(2019/05/29) Factory Price - Windows/ Grilles/ Gates/ Repairs

Hi, do u have handle replacement for kitchen window. One handle drop off.
In case I need to change window, how much is it for 3 panels for kitchen?
Any Enquires, feel free to email me at [email protected]

OR Sms /call my hubby at 81123882

For quotations, please provide me with the number of panels per window, Location, How many room flats, colour/ design needed
hi Dawn, do you provide transparent grills?
if yes, how much?
we need to do wrought iron gate as well at main entrance.
pls pm me for further discussion, tks.
Can you please quote me for window grilles for the following:
Living room - 5 panels
Master bedroom & bedroom 1 - 4 panels
Bedroom 2 - 2 panels
Kitchen - 3 panels

I saw that you have those bamboo pole holders too. Can you please include that and its installation charge in your quotation?

Hi mila: pmed

Hi Yp: sry we do not have fire rated door nor stainless steel

only Aluminium and wrought iron
hi dawn do you have any website? I wana change my existing HDB gate. Could you show me some options and quote me the price?

Kindly PM me.. Thanks.
Hi, got any website to look at the design of grilles and door available? OR can I arrange a onsite viewing to look at catalogue and get a quote on spot?
I would like quotations for the following :

1 - window grills (white/ivory) for 5 room HDB flat. not sure if 1 panel is 1 side of the window whereby one window usually has 2 panels. Assuming one window has 2 panels, then I am lookin at 12-16 panels

Interested in this design :

2 - bi fold door for toilet which existing is already a bi fold door

3 - kitchen sliding door - existing is already a sliding glass door with one side of the glass fixed, only one side moving but it has broken into pieces.


If prices are right, how long do you take to do all these?
<font size="+2"><font color="ff0000">Any Enquires, feel free to email me at [email protected]

OR Sms /call my hubby at 81123882

For quotations, please provide me with the number of panels per window, Location, How many room flats, colour/ design needed
Hi I m looking into changing my current toilet door to bi fold.can u quote me? Besides bi fold do u hv other space saving toilet doors?

I'm thinking of replacing my current yard toilet door and frame (wooden) to aluminium bi-fold door (top roller). Can you quote me for this.


Other than those glass shower screen doors you have, any others like sliding ones??

Please pm me all details.

Thank you.
Hi there,

Need to do either normal or invisible grilles for balcony n also glass door leading to balcony.

Pls let me know if u have these n able to give a quote. Thank u

You may want to contact this company. Not the biggest company that does invisible grille but they are very meticulous. you can visit their website, www.invisiblegrille.biz or call 9339 2704.

I got them to do my balcony in living room and masterbed room.


I like to replace my existing window.

Please provide quotation for 2 panels per window, black colour, measurement 145x82cm


Can you pm me the rough quotation of window grill for my 5 room? Haven't decide on the design choice.


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- Includes HDB Permit Application
Hi, my windows r currently the sliding kind.. Thinking of changing them to the push open ones. How much would it cast?

3 bedrm : 4 panels each
Balcony : 6 panels
Hall : 4 panels


I'm interested to make grilles for the whole house, 4rm flat (new flat).. service yard (with sliding windows), living room and 3 bedrooms...roughly how much would it be? Can email me at [email protected]