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A long period of bad morning sickness

Discussion in 'Year 2009 Mums' started by mymiracle, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. mymiracle

    mymiracle New Member

    My baby is 14 weeks oredi but my morning aka whole day sickness is not any better. I haf never felt so sick in my life. i have tried ALL ways to relieve me but none worked. I am really depressed. Anyone can sdvise me or share ur experience?

  2. princess_diamond

    princess_diamond Active Member

    Hey Mommy..

    I had bad morning sickness (whole day) until i was 5.5mths towards 6mths..I can understand how u are feeling now!I have never managed to hold my food more than 20mins..Everything goes in comes out,even water!It even happened when i was sleeping.It was a tortured.
    If your situation is as bad as mine..,i suggest that you let your gynae know and maybe he can prescript some medication for you which i did!
    It didn't help much but well at least i can hold my food a little longer!And feel sleepy all the time and just sleep sleep sleep...
    What i did then was rest as much as i can and suckle some flavored ice cubes.
    I made sour plum ice cubes then suckle those cubes whenever i felt bad!
    YOu may wanna try other flavour if you like, like orange,lime or even ribena?Just dun take too much sugar.
    I did many readings during my pregnancy and sometimes the reading can be so intense that i can forget to puke!hahha..sounds funny huh??
    Don't be depressed!Go out for a walk!or talk to someone about your situation!
    Please take care....:D
  3. heavenlymade

    heavenlymade Member

    try not to eat your meal at one go. If u can separate your meals. 3 meals into 6 meals in smaller portion.
    Also dont eat too oily. Another thing tat can help is, u can buy fruits such as guava and snack on it. Guava is abit sour and good in fibre. This snack really helps me throughout my morning sickness.
  4. preciousthots

    preciousthots Member

    Hi Princess Diamond,

    can i ask how u made your sour plum ice cubes? am also 14 weeks and still suffering from MS tho mine is not so bad as I do not vomit as much..only keep feeling nauseous the whole day with the mouth having this weird taste..

    My Miracle,
    having several small meals does help..i also realize i puke more whenever i have anything oily..hope u get better soon.
  5. princess_diamond

    princess_diamond Active Member

    Hello Preciousthots,

    I put 1 pc of seedlees sour plum into each ice cubes with hot water(just to bring the flavour out) before placing it into the freezer to freeze it.
    And also,i bought a rather small cubes from Daiso cos normal ice cubes is a little big for me and difficult to put the whole pc into mouth to suckle!
    Hope all mommies is getting much needed rest and get well soon.....Take care.
  6. sarahgph

    sarahgph New Member

    take dry food in the morning. Dry food like biscults do not vomit out easily they be retain in the stomach better. Only take liquid diet 1hr after dry food.

    You can try ginger tea too.

    I had morning sickness the whole day. My job requres me to travel but each time I alight the cab, i will vomit. It was horrible
  7. summer_ice

    summer_ice New Member

    pregnant can eat ice?
  8. prisneo

    prisneo New Member

    My dr over in Oz ask me to suck ice pop, take water with lemon also help.
  9. princess_diamond

    princess_diamond Active Member

    Hello mommies..

    how is everyone doing?
    MieMie...yes,can take icy stuffs..y not if it does help?
    I agree with Priscilla,ice pop or water w lemon does help too..Which i did tried it myself..
    Take care mommies...
  10. twinsmummy

    twinsmummy Member

    hi mummies
    just to share my exp , i had a set of twins at home , when i was pregnant w em , i had morning sickness everyday till the day i DELIVERED . Every morning i will vomit regardless wat i drank , be it coffee , milk ,cereal or even water !!! So usually i will drink one glass of water and den vomit aft that i feel better , but coffee is a No No , whenever i drank coffee and aft 10 mins sure vomit and this happened till the very lat day !!! i rmb i went to MA at 9am , while waiting for a ward i still vomitting , the nurses tot i was too nervous den i told em its morning sickness den their eyes open so big and said : Har ? i tot u suppose to hv C section today ? till now still morning sickness ???? ha ha up till day (my twins are 15 months )my elder ger will still said : ma ma u cannort drink coffee when u hv didi and mei mei rite
  11. tika

    tika Member

    i had very bad ms too when i was pregnant with my #1. Now im 5 weeks preg with my #2. im already starting to feel slight nausea since two days ago. so i tried to be active. i skipped for 10 minutes everytime i feel nauseas. immediately i felt better. maybe yew can try to be active as well? get fresh air and walk outside for abit?

