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4months old refuse to sleep

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by number_number, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. number_number

    number_number New Member

    1)My baby is now 4 months old.. Since 1 month old i realised she is a light sleeper and she don sleep much. I tried routine a number of times but end up a lot of back fire. She can't sleep at night. Her each nap is about 45mins and 4 times per day. if she nap more thn that she will not be able to sleep at night.

    I wonder if they will change as they get older.

    2) She will sleep longer if I breastfeed her to sleep esp at night. I'm wondering if any mummies here tried not to bf your baby to sleep at night and they will be able to sleep on thier own. I am worry because I am going to help out a wedding dinner for my friend and I can only be back about 11pm to 12am.

    3)How do you make your baby sleep in the stroller? My baby hates stroller. I would give my eldest dd pacifier the last time and she will sleep in the stroller. But my 2nd baby prefer breast or carry her to sleep. I can't carry her much because I had hurt my spine since the last 2 preg. sling will also not help because it hurt my back badly.

    I am very tired now and lost.

  2. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    Number Two!

    i m so glad i found u!i m also in this situation-just like u.but diff is i do not breastfeed my boi.my boi has just turned 5 mths old. Right,like u from birth n during my confinement i can already tell that hes not the sort who would sleep long hours.I had gone thru bad times during my confinement frm blues to all sort of depression,reason being i cant handle my son who doesnt sleep long hours-very tiring for me!

    Being a first time mum especially,hving to see my first bb behaving as such,its really tormenting n stressful for me n hubby. But slowly i have accepted the fact n more or less more receptive of the issue.

    However,we r still trying without fail to make him sleep-frm buying comfy sleeping beddings,feed more milk before each sleep etc.. Well let me share his daily sleeping routine pattern.

    6-7am=wakes up
    7-9am= play
    1130-130=sleep (this is the only time he sleep in the day!max 2 hrs)
    8.30-9pm=start to sleep
    12-1am=1st nite feed
    3-4am=2nd feed
    4-6/7am=on n off wakes up due to pacifier drop/cranky..open eyes

    Please any mummy out there who share the same problem as me..kindly share our woes here..

    Number two,r u FTWM?
  3. number_number

    number_number New Member

    Hi Faz,

    Mine about the same routine.

    7am wake up
    9am nap 45 min
    10.30 feed
    11.15am nap for 45 min
    12.30 feed
    1pm sleep to 2pm
    3pm feed
    4pm to 5pm nap
    7.30pm sleep
    starting from 12am will keep waking up to bf don't know why. at 4am most of the time i cannot tahan anymore i put her in sarong...
  4. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    Number Two

    i guess we r on the same boat.ur gerl at least naps frequently,mine no lor. tired right..u working or FTWM?
  5. number_number

    number_number New Member

    aiyo... she nap more but so short... how to do my things? I can't even have my own naps...
    I am a SAHM... very tiring looking after a baby who don't nap.. I just started out yesterday letting her sleep on her own cot.. reason, I keep knocking at herand she keep disturbing me. she keeps crying until I gave up at 4am.. too tired for me to continue.
  6. yakydodo

    yakydodo New Member

    sounds bad..I tried giving my boy bean pillows and he found them comforting after I place one on his tummy..it also worked for my colleague who is a daddy and he has since had good sleep..just pat n let baby hold pillow to fall asleep..it works..

    found this safe(cos my son did not develop any ezcema thereafter) pillows at the following site:

  7. wendylkm

    wendylkm New Member

    Try Chiropratic!
    My girl used to wake up 1-2 times a night, after chiropratic adjustment, she now sleeps through the night.. Hope this helps!
  8. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    wat is Chiropratic?
  9. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Number Two and Faz,

    I'm a SAHM and my 3mths+ old baby is like yours! She naps for about 30-45mins each time, about 3 times a day. 1hr if I'm lucky. BUT she can also go 4-5hrs without napping!

    Her bedtime is generally at about 7:30pm. Tried getting her to sleep later but she would get super cranky or she would just knock out. She usually sleeps through until 12am. After that, the action starts. Sometimes, but very rarely, she can sleep all the way until 5am. But most of the time, after 12am, she starts waking up every 2-3hrs.

    Upon her first waking, I give her a milk feed. But after that, I seriously don't know what she wants or what to do. Her eyes are closed but she is kicking and whimpering away. Sometimes, a pacifier helps and she would sleep for another 1-2hrs. But other times, she would spit the paci out. When I give her milk, she would drink just a bit before falling asleep OR cry like crazy and push out the teat with her tongue.

    Tried rocking her back to sleep as well and it works, but only sometimes.

    It seems like everything is "sometimes" for my baby! I'm surviving on 4 hours of sleep everyday. Am so tired and frustrated I don't know what to do!!! My baby doesn't seem to need sleep as much as I do!

    BTW, my baby is on FM.</font>
  10. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    Hi Number Two, Faz and Highheels,

    Finally i found 3 of u who has the same problem as me. My baby is 4mths+ also don't like to sleep, very light sleeper. any single sounds can wake him up.his longest nap is 1hr during day time. wakes up 2-3 times in the midnite &amp; will feed him with water unless its time for feedings. i can hardly get enuf sleep as after settle him to sleep,i can't fall asleep straight away. i takes abt 15mins to sleep again but another hr later, baby will cry angrily like being beaten.he will cry even louder when i try to give him the pacifier. my colleagues &amp; frens baby also born this yr all are very good, not much crying n sleeps thru out the nite without feedings..i feel so sad..
  11. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jo's mummy, after feeding/carrying/pacifying baby, I can't fall asleep immediately too so I know how frustrating it can be.

    I'm really envious of other Mummies whose babies sleep soundly throughout the night!

