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23mth Baby playing with iphone

Discussion in 'Matters Of The Heart' started by princessi, May 19, 2010.

  1. princessi

    princessi New Member

    Juz to share,
    I find that letting my baby playing with iphone can help her learn alot of things.
    Now she can count 1 -13, read A-Z. She play her game, listen to her song and watch video at youtube.
    Anyone got similar experience to share.

  2. venus_77

    venus_77 Active Member

    mine is playing puzzles on iphone and he is 26 mths old.
  3. chiroaini

    chiroaini New Member

    Hi my toddler loves playing, he knows how to unlock the phone and find his favorite applications. He enjoys playing puzzle and memory game too. He is 21 months.

    The most important thing is to remember to switch to airplane mode to prevent excessive and unnecessary radiations that will harm him!!
  4. hugomum

    hugomum Active Member

    Wow, all very clever de...
  5. wan

    wan Member

    I download educational games eg. Iwrite for my 2.5yo girl to learn writing. She also enjoys watching videos n photos from my album. Worried abt their eyesight tho
  6. bibi_gal

    bibi_gal New Member

    they also know how to delete my pictures and video... [​IMG] haha
  7. blissedsher

    blissedsher Member

    my 15 mth old nephew knows how to count 1 -10 , A-Z and a-z .. he learnt it on Iphone
  8. mui_mui

    mui_mui New Member

    wow..all ur kids are so clever
  9. saphirejean

    saphirejean New Member

    I agreed with princessi (princessi), my son was playing my iphone when he turned 1yr old. He picks up very fast and indeed help him learns alot of things from the apps. Now he's 20mths expert in unlocking my iphone sliding and find his fav apps, watching videos, pressing nos for calling, even know how to take photos of himself.
  10. princessi

    princessi New Member

    wow tat impressive, i dun let my dd touch my contacts, scare she accidentally called my boss. Yes, she noe to operate the iphone like an adult. Her fav pastime is using the phone to watch U tube and search for her "Wheel on the bus" which is under the bookmark.
  11. jamiemama

    jamiemama Member

    hehe now there is ipad in Singapore! anyone thinking of buying?
  12. mummymama

    mummymama New Member

    Hi mommies,

    My two kids love to play with our iphones too. They can go on & on for hours... But I'm really worried about whatever radiation (if there is any) there may be. Anyone has any idea if iphones is actually "bad" for them phyiscally?
  13. dracano

    dracano New Member

    The worrying part should be on their eyesights and addiction to the device. Be sure to provide them with an adequate balance with outdoor activities to make sure they continue to develop healthily instead of becoming an 'iPhone Potato'...
  14. araire

    araire New Member

    Yeah, my daughter loves my iPhone. Even told me to get a new one and give her my current one as it has all her apps inside ... LOL. Am worried about spoiling eyesight too so I limit usage and always remind her to put it further away from here eyes. Kids can manipulate the thing just as well as us ...
  15. health

    health New Member

    Hi all,

    My 2 girls played my Apple till it HUNG !!!
    Now gotta look for iphone 4
  16. linaang

    linaang New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    any educational or good application to recommend for kids? Thanks
  17. wan

    wan Member

    For letter & number tracing - iWriteWord
    For spelling - Build a Word (wordworld)
    For Q&A - Feed me! (available in different languages)
    For drawing - doodles kid
    For flashcards, there are many available. But I prefer multi-language ones, eg. ABC Chinese
  18. linaang

    linaang New Member

    Hi wan,
    thanks for the information.
  19. mummyfel

    mummyfel Member

    Same here. My 27mths old son delete my application from my Iphone...play games and take photo with it..

    Now my 9mths old baby girl wants to play my Iphone too...
  20. sooeng

    sooeng New Member

    ya, ya, my older one know how to delete my applications, always faint after taking back the fon from him. [​IMG]
  21. jesslee98

    jesslee98 New Member

    I m going to buy iPAD 2 for my kids...as iPhone is bad to their eye...;oP
  22. mievee

    mievee New Member

    A friend's daughter downloaded US$400+ worth of apps! He'd to try to get refund for each of them.

    All glares from screens are bad for eyesight. In fact, the bigger the screen, the further the eyes should be.

    Phone radiation is also more harmful to young children than adults due to their thin skull. So yes, switch to airplane mode and turn off Wifi.

    I let my 2-Yr old meddle a little with my iPod Touch once in a while, as a last resort when I run out of distractions, especially outdoors. I store many nursery rhymes inside, so he listens to the songs instead of playing with apps.
  23. swimtear

    swimtear New Member

    can i share that iphone application?? haha
  24. lemlynn

    lemlynn New Member

    when i allow my kids to play with games on the phone, I will switch off the wifi and network or even on the airplane mode.
  25. ai_sakura

    ai_sakura Member

    yes lim, I do that sometimes too because my girl can call out!! :/

    she likes to play with our iPhone too.. esp her dress-up games, Angry birds, colouring, Youtube etc.

    Ai @ http://www.sakuraharuka.com

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