A n y gd maid to trsf?


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I'm also looking for a good transfer maid to look about my 28th toddler, cooking and housekeeping as I'm going back to work very soon. It would be very ideal if she can also speak Mandarin. Thanks


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Helping my SIL's maid's sister to look for transfer urgently.

She's with current employer for 5 yrs now but the kids are older and will go overseas for education so they don't need her anymore.
She's been in S'pore at least 7 years, is married with children.

Her name's Sulami and her contact is 82090251.

I don't know her current pay but she has a day off per month ithink.

Pls contact her directly.

I have a good Filipino maid for transfer on 7th June 2009.

She has been with me for almost 2 years now. She gets one off-day every month. As I am a stay-home mum of a 7-year old boy, I normally takes care of my son (mother-and-child bonding) and leave the cooking and cleaning to my maid. She takes care of my son only when I need to go out, or when I bring my son out and needed someone to help out. She can cook Chinese food e.g. fried rice/bee hoon, steam fish, steam chinese, chicken curry, etc. and pizza, spaghetti, etc. She can iron and clean well.

She is a nice and decent single girl and I reciprocated by being nice to her but yet strict in my demand for her work performance. I lock up my handbags and anything else that may tempt her to steal. This helped to prevent unnecessary issues to deal with.

Let me know if you are interested to consider her.


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Hi all,
I hav a filipino maid to let go asap. She is 31 yrs old with 3 kids. Reason y im transferring her out is bcos my FIL has agreed to help look after my 2 grown up gals.
Current maid has been with me for 4 mths, everyday she fetch my gals to & fro sch. Cooked lunch & dinner, do hsework too. Anyone keen to interview her or wan more details pls pm me. Thks!


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hi all,
im looking for an indonesian maid urgently good with kids(9mths,3yrs and 6 yrs)all gals. pls email me tks. As my current maid is goin back for good.


Hi All,

Im looking for a philippino maid who can help me to take care of a newborn and a toddler. Pls PM me should you have a good maid for transfer. Thank you.


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Hi I have filipino maid to transfer...she's been with me for 19 mos..she helped me took care of my son since birth..

She is good with baby/kids and can follow instructions.

I won't be needing her services since i decided to stay at home and take care of my son.

PM me if interested


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My brother has an experienced Filipino maid available for immediate transfer. Her contract will be up very soon but he's not going to renew because the kids are grown up and need to cut cost. Anyone keen, please email my brother at [email protected]


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I employed an indon maid to care for my mother who has passed on recently. Wd like to find the maid a gd employer and carry out direct transfer as have no need for her.
After having her for 3 wks, I can say
- Very gd & experienced w elderly care (3+ years in total)
- Handy & diligent with general housework
- Can cook local dishes and handle marketing. Can handle pork but does not eat
- Patient with kids (my nieces)
- Pleasant & have initiative
- Learns and adapts fast
- Above satisfactory in work performance

For detailed CV and queries, pls email me at [email protected]. No agents pls. thx


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Hi Sharon,

Is your maid still available? I've tried to email you but fail. I need a maid for my mum, basically the helper is to do house work, no cooking require.

Please email [email protected]



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Hi lavend

Is your brother's maid still available for immediate transfer?

I have sent him an email and would appreciate if you could let me know the status. Thanks.


I have a filipino to let go. 28 yr ago n 1 son. With me for 7 mths already. No off day. Hardworking n willing to work but must give proper instructions. Can cook simple chinese food and can handle baby quite well. Quiet and does not like to talk. Am letting her go cos I decided not to have a maid. Anyone interested can pm me for more questions.


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Hi I have a maid to recommend.

She's worked with me for 2 years but now she wants to look for another employer. I would like to renew her contract but she doesn't want to.

She is gd with my kids and able to do housework independently. I never have to tell her what to cook etc cos she decides herself. She packs my kids' school bags (and we have 3 diff bags cos they attend 3 diff enrichment classes) which she is able to do without being told and usually doesnt get it wrong.

All in all she's a good maid.

Her salary is $360 presently with a day off.

She's Indonesian and is 21 years old (real age, though passport age would state that she'd be 25)

If you're interested pl sms me at 96153424.

She'd be avail from July 24th.


Hi, I've an indon maid for transfer soon. Her current salary is $320 with 1 day off. Her main duties include taking care of my baby and housework. As we'll be sending our toddler to childcare soon, we do not need her anymore. She's been with us for one year and is a fast learner. Conversant in english and mandarin and some dialect. PM me if interested.