    What time does your baby usually sleep? Mine sleeps anytime between 7pm-8pm. Then after midnight, the stress starts...wish she could sleep later but nothing I do can keep her awake!</font>
  12. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    hi highheels, my baby usually sleeps btw 8-9pm (depends if my mil puts him to sleep o not ard 6pm)and yes the stress always starts ard 1-2am &amp; 4-5am. last nite i tried to distract his crying by giving him his soft toy(with sounds),he will hold his soft toy tightly &amp; he stop crying when he hears the soft bell sounds from the toy. but must repeat for several times b4 he calm down. previously he sleeps with my mil, but from Sun onwards i put him to sleep with me&amp;hubby.as i find it tiring to rush to my mil's room whenever i hear his crying.

    yes really envy those mummies whose babies don hav same problem as us.i was thinking if it was myself to blame during pregnancy as they say we must stay calm n relax during pregnancy &amp; cannot have much complaints o big emotional changes.
  13. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    by the way what is SAHM &amp; FTWM?
  14. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jo's mummy,

    Don't blame yourself ever. I don't think complaining or being emotional during pregnancy results in babies being unable to sleep throughout the night.

    My sister was really happy and positive during her first pregnancy, but she had a very difficult baby. He woke up many times a night and really stressed my sis out. He is almost 3 years' old now and STILL wakes up at least once a night.

    So don't ever blame yourself!

    I think whether a baby sleeps through is due more to his/her temperament. Guess our babies are the kind that wake up frequently.

    I can totally relate to the stress and frustration but I keep telling myself to persevere and baby will grow out of it...one day. It isn't easy to be positive all the time with a baby like ours but you got to try; if not you will go crazy from the stress!</font>
  15. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">SAHM = Stay-At-Home-Mum. FTWM = Full-Time-Working-Mum. If you come across PTWM, it refers to Part-Time-Working-Mum [​IMG]

    So are you a SAHM, FTWM or PTWM?</font>
  16. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    hi highheels,

    thanks for the advise n encouragement. yes, i keep telling myself tat baby will grow out of it one day and i love him more &amp; more everyday..

    im a FTWM! so im so tired everyday..luckily my job is those 9-6 n no need work OT. not much stress at work therefore still feel relieved.

    so have u started solid food for ur baby(prince or princess)? heard many started solid food on their 4mths old baby.im not sure if my baby is ready for solid food but i know im not ready yet to feed him solid food. i need more advise on wat food to introduce n how to prepare!

    i will also bring my baby for trial swimming this weekend. heard tat swimming is also good for crying baby! anyway just try it out!
  17. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Wow, you are a FTWM and you still have to take care of baby at night! It's really tough on you. I'm a SAHM and I'm already exhausted from taking care of baby. Can't imagine what it would be like if I were a FTWM.

    I'm not planning to introduce solids to my princess until she is 6mths' old. I've also heard of other Mummies who gave solids at 4mths, but it seems rather early to me. I don't think my baby's digestive system is able to handle solids yet.

    And like you, I'm also not ready! Once baby is on solids, there will be more things to do. All the grinding, mashing, etc. Plus all the spattering from baby! More cleaning up!

    I thought of bringing my baby to swim as well but I'm terrified of the flu. She is 3mths+ and the only place I've brought her to so far is KK for her jabs!!! Poor thing right? But the flu seems to be spreading like crazy so I'm still hesitant about bringing her out.

    I've also heard that swimming calms baby. When we are at our wit's end, we will try anything!!!</font>
  18. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    Hi highheels and Jo's mummy!!

    i m so glad to have found you gals!We are all in the same boat! If u gals have read from my previous post, my son is every bit like urs.

    Let me share again his sleeping routine. During day time,he sleeps only once for a MAXIMUM of 2 hrs.As much as my helper tries to prolong his sleep,he simply refuses and starts all action!He will like highheel's gerl play for 4-5 hrs without feeling tired at all.He will eventually nap but for only 30 mins!hee

    So now comes the night part.When the clock strikes 7.30 (usual time i settle down after shower n dinner)he will start to show signs like rubbing his eyes,became cranky n all.We will TAHAN n distract him till about 8.30.So he finally sleeps at arnd 8.30-9pm. Sleeps thru till 12-1am for his 1st feed. He seldom create havoc during the 1st interval but he is one attention seeker!I have to practically place my arms over his body as thou hugging him else he will start fidgeting,whimpering n kicking.But he does it too lah.

    I agree with Highheels,whether a baby sleeps thru is due more to his/her temperament.Ours i guess are the more active sorts.But hopefully they grow out of it.

    I have bought my son for a couple of massages session just to ease his sleeping problem but it didnt help much too.Hence hubby n myself,we have come to terms with it.We will not give up thou.So i am really happy to have found you two!We shall give each other more n more advices and support.

    I have also brought him to Hwa Xia for swimming sessions too.He appeared really exhausted after the session but also sleeps for mere 1-1.5 hrs. Maybe we can plan a meet up or sumting..bring our babies swimming together hee..

    BTW,like Jo's mum i m a FTWM too.Where are u gals residing?
  19. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Hi Faz!

    Wow, you are a FTWM too?? How do you cope?? I'm at Tampines. How about you?

    I'm feeling really tired today. Baby slept at 7pm last night, woke up at midnight, woke up again at 3am. And then refused to sleep after that! She was smiling and laughing away. I tried rocking/carrying her to sleep but she refused to.

    Does your baby wake up in the middle of the night to "play" too? And how do you manage to distract your baby till 8:30pm?? Mine falls asleep between 7-8pm but no matter what I do, I can't seem to get her to sleep later.

    YES, this thread should really be a support group for mothers whose babies refuse to sleep!</font>
  20. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    Hi highheels

    Yes i m a FTWM.But before i resume work in May,i got a maid to help look after my boi during the day.As much as i hate maids,i have no other choice cos my mum couldnt handle my DUN WANA SLEEP baby hee. We do alternate nights in taking care of him.I cant manage like Jo's mummy cos i can really faint if i come to work the next morning.Thou alternate nights,its as good as every night lah.

