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Advice: Changing Nan Pro to Nan HA

Discussion in 'Year 2011 Mums' started by jkhl, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Dear mummies, Any one has experience with nan pro and nan ha ?

    My 16 wks boi is currently on nan pro for the past months. However last visit to pd for his injection and realize his weight is at 5.9kg at 25 percentile , height is 59 cm at 50 percentile. He is drinking total of 800~900 ml per day. So I thought of change milk with richer content, similac, and his poo turned so stinky dark green.

    Now back on nan pro, but I tot of changing it to nan HA due to change of manufacturing country. Pro used to be fr Switzerland to Philippines. HA remains fr Switzerland.

    Any mummies has advice on this? Does ha means easily digested also means bb able to adsorb better?



  2. neongoby

    neongoby Member

    From my understanding, NAN HA is a hypoallergenic milk, meant for babies with family history of allergy. Note that the taste is bitter so your baby may not like it.

  3. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Thanks 4 ur reply..Ya tats wat I has heard too.. So now dun knw should change or not. Wasted quite some money trying this n tat. Is ur bb on pro or Ha currently?

  4. blisslive

    blisslive Member

    Hi Jasmine

    M baby is using NAN Pro too as due to change of manufacturing country I also have intention to change brand.

    But I don't think you should use NAN HA for the long run as this formuale is meant for babies with allergy to milk and the nutrition is not as good as compared to NAN pro.

    You may want to consider using Enfalac. But it all depend on whether your baby is suitable or not when it come to the brand of milk formulae to use.

  5. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Oic i tot expensive will be gd then. Hehe..

    Similac is too heaty for him. When newborn in hospital he was using s26 and he poo like play doh. I'm worried if enfalac is as heaty ? I also read abt formula containing palm olein oil will cause stool to be harder..

    Is ur bb on enfalac now? Bowel movement oki??

  6. aly_nat

    aly_nat New Member

    My 2 kids were on nestle pro. I, too, was a bit concerned regarding the change of source, but am not prepared to change.

    As mentioned in an earlier post, HA is for kids with history or allergy, I dun think it should be taken as a source of added nutrients etc. There was once when we bought a tin of HA by mistake. Without realizing it, I gave my bb the ha fm and she rejects it totally. When I realized the mistake, i had a taste of the milk, and indeed it tastes yucky, and it has a very plastic-ky smell. If bb js already used to pro, I dun think bb will take to the ha.

    If u wanna try "fattening" your bb, try pediasure. But pls note that pediasure has a much higher calories content, which to me translates to too much sugar. Not good in my opinion. If bb is well and healthy, it is not a big concern if bb is on the small side.

  7. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Hi nat. Yes like my mum als said, as long bb is well, active, can poo, tats is good aldy. Maybe I'm overly concerned abt the weight and keep thinking of changing the FM. Maybe I'm just feeling uncomfortable with the switch of manufacturing country.

  8. joelynlee1980

    joelynlee1980 New Member

    Hi Jasmine,

    My ger now 26months now, have tried on Mamil Gold, Friso and now is on forgot the brans suddenly. Is with a lot of fruits and vegetables picture in front the tin. U can try on that.

  9. yohana

    yohana New Member

    Hi Jasmine, my girl took nan ha. ha stands for hypoallergenic. As she is allergic to milk. Well, it worked for her. Swapped from nan pro. similac 2 and find the poo poo green. Now left with 2 similac 2 tins still upopened. Anyone tried Frisocomfort?

  10. pann

    pann Active Member


    My boy is on Nan Pro 1. Didn't know that there has been a switch in the production country.

    By the way, he doesn't poop everyday.. once in every 2 days or once in every 3 days.

    Doesn't this mean it is too heaty for him? Wondering if this is normal. But when he does poop, the poop is soft and not hard. He also pee alot.

  11. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Hi ann, I had tried s26, similac. And nan is the only fm that I find the least 'heaty' of all. Firstly when the fm is not as oily, u knw it when u wash the bottles. Nan is more milky white in color as compared to both, more thicker with a slight yellow creamy tint.

    My boy poo poo every day when on nan. The other 2, he will pop in 36 hrs time.

    Poo is watery gravy like, as describe by my pd, like curry. Mustard yellow is normal. But sometimes iron or soy in other fm, can cause it to be more green, which is also normal.

