A foreigner KKH experience ( cost, docs, services)


Hello mommies,

During my whole pregnancy tenure I was confused if KK was right choice for me or not coz I was paying private rates in KK being a foreigner without any subsidy/medisave etc.. All my friends and colleagues advised to switch to Thomson or raffles which are quite popular for delivery.. But may be due to my own laziness of transferring to new hospital and getting along with new doctor.. I sticked with KK itself.. My regular checks moved from monthly to weekly which costed me around $150+ per visit consisting of test, routine test and doctor consultation.. I know it's painful to give just for 5 minute checkup,. And that too the doctor hardly interacts ...may b because m not Singaporean!!!

Finally around my due date, I checked the packages and it happened to be quite expensive starting around $4k for 4 bedder normal delivery and if c- section might shoot up to 6-7k.. Phew that's huge... I always wanted independent room but that could have costed us $10k+... So we decided to book 4 bedder only...Lot of apprehensions started hovering in our mind if we did the correct thing of taking package in KK when we could have get same deal in Thomson or raffles with better facilities...

My due date was coming near.. Making me more frustrated about labor not starting.. To add more to my frustration my regular OB goes for vacation and handed me over to altogether a new doctor... :mad::mad: nothing could be more annoying with labor not starting, not moving to Thomson and now doctor on vacation!!!!

Just a night before my due date.. Luckily my water broke and we rushed to KK.. Can u believe that was the night when the riots broke in Singapore with police security n jam all thru KK area.. But luckily we survived jam and reached KK on time.. On reaching there first nurses were curious as how we came with all riots on street.. !

I got admitted directly into labor room with my water still gushing out.. Ofcourse labor pain started this time :d
Now my worry if this new assigned doctor will be able to reach on time with riots in street.. Te whole thing was making me feel more stressed out.. !

On reaching delivery room a nurse got assigned to me and asked me if my contractions are painful.. And told me that I could opt for gas or epidural.. Well I did read about this stuff before but now facing it right infront, made me and my hubby speechless.... Unsure about epidural, I took gas first which made me feel 2 bottle down with wine and made me more uncomfortable....

Already 4 hours passed with me crying in pain...midwife comes and check my cervix for the first time which was just 3 CM ( it shud be 10 CM for baby to come!!)...Man it was painful like hell when they insert hand and check cervix.. At that moment I realized that I can't bear this cervix check after every hour and asked my assigned nurse to explain me and my hubby about epidural...

Epidural doctor visited me to tell me about epidural procedure and possible side effect .. One of It could be paralyses... :( but I still can't stand cervix check!!) .. I asked my hubby that I will take epidural as I can't stand so much pain...

Epidural procedure was quite scary but the doctor who did it was really nice and encouraged me that it's easy and 80-90
Percent pain relief...at that moment I felt that KK is not a bad choice either :)

Epidural helped me sustain next 8 hours of contractions and labor pain... I could talk, smile at that moment with pain going on :) waiting for my cervix to open.....

It was 11 am in morning .. I was with my contractions for last 11 hours.... Enough to make me frustrated why cervix is not 10 CM and where is my assigned doctor who will deliver my baby.. She has not yet visited me even once... Around 11:30am my pain was unbearable even with epidural.. I asked midwife cervix size and she told me 9 CM and I should tart practicing pushes... !!! Well I'm first time pregnant and don't know how to push... Someone pl teach me!!!!

A new midwife on morning duty came and very patiently explained me how to push.. I kept practicing till my cervix was 10 CM...but where is my doctor!!!!!!

I was told then, that my assigned doctor was busy with some emergency and another doctor will do delivery for me... Made me feel pathetic as what's going on.. But somehow maintaining my calm I told them okay as at that moment I just want baby to come out!!

A sweet and friendly doctor came and asked me to start my pushes.. Few other midwives came to help the doctor.. Well the room was having 5 midwife, doctor, hubby and me.. :d

After 50 minutes of continuos pushes and lots of encouragement and support from midwives and doctor.. I finally pushed out the baby.. .. At that moment I felt accomplished hearing baby crying :d at that moment I loved all midwives, doctor there and my decision sticking with KK was making sense :)

After few hours they asked me to shit to 4 beddder( the package I took)... Well to my surprise 4 bedder was more like a private room with curtains all around giving full privacy and big enough to a size of a room :) slowly I was loving KK ... Then the hospitality started with nurses coming and checking on me and my comfort every 30 minutes.. Which made me. Feel like VIP.. Lol

They told me all about baby care, breast feeding techniques and positions, vaccinations for baby and how I should take care of myself.. Also not to forget a baby bag gift and other small small goodies :)

Well it was almost 2 days and 1 night in KK so far and now the time of discharge has come.. Both me and my hubby was guessing estimated bill size... ;)

While I was waiting for taxi to et back home with my baby and mum, my hubby called me and surprised me!! We did not have to pay more it seems.. !!! We were within budget and very happy with our bundle of joy, services and cost at KK :))

I will suggest mommies that don't think any hospital good or bad based on few bad experiences...what all matter is ur faith in doctor an hospital...

This is all about my experience which j wanted to share.. In case u guys have any queries do let me know... Will b happy to answer!!


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Hai ...I am A mother to be At Singgapore..Now I very confuse Abt the Cost to give Birth At Kkh Hospital ..and the cost Monthly Checkup....My husband Just a security guard ...Can I use My Husband Medisave? ..im Just A Longtermpass Holder