    Ur gal n my boi can really be bf/gf when they grow up lol.sleeping pattern so much the same.but urs is better in the sense slept longer from 7-12 (5 hrs) for the 1st half.mine usually 3-4 hrs wake up for 1st feed already.sigh!

    there was once or twice he woke up for his 2nd feed and after the feed,his eyes were wide open and he was smiling away..we were shocked!but we managed to pat him n put him bck to sleep abt 30 mins after. If she does wake up n play occasionally,den i guess its ok lah.

    I normally distract him by simply playing,singing,reading to him.Dat 1 hr is very crucial.sometimes i know he has had enough of my lame methods but i still continue to distract him.u try playing with ur gal,carry her n walk arnd the house or so..mayb it helps. I think for ur gal case,at most 1 hr of distraction is good enough.We cant distract them further cos they day time never sleep lor.

    btw..i stay in clementi..very far from u lah..hee..Is this ur first child?
  21. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">YA, my gal and your boy can really be bf/gf!

    Last night, she woke up at 12am, 1:30am, 4am, 5:30am!!! I gave her milk at 1:30am and 5:30am. The rest of the time, I gave her a paci or swaddled her again (she tends to kick off her blanket). Am so tired now.

    BTW, when your boy wakes up, does he wake up crying? My girl doesn't really cry. She will keep whimpering and kicking away with her eyes closed. I tried ignoring her whimpers but she can whimper up to 45mins!!! It gets really annoying.

    Does your boy still wake up between 6-7am? My girl wakes up around that time too although sometimes she can be up as early as 5am!!!!

    Yes, this is my first baby. I used to want 3 children! Can you believe it??? But after having this baby, I only want ONE!!!

    Clementi is indeed far. You are in the West while I'm all the way in the East. Never mind, at least we have this thread to support one another [​IMG]

    jo's mummy,

    How was swimming??</font>
  22. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    oh gosh last night my boi woke up at 11.30pm, 1.30am, 3am, 4.30am and 6am! i gave him milk at 11.30pm and 4.30am. Same,like u, i gave him pacifier too..but last night he was really too much!

    He doesnt cry much.he kicks, whimpers and scratch his face.scratch until i worry he may scarred his face hee. That's the thing,we cant possibly ignore them.If by ignoring they can settle off by themselves,fine.if not it'll be worst off isnt it.

    My boi will wake up just when my hubby wakes up at 6.but he will continue sleeping till max 7am!but of course with me patting him otherwise his eyes will be wide open. This is as good as i wake up at 6am too!

    OMG we r indeed alike.I wanted 3 children too at first.But after this first encounter,i got really terified and i really dun noe if i can handle another one like him,if i were to get pregnant again.i have gotten all phobiatic! I know its unhealthy but i cant help thinking about it.

    If u dun mind, how old r u now? i am 28 this year.
  23. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Faz, yes we are indeed alike!! I'm 27 this year. And NO WAY am I going to have another kid! Like you, I'm really terrified now. Can't imagine going through all the stress and frustration all over again.

    Guess we didn't slept well last night.In fact, I hardly sleep at all after midnight since all the action starts after 12am. My baby scratches her face as well but what to do?? I just trim her nails really short.

    Do you settle baby on your own? Or does your hubby help out? My hubby works overseas so I do all the settling on my own. It can get super stressful and lonely at times.

    Your boy should be about 5mths now? My gal is 3.5mths. I really hope she grows out of this phase soon...I'm really worried she will turn out like my sis' son. Almost 3 years' old and still wakes up often at night!!!!</font>
  24. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    hi Highheels &amp; Faz,

    Hi faz, nice to meet u here..another member of difficult baby..hehe..
    Last sunday bring my boy to Hwa Xia for swimming, he indeed loves it n we can really noticed he is really tired after de swimming.We also signed up a 10 swimming lessons for him.Hope he enjoy n can sleep well at nite!
    My baby also wake up the latest 7.30am n the earliest is 6-6.30am.so i actually do not need an alarm clock.he wakes up every 3-3.5hrs for milk.after feeding him,will need to pat him to sleep.last nite tried to drag his sleeping time till 8.30pm,but after 1/2-1hr crying for pacifier/drinks.only started to sleep deeply at 10pm.11pm wake up crying for milk, 12.30am cry again.2.30am wake up for milk,change diapers,5.45am wake up for milk again.then 6.30am wake up liao till 7.30am sleep again.

    i am 27 this yr, also my 1st baby.indeed plan to preggy mid of nxt yr.althou im tired n frustated with this 1st child,but my hubby is de one say ONE is enough!

    highheels, ur baby now is only 3mth+?how abt Faz? my baby is 4mth2weeks.he is drinking 100ml milk but seems not enuf on every feedings.always cry when he finished his milk n we need to quickly feed him with water, if not he cried like so pity.
  25. imalexis

    imalexis New Member


    i dun usually settle my baby alone.i got a maid to help.but u see,i do not totally leave him to her care at night cos she has taken cre of him totally during the day.its just right of me to take care of baby since i have been out working the whole day - he will be deprived of mummy's care n attention hee..

    Oh no..it must be hard for u to manage baby on ur own.u stay alone,not with parents?but u take it easy k.i m sure this is just a phase that u n me go through.

    my hubby helps at times during his off days cos hes doing shift work.so on days hes off,i get a breather.he really takes over the night shift part hee.but its just like a day or 2 wen hes off lor.

    my boy is 6 mths now.i delivered in jan.hes getting bigger but his sleeping pattern still hasnt changed.U have a few months more..hopefulyl by the time shes 6 mths,things work out for the better ya.If that time comes,you may have forgotten me n this thread hee..

