8 birthday gifts in Jubilee Baby Gift pack


Singaporean babies born in 2015 will receive 8 birthday gifts in Jubilee Baby Gift pack

All Singaporean babies born next year will receive a Jubilee Baby Gift pack comprising eight presents, as part of the Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations, said the National Population and Talent Division on Friday.

The eight items are: a special medallion; a multi-functional shawl; a baby sling; a set of baby clothes including a baby T-shirt and bottoms, rompers and mittens and socks; a diaper bag; a scrapbook for baby memories; a family photo frame and a baby book.

The population agency said that the Jubilee Baby Gift contained “a balance of practical and meaningful items”.

All the above items, excluding the baby book, garnered the most votes in a public poll that ended last month in which nearly 20,000 votes were cast.

The agency said that the gift pack “is symbolic of what Singaporeans wish to give to the next generation”.

Anita Fam, chairperson for the Jubilee Baby Gift Advisory Panel, expressed hopes that parents would enjoy the gifts and use them “to care for their babies, to capture happy memories for the families, and to commemorate their child’s birth in the Jubilee Year”.

More details on how parents will receive the Jubilee Baby Gift in 2015 will be announced later this year.


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