    How old is ur boy now? [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    Have to train him to poo every day, like say "hmmm mmmm" and put slight pressure on his tummy. Hold up his legs and hmmmm all the way..lolx..

    Pd says 3 fingers under his belly button is the area where we exert pressure.

    This best done in the morn b4 his bath. Even no poo pop, also must do it every morning.

    Hope it helps..

  12. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Also I heard fr other mummies, let baby do cycling action daily. And massage his tummy using 2 fingers in clockwise starting fr his belly button out wards. It helps to move his bowels and to dispel wind also. Effective, as tired n tested by me.

    While doing the tummy massage, can put talcum powder instead of usual oil. As talcum powder contain dunno some ingredient that can cool the heatiness in his digestive system as fm can be heaty at times.

    Spoon feed him some water an hr after feeding also helps as claimed by my frens..

  13. aly_nat

    aly_nat New Member

    I think just like adults, bb need sufficient water n roughage in the diet to ensure they don't constipated. It is quite normal if bb don't poo poo everyday, as long as when bb does it, bb is not straining, and that the stool is soft and easy to expel. Likewise, it is normal for some bb to poo poo more than once a day.

    I've also heard of massaging bb tummy n doing cycling action to aid in poo poo. But I think this is necessary only when bb is still young and relatively inactive. Probably doesn't work anymore for active toddlers who are always running ard.

    I hv the suspicion that my bb recent spate of constipation has to do with the change in production of Nan pro fm. I called nestle and as usual, they assure me that there will be no lapse of QC in the production. However, they confirm that there is a slight changes in the composition of fm, higher iron content and some others. And the "new" fm is so foamy, it takes a lot more effort to dissolve it, as compared to the old one. Sometimes, I only realize not all is dissolve after bb finish her milk [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/sad.gif]

    Thought of changing the fm, but I've been very happy with Nan pro since my #1. Soon #2 will turn 2 years old, n I intend to switch her to half fm n half fresh milk. So I think I'll stay put with Nan pro despite the change in production.

    Just hope that they maintain their QC.

  14. pann

    pann Active Member

    Jasmine: My boy is now 68 days old (2mths plus).

    I do train him to poo everyday. I will do as you had describe everyday. My baby use the small potty to poop since he is 2 weeks old and hardly poo in his diaper. My CL train him to do it that way everyday and I continue the "tradition". We will do it before he bath in the morning. Then continue throughout the day (after every feed) till night time then we don't do it cause we wan him to know poop in the daytime and not night time when sleeping. But if he poop during the daytime, then we dun do it anymore for that day.

    When he was on mixture of EBM and FM, he poo everyday. But now that he is on total FM, he don't do it everyday anymore.

    That's why I am quite worried eventhough he is contented and happy. Show no sign of constipation difficulties at all.

  15. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    I do notice a few tins tend to be more foamy. No choice I jus wait for it to settles before feed.

    I hope their QC are strict and stringent. Frankly I have low confidence in countries that often reported of corruption.

    But thinking my baby is currently taking it well, reg poo poo, just that weight is at 25 th percentile. I will continue with it.

    He is due for next vaccine soon, so will see his weight then and consult pd..

  16. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Wow ann, pop in potty..! That's sounds good training .. Is it done by holding him up right and place on potty?? [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif] I want to try that too!

    Pd als tell u it's norm for baby not to poo daily etc. My boy is 16wks now. Once he didn't poo in like 72 hrs, my Mil hurried me to gp and pump his backside..

  17. pann

    pann Active Member

    Jasmine: He's not really upright like how we use the toilet bowl cause his neck and body is still soft. His head and body sort of lie on the curve of my arm and I will place the potty between my thigh and place his butt above the potty and hold his two legs. Try it. My CL did that cause she find BB pooping on the diaper or cloth nappy very dirty.

    My fren also told me it is normal that BB on FM dun poop daily.. their PD told them as long as not more than 4 days, it is fine.

    But I just feel uncomfortable with it.

  18. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Ya it also bothers me when he dun poo daily. I bring him see gp once it hit 2 days n more..

    But nan has no prob for his bowel movement.

  19. pann

    pann Active Member

    Hai.. it set me wondering if Nan is not suitable for him.

