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A place for TTC : Success Stories

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by phy, Jul 12, 2006.

  1. phy

    phy Active Member

    Hi ladies out there,

    For those who are succesful at TTCing after a while, can share your stories here ? Hope that your success stories can encourage those of us who are still trying..


  2. mossycheong

    mossycheong New Member

    hi all,

    my wife and i signed up for the IVF and we started on 25 may 06 at KKH with Dr SF Loh. after going thru all the injections, testing etc, my wife went for the pregnancy blood test 17 days after the embryo transfer, which was on 14th july 06. the result was positive, the HCG was 233.6 IU/L. she was told to be pregnant and we are very happy we got it the 1st try.
  3. phy

    phy Active Member

    Congras! [​IMG] Thanks for sharing here...[​IMG] I'd like to ask, how long did both of you TTC beforing opting IVF? I'm contemplating IVF too...
  4. hoping

    hoping New Member

    Hi Phy,
    I don't know your definition for awhile, but I tried for 1 year and nearly give up and wanted to schedule a appt with a gynae to check wat wrong. Bingo I was pregnant. Both my HB & I were 33+ when i am preggie with 1st child.

    We had a theory on how i managed to get pregnant, but I don't know whether this works for others.

    I used the below method for 3mths after reading others' experiences over the web and consolidated some advices from preggie mums:

    1. monitor your ovulation week with the help of Ovulation Predictor Test Kit (OPK) for 3 mths to pin point your ovuln wk. I used Ovulation (LH) Predictor Test Strips which is cheaper than midstream type. Strips can be purchased over the internet at a cheaper rate. You got to test daily from the end of last menses to the start of a new menses. My Ovln day shifted mth to mth, but always within certain wk. You then plan your sex life around that week. Every 2-3days once.

    My period days can be 30 to 35 days from mth to mth.

    2. pre-empt your ovulation week with the help website that can provide u with a projection of your fertile week.


    3. After your HB ejaculated, immediately rest your legs on your bed headboard, kept your hip tilted up with a small bolster. Try to do this exercise to faciliate the flow of semens into your cervic. I dunno how to describe it but it is like stopping your urine and then release and stop and release. The idea is to create a suction within u to suck the semen towards the cervic to increase chances of preggie.

    4. Always change your intercouse position. For some missionary doesn't work well. My HB attributed his success to the doggie position, from the back. u know wat i mean, right?

    I hope this would help. I started off quite ignorant of how we can get pregnant. I tot we just did it and we will get it. Somehow, after 1 year of trying I didn't. But after adopting the above routine, I finally preggie. I will be on my 18wks preg tomorrow.

    Good luck!
  5. sherlyn999

    sherlyn999 New Member

    I've been trying twice AI & IVF under a very famous top dr for many yrs but failed.The cost is really caused us a bomb. After many tries , i went to KKH under DR SF Loh, he did an IVF for me and i am pregnant first attempt under him. Iam now pregnant 4 mth. And the nurse veri friendly
  6. ginger77

    ginger77 New Member

    Hi All,

    I'm gald i have found a place that I can share my feelings. I'm 29years and my HB is 46. We have been trying for 3 years and have seen gynae. We both are in good health. His sperm is healthy but (how do i put it?[​IMG])little in the sense of not much semen.How can we do about it? anything to 'bu'? And Im trying to lose weight[​IMG]:'( Im desperate to hv a BB cos my HB is not so 'young'.Now trying very very hard to control my diet and actully start 'moving'. I think desperating , motivated me. Please any kind soul advise me what are other things i need to eat/do/think( anything information will help) please let me know....Very Desperate to get pregnant.:'( Nowadays, i wake up during the mid-night and i duno y. I usually have goodnite sleep.Now it seem that it is so diffcult to get good sleep.My menses also irregular( 2-4 month then come). Gynea seem unconcern and just told me to lose weight.

    But i have friends who are also over-weight , also can pregnant ma! So Unfair!:'(

    Anyone can advise me what tonic to have or anything to recommend.