    Yeah like u said abt ur nephew,my colleague 4 yrs old son still wakes up once at night for milk.Jialat lah like dat.ZzzzZZz

    So most of time u r alone with ur gal at home huh?does ur hubby come back often to visit u n baby?
  26. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jo's mummy,

    Your baby, Faz's and mine are really similar. All have a sleeping problem. It's sort of comforting for me to know that there are other Mummies out there who have babies like mine.

    Yep, my baby is 3.5mths' old. She is drinking about 100-120ml (FM), 3 hourly. Maybe you should increase the amount you give to your baby? Maybe 100ml isn't enough which is why he is crying? But then again, sometimes I have no idea why my baby cries as well.


    My mother works but she stays with me at night, so at least I have some company, if not I would spiral into depression. I'm on my own in the day with baby though. At night, I settle baby on my own too. Even though my mother doesn't help out, I'm really grateful for her company. No matter what, having someone else in the house is better than having no one!

    I really hope my baby grows out of this phase. But I also don't want to expect too much, just in case she doesn't and becomes like my nephew!!! Super jialat, really hope not man.

    My hubby is based in Penang and even though Penang is really nearby, he comes home only a few days a month!!! I was with him until I became pregnant then I returned to SG. Really miss him and can't help feeling like I'm parenting alone. Sigh.</font>
  27. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member


    u r really a great wife &amp; mum! i really cannot stay at home alone esp hubby not ard..during my confinement,as do not hav experience in handling crying baby, i hav mild depression.its bcos my hubby always work till late nite n my hse only hav me, baby n MIL.my MIL also couldnt handle my baby. so when baby cry non-stop, i also cry.nobody can talk to me n i was like very stressed n frustrated almost gone crazy.as u know,nobody can treat their MIL like own mum,i don hav much things to talk to MIL as we hav very diff ways of looking after baby.

    i called my mother(at msia), cry over the phone for help n advise.nvr do i know it makes my mum n whole family worried abt me &amp; ask me to return msia with baby for them to help me out.so without much hesitation,i bought train ticket n bring baby back to my hometown.the feeling was like so relieved when i reach home n i cry out loud hugging my mum.so i spent almost 2weeks with my mum n bro n sis.they help me take care of baby,let me rest n relax n advise me as they worried i might bcome serious depression which is really dangerous illness.

    my baby now 4.5mths weight almost 8kg le!hospital nurse warned us to control his milk as he is overweight!so dare not increase the de amt,just mayb shorten the duration of feedings n feed him with more water.recently just started to add a spoon of brown rice cereal from healthy times.it melts in water.its just my trying out to start him with solids.also feed him with 40ml of Gerber apple juice diluted with 60ml of water.

    Faz, have u started ur baby with solids? when did u usually bring ur baby for swimming at hwa xia? mayb we can meet there oh..
  28. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jo's mummy,

    I'm feeling super sleepy today. Baby started waking up at 11:30pm last night, then on and off throughout the night until 5am! My dark eye rings are permanent now.

    No lah, I'm not a super wife &amp; mum. I really don't like to be alone at home with baby too but no choice. During my confinement, I had depression too. My hubby was with me for only ONE WEEK before he went back to Penang. It was a horrible time. I was crying non-stop because I had no idea what my baby wanted.

    Actually, even though my baby is older now, I still experience bouts of crying. Maybe it's due to lack of sleep and being alone at home with baby.

    Which part of Malaysia does your family reside in? Do they come down to SG to visit you?

    My baby is about 6kg now. She is going for her jab this Friday. Really hope she doesn't develop fever. Is your baby on breastmilk or FM?


    Your baby is on FM right? Which brand? Mine is on NAN HA1 and her poop is sort of green and creamy. Not sure if it is normal.

    I've heard a lot about Hwa Xia. Are the classes good? I thought of bringing baby swimming but with H1N1, I'm rather hesitant.</font>
  29. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member


    Ya i know how tired u r n so do i have panda eyes now. u really need to get someone to help u ard with the baby..its too stressed for u to take care of him alone all day long..if not ur depression will get worse.

    actually the H1N1 is not as serious as u think.it is still ok to bring baby out to walk walk n relax urself.time will pass very fast too when u go out shopping with baby..i really hope u r not too worried abt the H1N1 n should relax urself.if u stay at home always,will make u more stressed n tend to cry easily when things go wrong..pls treat urself better..nothing is impt than ur health!

    my hometown at segamat,johor.they did came n visit me after my baby was born.they operates coffee shop n not free to always come n visit me.

    i stop BF 2mths ago, as need to return to work, now baby on Isomil.the poo also green n creamy but sometimes hard too.

    ya i was looking for a stroller. any brand to recommend? my budget is $250 only. not going for those expensive 1 as scared they might not wan to sit in the stroller once they turn 2yrs old.
  30. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    Hi Ladies!!


    Good to hear at least u have ur mum in the house-best person ever..but again we must also mind that they are no longer fit enough to handle our kind of baby. I guess its really difficult that your hubby is not with you most of the time.but again at the end of the day,we mummy are the ones fully taking charge of the babies,am i right.

    Yes my boi is on FM,i stopped BF after 2 mths.He prefers FM to BF after i introduced FM to him. Since 2 mths i gave him Enfalac but switched to Mamex Gold after he turned 4 mths.He was ok with Mamex too so hence i happily continue the switch since Mamex is cheaper.Enfalac costs me a bomb for 900g @$41.80 hee..I guess its normal that her poop is kinda green and creamy.as long as she poops everyday or alternate days,u shldnt be worried k.

    For me i've been to Hwa Xia like once,so far seemed ok.Except for the staff there conversing in chinese,i am malay u see hee..but my boy enjoyed his first session too.but with H1N1 now,i've stopped too plus all the goin outs.

    Jo's mummy

    my boi is 6.5 mths old but hasnt changed much in his sleeping pattern. Just like you n highheels,i was also under depression during the first 3 mths.I couldnt take that my boi isnt the sleeping baby type.I had this mindset that all babies sleep isnt it.its really good that you had the chance to visit your family and that they took care of ur boi during your stay.at least i hope u rested well that period.

