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A ny gd maid to trsf urgent

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by mummybb, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. mummybb

    mummybb New Member

    need gd trsf maid gd expir in tak care 1yr bb,2+yrgls n 10yr gls love children n gd additude

  2. strawberrystars

    strawberrystars New Member

    I have a maid to transfer. Pls PM me ur contact number so that we can talk abt it. Thks
  3. merci

    merci Member

  4. topaz_gem

    topaz_gem New Member

    hi strawberrystars, cannot PM you. Can you PM with your contact details to discuss?
  5. beebee09

    beebee09 New Member

    Hi strawberrystars, pls pm me. I'm interested. Thanks.
  6. doobie

    doobie New Member

    hi strawberrystars, you do not accep PM. am also keen in your transfer maid. please pm me or email me at atlantic_stars@hotmail.com

  7. winnie_08

    winnie_08 Member

  8. malgalejchoo

    malgalejchoo New Member

    Hi i am keen to, kindly pm me.
  9. biibii

    biibii Member


    i have a good philipino maid to transfer too. pm me if interested.
  10. gohamy

    gohamy Member

    Hi mummies,

    I need a maid too. Please PM me if you have a good one to transfer.

    Many thanks.
  11. blue_bambino

    blue_bambino New Member

  12. mrsngpk

    mrsngpk New Member

    HI, i have a Filipino maid for transfer, she's 29years old and have 2 kids. Her main duties is to look after my 2 young kids, 5mths old and 18mths. Every weekday morning, i bring the 3 of them to my MIL place and fetch them home at night.

    On weekends, i take care of my babies myself while she do the housework. She's good in doing housework and taking care of my babies. Her English is generally good and she also teaches my toddler how to read. Of course like others, she has her "blur" times too.

    She's with me for 3 months. Her salary is $350 without off days. Reason for transferring her is coz i'm out of job now. Cannot afford to keep her anymore.

    She's available for transfer after 24th Feb 2010. Anyone interested, please PM me for details.

  13. dolliepollie

    dolliepollie Member

    Hello all

    i need a maid urgently as im starting work in Feb.
    Please PM me or call me if there's any maid transfer.
    i would need them to look after my 4month old coming 5month boy and cook, clean the house.

  14. homeangel120

    homeangel120 New Member

    Hi Angela, Is your maid still available?

    I m also urgently looking for a reliable maid to look after my 4 months old baby girl. let me know if you have any, thanks!

    My contact is 98319294
  15. starlight_fairy

    starlight_fairy New Member

    Hi Angela,

    Is your maid still available? I'm interested too. Please PM me the details. Thanks.
  16. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    I am also interested, please PM me
  17. mummywannabe

    mummywannabe Active Member


    I have a Filipino maid for transfer. She has been looking after my triplets. She can seak and understand English.

    Diligent girl. She is 26 years old. Independant worker.

    Letting her go because i have another maid and will be a SAHM to look after myself already.

    Pls pm me and leave your details if interested in her.
  18. jessneo

    jessneo New Member

    hi sam yr maid still available? pls contact me@81985000 thks
  19. mus

    mus Member

    Hi all, i would like to recommend a philipino full time maid who has been working with me. no agent or agency fees involved, need to process her work permit directly. she is very flexible and excellent with kids, does her work efficiently without being told. Available immediately.Pls call me for more info on 90057863
  20. mintbl

    mintbl New Member

    Hi mus

    is the maid working for you? why are you giving her up?

    I have a maid, she is good at doing houseworks but of course she has a bit of absent minded. She is diligent but unfortunately, she is always very shy. After being staying together with me , my hubby and baby of 6 months, she still feel shy towards us. She and my baby somehow got a barrier inbetween them. So I need a good helper to assist me look after my baby on weekday when they are with my inlaw or my mother.

    Any good maids to transfer for my consideration?

    Thank you.
  21. coyotefr00

    coyotefr00 New Member

    Hi mus,

    I am looking for a nice lady to work for us as well. Can I have more details of her such as personality, salary/off day/mobile requirements. Pls pm me at coyotefr00@yahoo.com.sg

    Also, please state reason of giving her up since she is a good one.
  22. i_ling83

    i_ling83 Member

    If anyone need a good agent I can intro my maid agent to you as I feel that her service is very good. Firstly I dun need to go her office all she provide me doorstep service save alot of mine time n my house got 3 maid all from her and she really help me to get a suitable maid. Best of her is she dun hide any hidden cost like my ex maid agent. Any one need her number pm me.
  23. jh_mumloveu

    jh_mumloveu Member

    Dear Mommies,
    I also looking for a gd maid, anyone hv a gd maid to tranfer out? Pls help thx.
  24. jh_mumloveu

    jh_mumloveu Member

    pls PM me if have, thx.
  25. makimoo

    makimoo Member

    Hi jh mummylove u u don accept pm pls pm me instead
  26. jayho28

    jayho28 New Member

    Pm me.

