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Adaptor for Medela PIS US version

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by pinksunnysummer, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. Any mommies bought the their Medela PIS breast pumps from the US? Am giving birth in about 2 weeks time and desperately need to get the adaptor so that my US pump can be used in Singapore.

    Any idea what model, brand, specifications, voltage etc are needed, roughly how much it costs and where to buy from? Thanks!

  2. costa

    costa Active Member

    thk maybe you ask My First few years in KK hospital first floor and ask them if they sell or not.....or maybe Mums n Babes...

    if not, once u noe the voltage shld be able to get fm those hardware shops or those shops selling general electric stuff...
  3. babylance

    babylance New Member

    Get from Ebay, its cheaper [​IMG]
  4. amore

    amore Member

    my hubby brought it for me @ DIY shop... abt $20+....
  5. c_club

    c_club New Member

    hi, you can get it from the DIY shops. Show them the adaptor that you have and there are 2 versions. The version with the lower voltage is more than enough.
  6. babylance

    babylance New Member

    I suggest that you should get the real medela brand adapter that is meant for UK 220v. The pump is real expensive, you don't really want to spoilt it.
  7. joenlieh

    joenlieh New Member

    Hi all, I just bought a freestyle medela breast pump from US.

    I understand that many of u are looking for a suitable power adapter so that your pump can tap on Singapore power supply. Well apparently for the latest breast pump from US, the charger provided is suitable for 100-240V input. Therefore just note that such charger does not need to be have its power converted anymore.

    Dun waste money. Look at the print on your charger to verify.
  8. ~mimosa~

    ~mimosa~ Active Member

    hi ethan,
    does it mean we can juz plug into our singapore power supply direct?
    i haf juz got a freestyle from US but have not started using it
  9. mimiko

    mimiko New Member

    Hi Ethan,

    Just got my medela PIS advance.
    The AC adaptor spec as below.

    Input: 120VAC 60Hz 0.18A
    Output: 9VDC 1.0A

    You mean the 120VAC fall between the range of 100-240V input, so it can be plug directly to s'pore power supply? You did that to your pump bought from US?
  10. me31

    me31 New Member

    the PIS advance adapter is 120V-AC means it cant work in singapore (240V-AC)

    you have to buy a transformer plug (cost $20~$30) to replace this 120V-AC one - make sure get one with safety mark (output is 9V-DC 1000mA)

    and also make sure the plug is straight and can fit into the power socket of the PIS advance
  11. hazeline

    hazeline Member


    You can just go to DIY shops to look for a local replacement, commonly known as AC-DC convertor/adaptor. Look for one with a 12V, 1A(1000mA) Output. Also, look for one with a straght plug, as the L plug will too short to connect to PIS Advance. I bought mine at Sim Lim Square for $25. See below photos.
  12. babylovespink2

    babylovespink2 New Member

    Hi Hazeline, may I know which is the shop at Sim Lim you went to? Can provide the unit number?
    And by the way, how do u calculate the output requirement? Thanks in advance.
  13. hazeline

    hazeline Member


    I cant remember the unit no. Such things are quite easily available, u can just step into those electronic/hardware shop to ask.

    I tik there is no need to calculate. Just need to tell ur requirem to the shopkeeper..
  14. babydady

    babydady New Member

    Hi there,
    I have most of the Medela adapters for Singapore. Just tell me what you need and I'll get back to you.

  15. babyangel198

    babyangel198 New Member

    Hi Hazeline,

    Thanks for your posting, it was really helpful, at least I know where to look for a suitable adaptor.

    I just got my PISA earlier this week and bought the adaptor from Home Fix, but like you said, the L-plug was too short to be connected to PISA properly. Luckily we can exchange it for other items in the shop & had to use the battery pack in the meantime.

    Just went to Sim Lim Square, but most shops sell the one with the L-plug connector.

    Finally found one at the @ SGD$18. Just ask for adapter with Output: 9VDC 1.0A and the sales person knows what you are looking for. (It would be good for you to bring the US adaptor to check the connector head to be double sure.) We have used it for 2 times already and it has been working fine.

    Sin Li Electronics Trdg,
    #05-64, Sim Lim Square
    Tel: 63387731

    Attached are the images of the adapter and receipt for those who are interested.
    Hope it's useful for mummies who plan to get a US set for PISA.


  16. catleelk

    catleelk New Member

    Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for such a useful information.

    Just wonder how does the adapter so far? Works? Sin Li currently has shifted to 2nd floor..

    My hubby is going down today to get it for me. Hope it works for my PISA.
  17. ajneo

    ajneo New Member

    I understand that the shop in Sim Lim may no longer sell this. Whoever needs it can get the adaptor from TPY hardware shop beside the KFC at the interchange. It is a slightly different type with several voltage for selection. Selling at $25.90.
  18. trinityyb

    trinityyb Member

    Hi, ajneo can share the picture? I jus bought 1 with multi voltage but forgot to check the head, it is L shape type and thus it cant be use, bought for $18
  19. trinityyb

    trinityyb Member

    I bought at Sim Lim, I wanted the similar adaptor like in the picture as it is very powerful, as it has over loading protection
  20. trinityyb

    trinityyb Member

    Hi, I bought the multi voltage adaptor from Sin Li Electronics at #02-02 Sim Lim Sq @$32.50, the brand is Nushiwa, quite heavy. There are lots of other types with output 9V but light, those are useless, I had one used for less than 2 mths only gone.

    I had one that is same with babyangel198 above SCN AC Adaptor, used for 2.5 yrs, cheap but seller said no longer hv these type.
    There are differences in power between these heavy and light adaptor, one mummy told me she had 100ml differences. I do notice the differences during usage, the light one like when using with battery pack slightly weaker. In long term, ur milk supply will go down and hard to recover.

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