    Wow ur boi is really whopping heavy ya hee..must be one chubby fella.at 4.5 mths weighing 8kilos is really sumting.i wished my boi was like yours.mine weighs only 8kilos at 6.5 mths.

    your boi has started on solids?wah..dats good..i started mine only when hes 5.5 mths..didnt dare to feed him any earlier.but as long as ur boi has no allergy or reactions, shld be fine..
    Yes i have started him on cereal.Initially i started off with SeSen Brown rice.but he didnt seemed to like it so i switched to Nestle brown rice.he loves it!i bet its becos of the sugary taste in it.but as long as he likes it,i m ok.but at the same time,i would like to introduce other brands to him as well.like u, i wana try brown rice frm healthy times.Ur boi likes the taste? Where do u buy it?in the evening he usually has his round of purees from Heinz.i tend to buy the organics one.

    Yeah speaking of Hwa Xia, u me n Highheels should really meet up n bring our lil DUN WANA SLEEP babies for a round of swimming.Like highheels said..maybe wait until the H1N1 has ceased slightly..hee..cautious mummy

    by the way,wat FM are u giving ur boi?
  31. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">jo's mummy,

    My hubby and I don't really like maids, and since I'm a SAHM, might as well take care of baby on my own. But if I were a FTWM like you and Faz, I would definitely need a maid, if not there would be no one to take care of baby.

    I'm looking for a pram/stroller too!!! I haven't bought one yet.

    Faz, got any to recommend???

    You are right that our mummies are not fit enough to handle our kind of baby. My mother is almost 60 yrs' old and she definitely can't keep waking up at night to settle baby. And you are totally right about the fact that it is always up to the mother in the end to take care of baby!

    I'm thinking of bring baby swimming when she is 6 mths' old. Hopefully, the H1N1 situation would be better by then.

    I can't wait to start baby on solids but am waiting till she is about 6mths. But I heard introducing solids brings about new challenges! I hope my baby isn't a fussy eater man. If not, with a sleeping and eating problem, I think I will go crazy!</font>
  32. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    Hi Faz,

    ya im very glad tat i hav my family's care &amp; support during tat nightmare period..
    My boi is taking Isomil soy milk as he is allergy to cow's milk.Doctor recommend to switch to cow's milk only when he turns 1yrs old..ya he is so chubby n heavy, my arms is really numb after carry him for half an hour..
    i bought the healthy times at carrefour ps when i bring him to hwa xia for swimming.started with 1tablespoon once a day since Sunday.will try to feed him twice a day next week.so far,he did not reject the brown rice cereal.probably he is too "gluttonous" hahaha..heard that earth's best brand also highly recommended for their organic baby's products.

    Hi highheels,

    Last night i bring baby to sleep in my room.i found tat he likes to sleep with me more than with my mil n he prefer to sleep on the bed than sarong!still remember i told u tat i tried to sleep tgt with baby for almost 1 week?i thought im able to cope with but finally i collapse!hahah..too exaggerate..i fall sick last Friday!mayb due to lack of sleep n too tired,i feel so giddy n headache n feels like vomitting.quickly i took 2panadols n went to sleep at 9pm(after feeding my boi n settled him to sleep)until de next morning 7.30am without waking up in the middle of nite.guess i was too tired until i cant hear his cry!after this incident, i dare not sleep with baby every nite. now on alternate nite n im happy with it.

    highheels, yeah if u r convenient n able to bring baby out when the situation is not so bad, mayb we can meet up with Faz tgt.i know it is tough to bring baby out alone as we hav to carry so many things.due to the H1N1, i also seldom bring my baby out.only during weekends esp Sun when my hubby is off.

    U stay at Tampines, Faz stay at Clementi n i stay at the center, of 2 of u, im at AMK..hehehe
  33. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    hi highheels,

    ya i agree with u, we dont like maids &amp; we dont trust them at all..its so good that u (SAHM) r able to take care of ur baby all the while, while we still need to work n take care of baby after a hard day work!

    i also heard ppl say tat start baby early with solids so tat baby wont b picky when he grown up(when he totally can take solids abt 1yrs old). also we can know baby is allergy to wat kind of food earlier. there r pros n cons.i feel my baby is always not getting enuf from his FM, thus i try to add the brown rice cereal to make him feel full.anyway, the brown rice melts in FM,so it doesnt really consider solids?

    there r so many offers/discounts for stroller now.i think i will buy Capella brand, which can reverse n de baby can face me.they r having promotion now.de 1 i wan to buy is $231 after discount.not too heavy also.so for u, i think u should also choose those tat r not too heavy as most of the time u will bring baby out alone o with ur mum travelling on public transport.Maclaren is kinda branded stroller(expensive oh),i dunno whether it is heavy o not.u really need to go n try it out,try to fold,touch on the seats if it is comfy enuf n if u can carry it alone.

    ya, there will be Baby's Fair at taka from 27th Aug - 13th Sep!try to c if we can grab any cheap n useful things there for our baby!
  34. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    Jo's mummy

    i cant manage my son everynite as well or else i will collapse the next morning and like you get very sickly.oh so u got ur mil to sleep with him too huh?dats nice of ur mil..Yeah about the maid thingy,cant agree less with u ladies.I am currently also facing with maid problem but i dun wana be thinking too much of it.I just hope my boi becomes more settled down therefore my mum can manage him in the day hence i dun require her service anymore.

    Do u get very sleepy at work?for me really,the moment i step my foot on the bus otw to work, i could literaly dozed off!and i looked really haggard at work u noe.

