5 yrs IVF journey ended with a twins


congratulations on your twins! may I know what personal insurance is this? I thought medical insurance doesn't cover delivery or pregnancy related costs?
This is an insurance covered by overseas company called Tokio marine. Bupa (UK based) , Liberty (France based) covers maternity insurance which includes prenatal, delivery, complications cost.


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Cos it’s not easy taking of twins. N I understand how ttc ladies feel when they see this kind of post. So lucky to have twins n should not complain. But I would still share that even though they are cute n good to have companion, the journey is not easy. During preg there are complications like GD n risk of premature birth. After delivery u realised U do not have the freedom to just grab one baby n head out the door yourself without any help. U are stuck at home with two crying babies demanding attention n feeding every two hrs n if u are lucky they drink milk at the same timing. If not it’s 24 hrs around the clock feeding one after another. Many restaurant would not allow twin stroller to go in because they have no space. N comes the most impt part. Their love are divided. It’s not easy to give attention to both. U have to feed two, toilet train two, listen to both n educate them at the same time because they are of the same age. Even simple stuff like learning to walk u can only hold one n the other have to wait. Anyway it’s just me lah I am more emotional n it’s gets to me that I can’t focus on both at the same time.
So ya if I were to do it again I would have an age gap of at least one or two yrs apart. N I am surprised I rarely see post on twin mummies comment about the difficult learning curve n motherhood. What caught me off guard is when I brought baby home n the start of maternity leave. It dawn on me that why didn’t anyone say anything. Everyone was just saying how cute n they are good companion growing up. One time can close shop blah blah. N don’t get me wrong, I am not unhappy but just to share so that u can decide if u are up to it.
Im a mother of 2 sets of twins still coping tough job. Dont let anyone tell you what to do. Do at your phase. Its the best remedy for your head.