  20. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    How long is he fully on nan now? Generally if he can poo by 2 days, should be alright...

    Perhaps u wanna give a few days of observation? Cos changing of fm doesn't guarantee he will poo every day also...

  21. pann

    pann Active Member

    He is fully on Nan for a month now. At first it's once every 2 days.. then drag to 3 days.. now 4th day le.

    If he never poo everyday, it's fine, but not drag so long. Makes me worry alot.

  22. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    4 days seems quite long leh. Think u better consult doc. I dun hear much complains fr other mums who used nan on constipation. And I actually switch fr s26 to nan cos recommended by a pd who says got probiotics is gd for bowel movement..

    yansbd likes this.
  23. pann

    pann Active Member

    Jasmine: Do you give number of scoops according to the instruction on the tin? Example: 4 scoops to 120ml of water? My CL always give 3 scoops to 120ml. Dunno is it becos of this, then the problem will raise cos not enough probiotics intake by the baby.

  24. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Cannot lah! Nan scoop is smaller! It may pose a health hazard if long term. Cos baby may not be getting engh nutrients.. We are not supposed to dilute or thicken the fm, unless directed by doc for certain health reasons..some scoops are bigger like similac. 1 scoop = 60ml. Nan is 1 scoop = 30ml.

    U can visit babycenter.com for more info.. I like to get my answers n knowledge fr there..

  25. pann

    pann Active Member

    Maybe that's the reason why he is not pooping regularly. I started giving him the correct scoop last night.Hopefully it will help.

  26. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Maybe that's y he has nothing much to poo. Cos all nutrients absorbed by his body and nothing much left to pass out.. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    Hope his bum bum will cooperate with u and pop every day..

  27. pann

    pann Active Member

    Yup.. hopefully so. But I think sure will have something to poop.. at least a little bit. Drink so much milk.. cannot be absorb everything ba.

  28. ethanpauline

    ethanpauline Guest

    Hi, piece of advise, my PD asked me to feed 1 tsp of prune juice if my bb doesnt poo... buy DelMonte Pure prune juice ...

    I am feeding him B/M with Nan.. Nan seems to be closest to BM..

  29. simongbo

    simongbo New Member

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  30. meesee

    meesee New Member

    I actually switched my gal from NAN Pro to S26 bcos of the change of manufacturing country. S26 is recommended by my PD in mt alvernia and my gal likes it. He told me that s26 has this lutein which is an antioxidant that is good for the eyes and I feel more assured as is made in singapore.

  31. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Hi ts, my boi started off with s26 after I stop bf at 2nd wk, his poo becomes like play doh and dark green in color..maybe cos it's too "rich" and thick fory boy.

    Wah, tell u all ah. I just encountered it last night. When I opened a new tin of nan pro 1 last night, I realized the content is much lesser than usual! Usually, powder levels above 2 line marking on the tin. But last night tin was below it! Definitely looked lesser.. U all encounter this b4??

  32. j_tan

    j_tan Member

    hi jus to sahe. my gynae said HA is for allergy coz the milk is make to more digestive to bb. my son was consitpate for almost 5 days drinkin nan pro and his constipation alot the while. after takng nan ha he able to poo poo everyday. i dun think nan ha affects norm bb to allergy. in fact it's more beta than nan pro.

  33. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Hi jt thanks for sharing. Ever since encounter the pre tin of nan that weighs less than 900g, I'm really concerned abt quality of country of origin. I'm beginning to switch him to enfalac now...

  34. vicki05

    vicki05 Member

    no wonder lately the milk powder dosent mix well & have lumps inside...but frankly speaking, when my son was on HA (for 1st yr), he has much lesser phelgm as compare to Pro. but cos my son is ok with both so nvr tot of changin powder

  35. candycanes87

    candycanes87 Guest

    just to inform u girls tt NAN HA 1 PRO sold in msia is still manufactured in Swiss. the pricing is ard 38 sgd plus...

  36. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Yup. For HA, it's still continue to manufacture in Swiss. But for PRO, it's all switch to Philippines. I believe wat u see in my could be HA, also given the price. PRO is ard $32 in ntuc here.

  37. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Hi jus to update. I realized Nan PRo in the supermarts are

    Made in Switzerland now. But step 2 remains in Philipines.

