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A Thread for Marsiling Mummies !!!!

Discussion in 'Temporary Holding Place' started by eniale, May 26, 2008.

  1. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Hi, wan to know more mummies who stay marsiling or nearby areas.. =))


  2. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    Just happened to chance upon here! I an staying in Woodlands [​IMG] Which part of marsiling are you?
  3. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Hi PebbleS,

    mrning mrning..
    I am at somewhr near the Marsiling mrt stn. keke =P Will b shiftin over end of July wif my parents.

    Hw lng hav u been in Wdlands?...

    Nice knowing u!!! =)) Wow u posted in odd hrs, not slep yet...??
  4. syrat72

    syrat72 Member

    Hi,I'm staying near Marsiling MRT stn too. Being staying here for 8 years.
  5. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Hi Gemini,

    Great!! nice knowin u..=))
    thats lng... how's stayin over thr?..
    I was stayin in Sembawang currently, b shifitn over soon so kinda blurred at that area.. any nice foods/ shops over thr??

    keke pls advise ya.. TIA!
  6. syrat72

    syrat72 Member

    Hi eniale,

    As for nice food, all the same as normal coffee shop. But there are a few tuition centre here, Just Education, Whizzle land, Nisshin Tuition, Xue Ni Language Centre. There is also a CDAC centre just opposite the MRT station. And also every saturday, near the sheng siong supermarket there is a couple selling stationery, bags, toy, pokemon cards, rain coats... is cheaper then those selling in the shop. There is NTUC, This Fashion, 7 eleven at the MRT station. Opposition the MRT station there are more shop and coffee shop. What else you need to know ?
  7. lintlk

    lintlk Member

    Hi Ladies

    Happened to see this thread. I'm staying in Woodlands.
  8. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Hi Gemini,

    Wow!!!! kekeke THANKS for e info.. gd leh u can name me so many hehee.. me went to see see last 2 wks ago, oni go around e area near MRT..saw got NTUC, very convenient hor.. esp opp got alot more shops. Not too sure e location of e sheng siong, will go n biobio..=))
    I jus enrol my gal into the PCF at Blk 302 (jus near the bridge).. next yr she b attending nursery thr.. keke..
    Is thr any music school, phonics class around for age 3 abv?..
    Which blk u stayin keen to PM me?.. keke... if not convenient its alright dear.. =))
    I mus go n search for the couples selling these stuffs.. sure got gd grabs right?... kekee

    Hi Linda, wlcm in!!... gd to stay at wdland?..
  9. lintlk

    lintlk Member

    Hi eniale

    Yes, gd to stay at woodlands. Me staying at Woodlands Drive 14 (near sports sch). Hv been staying for abt 9 yrs now.

    How many kids do you have?

    I've a 6 yr old son. Going to P1 next yr. Now am hving headache of P1 registration. Still havent decide which sch to register.
  10. syrat72

    syrat72 Member

    Hi eniale, my blk is just beside the mrt from my house i can see the station. Yes, there is a music school at Blk 306A level 4 opposite the polyclinic. For Phonics class you can try justeducation at Blk 306A level 3 or the fuchun CC just beside Blk 306A. Actually I'm being staying around woodlands area for 31 years.
  11. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Nowadays have been bz packing stuffs, clearing things, seeing furnitures, jus engaged a mover coy & alots of stuffs ned to arrange... gng to move by end of July.. hopefully everything goes smoothly..My parents sold their flats at sembawang n bot the flat at marsiling.. I will be staying put wif them until my hb decides on whr he shld work in... =(( So tag along wif parents n my sibling for e meantime...(AGAIN.. keke but i like being surrounded wif them, so much laughter n fun)

    Hi Linda,
    I have 2 gals, eldest is cmin 3 this June & 2nd gal is jus 2mths old.. =))
    Wah yaya heard tat its tough when rch P1 registration.. its thr any schools near u? tink ned to Q de is it? or can cfm get the slot de?...I jus enrol my eldest to PCF nursery aldy got me so gan jiong ler, if shes gng to P1 i tink i will go super panic.. keke..=P

    Gemini, Oh hehe me is at the Blk 168 side.. keekee... we r near near.. can ask u cm dwn coffeeshop to la kopi liao keke.. Wow tts lng, no wonder u so "Shou Xi" heehee.. Ok I will go n see justeducation at Blk306 for more info. thks for sharing babe... Hw many kids u have?.. stays wif parents or alone?
  12. syrat72

    syrat72 Member

    Hi, eniale and Linda. I've a son now in primary 2. I'm not staying with my parent, my parent staying at woodlands circle.
  13. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    I used to stay near Marsiling MRT too. Blk 173 [​IMG], besides the swimming pool. Now residing at woodlands drive 14!

