A fresh new thread to locate SAHM of yr2006?


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hi mummys...

i'm a SAHM living in JW too much free time & nua really...
as baby seth's turning 1ys (july2006), he much more active & irritating... we're still BF...

would like to meet some mums & tots in e afternoons in town or in e west for coffee & nua hhahahha...

pls sms me +65 9848.0341.
[email protected] [email & frdster]
msn: [email protected]

thx for looking...
looking fwd to cya all flooding here!


hello mommies!

me oso staying in JW! and am still bf. my boy turning 1 on 30 Jun! as his pearlie jus started popping out so he's abit cranky recently -_-"
hehe yeah imm now quite happening... my fave is daiso! but the parking sux! jus the other day we waited 45mins jus to find a lot! btw hv added u in msn
Hi all ,

i m looking for this doctor , Dr Lee Seow Lang , from CHYE CHILDREN CLINIC ... previous add of her clinic is at Toa payoh Blk 54 , but she moved already ... any one know where is she now ? pls email / PM me : [email protected]

hello all....
Me sahm too.My Dd 10mths old...I look after her alone at home during weekdays until my in-law come back to take over while I do the cooking...sometimes can be quite sian...haha.look at my nick n u know
hey angi,
sorry jus came back so saw ur msg too late. yah heard the 3rd flr outdoor play area quite nice!

hello minzz

hehe i know wat u mean... it can get pretty boring being a sahm sometimes
halo, am SAHM also but why is it everyone stays at either Jurong side or Marine side...how come no SAHMother stay either AMK or YCK meh?? If got dont mind hang out sometimes to get nua...like what angi said...hee!
ok lets all go nua @ vivo or forum next wed 28jun 4pm ok?

pls lure more SAHM into this thread too, then we can have more ppl ard...

pls cfm w/me via sms too...
Hi,me also SAHM wif a 7mth old gal also still bf am also studying part time in ite balestier twice a week evening.
Btw i stay at silat ave near to SGH.
hello!! i'm also a sahm, but i;m in taiwan!! hi all!! my boy, Brendan just turned 1 on monday!

i'm also still breastfeeding!
hi michele, i m in taiwan too, staying in the xinyi district. whereabouts r u? m still bfeeding my coming to 10 month old gal too
Vivo is quite convenient to travel. Only takes less than 45mins. I will take bus to Toa Payoh Mrt, then train to Habourfront.

Great to know there are mummies who are staying in Taiwan, then can bring Bryan out to have fun.

Shall we meet at 4.30pm instead? 4pm will be closed for cleaning.

Good to see you here. Don't forget to join us to Delta playgym next time. ok :)

Maybe can give it a try to call Tel : 6252-1801, wonder if they also change their contact number.

How do you manage your 3kids?

My bb gal is also born on 30 Jun. Am still bf as well.

You seldom bring your bb out? Your cooking must be great!

Where do you stay?
waaa...this thread v happening leh...thanks angi for starting it...i oso wanna join! hahah

i've a girl too who is coming 13 months though most mummies think she's older cos she's on the big side...she's just started to walk but like humpty-dumpty most of the time...tiring for my back now cos have to watch over her most of the time. Forum, i'm on too! Nikki does not have class on that day so definitely ok. yup, 4.30 is good but i'll probably go slightly earlier to shop around first. anyone wanna join me?

i stay in the west too (toh yi to be exact)...just had dinner actually in imm today...place was flooded with pp..angi..i managed to get the mini watering can at daiso...fun time for my baby now!

waa...michele, sharon & wendy...u all hv shopping, makan and baby talk kaki liao...michele, aren't u happy ur boy is 1? but time really flies hor? now when i see newborn on streets, can't imagine my girl being that size...hahaah..'small' bundle of joy :p

wendy, u must come back fast fast to join us again...how's bryan? is he walking or running oredi?
hey michele!

ooh so qiao... our bbs same birthday!
so throwing a big bash for her?

Hello Hamasaki
yah where do u stay?

hehe wat cute description! humpty-dumpty! oh btw is toh yi near yuan ching there?

And a big hello to all Taiwan-based mommies!
wendy & sharon, LETS MEET!! all my frens live in the hsinyi district and we always have ladies lunch every week, in fact we jus had one today!!
so we've a 10 mth, 11 mth & a 12 mth old baby!!

i used to live around there BUT we've moved, but still not too far, cab fare about 140ntd to hsinyi. we're now staying in nan kang.

so hapy!!

my no. 0986357189
msn: [email protected]
heya ladies!

a warm welcome w/thx to all who responsed & drop a line here...

mummys its CFM!
Venue: Forum L2 Playgroud
Date: 28 Jun 2007 - Wed
Time: 4.30pm onwards *cheri, i'll join u haha..
Agenda: Merry & Makan! =)

^^Minzz & Garfield & all, do join us if u can..

other taiwaness counterparts, ELLO! =) join us when u ard spore...
may ah may...
toh yi is not yuan ching la...

toh yi is nearer to bt.timah/jurong kecil..

yuan ching is near defunct TANG Dynasty near Taman Jurong, nearer to u....

kekkeeek =)
yeah suprise! my hubby's finally back this morning btw, only to be leaving for china agn on wed.. sobz.............

i'm bringing seth to e pool on tue, be it hubby approve or not...
any hints what to teach him? thx...
do i need 2 buy any gear like those floats or bring toys?
how u bath nikki outside? of coz u got chris...
thx dear =)
I will join u kaikai before meeting too. what time shall we meet on Wed? 3pm?