    Many thanks...gin
  7. soulutions

    soulutions New Member

    hello all - men & women,

    i've started a support group for couples facing fertility difficulties and have gotten a few medical professionals to support my thread, ie, they can share their professional point of views where appropriate. i'll also give you info on talks, books, sites, etc, all of which to help people in the same boat to cope with our situation. after 5 yrs of suffering, mostly in silence, i think a support group structured to help us cope with the realities, would be good for all.... well, coping with the technical bits are impt, ie, who to see, how much to pay, etc, but we have to look after our emotions as well since it does affect our overall wellbeing....

    well, the thread is: http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/5/505416.html?1157309502

    hope to see your postings soon!

    soulutions - CY
  8. qool

    qool New Member

    Hi guys,

    Sad to hear some of u r on the same boat as me ...I'm 27yrs old, hubby one yr older than me, we have been trying since Feb, but in vain. I have endometriosis, have seen gynae but she didn help much,been spending $1K plus solely spent coz asked to go bac several times in a mth to do ultrasound scans to check for ovulation, but aft a few mths I stop goin bac to her coz felt that she v unethical, felt she cheating my $$, & she's fm Gleneagles. I don understand y she ask me to do so many ultrasound scans,& each time costing $130, incl consultation fee...I haven seek a second opinion coz I'm rly dissapointed & tired, don kno if I can trust gynae anymore...
  9. mshoon

    mshoon Member

    Hi exasperado,

    Sorry to hear about your plight...I am 27 too..hubby one year older..trying since March and in vain too...* We are in the same boat.*[​IMG]

    May I know wat is the name of the gynae who did that? (If not convinient to disclose the name can PM me..)Have you and yr hubby go for all the neccessary tests? Like the U/S scan, V-scan,Blood test on CD21 to test for Ovulation,etc..and your hubby do the sperm test(known as SA)...BTW, how were u diagnoise with endo?
  10. fattybombombom

    fattybombombom New Member

    I dun know if you gals belive in chinese herbs, you can try ba zhen, kao li shen with black chicken....

    It is said to help warm up the womb and help in TTC..... Might want to try... No harm trying right?!?
  11. qool

    qool New Member

    Hi hoonie,

    Actually I'm referring to V-scans dat the gynae did for me...so far I only did the scans,nothing else...I tot of doing blood test too, but I tot mayb wait a while, v sick of the whole ttc thing nw...n by the way my endo was diagnosed by V-scan as well...hw bout u,hav u aldy done the tests dat u mentioned?

    I tink if u don hv endo or polycystic cond shd b able to achieve pregnancy soon,don worry lah..at least u don hv troublesome condition like me. *the gynae name will PM u
  12. mshoon

    mshoon Member

    hi exasperado,

    I have emailed you [​IMG]
  13. yuki_ko

    yuki_ko New Member

    Hi Exasperado

    Think yr gynae maybe really unethical... my gynae has been telling me, no point doing ovuation monitoring unless, I'm having some plans for fertility assistance, such as IUI or IVF... then that's more fertile... though there were some success stories from ovulation monitoring... but she finds that it may be too stressful and ended up even if u r able to identify yr O date, u may not be able to get preggy coz of stress...

    Since u mentioned that u hv endo... did she ask u to consider lap? how's yr condition of endo, will it affect yr fertility? for mi, I had endo and cysts... so gotta to a lap to remove it... but of course, till no haven't get preggy lah... juz trying my best to get body back in shape... so, seeing TCM now...

    If u hv endo, dun take bai feng wan, dang gui, and EPO... coz may worsen yr conditions... though all these supposingly will help wif fertility... do take care...
  14. coolbabe

    coolbabe New Member

    Hi all,
    I am a mummy and have been doing my prenatal and postnatal massages at Alush day spa. Recently, during one of my visits, I happened to hear another customer happily telling the manager that her friend was pregnant after she and hubby went for massages at Alush after 2 months. She said her friend was so happy as she has been trying for 4 years now. The manager said maybe its just coincidence but she did say that they use very high quality essential oil which has good benefits for the body and mind. Perhaps anyone of you would like to take note of this fact[​IMG]

    Perhaps worth trying out at this spa? Anyway having spa treatments together with hubby can be a good way of spending quality time together...

    Anyway I go Alush spa cos i heard that they specialise in pregnancy massages and post-natal massages.
  15. jullchae

    jullchae New Member

    Hi KC,


    Actually it's another few more days before my menses will be due but I got anxious and decided to do the test. Bingo! I am happy deep in my heart but I still cannot believe what I saw from the result, cos I had mc a year ago and had phobia since. My hubby & I had been trying inconsistantly after the mc and it's after I read your post here that I decided to give it a good try cos I find your method very logical.