    during my 1st pregnancy, i lay down all day hoping the nauseasness will go away. felt really shitty during my 1st preg. now im starting to think maybe my lack of movement then made me feel even sicker.
  12. snowflake_missy

    snowflake_missy Active Member

    I had all day sickness everyday from 5 weeks to 16 weeks.It was horrible,I vomitted anything from food to stomach juices to bile to blood.It could get as bad as 12 times of vomitting a day
    [​IMG] Nothing worked for me,not seabands,not ginger tablets,not ginger tea,not medicine prescribed by doc.Eating plums only helps me for 10 mins,after that,it makes it worse as what comes out later will be acidic stomach juices.Could not & did not feel like eating during the daytime,the only things i could eat for lunch are non acidic fruits,and my first proper food/meal will be a very small portion of rice + vege +fish/meat at dinner.Milk for supper.
    subsequently luckily from week 16 to week 28,the vomitting gradually reduced to 3 times a day ,then 3 times a week then totally gone.
    I'm now in week 32 and morning sickness has seemed to crawl back into my life but it isn't as bad as last time.Vomitted twice yesterday,and only feel the nausea but no vomitting occasionally today.

    One thing that I found that could provide the most relief for me previously was rubbing some medicated oil above my lips and temples.Too bad i only discovered this method when my nausea was almost ending,maybe you could try it too and see if it works for you.

    It isn't easy to go through all these,I know but do still take care!
  13. missylan

    missylan Active Member

    Hahaha... think I have the longest morning sickness of all! It happened to 2 of my pregnancies. Started somewhere my 10weeks till I delivered! Basically will vomit after food. Craved for chilli mee suah and vomitted all out, so gross and uncomfortable. Tongue got the "metal" taste. After delivery, I will feel nausea on and off and sometimes in the morning, I will puke the gastric juice. Yucky, bitter!

    Basically I eat anything during pregnancy, I drink Ice milk tea everyday. Hahaha...

    Oh ya, recently I read that gochi juice can ease morning sickness.
  14. sportyangel

    sportyangel Member

    hai all,
    im 6 weeks now n had a bad ms. every 2 hours i just feel like i have to eat no matter what. so, every 2 hours i always chewing something. it also happen in d middle of night, still must eat every 2 hours.

    but because i constantly eating every 2 hours, i never have ms anymore. d whole ms just gone.
    i only eat like 1 slice of bread, fruit, or just titbits. but still eat 3 times proper meal everyday

    try to eat more frequent, maybe it help reduce d vomit
  15. isshin

    isshin New Member

    Hi All,
    my morning sickness got so bad that till I have to go on drips and even admitted into hospital. On hospital leave for 1 mth, next week going back to work also don know how as it not getting better. I had to rely on the medication to stop the vomit. But the medication is too EX to be taken long run - $15 per pill. More EX than a meal. Haiz.
  16. babiesmeme

    babiesmeme New Member

    Hi Missylan, what is gochi juice and where can I get one
  17. babyfan

    babyfan New Member

    Jus a sharing - when I was pregnant w my first baby, I was hospitalisd twice due to severe dehydration. Only recovered around the 17th week. Now I am pregnant w my second. Initially hopeful that symptoms would be different ie no more ms, who knows? Sigh. Now 12th week. Been feeling depressed. Stuck at home. Keep vommiting now and then. I do visit this website and facebook, other than some light reading. I realise reading about other mothers' joy esp own friends (people you know) at the arrival of their newborns and seeing photos of their happy faces do cheer and inspire me on. Hope it can do the same for you. [​IMG]
  18. gilbert

    gilbert New Member

    can anyone tell me how to tackle my wife's morning sickness? she feel like vomiting, giddy, tired, hungry but no appetite, bloated stomach...eatg sour plum doesnt help.
  19. glad

    glad Active Member

    gilbert, let her try drinking ginger tea.. Or those ginger slice? Else, u can get ur wife's gynae to prescribe some med for her..
  20. babyfan

    babyfan New Member

    gilbert - dimenate may help. has she seen a gynae? else a GP can also prescribe this medicine. then not so expensive for you. [​IMG]
  21. meleric

    meleric New Member

    hi mommy,

    i think ginger tea will subside the morning sickness for awhile... for my first pregnancy i had sweets to curb the vomit...but i think different methods work for different ppl...so u can tryout..take care!!
  22. gilbert

    gilbert New Member

    where can i buy d ginger tea? those 'super' brand teabags? wat abt ginger slice? where to find?

    can my wife eat mentos?

    is it true that my wife cant take citrius fruits?
  23. heavenlymade

    heavenlymade Member

    hi gilbert
    your wife can take any fruit as long as not over consumption. I dont see any harm eating mentols too also unless over consume. Best if u not sure, dont eat, until u check with gynae.

    for ginger tea, i like to make them myself. Just pound a piece of ginger n put in water to boil, and add those brown sugar for taste. There is one type of brown sugar which is on sale in NTUC, which is pretty good for health. u can get that if u want. I didnt try any instant product, quite worried about preservatives.

    your wife can munch on some whole wheat biscuit if she no appetite.
  24. gilbert

    gilbert New Member


    i will try make d ginger tea for her. jz buy those normal ginger for cooking rite?

    n wat kind of food eases ur MS?
  25. blueblue

    blueblue Member

    I took apple mentos (sweet and sour) and it helps in reducing my MS. Dry biscuits like the soda biscuits really helps too.