    I am staying at woodlands drive 14 too [​IMG] Blk 53X
    You? [​IMG]
  14. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    Busy ironing out some frustrating issues with CGW so no time to sleep. The worst period of organising sprees. Hey i bought the callous lotion from you rite? Ya nick seems familiar.....but too many mummies i cannot register into my brain liao [​IMG] Are you a sahm? I have a 25mth old gal.

    168 is so near to the station, great!
  15. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    mrning ladies.. =)) another slepy day for me keke.. =P

    Gemini, when kids when into primary school. is it very stressful? i think ned to worry more stuffs right? Like homework la, tution la.. etc etc... I wonder when my turn come, I can handle anot.. =((

    Pebbles, yr prev blk is so near my plc..me not in 168.. its 17X keke.. But frm thr walk to swimmin pool or stadium got to walk 1 big round right? the behind road got abit up slope de right? can we pass thru the field har?... pls advise =))
    CGW gd to use? me using VPOST all e way.. quite frustated sometimes too but so far not much big issue. Not too sure which is cheaper in using .. keke.. Ya agree, when it comes to shipping.. thats e worst part.. =)) OH yesh!!! U bot the callous frm me.. keke how? gd to use? Me FTWM with 2 gals.. 1 NB 1 cming 3.. 25mths is the terrific stage... keke.. but lotas of fun!!
  16. syrat72

    syrat72 Member

    Hi eniable, you are right when my son when into primary school I'm also very stessful. But when he is in primary one i'm quiet relax, because the school don't have any CA1, SA1 and CA2 examin. Only in april'08 i change school for him within a month his SA1 started. I have to revise his study.
  17. lintlk

    lintlk Member

    Hi morning ladies,

    Is your boy attending lesson/tuition at Just Education? I heard that the teachers there are all NIE trained teachers. Is the centre good? Am thinking of sending my boy there for tuition.

    I'm staying at Blk 518. Yr Blk is near Vista Point rite?

    Now my boy in K2 only, i oredi stressed. Afraid to think when he's in P1. There are 4 sch near me - Woodgrove Pri, Innova Pri, Woodland Pri, and Woodlands Ring Pri. The nearest is Woodgrove Pri. This is a gd and popular sch. But chances of getting in is slim as I'm under Phase 2C (where no sibiling studying in sch, parent not staff member etc..). And for past 2 years, balloting is required even for proximity within 1 km from home.[​IMG]

    Me also a FTWM. Am considering of becoming a SAHM next yr when my boy goes P1 cos my boy is one who needs a lot of guidance and coaxing.

    Gemini & PebbleS, are you both FTWM or SAHM?
  18. syrat72

    syrat72 Member

    Hi Linda, I'm a FTWM. My son is attending English tuition at Just Education. What I know the teacher is ex-school teacher. I have seen their assessment paper their standard is higher than the school. Hi which school are you choosing for your son. My son was in woodlands primary but recently i just change school for him , now he is in fuchun. Woodgrove Pri is very popular and their standard is getting better.
  19. lintlk

    lintlk Member

    Hi Gemini

    My 1st choice is Woodgrove Pri. 2nd choice - Woodland Pri. Is Woodland Pri good?

    Y did you tranferred yr son out from Woodland Pri? Anything wrong with the sch?
  20. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Gemini, wow all the CA, SA etc me blurred... keke.. can tell its tough!!.. hw cm u change school?

    Tution Ctr:
    is thr alots of tuton ctr at the neighbourhood opp marsiling mrt? Whst the rates thr? or probably any webbie?...

    Linda, K2 aldy stressed har? wah my gal gng nursery next yr ler in PCF... what shld i expect? or shld I do more teachings myself, send enrichment class etc from now?.. pls advise...I wan to send her to phonics classes..u know any ctrs does provide or any home tutor??