    After my HB ejaculated, I immediately tilted my hip up with a small bolster. With my legs high up in the air, I did these 2 exercises...
    1) Spreaded both my legs and close and spread and close (The idea is to 'open' the entrance of your cervix).
    2) To faciliate the flow of semens into your cervic, do this other excercise, it's like stopping your urine and then release and stop and release. (The idea is to create a suction within u to suck the semen towards the cervic to increase chances of preggie).

    Do these 2 exercises together and you will get much higher chance in conceiving. Making baby is an art. We gota be creative and we have to enjoy the whole process.

    Hope this tip will help others in another success story!

  16. bettle_bug_x

    bettle_bug_x New Member

    Exasperado - saw your posting. and so sorry to know about your condition. hmmm wonder if you can PM me the name of the gynae?

    I tried to PM but yours is not turn on.
  17. qool

    qool New Member

    Hi Yuki,

    don't mention my gynae liao, fm the first day i c her, I stress aldy. And I realise that whenever I try to track ovulation, its either its delayed or didn happen lor...I rly don kno it's stress or I have prob with ovulation. very vexed...
    And yah, the gynae actually mention dat some TCM herbs can activate undesirable prob, this I believe her coz she v experienced gynae liao despite being unethical.
    However, wat do tink I shd take to strengthen my womb, coz I can actually feel my womb v weak,in the sense dat it can sometimes 'move'. My mum says bazhen can help but I'm afraid to try due to my endo...
  18. jullchae

    jullchae New Member

    Hi Exasperado,

    I used to have irregular menses and my ovulation also not accurate. Been trying and trying for baby but always -ve till I "pek chek" almost give up. My mum bought for me a good quality royal jelly, quite ex though. After taking it for a month, surprisingly my menses became more regular and another month later when we tried for bb again, I saw a +ve. Yeah!

    If you are interested in the royal jelly, email me @ jullchae@singnet.com.sg.
    mistyfloral likes this.
  19. qool

    qool New Member

    Hi Piglet,

    I have aldy PM u
  20. sunshineliv

    sunshineliv Member

    Just tested positive on the Clearblue Digital [​IMG] I will only get to see my gynae tomorrow to confirm it. If it is really confirmed, hope to spread some baby dust to all of you! [​IMG]

    I didnt track my BBT and the ovulation kits didnt work for me as I had negative test results for every single kit I used. I had the feeling I was ovulating because of my EWCM. I went with my gut feelings and went for an ultrasound and v-scan immediately even though my ovulation test results were negative. Through the scans, the gynae saw the enlarged follicle, which is also usually present when one is ovulating. Although the enlarged follicle does not always means that you're ovulating but chances are rather high when there is one.

    I guess my advice is not to trust your ovulation kits too much, esp when you get negative results. If you have EWCM, have that nagging feeling that you're ovulation, go see the gynae to check. I didnt do the blood test as I wanted to "try" first and only do the blood test next cycle if I did not get pregnant. You can request ur gynae to do a blood test to check if you're ovulating as it is the most reliable when it comes to checking ovulation.
  21. yuki_ko

    yuki_ko New Member

    Hi Exasperado

    Eeerrr... if u r already stressed seeing yr gynae, why dun u changed one... though she might be experienced but if u r not comfortable wif her, it may stress u up which is not so good for TTC leh...

    I only know for TCM cannot take Dang Gui... or too "bu" things... for mi, coz of cysts... can only take "liu wei tang" and "shi shen tang" i think... i remember seeing somewhere that bazhen is good for womb but not too sure if it's the same for endo condition... that's y, it's better to see a gynae wif TCM knowledge or better still see a TCM instead...

    Eerrr... not too sure what u meant by yr womb "moving" but I think in chinese term, womb got differentiate btw cold and warm and shld take "bu pin" accordingly and not juz anyhow take... my TCM also told me not to anyhow take... even "bai feng wan" coz may not be suitable... for mine, blood cysts coz too "bu" that's y cannot take BFW, Dang Gui, etc.... both my gynae and TCM told me the same thing... perhaps, if u wanna try bazhen then ask yr gynae lor... see wat's her advice lah...
  22. rainie

    rainie Active Member

    hi ladies, dun be discouraged by your failure! Let me share my story with u: Been trying since I get married last Oct 2005, but failed every mth! Let HB drink lots of vit C drink if he's a smoker and buy male vitamins for him. For ladies, u can try royal jelly!

