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Latest COMMENT From Our Customers

Madhu Nagpal :"
" in Interlace many know....but sure will recommend...as I am happy since last 2 times i had service done from your company. Take care & Thanks!"

Vera :"
"Thanks for your great service !"

Sio Lay Peng :"
Thanks for the arrangement. work done, i had bought a maint package. !"

Esther :"
Happy with your service ! Thanks for help !"

Fiza : Hi Eliz. Thanks for today! He did a great job Will contact u again for nxt one!,

Mrs. Chan :
Superlike your prompt n friendly service . Thanks Blessed Christmas!"

Connie :"Great ! Love ur service ! "

Jayaraman :" Thanks for ur good service ! "

Pauline : "the service as been good all the while that's why i has been renewing my package with your side

Alice: "This is my 2nd time using your service and so far I'm happy and satisfied

To be continued...

Proven Air Con Service

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Latest COMMENT From Our Customers

Kamini :"
your guy who came very honest. Fantastics !

Karen : "
The specialist is very good & I like the service.."

: "

ur man did a good clean job. Many other svc men left me dirty wet floor in the room & bathroom. He didnt't.."

Joan :"
Yes, my sis also uses u guys too :) And my sis is very picky, if you guys passed, must have some standards .
Karen :"
I like ur service !

: "

Aircon is nice and cold after servicing.."

: "

Hi Eliz, thank you for the urgent arrangement to fix my leaking aircon!."

: "

Good service and not pushy though my aircons have not been cleaned for years. They do clean up after servicing and looking forward to the next one in April."

Katherine :"
Hi Eliza, Good job done last Sat and quite fast. My master bedroom is cold after chemical wash.!

Twinsgirls : "Hi ELiz.... thanks for responding to my message so promptly and arranging your contractor to come down this morning despite of his full schedule.
My master bedroom aircon was leaking badly last night and it is ok now.
I am truly appreciate. Thanks so much."

Snow White :"

Great job by your guys ! They are professional and efficient with great service. Thank you


Proven Air Con Service

to be continued...
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Latest COMMENT From Our Customers

Stella :" I like the fact that my beddings are carefully protected, and the floors are clean after chemical washing. The works are done more professionally than my previous repair man. Thanks . " Sept 16.2015

Karen: " Hi Eliz, My friend is very happy with your service. Today she spent 320. She can get a free gift right? " Sept 16.2015
Agnes: "

Aircon servicemen were polite and efficient and he, gave good advice regarding maintaining my aircon units. Overall, I’m pleased with the service so far.

" Sept 14.2015

Ms Lee: "Hi, Eliz, thanks for the great service. Your aircon technicians had done a great job." August 6.2015


Hi Eliz
Your men came today to clean up my aircond,
I am happy with the services.
Can u quote me water spraying for 3 times a year for the unit at The Centris.
Thank you.
July 23 2015

( our return customer)


( our return customer)

prompt in replying to queries and very helpful in sourcing for the spare parts. Thank you.

June 23 , 2015

Jacqueline ( our return customer)

Service was good, very prompt to reply on my query. Service guy also explains the service to be done prior to execution. May 22, 2015

Shirley ( our return customer)

Thank you Eliz!

The service provided was satisfactory. Thanks May 14, 2015


"Thank you for yr great service.
"May 14, 2015


Cool!! Enjoy your holis!!
All settled with Andrew; as usual did a great thorough job.
Took the quarter package
May 4, 2015


"Hi Lina here, Pls say thx 2 yr specialist 4 dropping by and settle my a2015
on issues. trusted u guys all along"April 18, 2015

To be continued
Proven Air Con Service
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Ms. Leo
"Hi Eliz, thanks for being so accomodating, will contact u for future servicing, thanks
"March 28, 2015


The technician advice me on which service to get and explain to me about chemical cleaning. He showed me how to see when the AC need to be chemical wash. After washing i can feel my AC is cooler now. Thanks! " March 25, 2015


"The service is good and yr service man is knowledgeable and good too "March 20, 2015


Eliz, please thank you yr specialist for his good service on that day. He came to change the pc board for us. he is very soft spoken and friendly. Also thank you for all the arrangement all this while. Will recommend your aircon service should my relatives and friends need. Thank you .