    Gemini, I went into Justeducation webbie,din able to search for phonics class.. will give them a call ltr to check... keke..is the tution cost in Just Education exp?
  21. syrat72

    syrat72 Member

    Hi Linda, yes i just tranfer my son out from woodlands. Firstly the distance is far, secondly the school don't have any CA1, SA1 and CA2 examin. So the children are more relaxing. If they don't have any examin only class test, is difficult to judge their performance. When i withdrawn my son from the school and join another school. He told me that they have already finish all the topics and now revising for their examin. And also they have more homework and journal to write. In the ex-school he seldom has any homework and also no journal, so i found that he is very weak in composition writting. What i found out from other mother from other school. They start to write journal in primary one so their composition writting is ok. My son just finished his SA1 examin and his composition is only 4/10. And i check with other mother their child composition can be 9/10-8/10 and their result mostly 90 and above for my son only 77. So better to find out more information about the school before choosing the school.
  22. syrat72

    syrat72 Member

    eniable, yes there are a lot of tuition ctr opp the MRT. Their rates is about 60-80 per month. If i not wrong the phonics is about $58.85 per mth. Sorry I don't have their web site address.
    In the Civil centre there are also a lot of tuition ctr and enrichment ctr but their rate are more expensive.
  23. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Gemini, Ok, I tink i will make a trip dwn n explore more over thr...keke Yalor Civil Ctr de very high cost. The Justeducation are they open during Sundays?.. I think this is the one u refering is it?

  24. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    Yup, i am staying at those brown hdb blocks opp vista point kitchen! You are styaing very near to my sis's place 51X.

    I am a sahm, also teaching at my own place for about 8 hours per week to keep my sanity and challenge my brain. also I can have reasons to leave my gal at my mil's place at BP and go shop shop in town at times. Hehe.

    There is nothing wrong with WDL primary school ( a lot of my students were from there last time.) Just that having good teachers in the class is imperative. Not all the teachers will mark the errors in the journal, I know most do not cos they do not have the time to go through 30's journals. But at least it gives e child a reason to write, whether right or wrong. The teachers in most schools normally do not give compositions often seriously. You can only score with flying colours with "own ability" or parents'/ enrichment's guidance. Just to share [​IMG]

    Woodgrove Pri is the "sought after" school in woodlands. Some of my students are from there. I am lucky to have 2 schools which are so near to me, one beside ( Innova) and one behind (Woodgrove).

    I used to conduct tuition classes at my previous house 17X too for about 50 students. Now old already, so betta shake legs more before all my blood is vomitted. Another few more years I will have to coach my gal in her pri sch syllabus. Cold chill runs down my spine just with the thought of it.

    My neighbour's gal is from WDL and she is writing her journal in P1 and P2. Need to pray hard to have a good teacher in the class. Nowadays if you want to score, compo especially, definately need someone to coach unless you are born with a high level of intelligence. hehe. Not easy for parents really.

    Oh yes the scrub is thumb-up! At least i dun have to spend more money for extra treatments in my pedicure sessions keke.

    Not easy to care for 2 kids by yourself right? do you have someone to help you out? I will probably go berserk if i have to take care of 2.
  25. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    There are some phonics classes around ya place. How i know? Cos I used to teach phonics classes at the RC centre near ya block more than 10 years ago before i teach at my own place [​IMG] $35 per month. Dunno if they still have this programme anot.
  26. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Pebbles, wow din know u r a tutor keke... =P U have lotas of knowledge.. I GONNA absorb from u.. kekekeke =P Wow its realli tough leh.. now i read on primary school issue here I aldy becm a block wood liao.. =(( my mum is tking cr of my 2 kids for me now, not easy for her.. when I was in Jpn n tking cr of my eldest alone, I aldy buay tahan.. now with 2, if without my mum help I sure go crazy too!!... keke.. Hope fully I b able to find phonics class for my gal over thr... So u dun do this classes in yr plc aldy?.. if yes.. PM me ok.. wahahaha... =))
  27. syrat72

    syrat72 Member

    Morning PebbleS like what you said pray hard to have a good teacher. Because in pri 1 and pri 2 no split classes they will have the same teacher. Now I'm looking for creative writing classes for my son. I know my standard I can't teach him how to write. Yes not easy being a parent.

    I change school not because the school is not good. The main problem is distance. Teacher complaint he look tire and sleepy during lesson. Pri 2 morning session he has to leave the house at 6.25am to take school bus but school only start at 7.20am. After changing school we leave the house at 7.05am so now he can has more sleep.
  28. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    My neighbour's child is P2 from WDL too. She did not switch her over to Innova this year which is just beside our block, where a few did. She also mentioned the school bus is so early so i really take my hat off to see her walking her gal to and from from school daily. Quite far from vista point ley. My 30 over-year-old legs will prolly drop halfway....keke. Yes I am lazy. [​IMG]

    Distance is the first priority for me too. That's why I hope to get into Innova ( if i decided to stop homeschooling her till P1) so that my gal will not be tired out and i can run home to sleep after that.