    Went to see TCM in jurong east (Sep), as recommend by a colleague, say I have blood cryst and HB sperm no good! Gave us some Chinese medi for 2 weeks to tiao our body! After trying for almost a year, we finally strike! I m 2 months pregnant now!

    So dun be too discouraged by your failure! U will success if u keep on trying!
  23. val1977

    val1977 New Member

    hi Whiterose, congrats [​IMG]

    which brand of royal jelly u taking?
    u took before or after seeing the sinseh?
    can take wif the herbs? for how many mths?
    & did u go for any gynae chk to see the blood cysts after this sinseh dignosis?

    n wat brand of men multi vits did u buy for ur husband?

    sorry for so many quests..
  24. mshoon

    mshoon Member

    Hi Whiterose,

    1st of all....Congrats!

    Inspiring to hear your story.. [​IMG] Did your hubby take any supplements to improve his sperm? Care to share you say "sperm no good" as in wat sense no good? Coz my hubby's SA also not satisfactory.. You conceive with the help of TCM?? You can PM me...Thanks
  25. mossycheong

    mossycheong New Member

    well, maybe u can try Nature's Farm Cordyceps Sinensis.

    its good for Antioxidant/Sleep/Well being/Blood Sugar/Energy/Heart Health/Immune System/Kidney and Bladder/Liver and Gall Bladder/Respiratory Health/Sexual Health/Stress

    i also have sperm quality and count problem. when my wife and i TTC, i took for a few months and 1st IVF, she got pregnant.
  26. mshoon

    mshoon Member

    Hi mosseycheong,

    Thanks for your reply... How long you ttc-ing before you embark on IVF? You so lucky leh..strike with 1st IVF... [​IMG]

    Did your sperm quality improve after taking the cordyceps sinensis?
  27. mossycheong

    mossycheong New Member

    i seriously dont know whether did my sperm quality improve after taking the cordyceps but one thing i know is after taking, it revitalise my whole body. and also, docs told me before that my poor quality sperms even if do IVF, may not have enough good sperms to choose. but after taking the cordyceps sinensis, there were enough and we success with 1st IVF. we ttc about 1.5 yrs with no luck.
  28. mshoon

    mshoon Member

    Hi mossycheong,

    Mind I ask which part of your SA results was not satisafactory? My DH's SA results everything is ok except morphology. How about you? (You can PM me if not comfy to answer me here..)I really hate to think that we might to resort to IVF..so juz asking to know if DH's situation is really very bad. We have been ttc-ing since March(8 months) this year with no luck. Thanks dude in advance...
  29. mommy1009

    mommy1009 Member

    My HB & I went to seek help after a year trying because my menses hv never been regular. Instead, my problem is reversible (correctable by oral medication) by my hubby's SA was disaster - 0% sperm count!

    We tried IUI once and failed. We were advised to go for IVF & HB undergo surgery to correct his vericocele. The experience of IUI was really painful. I was pretty upset with e gynea for not warning me against OHSS (a condition which could be fatal) and I had that. We went to Prof PC Wong at NUH for second opinion. He ruled out the need for the surgery. We were more comfortable with him hence we went thru IVF with him.

    I was lucky to be successful the first time. At 10wks, I was terrified by threaten abortion (medical term). I survive that episode but at 19 wks, I had PPROM (premature rupture of Amniotic Membrane) - water bag burst! I was terrified to death for possibility of losing my baby. I was crying everyday. Drinking 10 litres of water everyday. Then was hospitalised - bedridden (totally no getting out of bed!!) for 3 months with amnio-infusion everyweek (a straw like needle poked into the stomach to drip in saline). It was really trying. I am really thankful of the nurses and staff in Ward 42 NUH. They pulled me out of depression and gave me great suppport. In week 29th, my baby was born. Even minutes before his arrival, I was warned of the slim chance of his survival - my boy proved everyone wrong! He has grown up well and healthy.

    He even won the runner up of the cutest baby contest in June (http://www.singaporemoms.com/community/node/45119).

    For all of you out there TTC-ing, trust me, it is worth the try and effort. My path to motherhood is really bumpy by any standard. Looking back, I'd say I am willing to undergo every trial of the path again to have my little precious. All the very best.....

