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8 Commitments made were broken by Music Teacher I found on forum

Discussion in 'Year 2004 and earlier Mums' started by louisa_03, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. louisa_03

    louisa_03 New Member

    Just to ensure that she dont cheat anymore mothers. This week I I just rec'd two emails from mothers who faced the same situation. We are trying to work out some solution to report her legally.....

    Read below:

    Posted by Miss Teng (Pianist_teng) on Tuesday, November 04, 2008- 1.45am:
    HI, I'm a well qualified piano teacher, u may contact me for lessons. some of my info- Was a judge to the Zhong Sing International Piano Competition and Taiwan Bachstein Piano Competition. Hold a Masters in Piano Study from the Royal College, London and been teaching for 10 years already. Have vast teaching and performing experiences which includes piano departments in colleges/Pedagogy workshops, and recitals at many concert halls as well. Dedicated and patient, with teaching that emphasizes 0n 0ne's communication with his/her piano and the aesthetics of Sound. Teaching Diplomas and beyond with lessons conducted 0n Grand Pianos. For all other grades, children =) or house visits, pls contact for info. Call 81435869/piano_teng@hotmail.com. Encore performance http://soundclick.com/share?songid=1459598

    I was impressed by the above. We had confirmed and agreed via sms: $140 for 4 lessons (45 minutes) on every Saturday 10am to 1045am. Payment to be made on every 1st week of the 4 lessons.

    13 Dec 08 (1st lesson) : She sms me at 9am to change time to 11am, but I told her I cant & ask if she wants to postpone our 1st lesson to next week. To my surprise, she managed to turn up on time at 10am.

    20 Dec 08 (2nd lesson): She didn’t turn up because she thought that I was still on holiday; this was to due mis-communication between us.

    27 Dec 08 (2nd Lesson): She sms on 26 Dec 08 informing that she was sick and won’t be coming.

    28 Dec 08: She sms & offered to have make up lesson on 29th Dec 08 at 4pm.

    29 Dec 08 (2nd Lesson): She sms me at 3pm to cancel the lesson because she was still sick.

    On 29 Dec 08, she sms me asking if she can change our agreed timing (every Sat 10am) to (i) Weekdays/weekends evening & (ii) Late Sat morning but I said No. Finally she requested to change to (iii) 10.15am Sat. I asked her if 15mintues is a great difference; she said because she need to travel to my place.

    3 Jan 09 (2nd Lesson): She again sms me on 2 Jan 08 (345pm) saying that she can’t turn up for the lesson because she was still sick.
    Immediately I tried calling her hp, wanted to hear her sick voice to verify. However, she didn’t pick up the phone. At that moment, I know I had engaged an irresponsible music teacher for my girl. I was very angry and emailed her to request for refund of $105 for the remaining 3 lessons. If not, I will post on forum.

    Story continues on the refund of SGD105:

    On 3 Jan 09, she emailed to commit that she will do the bank transfer either on 4 Jan 09 or latest 5 Jan 09.

    On 5 Jan 09 (17:13), she sms saying will transfer either on 6 Jan 09 by 2200 or 7 Jan 09 by noon.
    On 7 Jan 09 (11.20), she sms saying will transfer by 7 Jan 09 (2359)
    On 8 Jan 09 (10.52), she sms saying she was busy and will transfer by 8 Jan 09 (2359)
    On 9 Jan 09 (00.12), she sms asking me if she can refund after Chinese New Year.

    (All sms were kept in my saved folders)

    I do not wish to drag this untill Chinese New Year; it has been a nightmare for me. I cannot believe her explanation that she used up all her cash on a surgery for her loved one on 8 Jan 09 and left with no money to refund me. Why in the first place kept sending sms to me on the payment dates? I was furious with her. Unpleasant sms and emails started flowing between us on 10 Jan 09.

    On her last email, she mentioned that she will sue me if I do anything beyond “that”, I guess she was referring to posting the truth about her on forum.

    Mothers, dont ever make the same mistake as I did. The main focus is not about money, it had been the most torturing session I ever had, liaising with her via sms

  2. pianist_teng

    pianist_teng New Member

    I am very upset by your use of word 'cheat'. In what way are you cheated? Am i not conducting lessons still for my existing students? I have mentioned I will do the refund after chinese new year, in which u will get today. Pls do not make an unjust judgement as such. I currently have a number of students who turn up for weekly lessons still. Thank you.
  3. tanlengleng

    tanlengleng Active Member

    have your got your refund back yet?
  4. hercules

    hercules New Member

    Miss teng,

    even if you have paid back Loise on the 28 Jan 09, it's too late. It's only $105, its not $105K.

    If what Louise said is true, you are someone with no integrity. Regardless of how good your piano teaching maybe, a person if without integrity will not last long.
  5. louisa_03

    louisa_03 New Member

    why I log to this thread is cos' i just received an email from Mother Joanna this morning. She was at a lost trying to claim back "GRADE 8" school fees of $300 paid on the 1st lesson. I am now trying to help her by retrieving my police report made at Clementi (spending a hour or so), together with another Mother Michelle before I managed to get back my $105/ yes, though is only $105, is not only money is concerned.

    Why I said "CHEATED" was proven by Mother Michelle: She cancelled her make up music lesson with my daugher, saying that she was "SICK", but on that very day and time, she was perfectly well at Mother Michelle's house at Clementi having her 1st "PRECIOUS" lesson there.

    THe horrid thing I found out from the police was there are more than 10 claims against her, a so called professional and religious lady.
  6. jazzieline

    jazzieline New Member

    that is really rediculous. i am a piano teacher myself, but i don't usually cancel lesson. further more, why need to take so long for refund?? however i do face the problem of not able to retrive back my lesson fees. anyway, so sorry to know louisa have such bad experience.
  7. jazzieline

    jazzieline New Member

    one of my student's mother also shared with me about her bad experience with a male teacher. he took the exam fees, never register the gal for piano exam, and also fail to turn up for lesson after recieved fees. i wonder why that teacher want to do such thing, it actually spoilt thier reputation.
  8. jazzieline

    jazzieline New Member

    but as for miss teng, maybe she really sick because ask mentioned, is december, a lot of students love to cancel lesson during december...
  9. jazzieline

    jazzieline New Member

    anyway, i don't know who this miss teng is.
  10. jazzieline

    jazzieline New Member

    and, louise, thank for sharing, i will let my peers know about this case.
  11. babybliss

    babybliss New Member

    irresponsiblE...i dun even think her credentials are real.... hmmm....
  12. babybliss

    babybliss New Member

    any followups on this Miss Teng?

    I had a similar bad experience before and was not refunded!
  13. yernying

    yernying Member

    To tiredmum,mind to share your experienced here
  14. christinayeo

    christinayeo Member

    Louise, hope you get your refund back.

    Tks for sharing....
  15. louisa_03

    louisa_03 New Member

  16. coco_mama

    coco_mama Member

    Hi Louise,
    Can share some information to me.
  17. beatrice_chua

    beatrice_chua New Member

    Oh, Im sorry about this. I know where you're coming from. I had a friend who was also been "cheated" by a teacher. This can be a lesson. Be more careful next time.
  18. verluv

    verluv Active Member

    I couldnt believe it that the so called "Teacher" still can log on and rebute Louise.

    No sense of SHAME?

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