    Ha, my brain can only function when i am in the class. Old already, i am off mode most of the time.

    Why do you put MArsiling mummies for the heading ah? haha, i thought you stay at the old marsiling ley. Ya area is considered woodlands too, just that the mrt station is confusing hoh?

    Lucky lucky you to have a mum taking care, somemore staying with you.

    Hee, my group phonics class is full this year cos i only accept max 6 students. Dun wish to teach more than 8 hours per week ( limits of my sanity [​IMG]) Hmm, next year hope to gather a class so that my gal can join in when i conduct.

    Is ya gal attending any lesson now? I just enrolled my gal for a mother and child programme ( once a week) at the MMI centre opp my place! BEsides that she is still attending homebased shichida class once w week. I kiasee, must find a programme where i can haunt her everywhere! [​IMG])
  29. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    Eniale and other mummies here
    Want to join a few mummies for outings sometimes? [​IMG] We can share cab hehe.

    Which part of japan were you?
  30. lintlk

    lintlk Member

    Hi Morning ladies

    Me rather busy yesterday so didn't come in to chat.

    Hi Pebbles
    My boy also attending Math lesson at MMI, Vista Point every Saturday morning. What is this mother and child programme? What do you do in the programme?

    Hi eniale
    My boy is one who require a lot of supervision when studying and doing work. So am worried and stressed up dont know whether he can cope when he go P1 next year lor.
  31. lintlk

    lintlk Member

    Hi Pebbles

    Any comments on Innova Pri?
  32. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Hi babes...mrning!

    Yah, its quite confusing whr the street I will b moving to is woodlands but the MRT is marsiling.. when ppl ask me whr i say, dunno which to ans too keke.. Got Old marsiling har? me not aware of it leh.. kekeke... me newbie at that area mah so put marsiling on the header lor kekee... =PP She's not attending any other classes except a 2 hr playgrp @ Tots hse now. next yr she be in PCF nursery 2 hrs session and I planned to send her to Jap lesson, music lesson, phonics lesson. So now searchin for info. OH hw much does the homebased shichida lesson cost? The teacher comes to yr plc, or to the teacher plc? I was in Tokyo (Yokohama), just back in SIN 6 mths back. Stayed thr for about 1yr plus. Outings??!!?? wht kind of outing is avail?.. keke

    btw, theres any woodlands thread in e forum aldy??
  33. pebblestones76

    pebblestones76 Active Member

    Morning mummies, you mummies are early birds! I normally wake up about 9 plus with my gal. Going to bring my gal out for a playgroup organised by a few mummies at about 4pm so waked her at 8 plus so that she can take her nap earlier.

    Hey I am there in the morning at 10.30am. The one I am attending is a playgroup for 18 - 30mths, but with one parent to participate together. Just like those mother and child's programmes at GUG, chichida and JG. Fees a bit more ex compared to the programmes without parents accompanied.

    Is the math mmi good? Slowly start to load ya child with assessment books now. If a child has confidence doing the questions, then they will start to do independently really.
    Dare not put too many comments about schools, later my account gets terminated here. [​IMG]Sometimes we can just pray to be allocated good teachers in the class.

    You must have had a whale of a time in tokyo! $40 per hour for the homebased shichida. The teacher is great too. Just that i am too lazy to travel to Bishan on cab once a week.

    I am teaching my gal piano myself. Used to teach piano too hehe. Put her on waiting list for the baby suzuki violin at mandeville. Then again, hb commented that he is afraid my gal will have a funny head posture if we drill her to practise every day.

    People always ask me the same question about marsiling mrt and woodlands too. The real marsiling is very very ulu cos all the old flats are there.

    Think the woodlands thread not very active. You go start the thread that i say hi to you again? haha.

    We have some activities on the 2006 sahm's thread. Join us? Hee, we can go together ya? I am looking forward to go the Fairy tale stories at Forum next week. Any mummies want to go?
  34. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    hi all, a newbie here. Happen to chance upon this thread as i am staying in Woodlands too. Been staying here for more than 10yrs. I'm a FTWM and have only 1 precious daughter who just turned one year old last week.