    For those of you wish to help better the SA result, ask your hubby to take more vitamin E. This is an antioxidant. One possible reason for sperm damages is due to oxidant present in our body system created by metabolism of certain food (fatty food etc)..... My HB's SA increased to 10% from 0% - still very low but rem you just need one out of million/billion sperms per ejaculation to be preggie [​IMG]
  30. mshoon

    mshoon Member


    You are so brave! [​IMG] Your baby is so cute... [​IMG] Cheers...you really give me the confidence and hope to ttc-ing [​IMG] Wish I can conceive naturally tho...[​IMG]
  31. mommy1009

    mommy1009 Member

    Dear Hoonie,

    Please dun say that - I am sure any mother would have done what I have done to have my baby..... I was left no not much choice - face it with an open-heart and hope for the very best....

    I have to admit, I am really lucky. My 3 months stay in O&G ward allowed me to witness so many sad endings. I am really thankful to be one of those who left the ward with a smile on my face....

    For those of you who are preggies, pls take care of yourselves. Most of the time, once positive, most of us tot we strike lottery and be contented. The 40wks is the real battle ... take more health supplements as advised by gyneas. I am still taking them now - 13 months after my boy is born. You can really see the difference. Despite being a premmie (7 months), by boy could lift his head up when he was 3 days old! The nurses in the NICU credited that to my Caltrate intake during my pregnancy!
  32. pp__pinky_panter

    pp__pinky_panter New Member

    hi mommy 1009

    After reading yr post quoted <<for>>, i feel more confidence in giving IVF for the 1st try in my 7 yrs of marriage ...

    Just saw my gynae yest, then realised that i have PCOS and really very sad ...i know that chances of pregnant is low..But if i dun try, i wont knw.
  33. mommy1009

    mommy1009 Member

    Hi Pinky Panter,

    I learned one thing from my IVF-ICSI experience... watever statistics of success and failure of any Artificial Reproductive Treatment (ART) is immaterial - what's important is your own result.

    Having PCOS is a hindrance but every trial is a hindrance per se. My menses was really irregular - could stretch to 3 months without any sign of visit. I almost gave up at one point of possibility of enjoying the bliss of motherhood. Alas, I am a proud mommy now [​IMG]
  34. rainie

    rainie Active Member

    hi mangogal, I take royal jelly before I see the sinseh! I m taking nature's way which u can bought at watsons! My HB took Men's performance Multi which can also found in watsons! we took it toghether with the chinese medi! Aft the sinseh say I got blood cryst, I was a bit scared but I took her medi for 2 weeks and try for that mth! Before I could consult a gynae on my cryst, I was pregnant that month!

    hi hoonie, I m not sure if u can say I got pregnant by the sinseh or by other things? My colleague also see that sinseh before me and she see for 2 months and got preggie too! U wish to know more about the sinseh?
  35. mommy1009

    mommy1009 Member

    Hi Mangogal, Whiterose, Hoonie,

    If you are interested, I can help u get the supplements at heavily discounted price. Just pm me the list of supplements u r looking for. I may be able to help u save some money. I was a pregnant lady too. I know the paranoia you'd have on supplements - I am not suggesting any supplement to you. Rather, u can let me know what u r taking and I'll see if I can help you get them at cheaper price. Am toying with the idea of setting up web based business. So, lets share a win-win situation if you'd allow me to....
  36. lilfeets

    lilfeets Member

    I have quite bad endo, PCOS and a tilted uterus. Doc advised me to do a lapro and I was on hormone jabs to stop my menses and "clean" up my endo. makes very very grouchy cause the jabs are hormone jabs. very expensive, abt $350 per jab. After lapro, got pregnant after first try. veyr lucky but I believe the lapro really helped. my twins are now 5 mths old. Don't believe in chinese medicine etc so can't advise. of course I had clomid for my PCOS so that helped my eggs to mature. help this helps.
  37. mshoon

    mshoon Member

    Hi Whiterose,

    How does the Royal jelly help in conceiving? You see the Ying Chuan chinese sinseh at Jurong East izzit?? Care to share how "bad" was your hubby's sperms? You can PM me coz your PM is not on leh.. [​IMG]

    Hi lifeets,

    You conceived your twins naturally?? Wow...[​IMG] I love twins...haha..

    Hi mommy1009,

    What brands supplement do you sell? Can PM me? But no promise that I will buy hor...[​IMG]
  38. tweetie

    tweetie Member

    Hi Lilfeets,

    I have exactly the same problem as you except the endo portion. Currently seeking help from a v old gynae in Mt E. He nvr suggested anything invasive all this while and m planning to start clomid soon.

