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A Good Jogger Stroller

Discussion in 'Year 2008 Mums' started by babynmummy, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. babynmummy

    babynmummy Member

    Hi Mummies,

    Not sure if I will have response on this thread cos we mothers are really busy to go keeping fit nowadays with a new baby at home. Just wanna ask what to look out for, for a good jogger stroller which can go jogging for long distance? I am intending to start exercising again, keep feeling fat fat after giving birth early this year.

    Any advise?

  2. styliciously

    styliciously Member

    most jogging strollers are meant for jogging n ideally 3 wheeler with big wheels tat can be pumped.

    front wheel - should be able to be locked for jogging on straight path.
    safety bar in front of the seat n secure harness for the baby.
    Handles for the parent - should be a horizontal bar that can be adjusted to different heights so that u can jog with arms at comfy levels.

    So far my jogging stoller is underutilised now tat i'm pregant. hehehe..
    if u get brands such as baby jogger or mother's choise, the features of jogger stroller is more or less quite good.

    note that some strollers might look like suitable for jogging but quinny buzz or sporty versions of capella stroller. but these are not meant for jogging.

    its good to wait til ur baby to be able to sit up before going jogging so tat ur baby has good neck strenght by then. otherwise, its quite unsafe and most jogging strollers would be too big for ur baby!
  3. babynmummy

    babynmummy Member

    okie okie... noted. your information is so informative... [​IMG]
  4. rosabella

    rosabella New Member


    currently im using baby jogger for jogging wif my 6 mth old baby, it is quite good as the pnuematic wheels really make the baby's ride less bumpy on the track... i got my baby jgger at motherhood fair.
    whenever taking baby for a jog, baby will expect u to keep jogging otherwise start crying.. so good motivation not to stop jogging... hee =P
  5. orangeymum

    orangeymum Member

    I bring my baby on a jogger for skating at east coast park. 1st time i brought her was 6 weeks old. just lay her flat on the jogger. she enjoys it, after awhile she fall asleep already.. so i'll just push and the baby sleep. i use Altitude 3 wheeler (Urban detour) from mother care but Quinny Speedi is better cos it has brakes. Mine no brakes, only rear suspension and pneumatic tyres.
  6. jilian

    jilian New Member


    I have a Quinny Speedi. My husband uses it to bring my kids when he goes jogging. He even pushed my then 20 month old son in the Stanchart half marathon in 2007.
  7. tpstyx

    tpstyx New Member

  8. babynmummy

    babynmummy Member

    i gotten a 2nd hand jogger, german brand call babywelt. great for jogging, especially on rough terrain. happy with it. [​IMG]
    just that the front wheel is fixed, hence manoevring abit diff, but still ok for me.
    fixed wheel is really important for a jogging stroller, so it will not wobble.
  9. icoobaby2

    icoobaby2 New Member

  10. wawapiggyling

    wawapiggyling Member

    Anyone selling jogging strollers? I'm looking for one too! thanks
  11. wawapiggyling

    wawapiggyling Member

    Anyone selling jogging strollers? I'm looking for one too! thanks
  12. tamms

    tamms Member

    I bought my Babyjogger stroller at taka fair in March, you can contact the distributor 65-65623008. I got it for under $600. They hv 2 models, City Classic and Summit. Summit is more suitable for jogging but it is heavier and you need to be quite big built to handle it. I'm using City classic, its good for light jogging.

  13. twizty

    twizty New Member

    Hi, baby jogger strollers is good to carry baby jogging? We would like to have light jogging with baby.

    Found that the online store www.brilliantstuffs.com or http://www.brilliantstuffs.com/index.php?gOo=goods_search_list.dwt&gkey=baby+jogger&gprice_from=&gprice_to=&imageField.x=0&imageField.y=0 selling this model.
    After discount will be $597.65 and still have $11 bonus point. Worth to buy? Any other place cheaper?

    Padded seat reclines to a near flat position, is it mean sutable for new born ?
  14. raycheer

    raycheer New Member

    Hi, I need a second hand baby jogger to train w my 11 month baby boy for my half marathon this Dec. Anyone selling?
  15. tamms

    tamms Member


    someone selling her Baby Jogger.

    I bought mine for $597 I think, direct from agent during Taka fair. If Brilliant selling with bonus point then sld be worth it. It can recline flat so your baby can sleep but you're not supposed to jog with nb baby, can only use from 6months onwards.

