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Hi mummies,

Wld like to find out from those who have bought their strollers, any recommendation for a mummy like myself who would be on the move on my on with the baby, shopping, etc. What type of strollers would be suitable..?

Prefer one which is less bulky.


i'm selling my Quinny Buzz (3 wheelers).

its Brand New with Local warranty.

Warranty is still not filled as the guy at BB Hyperstore said to bring back BB's birth cert after i deliver and warranty will start thereafter.

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

It allows both front and back facing and total recline suitable from newborn onwards.

its is in Sulphur color (Apple green)

letting go at a very good price.

will throw in additional shopping basket which was not included in the package and has to be bought separately.

PS: i could not find a pic of the Apple Green but the one shown here is exactly the same just a different color.
I am using combi (those can lie flat for young baby) till my baby one year old plus, very handy. Subsequently, i change to Maclaren Quest in order to cater for his bigger built.
i have zapp and buzz. they're great stroller. both very easy to use!

buzz, i like the fact that the seat cn be reverse, aldo my boy already 14mths he still prefers to see me!
also i realised that my son can sit quitely on Quinny buzz.

aldo its 12kg i am so thankful that i have the capability to handle my boy alone with it! down stairs. but only via mrt/taxi.

for zapp, it's so light, very easy to manoeuvr!
only thing is only one position.- i only use zapp for short distance.

prefer to use buzz for long distance cos my boy can sleep comfartably in it..

Just to share, there's this brand of stroller called Silver Cross (model: Dazzle). Came across it one day when I was at Toys R Us. It's lightweight, abt 6kg and can fold up very compact. Plus it can handle up to 18kg (according to user manual that came with the stroller). The Silver Cross stroller wheels are very sturdy, no problem at all handling 13+ kg.

I used to have a Combi Miracle Turn which is good for newborn until abt 10kg, after which it can't move very smoothly. But the Combi is good in a way because the baby can face you.
It is good to note that big babies will outgrow Combi Miracle Turn very soon, within the first year.
I bought a peg prego pramette. Good to have if you have a car. Very spacious, my kid is 21 months and still sleeps very comfortably.
Hi, You may consider Combi Urban walker. It has a big basket and can use till bb turns 3 or 18kg. Not too heavy at 6.2 kg nor bulky. smooth ride and long wide seat. one hand open and close, convenient for mummy who is alone.

I am using it now and find it a really good investment.
I have the Maclaren Quest. I think it's a good lightweight stroller. Why don't you test drive the strollers at the shop before you decide?
hi, yes combi is good and convenient, super light if u consider bringing bb out alone at times.

sugg u shop ard test out 1st before buying.
using my 3rd stroller which i can handle gg out alone with bb. Best so far n affordable to me - Silvercross frm Mothercare.U can check the website fro silvercross products.Cheers.
I have a 2.5 years old and a 6month baby. Own a combi, a $99 umbrella stroller (can't remember the name. Local brand) & a MaClaren Quest. My advise is
1) don't buy heavy strollers.
2) Wait till after you have given birth. (in the 1st 3 months, you actually won't have much use of it cos baby is light & can carry around) You can use a baby carrier.
3) MaClaren makes really good strollers. You won't feel like using any other after using it. And it's durable so even if you toss it around, it's still in good shape.

I have a Capella stroller, condition as good as new. Only used once on my bb full month in the hotel, willing to let go at $180 (price neg). Really a nice stroller, very firm stroller with soft cushion for baby to lay on. cleaned after the last use and now kept in plastic ever since last used. Please PM me or sms me at 98004380 for fast deal. Thanks




You gotta try out the strollers at the shop. Try opening and closing (with single hand if you foresee need), navigating tight lanes, etc. Your options will depend on not only your preference, but your build, height, strength and your car model (I'm not talking about image but what fits in).

If you are strong and of fair height, an italian Peg Perego P3 will go a long way. Our 3.5 yr old P3 survived daily use in Sgp, London and Paris, flights, eurostar, etc. It is strong, trusty and durable.

Once, some dork by mistake pressed the strong lift doors to slam shut into the stroller, the Peg took the blow impressively, it held its own and protected baby very well. My husband told me plainly that had it been one of the brands I had wanted to get, given the impact, the stroller would have folded with baby in it.

The stroller also took my weight recently when I could not walk (several occasions of short distance of maybe 250m each). Yes, a tight squeeze kind of, but I could actually sit in it! It can also hold MASSIVE loads of shopping without a creak or grumble.

A Peg is very strong, but also not light. Not for the faint hearted, gotta know what you are getting yourself into. For one, I don't think it's easy to lug up and down buses. And would not have survived London Tube without husband carrying Peg and baby with their steps and gaps. Sgp MRT system is good, so that is not a problem to handle alone as we have lifts and no gaping gaps here between train and platform.

For a more petite lady, I'd think Aprica, Combi and maybe Mclaren. But be aware that lighter strollers tend to tilt and fall back when weight distribution is unequal, so gotta keep a leg on it when lifting baby up without removing the heavy baby's bay behind the stroller.