    Since ur boi likes the brown rice,its ok to continue.i guess solid doesnt necessarily means the real solid food.as long as he tastes something else rather than milk, it would mean he is readily accepting 'solid' food.ur boi will definitely gain more weight now that hes already eating his fair share of brown rice hee..
  35. imalexis

    imalexis New Member


    to me buying a stroller will depend on u n ur hubby preference.I definitely will buy when there are discounts available.And yes like Jo's mummy said factors like weight and durability of the stroller is also impt.Looking at ur situation,u need to imagine travelling alone with baby and stroller.Most thing to look out for is whether u can carry the stroller up n down escalators when ur gal is in it.I think Mclaren also has range bet $250-$350 type.Combi too.If u have time u may want to check out these strollers at Baby Hypermart and Baby Kingdom at Kaki Bukit-quite near to Tampiness lor.Or best at the upcoming Taka fair Jo's mummy mentioned!

    For me,as much as i prefer Combi,my hubby insisted on buying Quinny.He likes it bcos of the look and the smoothness of the wheels.I cant be bothered cos he paid for it.Frankly,till now i do not know how to handle the Quinny alone with my boi.In fact i am buying over from a colleague her son's used Combi. I m ok with 2nd hands.in the event i need to go out alone with my boi or mum,at least i know how to operate a simple stroller compared to the Quinny.hee.

    Dun worry dear about feeding ur gal.i believe all of us go will go thru the mess during the feeding process and it will definitely be a trial n error thing as to what our baby preference will be like.as long as shes taking what u r feeding her and no major allergies/reactions occuring,its gonna be fine ya.

    I really hope u,me n jo's mummy can meet up one day..if u feel better after the H1N1 is all over ya. ;-)
  36. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Faz, I look really haggard now too. I think if I were a FTWM like you and jo's mummy, I would really go crazy. So tiring!!!

    How is your maid? Is she OK overall? So it is just your maid and your boy in the day?

    Ya, when the H1N1 situation gets better, we should definitely meet up!

    BTW, how many tins of FM do you and jo's mummy use up a month? My girl consumes ONE TIN A WEEK!!! Which means FOUR tins a month! Burning a hole in my pocket.

    My gal went for her jab today. I hope she doesn't develop a fever. Crossing my fingers.</font>
  37. jo3309

    jo3309 Active Member

    hi Ladies,

    it was a tiring weekend for me ...taking care of baby for sat &amp; sun all by myself..just cant get rid of the panda eyes..am looking really like obasan..sigh..

    yesterday bring Jovin for swimming at Hwa Xia..thought he enjoy swimming from de 1st time we bring him there but he seems to reject yesterday..i suspect he scared of strangers, i mean the staff ther..he started crying when the lady try to carry him..when we put him in the swim tub, he cried non stop..especially when he heard other baby's crying too..try to hold n play with him but juz cant stop his crying..so bring him out of the tub to rest a while b4 continuing but he look ard de place n started crying loudly n holding me tightly..i suspect he don like tat place..OMG..this is juz de 1st swimming session for his package..so me n my hubby quickly dress him n leave tat place..hubby say will not bring him there until he is after 6mths.then at nite, he started crying(worse than before),juz cant stop his crying n no ways to console him..mayb being frightened by the swimming..n since then i wake up from 3am..so tired...

    Faz, I have a sample tin of Mamil Gold follow up FM delivered by Dumex Singapore.Actually i was requesting for the Soy Milk sample but they sent me normal FM.was thinking if i can pass it to u. also there r 2 $3 off vouchers.where is ur working place? mayb i can pass to u at any MRT stations?I work at Bugis.

    Hi highheels, seems tat u r busy with ur lil one..my boy also consume 1tin per week..should be normal i think..its better they drink rather then they don drink rite..as long as they r healthy..we hav no choice!! my boy had his injection 3weeks ago..develop fever..so poor thing..crying at nite also..but don worry..they will give u the baby's paracetamol pink syrup.give him the paracetamol after the injection.this is advise by the doc from polyclinic..
  38. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    Hi ladies


    as i m still staying at my mum's,the maid is not alone with my boi lah.i will never leave them alone together even if i think i could trust my maid.u noe lah wat these maids are up to when their employers are not arnd.my maid so far shes ok..i m quite pleased with her.but my mum many a times told me that shes different when with my mum.she seems to bootlick me n when i m arnd shes more kuai in that sense.well theres always conflicts lah when we have maids so i guessed all these are inevitable.but overall she handles my boi well,so i m 'ok' lah cant b fussy.

    1 tin per week is the norm dear..definitely a burn in our pockets..but wat to do right..hee..sure burnt hole one! currently i buy the 900g so last abt 2 weeks.

    tell me about it,my son always develop fever after jap session.i hate it!but thnk god he has complete his doses n the nxt one will be wen hes 1 yr i think.I kiasu sumtimes before the jap,i will feed him paracetamol.cos according to some of my friends,it will help at least ease the coming fever.but sigh..he still gets it lor..so cranky during the night..Btw..my boi has his japs at polyclinic.u ladies?

    Yeah pls..when the flu ceased slightly,we shall all meet up ya..seems like only the 3 of us are main supporters of this thread lol.

    Jo's mummy

    oh no i tot Jovin enjoyed his 1st inaugural session right?n u hv signed up for a 10 sessions m i right?he probably aint at his best mood at the time u brought him there?did he nap at least before that?feed him well?i m not surprised if hes scared of strangers,my boi too!esp wen there is crowd,hes bound to be timid n cranky..hais..mayb u shld go during weekdays,like me the 1st time cos i dun wan my boi to have a bad experience.but really i can see during weekeends,its super crowded with many other babies lor.hopefully its just a one time thing jovin is encountering.poor thing he must have been having nightmares dat explains the cryings at night.mayb just not his day lah..plus other babies were crying too.u dun panic alrite..next time we tke leave n go during weekdays,but hv to wait till he 6 mths..oh yes dun forget our dear highheels n princess hee.

