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Adapting to childcare

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by babyship, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. babyship

    babyship Active Member

    Hi ladies, I just started my 2yr old at cc juz this monday. It's a full day cc but I send her in about 8am and try to pick her by 5pm before I start work in a week. She was taken care by my mum all the while. I know it's common to cry and procrastinate but any of you have the child not sleeping well at night. Mine now cries in her sleep and cries till she wakes and want us to carry her go out and walk, dun wanna go school, dun wanna sleep. Should I continue or put a stop? She hardly slept much. But heard from her teachers she's ok in sch and ate very well.

  2. ozlee

    ozlee New Member

    your baby is probably adjusting... sometimes all the extra activity during the day can cause her to feel anxiety at night...
    did you use to bring her out for walks etc before you started childcare? maybe she wants that assurance that you are not abandoning her.
    Give her time to adjust, but monitor her diet etc...if she is not eating well or unusually tired or highly unsociable, it could be a sign that she is really not adjusting.
    If you want, spy on her on one of the days and see how she is doing at the childcare.
  3. babyship

    babyship Active Member

    she's actually eating very well and still her normal self after I picked her up but just very clingy. Tired yes as she didn't really want to nap. Spy on her? But with the layout of the cc, it's hard not to be seen by her. Was looking at her this morning after I left from outside and she's in the playground. She just wondered around, didn't want to play, just stick to teacher and want her to carry.
  4. margaret99

    margaret99 New Member

    spotted this thread...i know it's posting half year ago..but I happen enrolled my son to CC recently and worried if he eats well...he doesn't nap much but forturenately he sleeps from 9pm through 8am. he doesn't eat much in the mrng bec'z he's a small eater and some ppl can't eat till they have appetite. so worry if he doesn't eat in the CC how to sustain till lunch time...trying to peep on him but only see him wondering around not eating, when asked teacher they always say he did eat...not sure if true. worry if he will be malnutritious bec'z breakfast supposed to be the most important meal in the day.
  5. baobei_sean

    baobei_sean New Member

    My son is coming 3, recently changed him to new childcare, putting him for half-day care just to let him mix around, he refused to go, give all excuses, wake up late, etc. etc.. how can i train him? stress..
  6. meira

    meira New Member

    My boy also coming to 3, although each day he seem reluctent to go to sch n give same reason as baobei 's boy b4 going to sch, when he reach sch he is very happy n i notice he increase in coinfidence n speech.My boy used to be v.timid n insecure...so I'll say the 3-hr sch is a gd thing, also the student to teacher ration is low 1:3/4 thus i think it helps him to bond wif the teacher n enjoy going to sch
  7. zoki

    zoki New Member

    Hi All

    I just started my son of 22 mths this tues. Crying everyday and refused to eat lunch at childcare. My MIL will bring him home since she saw him not eating. And also my intention for him to attend 1/2 day for the 1st week. In this case, is it advisable to prolong the period in childcare next week, say bring home after lunch finished? So that he wont think if he dun eat then will be home early
  8. nobel

    nobel New Member

    dear mummies

    bet you are not alone. there's always separation axiety arises even for adults. Give the child some time and parents have to learn to be hard-hearted else we will lose the challenging game.

    Talk to the child and tell him/her the goods of the ccare or even praise them for tinny gritty things they bring back to share with you. Be more positive and such effort should pay off in a matter of time.

    Mummies, 'Jia you' :)

  9. rapple01

    rapple01 Member

    It takes some time for children to adjust to a new environment. Some adjust quickly while others don't. Unlike adults, children do not know how to de-stress. So its natural for parents to encounter their children having nightmares, reluctance to eat or sleep or refusal to go to school. Children also feed off the anxieties displayed by the parents. So as Nobel mentioned, parents need to be "hard-hearted" & also dish out encouragement each day. Make it a point at the end of the day to talk to them about what they did at school & help them look forward to it the next day. In time, their anxiety will lessen.
  10. angelseeker

    angelseeker New Member

    My child is currently 17 mths. Thinking of enrolling him to childcare next yr jan.

    Am oso worried about whether he can adapt to ccc or nt.

    Btw, how u all settle the dinner time meal?
  11. snowywhite_sg

    snowywhite_sg New Member

    hi Angel,
    How about catering? Few years ago I ordered catering when i don't have helper..
  12. angelseeker

    angelseeker New Member

    Hi Sherlyn,

    Any recommendations on gd catering service?

    I'm a lousy cook, can only prepare bb's porridge. But due to time constraints after work, think bb will be starving after i reach home. Still thinking of a way out. I eat dabao food every day. But dun think its gd to expose bb of such food when he is so young. [​IMG]
  13. angelseeker

    angelseeker New Member

    Hi Sherlyn,

    Any recommendations on gd catering service?