    Its good for light jogging but serious runners can look at getting the Summit model but like I mentioned, its heavy and you need to be tall cos the handlebars on Summit are not adjustable.
  16. raycheer

    raycheer New Member

    hi tamms,
    thks for the lead. viewed the link but looks like it's city series and doubt i can use it for serious running with my bb. wat's ur view?
    i wld prefer a Summit model and shld have no problem handling heavy stroller/pram becos i'm using maclaren techno xt now. but i'm abt. 1.54m only so not sure if Summit is too high for me to handle....
  17. tamms

    tamms Member

    rachel, summit will be too tall for you... I'm 1.59 and the handle bar is almost at chest level. To jog comfortably it needs to be at around waist level. However, don't take my word for it, you can call the distributor at 65-65623008 to try out the summit. I met them at the March baby fair, they are also the distributor for Medela. Now Taka fair is on again can call to check if the stroller is on display. I can't really think of any good jogger strollers in SG. Baby Jogger Summit is the only brand and model for somewhat serious jogging available here. You can try the Mountain Buggy Urban, its available at Mothers Work Great world city/Tanglin Mall. price is ex over 1k but it looks good. There are lots of brands out there that claim to be joggers but in fact are not.

    I've done a few 5ks with my city classic, very comfortable for baby and so far no prob for the stroller. It would be great if we had the Bob Revolution or Schwinn strollers but there is no local agent. If you really want 1 you'll have to buy it in yourself. The city classic is working well for me so far,and anyway my knee is giving out on me sometimes so sadly I'm limiting my running these days as well.

  18. tamms

    tamms Member

    to add on, if you are not a competitive runner and your pace is about 8-10kmph, based on my usage IMO city series is ok
  19. shemaiah

    shemaiah New Member

    hi tamms, my 2nd bb due next year early feb, by then my 1st one would be 2 1/2yrs old. i should take another 2 - 3 months before i hit the pavement again (appox april?). not sure by then if you or anyone you might know who is keen to sell your baby jogger? i'm quite interested in the classic model [​IMG]
  20. tamms

    tamms Member

    hehe shemaiah you sure do plan ahead! keep a look out lor... I'm sure there will be someone selling by then!
  21. shemaiah

    shemaiah New Member

    thanks tamms, so far been sourcing probably not so resourceful. so am conveniently asking if i'll be lucky with your piece [​IMG]
  22. jinyu

    jinyu New Member

    Hi mummies...
    Im curious... I have stopped gping for jogs after my 1st pregnancy.
    Have been thinking of making some time for jogging to tone myself.
    I already have a moutain buggy, so how do u make arrangement for jogging with your little ones?
  23. tamms

    tamms Member

    we hardly take the jogger out but when we do, its quite fun. we normally just drive to the park and go jogging... not really much to plan. So far kiddo will happily sit in the stroller. Oh I like the mountain buggy too, looks nice
  24. jinyu

    jinyu New Member

    hi tamms,
    thank u for your sharing....
    hmmm... we have one more little boy now (4.5mths old) so we are actually considering whether to get another buggy or get a double stroller.
    Jogger is not bad, phil & ted series also =)
  25. bugswana

    bugswana New Member

  26. sweetbaby

    sweetbaby New Member


    do anyone know whether baby jogger city select is availble in Spore yet?
  27. tamms

    tamms Member

    yeah I'm eyeing the city select too! but its heavy... you can call the distributor to find out when it'll be in! I'm sure you'll see it at the Taka baby fair in March
    Tel: (65) 65 623008
  28. raindroops

    raindroops Member

    Am looking for pre-loved jogging stroller. Any interested to let go cheap cheap? [​IMG]

    PM me please.
  29. ngohleekee

    ngohleekee New Member

    let me check
  30. jolene_goh

    jolene_goh New Member

    Anybody know the contact for mountain urban distributors in Singapore? Am urgently searching for bumper bar [​IMG]
  31. erleyna

    erleyna New Member

    i wanna let go my quinny speedi..
    anybody interested may email me.

    selling $300 nego
  32. mehui

    mehui New Member

    Any review of the City Jogger mini?
  33. gemini71

    gemini71 New Member

    Bob Revolution Stroller SE latest n best jogging stroller in US if you like to get one you go to Prubuy.sg they will order for you direct from US, I just bought one its the best for me n baby it glides.
  34. mellyjong

    mellyjong Member

    Hi Rahmah,
    May I know how much you paid for the Bob? And do you know the weight of the jogger?
    How long did it take to be delivered?
  35. gemini71

    gemini71 New Member

    Hi Mellly, i dont know whether you hv recvd my reply earlier coz this is my 2nd time replying to you, the price of the stroller i bought is around SG$740 (free baby diaper bag) this does not include the weathershield. The weight of the stroller is estimated 5kg. If you like to get one its best to order frm their website on Mondays or Tuesdays coz the price is abit cheaper and note that the price always change every 3hrs, good luck!
  36. gemini71

    gemini71 New Member

    Btw the shipment/delivery eta 2-3weeks frm the date of your purchase/invoice.
  37. mellyjong