I've brought my girl many times to pool liao. at 1st also cold sweat just thinking about showering her besides my bathroom...when outside i just sit her down in the shower place(rinse the floor 1st) then i will sit down on the floor also with her. then we both shower together like that lor...hee!
a happy related birthday to bb brendan!

ya lor. so coincidence. yes, will be having a birthday celebration for her. time flies! yesterday i was consolidating her video clips, thinking back, really missed those days... but she is not an easy newborn bb... always wanted to be carried.

weekends goes to imm sure crowded! next time must bring the mini watering to swim ok:)... oh no! later sha is going to snatch from nikki! time for us to teach them "sharing". now i ask her to give me her stuff on her hands, she will give it to me willingly, after playing exchange items game with her,

glad that your hb is back. enjoy these few days with him. for swimming, you can bring arm floats for seth... and pack towels, sunscreen, extra clothing, swim diaper, and bath foam. Do bring along your stroller, easy for you to shower yourself after you had done for seth. Let him have fun in the water first, before planning to teach him how to swim.
CG - yah man! those video clips r so precious...i even do back up for them hahah..very scared one day my pc crash..then lose all the vc...so scary to even think about that. Sure when we go swimming, we can bring watering can, balls, ducks for them. So fun just thinking about it...hahah

Angi - CG is rite, yes, the first time to pool, take it slow & easy...dun wanna scare him off...keep him close to u, play water with him...if he's fearful, always tell him mama is around, best to go with other babies...they r very good at monkey see, monkey do...when they see other babies having fun, they will wanna join in too
Which pool u going to on Tues? enjoy ur few days with hb..how long will he be in China?

lena - 3 pm sounds good for me too...Angi, ok with u? CG, join us? Ling wanna join us too on Wed.

wendy - yes, 1 day trip to Batam, I also wanna go! Hahaa..in fact was just talking to CG abt it yesterday, waiting for u to come back to be our tour guide...batam ur territory mah.

may - yes, toh yi is in bukit timah area. Do join us soon for outings if u can

ok, going to bring my girl later to mil's place & then for her swim lesson later. C u all.
Hi Ladies,
Wow, so many SAHM here, hee. I'm kind of lost :p

I've got a maid, so usual school days, my eldest gal will follow my hb to go to my mum's place and she's schooling there. Then I stayed home with my no.2 and 3 lor. I'm a SAHM bcos my no.3 doesn't want to take bottle, so no choice, just stayed home and offered her my nipple nia :p

I can't join u gals at forum cos 4 pm sounds kinda of late for me. I usually join my Dec thread mothers for gathering during lunch and by 4pm will be home at my mum's place for dinner liao. btw, I'm staying in Bt Batok
Thanks CG & Maysatch!!

Cheri, time flies... boy 1 liao BUT Brendan is very small. my son had heart surgery when he was 4 mths, so i guess he lost out in those 'growing mths'!! but it doesnt bother us anymore... he's off the percentile chart, BUT as long as he's happy and healthy, we have no worries anymore!!

we figured, he'll eventually catch up when he's older!!

Wendy, sharon emailed me her contact liao... she's free everyday except for weekends!! lets meet uo this week? there's a little penang rest. newly opened!!
ya will join u next time round for the playgym do inform me when u goin k?

will see how first cos dun wan confirm then later nv turn up.
Same like my bb gal. Turning 1 next week. Refused to take milk formula.... really knows how to save $ for her papa.... wahahahaha!

Thank God that Brendan is fine ok. No worries, he will be healthy and strong.

Will give you a call if I could be early on Wed @ Forum.
Hi wendy & sharon,

after lunch at the little penang rest., will u be interested in joining us here?


3 sep. theme rooms, 1 chinese story telling, 1 english story telling & 1 music room. we intend to go for the music one and it's $500ntd for a 50 min session.

this link to see all 3 theme rooms!


will you all also be interested in signing up for kindermusik & baby aqua?
michele - ur boy & u r both very strong...must be tough for u then to see him in pain...ya, size is small matter, most importantly he's healthy.

vanessa - wow, bukit batok, very near to me...another west mummy...let's arrange to meet one day in the west side for lunch or tea.
how about arrange our bbs playtime earlier say 3pm so that more mommies can join us...like mommy Venessa?
lena - the forum hips club playground is closed for cleaning from 1 to 4.30 pm. That's why play time is 4.30 pm and we can go earlier to shop. We pay $10 for 2 years unlimited use. Vanessa, you can join us for shopping if u can't stay late?
thx cheri for explaining...

may, yes i rmb u no direction, so give u a little hint hahhaa...

ya verry suprise & happy indeed! he's not working tdy too going shopping for swim gear ltr...
he'll in china for 5-7days...

sorry cheri cant join u tdy @ csc, next game k...

sorry van, ya prob u can join us earlier shopping or coffee 1st ok cheri & lena?

on wed, aft forum, then we can swing by e THAI fair @ Thai embassy ok?
hehe my boy oso spoilt fr young... always needs to be carried. btw u gonna celebrate on the actual day right? ie this sat? at home? im done with most of the party prep except still hvnt decided whether or not to order helium balloons fr online sites like twinkleballoons, grefio, etc

yep will definitely try to join u guys this wed
cos i've a prior appt but hvnt confirmed yet

my boy too! til now still refuses to drink fr bottle! tats y no choice i gotta continue bf.. though i gotta admit i do enjoy the bonding

keke... thanks for the hin! :D
Yes will be celebrating on the actual day? Mine is at Atlantics@ City Delta. Is an indoor playground area. Yours?
Yes will be celebrating on the actual day. Mine is at Atlantics@ City Delta. Is an indoor playground area. Yours?