yes.... but one partner must be a Singaporean
else you conduct the adoption process in your home country

Dear all,

Can any anyone on this thread advise which child adoption agency you are using?

Well, my wife and I are having very bad and painful experiences with a particular agency and would like to warn would-be adoptive parents against going to them.
Hi Chris

Can share wif mi which one? Coz we thinking of adoption... but not now... still wanna TTC first...

I would strongly discourage any would-be adoptive parents from going to Fox Family. They, or rather, the lady boss may appear confident, but at the end of the day, she knows nothing and our adotpion has been dragging on for 2 months now with no sight of the baby.

They have always been giving me false promises and have NEVER delivered on what they say they will be doing. Its always the baby is coming tomorrow and we wait and wait, nothing happens and lots of stupid excuses from the agency.

My wife and I are really very emotionally affected then we need to warn any adoptive parents from going to the agency.
To all,

There are like a variety of child adoption agencies in Singapore. Which are really good and which are really bad that should be reported to the authorities for investigation on their practises?

Any comments?
Hi Tan,

Sorry for the late reply.

If you have not already gone with the agency you mentioned, think you might want to just reconsider your decision, seriously.

We already have a beautiful girl with us and she was not from Fox.
hi ladies

I'm from the stillbirth thread. Some of you may have read my story on 9th Sep's Sunday Times. I've lost 3 babies altogether - 2 stillbirth and 1 died in NICU as all were delivered preterm. My hubby and I are now desperately looking for connections or avenues to adopt a local baby. Can any of you advise or help? We approached MCYS - they said babies are very hard to come by, theirs are mostly children whose parents are sent to jail. We attended talks at FEIYUE and TOUCH community services and even called up a few adoption agencies but the price tag of 25-30K is way beyond our fiancial reach as we've exchausted a large part of our savings for my babies and my own hospitalisation.

I hope by posting here, I can get some support (and help) from mummies who have gone down the adoption route. Thanks in advance.

P.S. If you want to see my babies' blog, it's here:
hi everyone,
this thread has been quiet for quite sometime, wonder how's everyone's doing?
For myself, bless me, i'm busy with my 2nd natural child, and my adopted child Ann loves her alot, much more than her natural sister
It sounds funny writing like this, as now that Ann turns 5, i can hardly imagine that she is not my natural child anymore. In fact,my third child resembles her alot. And Ann has been often mistaken as the twin sister of my 2nd child as the latter is tall for her age.
Anyone care to share about your experience?

angel, i hope you are fine. my agency actually allows me to pay in installments, not sure whether this will help or not
Hi all,

I am new here, happen to chance upon this forum page for adoptive parents. The last I read was abt an ugly scene abt Fox agency. Anyway, I am not here to uncover old wounds but juz to join in the chat being a upcoming adoptive mom.
hi, is tis thread alive?

angel, are u around? i read your blog and im so sorry to wat u had been through, but i must say, you are really very brave. i was wondering if we could chat? do pm me
Hi Liz,
I have read thru all your previous threads and you seem to be the few active member ard
. Wld like to seek your advice on adoption agencies in singapore that are reliable and fast in their dealings as my husband and myself are seriously looking into adopting a child, after futile attempts on fertility treatment and IVF. Have seen Chris's post on Fox adoption agency (which is the one I have intended to seek help from until I read his thread.)and I feel helpless as dream of being a mum seems distant. I look forward to hear from you.
Hello angel,

Do u rem me fr the stillbirth thread? I'm considering adoption as the last resort.I really want kids.better if they are kids of my own.I'm so happy for u now u have succesfully adopted.

Can u pls share ur expereience with me? u have gone thru' IVF too.I've changed gynae.i'm now with NUH.been trying since Aug last luck.i timed it properly with the ovulation kit.KKH gynae put me on clomid,w/o conducting further i didn't go back to him.i tot if i go KKH,i can get subsidy,not so ex.but decided went to NUH.

gynae at NUH did some tests.i have a septum in the uterus,which increases my risk of miscarriages & decreases the risk of conception.Hubby's swimmers not swimming very fast.strange,coz we conceived very easily the 1st time round.seems like most ppl who had semen analysis done has some problem with their swimmers.

docs suggested IUI.i have no problem with period comes regularly.but i'm more keen on IVF coz the sucess rate is higher.did u try IUI? how was the whole process of IVF?

To everyone else,

has anyone been thru' the same situation as me? & where can i adopt? i'm still on 2 minds abt it,coz i'm afraid i'll always be missing my baby,& not treating the adopted child as my own.
Hi guys, I am new here and would like to add one small information about adoption. Foreigners can adopt - I am a foreigner (Indian) and have adopted a malaysian child in singapore. We have to do the HSR in the place where we reside rather than the country of origin. Any foreigner wanting to adopt can do so after doing HSR (I did my HSR thru touch and they r great)

I have gone thru 3 failed attempts of IUIs & 1 failed IVF. i did all these with NUH, Dr wong. I am seriously considering adoption here in singapore. i am a PR here & could anybody suggest any reliable adoption agency. from a couple of posts on the other internet sites reg adoption i infer Fox adoption & amman adoption are accused of child traff'kng.

has anyone adopted any babies from foreign countries like india, china etc., whatz the experience.

Hi gayatri
could you please pvt msg me how you went through the adoption?