Another option I found lifesaving was the sling. Whenever I went out with baby alone, I would just use the sling. Light, close to your body, safe and easy to use.

i'll compare between the buzz and the graco - i've got 3 strollers (quinny buzz, graco and a mothercare in-house brand).

the buzz is definitely more easily maneuvered and stands up to bumps/ humps on the road better. my little boy hardly feels them and doesn't react much even when he does. it really is very comfortable and sturdy. the only drawbacks are its weight (12kg+) and its closing mechanism - both of which are not easy to deal with unless you have a certain amount of strength.

the graco is much lighter at under 6kg but it faces only one way and does not absorb as much of the shock of the road as the buzz does. however, if you're only going to be going around in relatively smooth and flat areas, this is more than sufficient.

i think it largely depends on your needs, the portability factor and your needs as a whole.
i think no need to spend lots of money on buying stroller.. think combi basic one is ok

my baby hates sitting on the stroller..so i seldom use the stroller
Graco, Maclaren and Combi are reliable brands and not too expensive in Singapore. Is there a budget constraint? I've seen people use Baby Ace for newborns and the basket is huge (a pity only 3-point harness).
I'm using a Red Castle Stroller called CityLink II. 7+ kg and can be fitted with an infant car seat that reclines to almost flat. Unlike combi which is very space limited. this one is spacious and light. I started with the infant car seat and now my baby is 7 months old and can also fit into the stroller comfortably. I left the car seat in the car as the stroller can also recline up to 5 positions and my 4 year old daughter is sharing (when she gets too tired to walk) it with my 2nd one. Most practical stroller i have. Very easy to manoveure, even with one hand. my first purchase (with my first born) was a quinny with a maxi cosi car seat which was bulky and i stopped using it after 4 mths.
A good stroller will have to be easy to handle using 1 hand as ur other hand will be on baby. Is not heavy and tat it's portable!
Combi is great! Eventhough it is lightweight, it is quite sturdy and heavy duty. It can really withstand all the kicking and bumping :p
Hi mummies (daddies) I'm a strollerholic, I feel that a stroller is very important as I don't like to carry my kids around. I have 2 strollers to sell as we're moving back to Europe.

I have the Chicco (Italian) Travel System Bought 3 yrs ago at $700. I really recommend this as its very sturdy, wheels dun get stuck in the drains, with suspension baby sleeps well and can carry a good load.I've kept it really well and condition is at 7/10. If you're looking for comfort and safety. This is it at a bargain price.
Stroller and Car Seat: $200
Stroller: $120
Car Seat with Base: $80
See here at http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/Chicco-Travel-System-at-LESS-THAN-HALF-PRICE_W0QQitemZ290410018220QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_216?hash=item439dc935ac

Zooper Black: http://www.zooper.com/Bolero%20Products%20Zooper%202009.html Selling at $80.

Sms me if interested @ 97352052

I have a pre-loved Limited Edition Capella stroller letting go at $150 (neg). Used for about 10 times locally as a back up stroller to nearby places only. Bought about 6mths ago.

Pls note that mine is red and not green as shown but it is exactly the same as the pics less the colour difference.

Specs follow:

- 5 points harness
- Multiple recline positions
- Canopy & very large shopping basket included
- For newborn up to 15kg
- Machine washable seat cover
- Full canopy
- Weight: 8.5kg

One button, one handed folding system.
Very sturdy stroller


Suitable from Birth onwards

Adjustable 4 position handle One touch folding mechanism. Easy to adjust multi-position back rest. Link brakes for added safety. Five point harness. Multi-position canopy. Detachable front bar for easy access to the seat. Lockable Swivel Wheels, BIG Shopping Basket, Removable cushion. Frame: anodized aluminum.Weight: 5.5Kg

Used for 7 months in good condition 8/10. normal wear & tear expected. All moving parts is functioning as smooth as new. Seat, canopy and shopping basket is detachable and washable.

my boy has outgrow this stroller and he doesnt like the sitting position. if u want to know why im selling this stroller.

final and best price S$60

contact yeogi 93806867 self collect at holland village.
I'm using the mia moda & it works very well for me. one hand folding option. ultra light weight compact. fold into a briefcase size only. ultra smooth wheels 3 point harness, downside no front bar so children will be trapped in
Hi am expecting my first kid in mar12 and looking for a stroller. currently have shortlisted the Quinny Zapp. any feedback on this? anyone has maxi-cosi as second hand sale too?
from my experience combi is good for moms travelling alone with bb/toddler cos light and stands when folded. those who can take weight or are taller, maclareen is durable and practical.
I myself prefer that a baby should be at least 6 m.o to get on the stroller. Seeing your need, I think you can consider Joovy Zoom 360 as an alternative. It's a single jogging stroller with swivel front wheel that makes it flexible to run on paved street as well as tight turning in store's aisles etc. It comes with extra large canopy and rain cover, and generous storage too to place the groceries. In case might want to know more,you can click on this link: http://jogging-stroller-reviews.net/joovy-zoom360-reviews/