"Jan 26, 2015


Consistent and excellent service from the team. They have been servicing my aircon units for over 3 years and I always go to them without doubt. The technician is knowledgeable, works fast and willing to share on how to maintain the aircon on a daily basis. Many thanks to Eliz as well as she is the first point of contact for appointment arrangement and she never fails to ensure customers get the best possible experience. Overall, thanks to Eliz and team. The entire experience is extremely hassle free and pleasant :) " Jan 8, 2015

Proven Air Con Service
to be continue...
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Mummies, How Clean & Fresh is the Air that You and Your Little Ones Breath for the Whole Day & Night ???

At last! Professional Air-Con Specialist with GUARANTEE and Reasonable Price that We Mothers CAN Rely On!
Mummies, We know that fresh and clean air is very important to Our health and well-being. It is even so for Our Babies and Young Children due to their still sensitive growing young body.
As Mummy, it is Our call and duty to constantly ensure the health and cleanliness of the house that we live in. In looking for air-con service, do You also expect the following quality level of service:
*Fast, on-time, Professional Expert Service with thorough cleaning and complete inspection!
*Specialist with many years of experience and commitment to provide best quality service for both residential & commercial clients!
*Comes with solid After-Service GUARANTEE!!

We are a local trusted Professional Air-Con Specialist who provides Quality Air-Con Service Island-Wide that We Mothers CAN rely on! Our Expert is a Specialist with a registered company and more than 10 years of local experience in the air-con industry in Singapore. Our specialist has good command of English and also local Mandarin, and is patient to explain and give his expert suggestions on your air-cons’ problems. We specialise in: repairing, servicing, chemical clean, and thorough checking of Your air-cons. We will help ensure Your air-cons to provide clean, fresh and cool air at home! View attachment 15009
We provide the following GUARANTEE on Your air-con units:
5 Months from water leaking for Chemical Cleaning
2 Months from water leaking for Normal Cleaning
1 Month for replaced parts

NO Transport Cost,and NO Other Hidden Cost !!!
Also FREE Inspection for Quotation (as long as followed up by any type of servicing for 1 unit)!
SPECIAL RATE for SingaporeMotherhood Mummies
(All our fan-coil unit cleanings are inclusive of Free drainage-pipe vacuuming):
★ Normal Cleaning without water spray: 1 unit S$30, 2-or-more S$25/unit. (WITH 2 MONTHS GUARANTEE!!!)
★ Normal Cleaning with Water Spray: for 1 unit S$35 and for 2 units and more$30// unit . (WITH 2 MONTHS GUARANTEE!!!)
★ Chemical Cleaning: S$80/unit. (WITH 5 MONTHS GUARANTEE!!!)

★ Chemical Cleaning with Fully Dismantle: S$ 120/unit. (WITH 5 MONTHS GUARANTEE!!!)
★ Chemical Cleaning for Compressor: S100/unit (for HDB up to 13th floor), contact us for HDB higher floors, S$120/unit (for condo up to 13th floor), contact us for condo higher floors. Inclusive of Free gas top-up when necessary

Get even cheaper for Maintenance Contract (Min of 2 units; 3 times a year if each unit with 1 chemical cleaning, or 4 times a year for all normal cleanings):
★ Normal Cleaning without water spray: S$ 20.00/unit
★ Normal Cleaning with Water Spray : S$25/unit
★ Chemical Cleaning: S$ 70.00/unit
★ Chemical Cleaning with Fully Dismantle: S$ 110/unit
★ Chemical Cleaning for Compressor: S$90/unit (for HDB up to 13th floor), S$110 (for condo up to 13th floor). Inclusive of Free gas top-up when necessary.

* Rates for chemical cleanings are for standard-sized air-cond units (<= 12,000 BTU).
* A small surcharge of $10 may apply to location in CBD area due to CBD parking and ERP given our already competitive/good rates.
* Inspection for Quotation is Free as long as it is followed up by the service/repair. The checking fee is $30 but it will be waived if followed by the repair.
* For servicing *specifically* requested at 7pm onwards (late evening work), there will be a surcharge of $10 per unit. This surcharge however DOESN’T apply (WAIVED) to appointment where my Specialist’s arrival scheduled before 7pm, but the actual arrival or servicing is done at 7pm onwards.

Thanks for so Many Good Testimonials Shared by SMH Mummies
in Our almost 6 Years of Quality Servicing.
Read Some of Their Good Comments Shared Below!
Do Whatsapp / sms : 82788006 for Appointment NOW to Experience Yourself Real QuailyAir-Con Service:Or just email us at MotherhoodPalace@gmail.com,
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