it just me??!

any handsfree kit to recommend?

so u bring along a baby detergent to work?

i'm using a PISA, will it fit the flexishield or petal u mention? where to buy it?

thks v much for your tip.

I use my left arm to form a L shape with the left arm parallel to the body like doing a salute at chest level. The left funnel is held between the leftmost end of the arm and your chest while the right funnel is held in yourleft hand. Just hold the funnel tight to avoid dripping. Normally with pumping, a tight seal is formed and you can't drip milk unless you pull the funnel away. I even have to break the seal gently by pressing down the breast before removing the funnel or it may be painful to remove by force.

Handsfree kit by pumpin' pal is available from mumsfairy - think she advertises in the business thread. I have a brand new one for sale if you are interested. I don't need it as I am already used to my one hand pump method although it is still better to be handsfree.

I don't need to bring detergent as I have 2 clean sets to use. I just use mamalemon in the office pantry and some warm water to soak the parts if I have time but they are still scrubbed and cleaned again by my maid at home.

The flexishield is for Ameda though I think I tried the Avent petal shield from my Avent manual pump on the Medela before. The Medela version is called Soft Fit. You can do an online search or should check with the Medela distributor or shops. Some people swear by the comfort of Avent.

hi mummies, me also preparing to go work ard end of june. wondering if i have a daily supply of 950ml per day. is this consider little or average?

not sure do i need to take supplement to increase or not? but i can only freeze very little so abit sad [IMG=]

hi belle

wah, hehe, u are good. i'm holding with both hands and still dip!! tik!

thks for the tips.

will try harder. argh. i've only managed to freeze like 1-2 bags a day!! miserable.


hi all

what is the best way to store milk bags? the ones i use can stand but they are hard to place in the freezer.

i remember someone mentioning to lie them flat instead but that means u cant see the volume unless u write them on the bag.

any advice on this?

i've not gotten to the stage of buying a seperate freezer yet at the rate i'm going.

any recommendations on brands of bags as well?

thks again.


I was using lansionh milkbags.. they can stand when you place in the freeze. [IMG=] but i normally pack the milkbags into rectangular plastic box( those, you get from buying food) and that put in the freezer.. [IMG=]

here's the pic [IMG=][IMG=]

So fare lansinoh is good can put > 8oz.. and cheap too when you buy from spree ard $18-$22 for 50s. let me know if you need any.. i have some stock@$18 with me [IMG=]


mm, i dun understand what you mean by putting into rect box before putting into fridge. isnt the box too small? how many can u fit in box? u mean u lay them flat?

hehe, sorry, i'm blur.

yeah.. put into the box, standing.. then put into the fridge.. i can put ard 5 pkt in 1 box. I normally keep only at most 10pkts in the freeze at anytime cos' my gal dun like freeze milk.. :| And use first in last out method to feed my gal [IMG=]

I can't pump every 2 hours now that I'm back to work.. this is is really low.. Will try to get More Milk Plus by this week.. I didn't know cabbage will lower the supply.. okie okie, will avoid. Thanks mummies


950ml is above average intake so should be quite good but it depends on your baby's daily intake.

I notice that most of the mummies are talking about freezing milk. I have been pumping since first week exclusively but have not frozen any. My son is 4 months plus. Usually I have 6-7 feeds in the fridge and he is just fed the oldest milk first, usually less than 3 days old. Is it because most of you have so much excess milk that it cannot be consumed within 8 days?

belle : freezing milk. I didnt start to freeze milk until I stared to work. Cos' sometimes i may not be able to express enuff for the next day , so need backup milk.

According to the guidelines given by the bfg org of spore, it is recomm that ebm is keep in the fridge for less than 48 hrs i.e. 2 days only.

For me, I normally express and give my gal the next day, excess than i freeze.

Oh I don't think I have strictly kept to 48 hours. Freezing milk would spoil its antibacterial properties or other good stuff so I avoid doing it. And there are lots of raw food in my freezer as we shop and freeze for the week.

belle l : yeah.. i agreed freezing milk will destroy some of the nutrients. I try to give my gal bm as fresh as possible.. the frozen milk is for standby only. [IMG=]

aniway.. that's just the guideline.. have to be flexible sometimes. [IMG=] 3 days shld not be too big a problem.. but i do suggest that you do first in last out.. it's better for the baby i think. [IMG=]


re:accumalte various session for freezing

did u combine different timing ebm together for freezing? acc to the medical staff, it is not advisable (cannot) to combine different timing ebm.

I also started with miserable bm only pump 20-40ml per session. but as each mth came by,tough I dun have enu rest, I pumped freq, drink tones of water, eat lot of fish, drink red dates, drink milo to increase bm. I will try to catch nap when time permit. tough no, it had been 4mth since I delivered, my bm is still not gd. gd times can pump up to 6oz. but average is 4-5oz. now, gg bck to work soon and am pumping 4 times a day.

how many time u pump per day?


acc to my consultant, it is ok to combine as long as its cool to same temp and within 24 hrs then freeze.

some people dun bother to cook to same temp even.

medela says even ok to add to frozen milk but i dun do tat la. dun want to open a bag once its sealed.

i just started to pump last week as i'm going back to work mid june!!! i know, i shd hv started earlier, am pumping 3-4 oz on average. sometimes can get 5oz. but usually not, so i combine.

i try to do 4 full pumps (without nursing) and maybe 2x or so after nursing which is hard as my bb nurses quite often in the day - she sleeps thru at night oredi [IMG=]

hope i can pump ok when back at work..

pumpin pal handsfree/supershields:


has anyone tried pumping pals handsfree or their super shields? good??

freezing bags in lying position:


read it is better to freeze flat. anyone has experience with leakage or spillage freezing them flat?


Belle L : i feed with the latest milk, because the longer the milk is fridge the less nutrients there will be be.. so.. first in last out.. Those left behind after 1 days.. will be freeze. [IMG=]

Aniway, depends on mummies.. there is a lot of different factors to the decision, so work ard it accordingly.

Btw,anyone tried the boots milkbag selling in BP ?

The list price of the item in UK is gbp7.99.. and from hk site is also selling ard 80HK.. I wonder how come the gal can sell at sgd10.

aniway, Boots in UK is like Guardian in singapore / target in US.



dunno leh, I was told that never combine ebm to freeze. freeze them individually as per pump.

anyway, have to handle these type of thing properly, if not Contaminated. ai-yo, how can open a sealed forzen milk and then add in. not gd....

how old is yr bb now? I'm also gg bck to work on 22/6 liao. u latch on bb?? if so, demand = supply man.

my bb also slp thru night and I did wake up in wee hr to pump too. but will readjust my pump timing once I go to work.

for me, I used glass bottles to freeze.

anyway, jiayou in yr bf....u can do that. just drink more fluid.