    mellyjong Member

    Hi Rahmah,
    Oops, this is the 1st time I'm getting a reply from you...wonder where the 1st one went??
    Anyway thx for replying (again) and i will most certainly look into it!
    How old is your baby?
  38. gemini71

    gemini71 New Member

    My baby is now 21mth n how old is your baby now?
  39. mellyjong

    mellyjong Member

    I'm currently 26weeks, EDD Sept 9.
    Looking into jogger more for my hubby cos he trains for triathlon. A friend gave us a preloved one from Trek, but it's so old & when we sent for servicing at the bike shop, they don't have parts! Instead they advised us to get a new one.
    So I googled & found your thread...
    Does your baby like being in it?
  40. gemini71

    gemini71 New Member

    yes definitely heheheh, hv u chk their website "prubuy" which i mentioned earlier??? my stroller was a all terrain stroller i think ur hubby shud look for ironman bob stroller the price is abt the same anyway
  41. mellyjong

    mellyjong Member

    I've bought a light weight stroller for daily use. So the jogger is my hubby's domain since he's the one using it exclusively [​IMG]
    I'm not sure what's the difference between the Bob Revolution Stroller SE & the Ironman Bob stroller...will have to compare specs before we make our purchase.
    So are you a marathon runner? How far/long do you run with baby? And at what age did you start jogging with baby?
  42. babyproduct

    babyproduct New Member

    2012 Stokke Xplory Complete Baby Stroller

    In the Stokke Xplory comes with the full structure of the cradle, seat, and
    vehicle movement, which turned into your warm and comfortable for your
    newborn. Stokke stroller is very stable and easy to maneuver with large
    rear wheels, and two-wheel mode to navigate steps, and not through the rear
    axle bar so parents can walk freely without fear of hitting the soles of
    his feet.

    Carrycot suitable from birth to 6 months or 20 lbs.
    Suitable from birth to 3 years or 45 pounds a seat.
    Weight vehicle with Carrie Cote: 27,34 £.
    Weight of a vehicle with seat: 23.5 lbs.
    Vehicle w / Carrie Cote: 33.6 to 46 "H x 36,5-49,2" X 22.8 "W
    W stroller / seat in the face: 32.4 up to 52 "H × 28,8 up to 51" L
    W stroller / seat out of, 32.4 up to 52 "H × 28,8-51,2" X 22.8 "W
    Folded Dimensions: 16.8 X 39.6 X 22.8 "

    Contact information Below:
    SKYPE ID:babyproductstoreltd
    GMAIL EMAIL:babyproductstoreltd@gmail.com
    YAHOO ID:babyproductstoreltd@yahoo.com[​IMG]
  43. lestorke

    lestorke New Member

    Providing that your LO is already able to sit unassisted and has a stable neck control, you might want to look at for schwinn free runner. It's a fixed front wheel jogging stroller that capable to take up heavy duty terrain with such an affordable price. Here's the link in cse you want to find further objective review and description: http://jogging-stroller-reviews.net/schwinn-free-runner-reviews/
  44. kathleen_toh

    kathleen_toh Member

    Hi Rahmah bt A R (gemini71), would like to know Prubuy is it a reliable website to purchase stuffs? As I'm thinking to purchase something thru that website. Please advise. Thanks
  45. gemini71

    gemini71 New Member

    Sorry for the late reply all! I have been running since secondary school in the running events n x-country and till now I am 41 still running but wif babby in stroller, my son is already 2 years old, i bought the Bob Revolution stroller already was great for me. If you like to buy one just bought from the website add i gave earlier. If you wana keep in touch with me you can email me at "geminizz71@gmail.com" we can arrange for a run sometime yeah :)
  46. gemini71

    gemini71 New Member

    Prubuy is reliable so dont worry mothers! Keep in touch! .... When i stop running i feel guilty!!!
  47. tamms

    tamms Member

    I hv a Baby Jogger City Classic available. Red/black lightly used, in good condition. It is good for light jogging / power walking. Pm if interested.

    The City Classic is the original everyday stroller by Baby Jogger. With all-terrain capabilities and front wheel suspension, this stroller offers a smooth ride and durability you can depend on.

    Patented Quick-Fold Technology - allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step
    Swivel front wheel for precise maneuverability can lock into place for long distance strolling
    12" pneumatic quick-release wheel offer all-terrain capabilities
    Padded seat reclines to a near flat position
    Multi-position sun canopy with clear view windows and side ventilation panels
    Patented universal accessory mounting bracket – accessorize your stroller with ease
    Adjustable handlebar to accommodate users of all heights
    Front wheel suspension provides a smooth comfortable ride
    Seat back storage compartment
    Large under seat basket
    Adjustable five-point safety harnesses with shoulder pads
    Rear parking brake
    Fold strap to keep stroller folded for transportation or storage
    75 lb. maximum weight capacity on stroller

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