    There was once I finished a whole pkt of briyani rice and I vomitted just because I choke on water. Yucks! Thanks goodness these days are over!
  26. sutcliffe

    sutcliffe New Member

    Hi mommies,

    I too had bad morning sickness for both of my pregnancies. Ended up in hospital for severe dehydration. My doc says to avoid spicy and oily food and also dairy products. Eating dry biscuits like Carrs Tablewater every few hours helps a little. But what I found best was Eucalyptus oil. I carried a small bottle of the oil around and sniffed it whenever I feel sick.

    Hang in there.
  27. miu2

    miu2 New Member

    I'm 16wks pregnant and my MS is very bad, I vomit alot and has no appetite, till now, I have not put on weight. The only thing that helps is home cooked food, I guess its becos home cooked food has no msg. I also likes birdnest, so strange.
  28. jo_tan

    jo_tan New Member

    I'm in my 3rd tri. My MS is coming back. I read online that drinking soda will help so i tried. It really works for me.
  29. toto_mommy

    toto_mommy Member

    hi gilbert,

    i found mee siam quite comforting during my pregnancy as it was sourish. sweet n sour dishes were gd too. my gynae prescribed mylanta for my bloated tummy/stomach gases. can check wif ur doc.

    do give in to ur wife more. b verrrrry patient wif her. hope u hav a healthy n cheerful baby!
  30. gilbert

    gilbert New Member


    yes there was one saturday my wife craving for mee siam! she wants to eat somethg sour. but too bad d mee siam we ate was not sour at all, only spicy. waste money.

    my wife not only feel blated tummy, she said her upper stomach feel like got somethg pressed hard on her that coz her cant breath well. do u experience it? was it called heartburn?

    i hv been a slave for my wife recently, since she dun feel v well becoz of the MS. sometimes she is so sick that she would push me away n ask me not to bother her!
  31. fashion

    fashion New Member

    This is my 2nd pregnancy and i am in my 7wks now. Since in my 5th wk, my stomach is always bloated with wind. This makes me lose appetite, burp a lot a lot and i need to munch on sour stuff to keep the nauseous feeling away.

    And make me feel so moody. Anyone has sugg on how to safely get rid of excess wind?

    I was telling my hubby now is real pregnancy for me. My 1st pregnancy was very good...I dun hv any of my current symptoms now. I eat and work and shop as normal.
  32. happyface1

    happyface1 Member

    Hi, i am on my 8.5 weeks pregnancy. I have bloated stomach with wind too. My MS has slightly stop when i am out of home. My feeling is strengthless as I dont eat much at home and alway feeling pain on stomach.

    When i am outside, I eat good and chosen food and I am better but the bloated stomach is there and never go down. Strengthless still. Every thing has to go slow as I cant catch my breath at time.

    Has anyone same with me, can share yours?
  33. gilbert

    gilbert New Member

    darclive n happyface

    my wife is also feeling bloated all d time. i think she drinks water, after a few min, she will burp a few times. this is d only way she can release d excess gas.
  34. jojolpp

    jojolpp Member

    Hi Gilbert, i also experience bloated stomach with lot of wind & my gastric also like hv sometin stucking there which make my food difficult to go dwn after that will all vomit out...
  35. lmcaniamaso

    lmcaniamaso New Member

  36. ayukie

    ayukie Active Member

    how does 1 survive these puking sesssions? haiz ..
  37. jappooh

    jappooh Active Member

    Hi gals,

    i have morning sickness for my 1st preg till i was 6tmhs. then after 2 mths of honeymoon then it come back again.

    for my 2nd preg it worse. Cos my morning sickness was so bad that i was resting at hm till i was ard 4mths preg but my morning sickness stick to me till i give birth. Just that it not as bad as the 1st 4mths. 1st 4 mths i eat and vomit, feel giddy can leave my bed loh. Later stage still can eat abit but still will vomit
  38. jocelyn86

    jocelyn86 New Member

    Hi all,

    I have morning sickness since i'm pregnant.. now i'm ard 6th week still facing it. I always feel breathless and heartbeat seems to beat faster than normal, but i went to visit a doctor (not gynae) but he says tat mayb i'm too tired. Even if i had slept enough but still feel breathless..
    I keep on vomiting but nothin comes, and i also increases my appetite during my pregnancy. I have MS nowadays and seems like getting worse, asking alot frm my hubby and bcme very demanding in certain things.. Does those instant ginger tea helps frm vomitin out? I sometime feel sudden menstrual cramps and vaginal pain, stomach bloated.. I keep on eating alot but dunno tat my tummy is accumulated with fats or is my baby growing.. haix.. I'm so fan2 loh... I really hate all the symptoms..
  39. ayukie

    ayukie Active Member

    i also having bad ms haiz ..

