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Hi ash_boo,

thx for the interest, however I checked the stroller u r looking for are not able to ship to sg...

"your order cannot be shipped to the selected address. Please select a new address to see your estimated order total. "
Hi gaohuian,

amt is 19.99*1.33=26.59.
I will need to accumulate orders to USD 125 to enjoy free shipping...
Hi joynpeace,
your skip hop pronto is eligible for free shipping, color u want is black?
amt is 28.9*1.33=38.44
payment to posb saving: 406-11537-2 with your nick name if u wish to order, thanks!
Thanks! I want the wave multi colour- price should be $26.47 x 1.33 = 35.21. I'm transferring from uob acc- will take three days for interbank transfer to reflect on your record. Is that ok, or do u prefer me to transfer to uob acc?
Premier Dead Sea Remedy Salt Scrub for Aching Joints, Salt Scrub, Brown Jar, 425-Grams
$16.25 (x 2 qty)

Grace Antioxidant Organic Facial Toner - Speeds Cellular Renewal For Smooth Clear Skin - All Skin Types - 4 oz Mist Sprayer - By Angel Face Botanicals
$19 (x 1 qty)

Premier Dead Sea Ageless Future Detoxifying Mask, All Skin Types, 2.0288-Fluid Ounce
$24.98 (x 1 qty)

Are these eligible for free shipping to Singapore. Will get them if there is.
Hi joynpeace,

no prob. the BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner, White is also eligible for free shipping.
Hi so my confirmed orders are:

Breathable baby mesh liner in white colour x 1

Skip hop Jonathan Adler pronto changing station in wave multi colour
USD 26.47 x 1.33 = SGD35.21

Total S$66.05

Have done the transfer to your uob account. Nick joynpeace, transaction ref 1309210419665700. Thanks! Would like to pick up at commonwealth when it arrives. Can whatsapp me at 98275365 if u need to contact me. :)
Hi ybel,

Checked the above link is sold by papya, and is having shipping charge to sg.

but you can choose the same product sold by amazon, which is eligible for for free shipping. price wise only few cents different.

if you wish to proceed, pls make payment 9.26*1.33 = 12.32 to posb saving: 406-11537-2 . Thanks.
To Account POSB Savings
406-11537-2 bbanna
Transfer Currency and Amount S$5.28
Transaction Reference 11437480208