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3D Birthday Cake for Baby

Discussion in 'Motherhood, Pregnancies And Babies' started by casseytwl, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. casseytwl

    casseytwl New Member

    Anyone tried to order 3D Birthday Cake...

    I want to buy 1 for my girl 1st yr old bday..

  2. cynlim

    cynlim Member

  3. faithpenn

    faithpenn Member

    You can try cakeavenue.com

    But I dun think their cake is very nice...

    Otherwise you can try pine garden, their cakes are yummy! Mostly tiered cakes though... But still look very lovely!

    I ordered from them for my boy's 1st bday. www.pgcake.com
  4. koshkosh

    koshkosh New Member

    You can try "Polar" cake shop.
    The cartoon on the cake look great, but too sweet [​IMG]
  5. raynessa

    raynessa New Member

    Hi Casey,

    You can try e-creative website. Their cakes are veri sweet and nice esp the 3-D one.

    They provide free delivery as well. I have always order theirs for any occasion.
  6. agape2208

    agape2208 New Member

    Hi, you can try coffee bean and tea leaf too! They have some nice 3D cakes.
  7. moniquesc

    moniquesc New Member

    Try www.cherylshuen.com. She has very creative 3D cakes, especially for the 1yr olds. Although expensive, the cakes are beautifully crafted and very delicious. We ordered our son's 1yr birthday cake from her and it was a hit with adults & kids.
  8. My ds's 1st bday in Aug. Anymore mummies out there also planning a beeeeg bash?
  9. xue_ni

    xue_ni Member

    my son 1st b'day oso falls in aug. hw u intend to celebrate for him?
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  10. casseytwl

    casseytwl New Member

    Hi Monique
    wow cherylshuen's cake design nice. how the cake?
    As for Pine garden from forum the lychee martine is very nice...

  11. Hi xue,

    Thinking of having a sesame street theme. Didn't have a 1st mth celebration for him so inviting abot 120 to 150pax this time.

    Can only think of common items like goodie bags, cake from pine garden, agar agar cake fr James...alsi having a slide show and printing a photo book of his first year.

    Wondering whether to get a magic show but it will be more for the guests as he doesn't know how to appreciate it. Any more ideas?
  12. oneboyonegirl

    oneboyonegirl Active Member

    Any idea where to get BEN 10 birthday cake?
  13. yangzi13

    yangzi13 New Member


    Can try 'The Patissier', they have branches at both Mohd Sultan and Ann Siang. I always order their cake for all kinda events. Visit their website http://www.thepatissier.com to check out all their lovely cakes. A bit costly though but guaranteed satisfactory!
  14. items2clear

    items2clear New Member

    Hi. I got a 3D amazingly real BARNEY cake for my gal's 1st B-day (2yrs ago) from Smiling Orchid Bakery. Still can't get over how good it looked. Get the fresh cream ones, tastes lighter and not as sweet. Must order 3 weeks in advance and min 3kg. Cheers!
  15. morningbee

    morningbee New Member

    WOW!! this is interesting, still thinking what cake to buy for my baby boy 1st yr old birthday.

    Thanks! [​IMG]
  16. hkfan

    hkfan New Member

    Hi I had tried ecreative 3D winnie the pooh cake. Taste wise ok and normal but everyone went wow when they saw the cake.
  17. jessel

    jessel Member

  18. mumbebes

    mumbebes Member

    how about customised 3D cakes? where to buy?
  19. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    I did this for my son's birthday, all toys self provide and they will help me put on. It only cost me $35 for 1Kg, its very pretty to me and my friends already [​IMG]
  20. jan193

    jan193 Member

    Meow.. ur cake is very nice n colourful.. whr did u order it from??
  21. iemik0

    iemik0 New Member

    hi meow

    interested to know where u got ur cake from. tinking of having a sesame st theme one for my boi. =)
  22. sunshinekid

    sunshinekid Active Member


    Any pictures of your kiddo's birthday cake from Smiling Orchid?

  23. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    Oops sorry for my late reply. I got the cake from Swee Heng...cheap and nice. But i bought the figurines and ladybug for them to add on. I jus give them the design and they make for me lor. By right its $30 for 1 kg cake, but because i use additional 1 slice of swiss roll as top cake and a bigger box and cake basem they charge me additional $5 for that. But end result is nice so i dun mind paying the extra [​IMG]

    Who ever needs the figurine can PM me lor [​IMG]
  24. ednawong

    ednawong Member

    Hi meow

    Care to share where you bought the winnie the pooh figurines from?
  25. meowie

    meowie Active Member

  26. piggybb

    piggybb New Member

    meow the cake taste good?[​IMG]
  27. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    to me it taste good enough [​IMG]
  28. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    Whoever is keen in getting the pooh figurine(with dough) can PM me cos i still have a few sets at home...bought from the supplier cos i wan to complete my set.
  29. blissfulmay

    blissfulmay New Member

    Hi Meow,

    do you have Mickey mouse, hello kitty or thomas and friends figurine?