    I'm a lousy cook, can only prepare bb's porridge. But due to time constraints after work, think bb will be starving after i reach home. Still thinking of a way out. I eat dabao food every day. But dun think its gd to expose bb of such food when he is so young. [​IMG]
  14. snowywhite_sg

    snowywhite_sg New Member

  15. thinkwise

    thinkwise New Member


    Do condition him since its a totally new environment:

    1) Tell him he is going to make new friends
    2) Sing songs and tell him the teachers sing alot more than you can.
    3) Assure him (whoever) will send him, and (whoever) will collect him
    4) Bring him to the school and browse, encourage him to appreaciate the environment, praise him he will look handsome in that uniform etc
    5) Place him Trial class
    6) Kiss and hug him when you leave for work, let him do the same.

    Hope this helps.
  16. angelseeker

    angelseeker New Member

    I heard from a mummy that the childcare centre she sent her kid is quite bad. The diaper soiled liao, the teacher simply bo chup. And the kids beat one another.

    Getting worried whether to send him or nt nw. Beri fan!!
  17. hokkaido18

    hokkaido18 New Member

    can good childcare centre to recommend in west area for my 18 month old daughter?
  18. snowywhite_sg

    snowywhite_sg New Member

    Acually there are some good childcare out there, but the fee can be very expensive.
  19. rntokyo

    rntokyo New Member

    hi kelly, you may wish to consider cherie hearts, littleskool house at ghim moh or Baby inc Montessori (now known as Casa XX Montessori).

    found the programmes better than Eton school house at Bukit timah.
  20. clam

    clam Member

    Hi RNtokyo

    Can you advise why is the programme at Etonhouse not so good? i'm thinking of enrolling my 3 year old boy there, would be grateful for your advice.
  21. tulip3

    tulip3 Member

    Any mummies know of good childcare in Tiong Bahru/Outram/Tanjong Pagar area?
  22. faith_bear

    faith_bear New Member

    you can check out Cherie Hearts @ Tanjong Pagar plaza
  23. tulip3

    tulip3 Member

    tks! is it good?
  24. faith_bear

    faith_bear New Member

    Nice and spacious environment. Suggest that you call the branch director and arrange to see the place for yourself.
  25. chinhsiaohan

    chinhsiaohan New Member

    Just sent my 2 yrs old son to full time cc starting June. He cried lesser on 3rd day. Only 2nd day took an hour nap and I'll fetch him about 3.30pm. But 2nd night onwards, he woke up crying n fussing for 2 hours at 1 plus. Subsequently, he's not sleeping well. When he's at home, he gets cranky n fussy easily n throws tantrum too. He used to be happy n bubbly coz of all the attenttions at home as I'm staying with in-laws. But as both are working n my maid has finished 2 yrs contact, I've to send son to cc. Feels so exhausted handling his crankiness..
  26. shippo33

    shippo33 Member

    Had send my 21mth son to cc since last mth n he's been sick more than 5 times =( so worrying n feel
    like pulling him out
  27. kimifin

    kimifin New Member

    Hello mummies,
    My son, went to cc today, playgrp.
    His eating n playing all ok, he also not sticky to me.
    But he din nap in sch at noon n we fetch him at 430,he z at 5 at home.
    Teachers tried to pat him carry him but he jus won't lie down to z. Wonder who had similar experience to share?

    Another thg is, I thk he won't poo in sch too, cos too excited abt the new environment... How?
  28. anya

    anya Member

    hello Mummies..
    I just put my 3.5 yr son in cc..hes fine last week and i tried to pick him up earlier as advised by teachers there..

    But since this week, he beens crying n crying..whatever i said good about the school he refused to listen..Just keep saying he cannot find us around in school..this morning it was so bad I got no choice but to send him to my mum house..

    not sure how to get him back to school tomorrow..should i be forceful?its less than 2 weeks only..
  29. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    Maybe you might need to give him more time to adjust and adapt to the entire new environment and people? Some kids adapt faster than others, hence, why not try for a week or 2 to monitor and work hand-in-hand with teachers about his progress might helps? Anxiety separation takes time.

    Hope everything will be fine by then.
  30. anya

    anya Member


    Its been almost a month..he still cry whenever he is reaching school..

    I went off work early to peep to see how is he doing..He looks fine..sometimes playing alone..sometimes sit one corner but his friends seems friendly..take his bag when hes going off etc..But the moment you ask him hows things in school, he start chanting he dont want school tml and refused to talk much.

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