  38. aly_nat

    aly_nat New Member


    what do u mean by "step 2 remains in Philippines?

    which supermart? although I've decided to stick with Nan Pro for another year, I still wish that the FM is from Swiss.

  39. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    I meant nan pro 1 made in Swiss, but nan pro 2 made in Philippines.. I saw in a ntuc, shop n save.. I switched my boy to enfalac since the start of this thread. But thru my observation, he seems to thrive on nan pro better..

    @aly, how old n weight of ur baby now?

    My boy is 8mths now, weighs 8.2kg, 70cm. He jus put on 300 g since his 6 th mth. Tho doc says he is at 50 percentile, but I als find him much slimmer than others.

  40. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    no leh jasmine, we went to NTUC and those supermarkets like Econ to check. Nan pro step 1 and 2 all made in phillippines. can advise made in swiss, where did you manage to find it?

    as for Nan in msia, they tend to come in boxes for the packaging. i dun dare to buy leh. my bb loves Nan. so i dun intend to change FM

  41. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Hi Elise I go check out my TPY ntuc again and let u knw.. There is a "new" label on top left corner of tin.. Keep u updated..

  42. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    ok ok jasmine, u check then u let me know. thks in advance

  43. jkhl

    jkhl New Member

    Hi I checked out today at TPY Ntuc. Nan pro 1 is from Netherlands. Nan pro 2 and 3 still from Philippines. Nan HA 1,2,3 all from Netherlands. [IMG=http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/clipart/happy.gif]

    My baby resumes back to nan pro step 2. He seems to accept this best, best for his digestion n poo poo..

  44. bellehuang

    bellehuang New Member

    Hi, need to clarify here. Nan HA 1 is for babies with allergy? As I thought more expensive better.

    I've been feeding my boy, currently 3 months old, ever since he's born.

    Tried feeding him Nan Pro 1 too, he's okay with it too.

    Should I change to Pro or remain the same?

    But I still have many unopened tins at home!

    Plz email me to inform me, as I'm not checking threats so often. Thanks mommies!


  45. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    oh ic. thanks Jasmine for the clarification. becos last time when my bb is on Step 1, i still cannot find those made in netherlands, unless its the HA type. my bb gal also on Step 2 now. made in pinoy, but i find them so far so good.

    BELLE: yes HA is for bb who cannot take normal cow's milk, and for lactose-intolerate and sensitive babies.

  46. superdaddylawrence

    superdaddylawrence New Member

    Not to worry. The rest of Nan from Philippines should be coming from Swiss soon. Just the normal Nan will do unless u have a special reason for HA.


  47. ethanpauline

    ethanpauline Guest

    Hi superdaddylawrence... When will it happen?

  48. elisechow

    elisechow Active Member

    superdaddylawrence, how do you know? you've called up Nestle to check? u mean other normal Nan will be switching to swiss?

  49. superdaddylawrence

    superdaddylawrence New Member

    That should be sometime middle of the year hopefully. Nan 1 has already got the Swiss stocks in the supermarkets already. Transition for 2 & 3 should not be too long either.

  50. aly_nat

    aly_nat New Member

    Hi Jamine,

    Sorry that I missed out on your earlier question. I have not logged on for quite a while. My baby has been on Nan pro 3 since she turn 1 yr old. Befor that, she was on total breastfeed. She turned 2 recently. She has always been on the smaller side, even now, I'm not too concerned, as she puts on weight progressively. She is happy and healthy. I further decide not to change as I older gal also grew up on Nan until I switch her to fresh milk. Nan works well for my gals, with no constipation or digestion issue.

    I find that Nan pro 3 selling at S$28.95 (at ntuc) is of average pricing. Most other brands of FM are even more expensive. I usually buy from a TCM shop at river vale plaza for S$26. the same shop has branches in pasir ris n a couple of other estates.


    At the start of this thread, I called nestle Singapore to enquire about the change of source for Nan pro. I was told that they have started a production plant in the Philippines with the aim to produce for the AP region, so that customers are closer to the production source. Of course she did the usual corporate selling citing that quality will be assured, and that the milk will arrive at our door step fresher.... blah, blah, blah. So I doubt they will bring in anymore Swiss Nan 2 and 3.

    Mummies, if u r concerned, u can email them. They were quite prompt in answering my email.


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