    I hv a good maid working with us for 6 yrs but her family wants her go back married so she left us during march.
    She ask us to give her 3 months and she will come back to work again but we cannot wait for her as we need a maid to take care children.
    3 months has passed and and she wanted to come back looking for good employer.
    Let me know if u wants to take her.
    Very nice lady can cook basic food.
    Quiet but if children do wrong she will teach.
    Housework no prob at all.
    She take care children from age 4 above.
    Btw she in currently at indo so need to help her do work permit.
  27. jh_mumloveu

    jh_mumloveu Member

    hi jayho,
    i have pm you
  28. coyotefr00

    coyotefr00 New Member

    Hi Jayho,

    I had pm you as well.
  29. azurebaby

    azurebaby New Member

    hi ladies, if you have anymore recommendations/ finished / transfer of maids, please let me know too!! thanks
  30. happy_33

    happy_33 Member

    Hi Jayho,

    Hv PM you.

  31. brinkleybum

    brinkleybum Member


    Am also looking for two good in indon maids. Pls PM me!
  32. flyn

    flyn Member

    Hi Jayho,

    Just PM you too. Thanks!
  33. melvinmom

    melvinmom Member

    Hi,am looking for a good filipino helper, pls PM me if you have one to let go, thanks
  34. bugsfire

    bugsfire Member

    Hi all,

    I am urgently looking for a DH, pref. filipino. Please PM me if you are transfering your maid.

  35. jh_mumloveu

    jh_mumloveu Member

    Hi,Im still looking for a maid, anyone have gd filipino helper to transfer out pls PM me thks.
  36. isabellali

    isabellali Active Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a good indo maid.. Please PM me if you have any.
  37. sandramay

    sandramay New Member

    have a indo maid to transfer, pls PM me if you interested
  38. redsage

    redsage New Member

    Hi sandra,

    you don't accept pm.
    i'm keen, please sms me 93392330
  39. thepreciousones

    thepreciousones Active Member


    I'm looking for a Filipino maid. Can speak and understand English well. Must have good attitude and have love in children. My kids are 4yrs and 1yr.
    Do PM me if you have a good one to transfer. Really appreciate. God bless
  40. my_mum

    my_mum Member


    Anyone has good Filipino/Indo maid to transfer? honest, hardworking, clean
    Please PM me the details. Thanks
  41. jeswang

    jeswang Member

    Hi Sandra,

    I'm keen, pls sms me 96665661.
  42. bugsfire

    bugsfire Member

    Hi Sandra,

    I am keen. pls PM me.
  43. babyrain

    babyrain Member

    Hi Sandra

    Does your maid know how to take care of infant?
  44. hui0

    hui0 New Member

    Hello Sandra,

    I'm unable to PM you. Can you please contact me at priscilliaqiu@hotmail.com on more info about the indo transfer maid you have?

    Priscillia [​IMG]
  45. sheelaa

    sheelaa Member

    Hi ,
    I'm also looking for a good Indonesian Maid to look after my 10mth old girl.

    Could someone recommend me if you know of any good maids.

    Thank you!
  46. split

    split Active Member

    I have a philipino maid that work for me for about 7mths for transfer, but i will only be releasing her in end-oct or nov when i get my ex-maid cousin in.

    I've 2 kids 3yrs old and 1yr old, a big family that consist of me, hubby, mil, fil,gmil, bil, sil and 2 boys..she's oki with taking care of kids, but she's abit slow in doing house work and quite "manual" as in the sense that u need to constantly remind her to do the way u want..she need supervision for doing house work if not she will cut corner and take short cut..i guess thats common for most maid..and she's not honest enough to admit her mistake unless caught red-handed.

    gd point about her is she is gd with children, and her english is gd enough to read story books for the kids..her temper also quite gd, no matter how naughty my child she also keep her cool. she's oki to do simple house hold chores that gotten repeatedly do daily like vacuum and mop floor..

    overall she is gd with taking care of kids and doing simple household chores only like sweep/vacuum floor, mop, washing of clothes for small family.. not suitable for big family with alot of clothing to iron, alot of dishes to wash and cooking to do..

    interested employer can drop me a pm with contact details, please read my positive and negative comments on her before msging me..
  47. gracian

    gracian New Member

    i am looking for a transfer maid PH. hopefully can start by 20+ oct 2010. my current maid going to HK and i need someone to help me with housework and getting my kids ready for childcare.

    pls e-mail me at samhoneyl@yahoo.com if you have any recommendation.

  48. icemom

    icemom Member

    hi i am looking for a good transfer maid who can handel children 4 months and 3 years old and does housework well.. Please let me know if you can help me . Thank you can pm me or mail me at icesingice@yahoo.com
  49. mr_geomancy

    mr_geomancy New Member

    Looking for a reliable maid to help look after my 6mths old boy, do cooking and general housework.

    If you know of any good maid whose contract is expiring and employers not intending to renew because of cicumstances reasons, please PM me.
  50. kelyen

    kelyen Member

    Looking for gd reliable maid who knows how to take care of kids & gd with housework. Pls pm me.

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