Hi there,

Any one with a good maid to transfer?
Pleasant and cheerful personality
Willingness to learn and work, fast learner and worker
Good with kids and babies
No offday, No handphone
Prefer Philippino
Speak good English and able to interact well with toddler

Cooking not necessary

PM me.



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Hi there, anyone ever change maid within a month?

My new maid currently with us for a week do not cook well, teaches her housework but need to "push" and needs to remind her when it is time to cook. She knows how to play with my kid but does not know how to take care. My hubby like the house clean and do not like to eat her food cos it is not nice. We quarrels because of her.


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to change maid is your choice, as much as we want to be nice... our priority needs to be family... if you have given her ample training and find that she does not meet your family requirement, changing is an option...

we employ helper to help us and not make things worse...


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Hi pauline

Thank you for your advice. As my kid still goes to bbsitter's house till end of the August, i hv to decide fast.


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change her!
i used to have one maid, she stay for 3 yrs and i am unhappy for 3 yrs.
she is oly very kind hearted and love my kids very much.
the rest can not make it!!!
she keep telling me she wan to work 4ever with us.
and i am too soft hearted to ask her to go.
end up her HB called and she told me she wan to go back and there she goes!!!!!
now i got a new maid, with me for a mth and i decided to change her IMMED!
my mum have to come over and cook for kids, i have to take care of the kids and she is doing hsework ONLY!
but she is nt cleaning under the bed, shifting the sofa to vaccum the floor, most of the time she got notin to do but i stil see dustbins with no bags, shopping bags lying ard, clothes not folded etc...
im waiting for my NEW maid to come now...


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Oh, my maid cries the last few days. Said wants to go back Phil as her reason is she thought can send $$ back home every mth and then she knows cannot. She do not want to go back to the agent but we send her back to agent, no choice. Now i am waiting for new datas.


Hi all,

I'm looking for a maid who can help me to take care of my coming newborn baby. Preferably can speak and understand both English & Mandarin.

Please PM or email me at [email protected] should you have a good maid for transfer or any good agency to recommend. Thank you.


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reposting again for my brother's filipino maid. due to unforeseen circumstances, the would-be employer couldnt go ahead with the transfer so she's available for immediate transfer. do forward all emails to my brother at [email protected]

Thks for looking!


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I'm looking for a good transfer Filipino maid with experience in taking care of infants to help us. We have an 8 month old baby and I work part-time, so I need someone I can trust to take care of her. We need her to start at the end of Sept.

If you know anyone, please do email me at [email protected]



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Hi all,
I'm looking for a maid who can help me to take care of my coming newborn baby. Preferably can speak and understand English......


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I am looking for a good indo maid with no off day for transfer. No need to cook for us or look after children, just do general housework...must be obedient and able to work under scrutiny as my mil is at home cooking and looking after my 2 boys.

will need her in mar 2010...anyone who has a maid meeting the above requirements, please. pm me. tks!


hi, im looking for a maid with no off days, Top priority is to take good care of my younger child (1yr old). I want a quiet and “homey” kind. Knows how to speak english too. Do PM me if you have one. Thanks

My maid is leaving on mid Nov 09 and may decide to come back Singapore after her home leave.

Her passport extend to 5 yrs already. She may need an employer who can allow her to have the following before employing her.

1. Do Muslim prayer 5 times of 5 min at employer house, fasting and have her hari raya...
2. High salary $380 - 400 - as she is very experience in taking care infant / children below 6 yrs and teaching basic child care lesson , etc beside the household, able to cook, able speak simple english, hardworking, love cleanliness.

3. Handphone - optional.
4. A day off a month.

Meet the above and decide to interview her for consideration, please PM me , if not, don't.



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Hi, I'm looking for a maid with no off days, Top priority is to take good care of my youngest child (9 mths old). I want a quiet and loves kids type. Knows how to speak english too. Do PM me if you have one. Thanks


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Hi all,

I have a Filipino maid available for transfer asap. She has 8 years of working experience in Singapore, looked after babies and kids before, likes children and dogs.

Good at cooking (knows how to cook chinese food), has initiative and not too bad at housework. She can operate independently and can be trusted to be left alone in my opinion.

However, she wants to have a day off a week (I'm giving her that now) and salary at $450 a month.

I would prefer employers who are able to take her as soon as possible, as I initially managed to get a friend to take her but her agent overlooked and now needs to wait for her current (rejected) maid to get transferred out.

Please email me at [email protected] for enquiries and to arrange for interviews.