    I dun mind the samples..but....i work at bukit batok my dear..but can be arrange lah..u just hold for me those samples and vouchers first ya.thnks!

    but jo's mummy,i really must tke my hats off u..fancy sleeping at 3 am n still report work today.if me,i think i would hv taken mc liao.cannot take it.there ware a few occasions also ariel cry n never sleep thru out the night.i passed out the nxt morning.took urgent leave man!hee..

    eh u ladies have FB account??..lets add each other..my add is ima_vrossi@hotmail.com
  39. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Morning ladies!

    So Jo's Mummy's bb is Jovin, Faz's is Ariel, mine is Juliette [​IMG]

    She developed fever on Fri nite after her jab at KK. It was one of the most stressful nights of my life!!! Took her temp and it was a shocking 38.6C!!! Gave her the pink liquid Panadol which the hospital provided. But she required constant carrying that night. So tiring and stressful.

    BUT...there was a reward the next morning!!! She flipped on Sat morning!!! I never thought she would flip while having a fever but she did! Now she can't stop flipping...

    Which makes nights worse now. Since she learnt how to flip, she does it at night as well! She will wake up, and flip!! When I try to settle her to sleep, she starts screaming and struggling. Sigh. I guess with each milestone, there are new challenges. But she already has a sleep problem, and this flipping makes it worse! Oh man.

    Wow, so 1 tin a week is really the norm. But once baby is on solids, milk consumption decreases right?

    I have FB but hardly log in. MSN can or not??

    Ya, jo's Mummy, you are super! 3am and still can go to work. If I was a fTWM, I will take MC too. If not, think I will be like a zombie.</font>
  40. wilma

    wilma New Member

    Hi mummies!

    another mum here with the same problem. My gal is coming to 2 months (1 Aug) and i still cannot grasp her sleep patttern. So tiring when she doesnt sleep at night and entertains u with her yelping noises. I just tried singing to her yesterday and it seemed to help. Now looking up the internet for nursery songs.

    Looking forward to share more challenges and grouses with you guys! Can't imagine what things would be like when i return to work next month=(
  41. imalexis

    imalexis New Member


    i can imagine Juliette all so enthusiastic about flipping n fliping.U cant stop her,i m sure with the already existing sleeping problem..its an add ons now..relax dear..like u said with each milestone,comes the challenges. Oh no..she developed fever on fri huh?must be cranky lor.but i feel fever that follows after each jap isnt as bad as real viral fever afteral.dat one i personally feel much more worst.

    Yeah 1 tin per week is usually the norm.But for ariel,currently hes starting on solids,he still would want to drink milk as per his norm.in fact after each full nestle cereal feed,he would want to have his milk.i m puzzled too.i thought he would have had enough to fill his tummy.mayb hes just thirsty i dun noe.but i did gave him plain water as and when feeding him the cereal. So again depends on our baby preference still bah.

    Jo's mummy

    wher are u??u ok??hee..

    Hi junior_mint

    Welcome to the club hee..Of course here, we share our experiences and we learn frm one another. Well at least ur gal sleeps after listening to ur singings hee..paid off huh. Hows her sleeping routine like?care to share?
  42. lostmysoul

    lostmysoul New Member

    Hi all the mummies out there.. i realised all your babies sleep very early.. now my baby is around 8mth plus.. due to my working time our whole family sleeps very late.. so basically my baby sleeps around 10-11pm..we normally give him abt 180mil of milk before he sleeps and usually he will sleep through till sometimes 8am..
  43. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Hi junior_mint! Welcome to the "my baby refuses to sleep" club ;)

    Yaya, share with us your baby's sleeping routine! Mine keeps waking up after midnight. For what, I don't know. But last night, she started waking up from 11pm onwards! I hope it doesn't get earlier and earlier. Who will be taking care of your bb when you return to work?

    jo's mummy, where are you???

    Faz, Juliette didn't flip last night but kept wriggling about. So tired today. Had to carry and rock her to sleep so many times.

    SalvagingRoad, yeah our babies sleep rather early. But I can't stretch her sleeping hours. She will just KO or become super cranky. It's great your bb can sleep thru until 8am!! Wonder when mine will be able to do this...</font>
  44. odie

    odie New Member

    Hi hi mummies. I understand how you feel.

    My boy who is now 4 years old was like that when he was still an infant. He only takes cat nap (15 to 20 mins) during the day and at night he will wake up every other hour. If we are lucky he will do the "wake-up and sleep" interval. If we are unlucky, he can be awake from 2 am onwards until the next morning! The highest record was he woke up 8 times in 1 night. Like you, everyday I will keep a record of the times he woke up =p We did alot of reading on sleeping training and tried all methods but nothing seemed to work.

    He finally grew out of it by the time he was about 18 months old. I am sorry if this is sounding bad... because it means you will still have about a year more to suffer =p

    I guess as he grew older and able to say what he wants and able to understand us better, it was easier to coax (or rather lecture!) him back to sleep. Secondly, when we started to move him to a single-sized mattress and no longer in a cot, it was less taxing for us. In the middle of the night, we just need to lie down next to him and he will generally go back to sleep.

    Even at 4 years old, he rarely sleeps through the night. he will wake up at least once to whimper or ask for daddy or mummy. He stopped taking afternoon naps since 2 years old.

    Hang in there. It will get better just that it might take a while. And the consolation I try to give myself is that babies who don't sleep alot tend to be smarter (based on the PD's explanation.. the brain is always ticking and the kid finds it hard to fall into deep sleep).
  45. imalexis

    imalexis New Member

    Hi Odie

    after reading and analysing your kind post, i m really thinking and counting literally!gosh a year or more of sleepness nights,i cant imagine-too depressing! but again the only consolation is, Our babies are smart ones.Yeh!

    For me, i have also switched my boy to mattress but hes still does the usual "waking-up and sleep" interval. Like other mummies too,we are all experiencing the same thing. I really pray that he'll outgrow this phase soon. thnk u for ur kind advice.
  46. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Hi Odie,

    Thanks so much for your encouragement. Taking care of a sleep-resistant baby is really taxing and draining.