  30. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    So sorry, they only have disney princess and pooh. They only have aurora, cinderella and belle. I didn't buy them thou
  31. blissfulmay

    blissfulmay New Member

    thanks, Meow. I'll buy real thomas train toy & put onto cake then. [​IMG]
  32. glnnca

    glnnca Member

    Hi Meow

    Want to check with u where is Swee Heng?

  33. puffybelle

    puffybelle New Member

    Hi Meow,

    Do you know if they sell snow white figurine?
  34. glnnca

    glnnca Member

    Hi Meow

    Can I check with you for the supplier contact?

    Cause thinking of doing the disney princess theme cake.

  35. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    So sorry i didnt follow this thread.
    Bukit Panjang
    Blk 445 Fajar Road #01-522 Fajar Shopping Centre S670445 Tel: 6314 9949
    Bukit Panjang Plaza 1 Jelebu Road #01-22B S677743 Tel: 6763 9949
    Choa Chu Kang
    Blk 306 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #01-683 S680306 Tel:6760 9949
    Blk 253 #B1-19 Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 S680253. Tel:6462 9949
    Blk 252 Jurong East St 24 #01-179 S600252 Tel: 6565 9949
    Blk 762 Gek Poh Shopping Centre Jurong West St.72 #01-256 S640762. Tel:6793 9949
    Blk 221 Boon Lay Drive #01-158 Boon Lay Shopping Centre S640221. Tel: 6268 9949
    Blk 511 Canberra Road #01-07 S750511 Tel: 6853 9949
    11 Rivervale Crescent #01-15 Rivervale Mall S545082 Tel: 6881 9949
    118 Rivervale Drive #01-17 Rivervale Plaza Tel: 6795 9949
    55 Upper Serangoon Road #01-02 Potong Pasir MRT (Exit C) S347694. Tel:6288 9949
    Block 27 Bendemeer Road, £01-637. Tel: 6293 9949
    Blk 261 #01-13 Serangoon Central Drive S550261 Tel: 6281 9949
    Blk 846 Yishun Ring Road #01-3623 S730846 Tel: 6754 9949
    Blk 678A #01-12 Woodlands Ave 6 S731678 Tel: 6893 9949

    i have these figurines from smarties toppers to let go
  36. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    nope they run out of snow white
  37. glnnca

    glnnca Member

    hi Meow

    thanks for the contacts.

    Btw, how much are u selling for the 4 figurines?

  38. zixin

    zixin New Member

    Hi Meow,

    i ma interested in the Pooh & Friends figurines and hv just pm u.

  39. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    Dear all who're keen in the pooh figurines. The last set is sold to Zixin already.

    I've PM you on the princess figurines
  40. jeffersonmommy

    jeffersonmommy New Member

    Dear Meow,

    I am new in here , i am registering myself so i can discuss and share many interesting things that happening with my little ones.
    First, i must say that i am desperately in need of winnie-the-pooh figurines, just exactly the same as those you have on your cake...my son's birthday is 2 weeks away from now..and i have make a design for the cake but i just can't find the little figurines anywhere......
    Can anyone suggest me please?

    Thank you
  41. meowie

    meowie Active Member

    you're in luck...one set whom i reserve for my friend says she dun need le so i still got 1 set...can you please PM me if you wan cos you dun accept PM? Thanks
  42. prema09

    prema09 New Member

    Hi Meow,

    Just came across your post. I am in need of thos winnie-the-pooh figurines. Can u please let me know where i can get them or if you have any spare left. Please pm me.

    Thank you.
  43. sharon_chng

    sharon_chng Member

    Hi mommyof2,

    Care to share yr gal's 3D amazingly real BARNEY cake for yr gal's 1st B-day (2yrs ago) from Smiling Orchid Bakery photo? I am interested to order one for my son for 1st birthday but no idea in mind yet.. Thank alot! my email: sharon_chng2000@yahoo.com.sg

  44. embaby

    embaby New Member

    I got a really adorable 3D animal themed bday cake for my son at the following site. Not expensive. Believe they also do themed cakes such as Bob the Builder, Dora etc. Can ref to photos on site. http://cupcakedivinity.blogspot.com/
  45. angel15

    angel15 New Member

    Hi Meow,
    The Pooh range: its playdough- Can be used on cakes? U still have it?

    Hi Adeline,
    How u find e cake? Is it very sweet? some cupcakes are quite sweet...

  46. angel15

    angel15 New Member

    Meow, Oops..sorry..must be blur...just realised u mentioned u have no more pooh figures.. can u pm me e contact for the supplies of the figures?

  47. millysmix

    millysmix New Member

    I ordered a Pirate Cake from Smiling Orchid Bakery (www.smilingorchid.com) for my son's 5th birthday. The cake tasted good; not too sweet, and the decoration was fantastic. He still plays with the toys too!
  48. jenny_yong

    jenny_yong Member

  49. sclaujas

    sclaujas Active Member


    barney cake from Pine garden
    agar agar cake - mrs chan
  50. sclaujas

    sclaujas Active Member


    barney cake from Pine garden
    agar agar cake - mrs chan

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