Hi mrs_ha,

Would u consider trying more cycles of IVF? 3 failed IUIs is common.i had 2 failed normally try 3 IUIs,then go on to IVF.1 of my gynaes told me success rate of IVF is 40% over 3 cycles.that means 1/2 of the ppl who do IVF will fail.i think if u try more rounds of IVF,u may succeed,depending on wat ur problem is in the 1st place.i had my IUI done under Prof PC wong too.but after 2 failed IUIs,i was so tired of having stuff poked up me,i decided to take a break and i got preg naturally.but unfortunately,i had a m/c
Hi, Monster

So sorry abt yr m/c & I can feel yr pain. I think I seen U ard from the other thread on IVF.

I also have been pursuing the IVF journey since last May & had 1 failed fresh cycle & 3 failed FET since. Did also got pregnant naturally like U in Feb, but was diagnose chemical pregnancy.

I'm now switching from KKH to NUH, Prof Wong to try my luck for my second fresh attempt.

I'm also having the same fear as U, thinking of exploring the adoption option but afraid I may not be a gd mum, although I love children.

Let's Jia You together!
hi, To all respected mummies,

I would like to know WHATS your main reason for adopting?

What are the strongest URGE and the pushing button for doing so?

I am trying to find out as i would like to prepare myself both in term of mental & physic well

What are your main concern/s before adopting the baby and what have you gals and families GONE though.....

Kindly share your stories......

AND your advise to share with us WHO has this idea to adopt.
adoption values varies since many of whom i know are adopted but are treated no different. back in those days, people giving bb away considered taboo but they will always find one family willing to provide for the poor thing. main cause of giving up is always monetary issues.
Hi googlebaby,

I have been trying to call the number you provided but seems to be engaged. Is there any chance that you can call me at 94521280? My wife and me are extremly keen to adopt a baby girl.

hi all,
happened to see this thread while searching for more details on adoption. Anyone have deal with lotus adoption before? I have just check with them, they are charging at $25k nett. Anyone know what the current charges for joyful, as the PIC Francis did not reply my email on the charges. Anyone know of any cheaper agencies? Also what is the longest repayment period? Can anyone help me with my queries? Thks in advance...
Hi All,

I was wondering if you anyone knows about local adoption process in Singapore. I am adopting a baby boy soon.

I read thru some forum that they say that MCYS will have the final say if the adoptive parents are allowed to have the baby for adoption. Also they discuss that usually MCYS will check the adoptive parent financial back ground. If we have credit cards and car loan will that affect?

Please do share your experience.

Thank you in advance.
Hi, me and my husband are looking for mothers who are giving up their babies for adoption. are have been marry for 6 yrs but unable to have any children of our own. We hope to bring up a child as our own and we will take gd care of him/her. We love children and have been trying so hard to conceive but to no new
our parents is giving us stress and Its is very stressful for us and we decided that adoption will be a miracle for us.

Please email me at [email protected] with your contact number


me & my husband have been married for 15 years & have sort all helps like TCM, gynae. Last 3 tries on IVF but still no sucess.

We are going through the HSR report & will be finalising the process.

We wants to adopt a baby/child age months to 4 years old but couldnt identify one yet.

Please let me know if your child needs a better home.

Feel free to contact me via 97506642 or email me at [email protected] to discuss.

Thank you.

Esther Koh
Hi I have another perspective on adoption.. I'm recently a foster mum to a beautiful newborn baby. He's gone to a good family now and we're very happy for him. But the fostering experience made us realize an important consideration... There are some people out there who can welcome a child into their heart even if it's not their own and there are some who find it incredibly difficult. For us, we couldn't know whether we can until we sat up through the night with a cranky baby who refuses to stop crying. We found I can accept another baby with the same maternal love and patience as my own daughter but by hubby simply can't.
Why am I writing this? Just to ask you to search your heart carefully..
Oh also wanted to add that the adoption process is complicated for a reason. The agency told us that locally about half the biological mothers change their mind about the adoption going through. It's a very emotionally nerve wracking time for both the biological and the adoptive parents. So if you want to give your baby for adoption do go to an agency I think it's free, you need a lawyer, and they will give you counseling support too. There is a lot of very nasty things that can go wrong if both parties base only on goodwill and sincerity
Hi, I'm Singaporean Chinese and my husband is Caucasian. We have a biological son, age 4, and it is our greatest wish to adopt another baby (boy or girl) into our family. We have always wanted to adopt, and having our own has not changed that wish. It may seem strange to some people, but having had one child, I know that I can love another child just like my own bio child.

Pls email me at [email protected] if you know of any mother who is looking for a loving family for her baby.
Hi, Have been married for 6 years...have tried everything but still nothing... so i hope if there r any sincere moms who willing to let me adopt their baby/child...i will love them as my own...i hope somebody can light up my marriage email me @[email protected]
We found a healthy & beautiful infant baby girl through Singapore Adoption Agency after estimated waiting time of 2 months. It was a fruitful trip to Vietnam where we can be able to see & bond with the baby. Both of us have been waiting for our precious baby gal to arrive in Singapore, we are overwhelmed by her arrival. Now we are excited on the outcome of her DP approval from MCYS & hopefully everything will go smoothly.”
Jack & Esther

Anyone care to share on which doctor to seek? I am keen on IVF but my husband is not because of the pain I have to go through.
Hi Esther,

Me and my hubby wanted to adopt a baby as well.
Im thinking of vietnam too.
Can I check with you how much did you pay for the whole process?
Kindly email me at [email protected]

Thanks ya...
Hi, I married for 7 years and has try all sort of methods (TCM, IVF etc) to have a baby and turn out very disappointed. Me and my hubby decided to give up trying and plan to adopt a baby. If you have or kown anyone out there who is unable to take care of your new born baby girl/boy and would not mind giving her up for adoption. Please contact me.