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Madhu Nagpal :"
" in Interlace many know....but sure will recommend...as I am happy since last 2 times i had service done from your company. Take care & Thanks!"

Vera :"
"Thanks for your great service !"

Sio Lay Peng :"
Thanks for the arrangement. work done, i had bought a maint package. !"

Esther :"
Happy with your service ! Thanks for help !"

Fiza : Hi Eliz. Thanks for today! He did a great job Will contact u again for nxt one!,

Mrs. Chan :
Superlike your prompt n friendly service . Thanks Blessed Christmas!"

Connie :"Great ! Love ur service ! "

Jayaraman :" Thanks for ur good service ! "

Pauline : "the service as been good all the while that's why i has been renewing my package with your side

Alice: "This is my 2nd time using your service and so far I'm happy and satisfied

To be continued...

Proven Air Con Service

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Latest COMMENT From Our Customers

Kamini :"
your guy who came very honest. Fantastics !

Karen : "
The specialist is very good & I like the service.."

: "

ur man did a good clean job. Many other svc men left me dirty wet floor in the room & bathroom. He didnt't.."

Joan :"
Yes, my sis also uses u guys too :) And my sis is very picky, if you guys passed, must have some standards .
Karen :"
I like ur service !

: "

Aircon is nice and cold after servicing.."

: "

Hi Eliz, thank you for the urgent arrangement to fix my leaking aircon!."

: "

Good service and not pushy though my aircons have not been cleaned for years. They do clean up after servicing and looking forward to the next one in April."

Katherine :"
Hi Eliza, Good job done last Sat and quite fast. My master bedroom is cold after chemical wash.!

Twinsgirls : "Hi ELiz.... thanks for responding to my message so promptly and arranging your contractor to come down this morning despite of his full schedule.
My master bedroom aircon was leaking badly last night and it is ok now.
I am truly appreciate. Thanks so much."

Snow White :"

Great job by your guys ! They are professional and efficient with great service. Thank you


Proven Air Con Service

to be continued...
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