    Wow...read your previous thread and now got quite scare leh...but i thought Admiralty Primary School is the popular one in Woodlands?? Sorry, still not keeping track yet as my girl is still too young.
  35. sschin

    sschin New Member

    hi, I am a FTWM with one 7mtns old gg. Staying oposite civic center. nice to know Woodlands's mum. [​IMG]
  36. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Hi Pebbles,
    The period is jpn was fun esp wif my gal, but after a yr kinda felt bored ler.. keke thr's not much things to do if u cnt speak jap lor.. =(( But overall i do enjoy the time stayin thr.. keke.. =P keke U so talented keke know teachin knw piano, wah yr kid next time sure very talent too.. =)) The shichida kinda high cost hor.. uhmm I got to tink abt it.. keke.. me hope to join outings but aiya tight wif 2 kids hw to go?.. moreover ned to help me mum do hsechores la, she took cr of my 2 gals plus my niece aldy make her plc very very messy ler, she dun even have the tie to clean up.. so i got to be the one helpin her clear all e mess durin wkends... bobian.. keke...

    Hi Wendy,
    nice havin u here!! =))
    wow stayed thr so lng... which part of wdland r u in?... 1 yr old, its e stage whr she start wlakin ler right?.. its fun & cute to see them bouce here n thr when they start to walk.. esp with their little butts swingin here n thr kekee. =P

    Hi ChinSS,
    nice havin u here too.. =))
    U stay thr mus be very convenient right?.. keke...
  37. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Hi eniale,
    i am staying near Admiralty MRT station. My princess is still not walking yet...just standing and cruising. Only when she is on the bed, she will walk one or two steps. Hmmm....not really a risk-taker.
  38. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Hi Wendy... sorry for e delay reply.. keke..
    Admiralty a is a nice plc to stay.. got alot of shops thr... =))

    on the 20th we be gng dwn to HDB n sign the papers... hopefully 2nd appt will make it on time b4 the ghost festival... now my mum plc mess like hell.. all over is cartons, bags.. luaggage... haahaa.. really no space to walk liao.. nis so tiring.. now cant imagine of all e unpacking ltr on.. aiyoyo...
  39. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    Hi mummies,

    Anyone knows of any centres that conducts Chinese lessons (some where in our area) for infants below 18mths? I want my girl to have a feel of the language, so that it will not become a 'phobia' for her.
  40. mummy_meow

    mummy_meow New Member

    Hi hi Mummies,

    i am staying near Admiralty MRT station too, opp to Admiralty Pri sch..

    i have 2 princesses. elder 3 and younger 1. Elder one is in child care and has been taking chinese lessons at Berries (Woodlands Community Club) since Jan this year.

    Yes, Admiralty is a good place.. can get almost anything here.. at worse, take a feeder bus or drive over to CWP lor :)

    Wendy, you can check out berries if you are keen just that 18mths may be abit too young at the moment.. Think they only take in at N1 stage for berries.

  41. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    hi mummies,

    this thread has been inactive for a while....

    Hi celeste
    i used to stay opp Admiralty MRT, but shifted to Wlds ring rd = i think 6 or 7 yrs ago. Have been staying in Woodlands for the past 10 over years. Used to be a quiet place. Now, so crowded.
    Regarding the Chinese lesson, hv checked and called up a few places. So strange that they do not take in babies as young as 12mths old. Don't they know that the first 2 - 3 yrs is the most crucial years for them to pick up languages. I am also searching for Chinese flashcards, but to no avail as i want those with han yu pin yin + Chinese character + pics. So hard to find lor.
  42. daisyt

    daisyt New Member

    Hi hi, me near Marsiling MRT too.

    Hi Linda, nice to see you here too. I am FTWM, never have the chance to play the role as SAHM.
  43. lintlk

    lintlk Member

    Hi daisy

    Did we chat in another thread before? Or did you mistaken me for another Linda. [​IMG]

    How many kid do u have? Yr kid going P1 next year too?
  44. eniale

    eniale Active Member

  45. wesim

    wesim Active Member

    I hv also 'migrated' to 'Woodlands mummies' thread. It will be good if all mummies in Marsiling & Woodlands can get together.

    The more the merrier!!!!!!!
  46. lintlk

    lintlk Member

    Hi and Gd Morning eniale, Wendy

    This thread has been quiet for some time..

    I too hv migrated to thread for w'lands mummies. Understand that there'll be a gathering soon..
  47. jane1977

    jane1977 Member

    Hi all Woodlands Mmumies, I'm newbies. Another woodlands mom wit a girl 4 yrs old & a boy 1 yr old. staying near marsiling mrt... Nice to know all of you. :)
  48. eniale

    eniale Active Member

    Hi Jane.. join us over at the abv thread link.. nice havin u here =)

    I stay at near marsiling mrt too.. keke.. =P
  49. wesim

    wesim Active Member

  50. jane1977

    jane1977 Member

    Hi Eniale & Wendy,

    Thanks....C ur in Woodlands thread

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