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A place for gathering at Toa Payoh

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by tpl5, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. tpl5

    tpl5 New Member

    Any SAHM staying at Toa Payoh intertested to join for a gathering?

  2. sasha4real

    sasha4real Member


    Wld be nice. Previously, there were a few threads of Toa Payoh mummies but I hv lost track of it! There are quite a number of us.

    How old are your kid(s)?
  3. tpl5

    tpl5 New Member

    My bb ger is 9mths old. Yours?
  4. tpl5

    tpl5 New Member

  5. sasha4real

    sasha4real Member


    i hv 4, youngest is nearly 7mths now. yes that thread & there are some others also[​IMG]
  6. cracker

    cracker Member

    Hi there,

    Toa Payoh thread is very quiet. So we had shifted here. We used to be at 2007 mother thread.
  7. ultra031878

    ultra031878 Member

  8. kelineng

    kelineng Member


    can i join in here too, i have a 9mths old bb boy. Currently my mum look after for me at balestier, so very near Toa payoh.

  9. pudgyme

    pudgyme Member

    hihi! so is the TPY mummies thread alive again? [​IMG] do you welcome MTBs? heehee ;)
  10. tpl5

    tpl5 New Member

    Sure why not? Welcome mummies and MTBs!
  11. markashira

    markashira New Member

    hi all mummies

    me also stay at toa payoh lor 2,with 8mths old baby boy

    hope to meet up with other mummy in TP
  12. tpl5

    tpl5 New Member

    Pot Luck Gathering at Celestine's hse on 7/4/07 under baybsuppplies. Anyone keen? You may go to the link to find out more details.
  13. markashira

    markashira New Member


    where the link?
  14. tpl5

    tpl5 New Member

    Hi Wendy
    You got PM.

    I tried to post the message of the link but Motherhood does not allow
  15. markashira

    markashira New Member


  16. fishia

    fishia Member

    hi mummies,
    my mum stays in lor 7 and i have a 14-month-old boy..

    Good to find TP mummies here!
  17. julietnicole

    julietnicole New Member

    hi mummies,
    I 'm staying at Lor 2 and I have a 18mth old baby girl [​IMG]
  18. markashira

    markashira New Member


    welcome here ,good to find more TPY mummies

    me also stay in lor 2 ,may be we`re stay near each other wo,hahaa
  19. rubber_ducky

    rubber_ducky New Member

    hi all! i'm at lor 2 too

    mine is almost 8 months old..what blk u staying..haha! scali we';re neighbors
  20. markashira

    markashira New Member

    rubber duck

    I stay in blk 141,U?
  21. cutie

    cutie Member


    me have 2 gals and staying at lor 1 near beatty sec. any1 near there??
  22. rubber_ducky

    rubber_ducky New Member

    hi wendy..me blk 146
  23. ultra031878

    ultra031878 Member

    Hi Mummies,

    I have a nice babysitter here. However, coming Jan08 I'll be sending my gals to childcare.

    Anyone looking for a babysitter to care for newborn or toddler? her charge is about $650 neg. she is 40+ chinese speaking, have 2 children in sec sch. She only do daycare for 5-day week.

    mummies, if you know of anyone interested in looking for a babysitter in toa payoh pls pm me.

    Thank you for your help.
  24. nur

    nur Member

    anyone has any part time cleaner to recommend? im staying in whampoa area (jln tenteram).
  25. yiling888hotmailcom

    yiling888hotmailcom New Member

    Hi! I m a working mother staying at blk 147 and my girl will turn 11mths old tomor! [​IMG] will be celebrating her 1st birthday next mth! Time flies! btw, any1 have recommendations for playgroups? Young Talents? Kiddyabc? Appletree?
  26. celes

    celes New Member

    I am looking to form a group for young toddlers swimming lessons.

    Preferred location: Toa Payoh Safra
    Day: Weekdays (except Tuesdays)
    Time: 4pm or 5pm (to be confirmed)
    Duration: 30mins (once a week)
    Fee: > $60 (depending nos. of students)

    The coach will be from www.ncap3.com,
    has 16 years of lifesaving and coaching experience behind him, his passion for coaching has only grown stronger over the years. Besides being a certified swimming coach with Singapore Sports Council, Alvin is also a AUSTSWIM Teacher of Infant from Australia. He has attained more than the minimum requirements of a local swimming coach. He is aspiring and constantly seeking to heighten knowledge and skills through appropriate courses such as latest development of swimming techniques, stroke correction, class management, motivation, lifesaving, first aid, nutrition and general sport science arenas. This way, he can impart more effective knowledge and skills to the younger ones.

    Mummies, if you are keen, we can give it a try for one mth. Do PM me for more details, in case I lose this thread
    Btw, my gal is 18mths+.
  27. ryes

    ryes Active Member

    any mummies can recommend playgrooup for my child 14 months? She is very bored being cooped up at home and I'm looking to bring her to playgroups
  28. celes

    celes New Member

  29. celes

    celes New Member

    Just to share

    Pls do not contact Alvin from www.ncap3.com.
    He claimed that he had a car accident during this year CNY.
    Since then, myself included some mummies have problems in contacting him in getting back the refund
  30. amberosw

    amberosw Active Member

    Meet other moms - www.babycafe.com.sg
    Join our organized sessions or host one yourself at your preferred location
  31. kooladonia

    kooladonia New Member

    Thanks Amber [​IMG]
  32. sweetevil

    sweetevil New Member

    thats nice, thanks for sharing!
  33. Winkkie

    Winkkie Member

    Hi all, this thread seems dormant. Any SAHM, Mums or Mums to be staying in toa payoh interested to gather?

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