28 weeks pregnant, admitted to hospital for wisdom tooth inflamation...etc


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Hi, Mummies... im feeling so terrible now...

Am expecting at 28 weeks now but admitted into KKH for high fever 39 degrees due to wisdom tooth inflamation. On top of that, im suffering from sinus badly for more than 2 months already which is causing me to lose my sleep due to congestion in my nose. Being heavily preggy now does not make the situation better as im having cramps frequently plus the aching...

Aiyo!!! Feels so exhausted... am thinking of what to do... shd i pluck out the wisdom tooth??? Will it be more painful or leaving it there will be less painful??

Cant eat for days already due to the pain... =(


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Hi En Xuan, sorry to hear abt ur distress. But what's the reason of u not plucking it out? Can you ask ur Gynae whether is it safe to go through the wisdom tooth's op at this stage of your pregnancy?


hi en xuan,

i had toothache into the last trimester of my pregnancy too. but dentist checked and attributed the pain to my cold (i was having a lot of mucus/phelgm, which caused inflamation on my cheeks, and the pain pressed onto my tooth, causing me to mistake it for wisdom tooth pain).

anyway, i dun think ur dentist wud advise extracting wisdom tooth now cos :

1. u can't take x-ray
2. u may or may not be able to take anesthesia
3. he prob wun wanna risk u having premature delivery in his clinic

my advise is to get ur dentist to assess your situation first, maybe not wisdom tooth issue after all.

do take gd care, nearing your delivery, try to stay healthy, otherwise can add complications to to your delivery n recovery.

all d best!


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Hi en xuan,

I had the same experienced like you but I didn't extract it out. They given me gaggle to numb that part but you will still feel painful. I only extract out after birth.


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Hi I had an inflammation of my wisdom tooth too during 1 of my pregnancies. As I cant take an x-ray, i was given some painkillers suitable for pregnant ladies and see 'how it goes'...and hope it goes away. Mine went away and i extracted my tooth after giving birth. As for my mum, she used noni juice to gargle and it went away..She was in USA for 1 month and she didnt wanna extract there...so it went away so long that she only extracted a year after...i duno if noni juice can be used on pregnant ladies..perhaps u can check it out as well..


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Thanks so much... im getting better already n now doesnt hurt that much n fever gone down...

Really been a nightmare at that time...

Thank u mummies!


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I dont think you should extract your tooth now, been through that before, quite a tough period
anyway get well soon !


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Hi Xuan, I had similar experience at close to 30 weeks. But I did not take out, endured until after birth.
Being a mother is really not easy.