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A CALLING TO ALL KIND SOULS.. Donations of used but good toys/stationeries/books to abused kids

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by joycelynpinkmum, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Appealing to all kind souls and Mummies, we are organising a Children's Day Funfair at Melrose Home for kids from 4 to 18 yr olds, who require protection and support in a residential setting. These are kids whose parents or family are unable to provide care or supervise them.

    We need you to donate/lend Superhero and cartoon costumes for boys and girls for photo-taking sessions. We also need donations of used but in good condition toys/stationeries/book, especially compass set (which you use to draw angles and lines). We welcome kind souls who like to donate new stationeries and books too!

    Pls kindly make a difference in these children's life. We need to collect by 15 October. Pls kindly help spread the message if you can. The children who are under-privileged and needy in Melrose Home will appreciate your help !

    *Cash donations are not allowed because we have to get license to ask for cash donation, therefore we appreciate if you are kind to buy new stationeries sets/books instead.

    There are 40 young kids, and 17 teens in the home. Therefore we hope to collect stationeries and books as much as we can below:

    used/new compass sets
    oil paint sets
    school textbooks of current curriculum (whichever ppl can give)
    colouring books - (for young kids)
    school bags (from Pri or Sec Sch need)
    English Dictionaries
    Chinese Dictionaries
    Pen and pencil sets
    Colouring pencil sets

    We appreciate your help however minimal that you can offer. There is no need to give a lot, we are happy to take what we can have. Pls kindly help in making these kids happy as we would like our own children to be happy. :)

  2. happy_33

    happy_33 Member

    Where to send the items to?
    Directly to Melrose Home? Address?
    Or is there a central drop-off location?

  3. Hi,

    I will arrange a self collection from you depending on your schedule. Can you pls PM me where is the best location I can collect from you? I am working at Suntec City from 9-6pm, so will be able to collect from you around the area after working hours.
  4. Hihi,

    To answer some questions why do we collect it from you instead of dropping off the items at the home:

    They prefer us to send these items in at one go, as the staff have limited manpower to run the home already, and they will have to do a lot of receiving work if ppl were to go there individually, therefore we help to consolidate the donations.

    Thank you on behalf of the children from Melrose Home.
  5. zaizaimum

    zaizaimum New Member

    Hi Joycelyn, sorry to have missed your dateline. Still open for collection?

    From your list of stationeries and books required, what items and how many are you short of at this moment?
  6. quinbus9

    quinbus9 Member

    What items do the home need and are you still taking in donations?
  7. jojet_70

    jojet_70 New Member

    I missed this; but i hv loads of stuff toys (mainly collectibles for McDonalds over the years, still in wraps). Wld you like this?
  8. brendal

    brendal New Member

    I have some used text books and assessment books to donate. Is the collection drive still on? Thanks.

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