A very good confinement lady to recommend...


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I would like to recommend my CL - Aunty Jinfeng, who is doing confinement for me currently.
She is recomended by my friend whose 2 times confinement all done by her.
Her charges is also reasonable (as compared to those "famous" CL recommended in motherhood forum).
No offences to other mummies pls. Just my own experience from the "survey" done before i engaged aunty Jinfeng.

Aunty Jinfeng has more than 10yrs experience and is well-versed in chinese herbs.
On first day i discharged from hospital, i already told her, i want to breastfeed but then i'm that type of "not much breastmilk" ones...
She encouraged me that every woman sure have breastmilk if eat & drink correctly during confinement.
So she checked the chinese herbs which my mum prep for me b4 delivery, and then she listed a few more herbs & get my hb to buy especially for breasfeeding.
And, only 1 dinner on the day i discharge, I can feel the breast engorgement on next day! My breastmilk finally starts to kick in. :D
During my previous confinement, i only experienced breast engorgement once, and only managed to breastfeed for 1 mth.
So for this time round, i told her i really want to breastfeed as longer as possible, because my daughter is kind of small size.
She is very supportive on breastfeeding. She even advised me not to use manual breastpump because the suction is not strong enough given my breast size. :p
Now i love to drink her soups everyday... :D

I told her, my skin is sensitive type so i can't tahan not to bath until 12th day.
Then she boils herbs for me to bath on alternate days, so to let me keep my skin clean & i won't get cold as well.

She is very good in cooking, and doesn't mind to cook for my hb & my son too, though my hb & son are fussy in eating.
Now my hb is enjoying her cookings more than me. Haha.
And, she helps me alot of houseworks. She always ask me to lie down to rest and she takes care of bb.

Aunty Jinfeng is a cheerful person. She always shares her life experience with laughters.

She is willing to teach me how to take care of bb, eg. how to bath bb, and clean the bb's mouth & eyes.

Basically you can tell her what problems you have during preggie or even during confinement, she will find herbs to help you to resolve the problems efficiently.
She always says, "don't keep the problems to yourself, tell me, then i can help you with herbs..."
For me, I told her i have serious water retention problem even after i gave birth.
Then she will ask my hb to buy some herbs and she cooks soup for me to get rid of the water retention.
And it really works! My legs are not looked like "elephant legs" anymore...

Now, even my mum also dropped by to learn the "skills" from my CL. :D

Anyone interested can contact her (aunty Jinfeng) at +65 81605062, +60169531095, +60105764568.
By the way, she is fully booked till Jul/Aug this year.
If she is not free, she will recommend her sis-in-law, aunty Ah Hua (+65 97749853, +60183889917), whose is also very good CL, and can cook vegetarian foods for mums doing confinement.

Note: I don't gain anything from promoting her. I'm grateful to have her as my CL, that's why want to help her to get more "biz".
Hi mummies,

My mum is a confinement lady with around 19 to 20 years of working experience in this line. Anyone looking for confinement lady in or after August 2013 is welcome to email peggyyenni@gmail.com. Thanks!

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Hi Puea

Thanks for sharing your experience with your CL. However, the contacts given for the sg number is not longer held by aunty jinfeng.

Are u still in contact with her?
Have her new number?