    My baby is almost 4 mths' old...like Faz, I can't imagine going through this for another year (or more)...

    I've heard that restless sleepers are smarter too. I really hope so!!!</font>
  47. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">Ladies,

    How are all of you this morning??

    Jules was very naughty last night! Woke up at 10:30pm, 12am, 2am, 4:30am, 6am!!! Her eyes were closed but she was wriggling about and rubbing her eyes and ears. I gave her 15mins to see if she would settle herself back to sleep but she didn't. I ended up carrying and rocking her.

    A lot of Mummies have told me not to do that but if I don't do that, I don't know what to do!

    So sleepy now...</font>
  48. wilma

    wilma New Member

    Hi mummies,

    sorry for my late reply...yes as u've guessed cldnt coax my girl to sleep despite singing...time to change strategy. Gosh, im truly exhausted and actually as of last night gave up looking at the clock. It just makes me more frustrated and helpless! As i am sleeping alone with the baby, i usually close the door so that my husband and my mum are not disturbed by her yells but im always surprised they tell me they dont hear a thing the next morning! Super duper sound proof door, haha.

    Faz/heels - my girl likes to take naps most of the time so throughout the day she is on a 1-2 hrs nap waking up for feed in between and i also get her down on her activity gym. I figure she sleeps around 5-7hrs during the day. Usually after her bath at around 7pm, she will doze off to sleep and wake up at around 9plus and the nightmare begins. I will struggle with her throughout the night and the cycle continues. I've been advised to keep her awake till 11pm for her last feed and if she yells in the middle of the night, feed her water instead. So far, i have been successful in this as i have read that infants should not be given water. Also i cannot bear to stretch her feed beyond 4hrs.

    Salvaging road, i think you're very lucky! this is what i'ev been hoping my baby can do!

    Odie - really? that is a great consolation indeed, must go n read up more on babies who dont sleep at night. But to know that this may stretch till 18mths, i feel like quitting my job!

    heels - once i return to work, my mum will be helping me look after my baby until i reach home. She is staying with me now so that can be a familiar face to baby. Till now, my baby cannot hold her head yet and also cannot flip. She is currently 2mths old. When you said your girl was wriggling about, is she disturbing you? Sounds like light noises? Mine literally yells but last night i didnt see any tears in her eyes so i think she was yelling for attention, hate it when she does that! Like you i had to carry her and rock her, eeks, price that we have to pay in future!
  49. odie

    odie New Member

    Ladies... just some advices to make you feel better is such a situation:

    (1) Don't compare your child with another child who can sleep through. Everyone is unique and ours just so happen not to be the typical textbook baby. Comparing will only make you feel worse.

    (2) Never doubt your ability as a mother. There is nothing wrong with your parenting skills. The character of the baby plays an important part. My 2nd child is a textbook baby. She slept through the night by the time she was 2 months old and there was nothing particular that I need to do to make her sleep through. It just happned naturally. Besides sleeping, her milestones and behaviour mirrors what most textbooks would say for each stage. But not so for my 1st child. It was because of my 2nd child that I gained confidence as a parent once more. I raised both of them the same way but they turn out to be very different.

    (3) Get lots of support from your spouse. Don't brave this all alone. I took everything upon myself during the early months and I drove myself nuts doing it. Knowing that your other half is suffering together with you actually makes you feel better =p Hubby and I worked out a system eventually. He will be playing his online games from 10 pm to 2 am and I will try and go to bed early. If the baby wakes up between those 4 hours, he will have to deal with it while I get that one stretch of 4 hour rest. Between 2 am to 6 am, if the baby should wake up then I will have to deal with it while my hubby sleeps. Having that 4 hour stretch does wonder.

    (4) When talking to someone who doesn't face the same problem, take their advices with a pinch of salt. Sorry to say this... but they simply don't understand and cannot fully appreciate your problem. It will only make you have more doubts when they tell you this is what you should do and this is what you should not do. I have tried the cry it out method on my boy, and he can go on for 2 hours non-stop until he throws up. I ended up with a bigger problem because I need to clean up the bed and him. I force a bedtime routine on him and it doesn't work either because the minute he knew that we were trying to get him to sleep he will start to fight it. We have to keep changing ways to make him stay still. Each method won't last us more than 3 days. People around me then kept saying that I wasn't trying hard enough. As it is the tiredness was getting to me... what they are saying is only making it worse for me.

    (5) Do what you need to do to get the baby to sleep. Sleep is more important right now than anything. There were nights when I will be driven to desperation that I will even put the baby in the car and drive up the highway to rock him to sleep. My mum and MIL will scold us the next morning for doing it. My answer to them is always "if you have tried to put the baby to sleep from 2 am to 5 am and you need to wake up at 7 am to get ready to work, the only thing on your mind is to make the baby sleep and nothing else".
  50. kittyminky

    kittyminky Member

    <font color="aa00aa">junior mint, people have also suggested that I feed Jules water instead of milk. But I often wonder if it isn't just replacing one habit with another. I've heard of babies who ended up waking up for water instead of milk.

    Reg my girl, she whimpers a lot in her sleep, BUT she won't stop and it gets really annoying after a while. And if I don't get to her in time, the whimpers often end up in cries and she becomes harder to settle. I almost always end up rocking and carrying her to sleep. But this only works sometimes. How was your baby last night?

    Odie, thanks for your advice! You are spot-on about others not fully appreciating our problem. People have also said I'm not trying hard enough...and it really gets me down sometimes.

    And I can understand how you were so desperate, you drove up the highway with your baby. There have been occasions when I got really tired and stressed and at my wits' end, I felt like doing that too. Unfortunately, I don't drive, if not I would probably be doing that too.

    I'm just trying my best to be positive now and keep reminding myself that baby will grow out of this phase one day. I just have to persevere.

    Thank goodness for this thread! At least I know I'm not alone.</font>

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