    Care to share how many rounds of clomid did u take be4 u conceive and was Metformin given to you as well?
  39. mommy1009

    mommy1009 Member

    Hi Hoonie,

    I dun have any stock. Coz still testing water on supplements. If you have been taking any supplement or interested in taking anything, just PM me the list lor. I'll check with the supplier how much I can quote you for your consideration. No obligation [​IMG]... I understand that starting point is most difficult - suspicion of imitation etc. I can't divulge the name of the pharmacy supplying these products but suffix me me to say I get the supply from a relatives pharmacy so it is reputable and reliable source...

    That aside... all the best for your TTC. I din chance upon this forum when I needed support most for TTC-ing and also during my depression time during my water bag burst. But I know how much fellow female support can do at these times. With the help of the moms here I managed to pull myself out of post natal depression pretty fast! I will always remember that...
  40. val1977

    val1977 New Member

    hi Whiterose,

    thks for sharing[​IMG]
    actualyl I thought of gonig to GNC or Natures Farm for the royal jelly, think watsons is also not bad, hee..will go and check it out[​IMG] thks!
  41. val1977

    val1977 New Member

    so nw you are pregnant, the cyst gone liao?
    anyway, I also thought of seeing TCM...but jurong one too far
    thks for sharing!
  42. mommy1009

    mommy1009 Member

    Hi Mangogal,

    My colleague recommended me a good TCM too. Her cousin got preggie after more than 15 years marriage after consulting the sinseh. Now the little girl is 2 years old plus. But I din try coz I am alwiz sceptical on TCM. I u want I can try asking for the address. Dunno if is the same at Jurong....
  43. val1977

    val1977 New Member

    pls write dwn the TCM here after u find out frm your fren

  44. mindy

    mindy Active Member

    hi all..
    wanna share my success story with u all.

    we tried for 3 yrs and checkup done last yr showed that HB has low sperm count so he was put on Vit E medi while i am normal.

    However we sorta resigned to fate of being childless and put TTC-ing behind our mind and even went on to getting a God son as we tot we be childless for rest of our lives.

    But Praise the Lord.. i got pregnant after TTC for 3 yrs. And irony is that it occur a month after my HB finished his Vit E and somehow we really din know how and when we conceive this miracle.

    so do relax when BB-dancing.. [​IMG]
  45. val1977

    val1977 New Member

    hey Gitz
    yup indeed i heard alot of successful pregnancies are least expected [​IMG] congrats to u!
    usually the couple tried a long time and various ways to get pregnant but without success n give up ttc
    so in the end, get pleasant surprise BFP [​IMG]

    so i believe stress is a hinderance
    so i got to remind myself, beside hv a healthy lifestyle n still ttcing...ttc is nt the main priority
    cos we must be stress free too
    focus on other meaniful area of life cos we live on this earth temporary
    life is short[​IMG]
  46. mshoon

    mshoon Member

    Hi Gitz,

    Same here....I sometimes also have this thought that I will be childless for life.. My hubby's sperm not so good,but I am ok...Same as your hubby,my hubby was given Vit E to take for 3 months.. I am constantly praying everyday for the miracle to happen [​IMG]

    Your story inspire me too! [​IMG]
  47. mindy

    mindy Active Member

    all i can say is don give up. do not juz BB dance for sake of creating a human [​IMG]
    Really hope this perks u up coz i too tot with low sperm count means a childless marriage.. but i was wrong!
    juz that we took a longer time to conceive.
    i believe this is all fated!
  48. mshoon

    mshoon Member


    Thank you for your encouragement [​IMG] I will not give up [​IMG] You tried 3 years before going for the check up? Or all along you know your hubby's sperm was not so good?
  49. excitedparent

    excitedparent New Member

    My hb and I tried for nearly 1.5 years, to the extent that we thought either he's impotent or I cannot make it. Then a friend of mine got curious and started asking me to get him to penetrate deeper (even when I felt a little uncomfy). After 1 attempt, I was pregnant! We are both 28 by the way.
  50. atlas007

    atlas007 New Member

    Gitz, hoonie, excitedparent

    Congrats, Gitz and excitedparent. Same here, my HB sperm quality no good. Tot of going for IVF early next year, hoping that his SA will be better by then.

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