    worse .. i feel fat all the time [​IMG]
    soo fat that i feels like not eating even though tummy is screaming at me [​IMG]
  40. magic_alz

    magic_alz New Member

    hi all,
    for my first pregnancy my MS was very bad. couldnt even keep water in. also had insomnia and almost fell into depression coz work was stressing me out and i felt that i couldnt meet the demands. i had take no pay leave just to go on a holiday n get away from it all. out of the 9 months of pregnancy, i was on mc for about 3 months here n there. felt bad n guilty coz my colleagues had to take up the slack for me. now having 2nd one in first tri, but i think i'll go thru the same thing again. getting worried now.

    btw, i found that taking chinese tea helped with MS alot. i took some after a light meal and found that i threw up less although still feel nauseous.

    choosing foods that dont taste bad after throwing up also helps. meat, bread and rice has the worst aftertaste after throwin up. orange peel is good coz it masks the aftertaste.

    cold packet milo is also good for filling up tummy to reduce nausea.
  41. anfield_kid

    anfield_kid New Member

    I guess got to ask my wife to join this forum.
  42. tinyvt

    tinyvt New Member

    Hi all,

    I too have very bad morning sickness. Felt like I cannot function at all. On MC for 3 months. Was admitted in hospital. Felt depressed. Bouts of gastric and indigestion. Nothing helps.

    It didn't go away after my 1st trimester. Now 23 weeks pregnant. Still having MS but getting better. Not puking so much. Trying to get back to work soon. Hang in there!
  43. anfield_kid

    anfield_kid New Member

    Hi all,
    my wife is into the 10 wk. no mood to eat. Heart feeling pain seeing her suffer. Any advice? Pls??
  44. yokonoriko

    yokonoriko New Member

    Hi All

    i have very bad ms during my 1st trimester. I hate smell of food and throw out every 2-3 hrs. And more frequent in the night. When i start to go into my 2nd trimester, i feel much better.

    But now i dont really like to eat rice. Cos i think vomit too much. Mood swing. Dislike water too. But i simply love watermelon, grass jelly, and fruits. This preg is different from the 1st preg. I hate sunshine. SO i only go out during rainy days. [​IMG] I am on like US timing. I dont sleep at nite. But sleep during the day. SOmetimes also feel really frustrated. But what to do.

    Ryan : It is normal i guess. Going thru period. Cross ur fingers and hope that she will be ok during the 2nd trimester. Dont say anything to hurt her as she is emotional very sensitive. Hormones changes. Maybe her sex drives increase as well. Try to accomodate her. COs my hb did say something to hurt me during tis preg e.g "I never see a preg woman like u" It really hurts! Make me feel like divorcing him. But now what can I do! Well, ......... Just be patient with ur wife. SHe will just be fine! Jia You!
  45. jane0312

    jane0312 New Member

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    My mom has a lot of experience taking care of children as well as newborn. willing to take care for day and night.
  46. zazan

    zazan Member

    me too got very bad ms till 5mths for both pregnancy. pro is i lost a bit of weight during the first 2 trim. it didnt bother me as bb growing well. at the end of my pregnancy i only put on 8kg for the first and 5kg for my 2nd bb and i am very happy abt it.
  47. yokonoriko

    yokonoriko New Member

    Wow, 5 kg is very little. EVen I have bad MS currently i am into my 5th mth I have already put on 5kg. Bad MS makes me felt that is my final preg. No more. [​IMG]
  48. mymiracle

    mymiracle New Member

    Hi all,

    Since the last time I posted this new thread till now, it's been a few months already. My baby was 14 weeks when I last posted. Now my baby is 26 weeks. I felt better when my baby was between 16 to 20 weeks. I no longer have MS but am tired and feel breathless easily. But whatever it is what my gynae said is right. With MS, you are sure your baby is doing great. All mothers are 'Wei Tah' and all of us here are suffering for a good cause.
  49. imac

    imac New Member

    Hi All

    I'm feeling bad n hope that it k stop soon rather than the MS stretching to more mths [​IMG]

    So "what my gynae said is right. With MS, you are sure your baby is doing great. All mothers are 'Wei Tah' and all of us here are suffering for a good cause." - is e only comfort thing that keeps me going..

    HB sees me every night in this manner also feels helpless. Will check with my gynae as hasn't heard her making this statement.

    It's you who is my companion here - a sharing session [​IMG] Thx.
  50. babymiki2003

    babymiki2003 New Member

    i agree. sometimes when i feel very comfortable i will start to worry.

    but i really dislike the MS symptoms!

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