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(2019/02/06) Factory Price - Windows/ Grilles/ Gates/ Repairs

Discussion in 'Bulk Purchase' started by xicloudix, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member


    Specialised in Aluminium window/ Aluminium & Wrought Iron Grille/ Gates/ Bifold door etc.

    - With more than 29years experience
    - Works are done within a day
    - HDB Approved window contractor
    - Includes HDB Permit Application
    - Has Builder license which is required for complicated works like 3/4 height and full height window
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  2. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Any Enquires, feel free to email me at bbxicloudix@hotmail.com or call/ sms 8112 3882

    For quotations, please provide me with the number of panels per window, Location, How many room flats, colour/ design needed
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  3. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

  4. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

  5. baby1234

    baby1234 Member


    I am interested in window Grills.. Currently, i only have window but no grills.

    I am staying in Tampines, the location is Kitchen. I believe it should be about 4-5 panels.. Please provide me an estimate cost
  6. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi assuming its 4 panels, Bronze/ silver colour

    its around $310. Actual price would be given onsite. If you require, I can arrange someone to give you an actual quote
  7. baby1234

    baby1234 Member


    Ok.. I will let my husband knows and let him arrange

    Does this include installation and all the paper work or there is additional cost....
  8. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Yes baby1234
    its all included.
  9. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi hana replied to u in pm
    pls advise
  10. mummy_bel

    mummy_bel Member

    Looking for Bifold door for masterbed room toilet.
  11. usagibb

    usagibb Member

    hi im keen for window grilles for living roon n 2 bedroom

    living room is full height but i want to do half height and consist 6 panels, bedroom each got 3 panels

    roughly how much would tat be?
  12. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi usagibb rough estimation price will be around $800 plus in total ( silver or bronce colour grille for ur living room and bedroom. I need a more accurate measurement. If u dun mind, i can come down, non obligatory quote.
  13. babydoeee

    babydoeee Member

    i'm interested to do iron wrought grills for main door... what is the estimated pricing.. any brochures/ designs to look at.

  14. hammiebao

    hammiebao Active Member


    I'm interested to make grilles for the whole house, 4rm flat..total 2 balconies, 1 service yard, and 3 bedrooms windows...roughly how much would tat be? where can I view the designs? thanks
  15. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi rinobel have pmed
    pls advise
  16. jenjovstan

    jenjovstan New Member

    Like to get the Bi-fold door for my master room toilet. Pls advise how much.
  17. nanschia

    nanschia Member

    keen to remake my windows and grilles. standard 5 room point block. Am also looking for resealable mosquito net to be on the grilles (not sure if u understand). Anything like this?
    pls advise.
  18. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi hammie have replied u
    pls advise
  19. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi nfn had replied u in pm
    pls advise
  20. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    hi jentan have pm u the detail
    pls advise
  21. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi btmum has replied u the detail
    pls advise
  22. joyce_teo

    joyce_teo New Member


    I just bought a resale 5-rm flat in Sengkang Rivervale Cres. The ex-owner had previously dismantle the window grilles in the MBR, BR 2 & BR3 and the bedrooms grilles are now in my hse store room.

    I'll like to check how much is your installation fee for fixing the window grilles back in the 3 bedrooms?
  23. flyinly

    flyinly Member

    I'm interested to get the Bi-fold door for my master room toilet. Pls advise how much
    1) using the existing door frame
    2) remove existing frame and replace with new frame .
    Can provide brochure ?

  24. happygalgal

    happygalgal Member

    Hi Dawn,

    Would like to know what is the cost for 4 rooms flats grill gates for the whole house and the bi-fold door for my 2 bathroom.

    --> mine is a new flat at punggol area
  25. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    hi Joyce: it would depends on how many panels and condition of grilles, usually dismantled grilles are not in a gd condition and thus harder to fix back... an estimate cost for fixing back a set grille would be around $150

    HI flyinly: if your existing door frame is wood, we can't remove it as after removing, we have to plaster it carefully and certains HDB flats removal of wooden door frame has to seek hdb approval. For installation of Bifold door, its around $250.

    If you see my 2nd post in this thread, its the picture of a bifold door. The actual colour we will let u choose

    HI happygal84: Its hard to gauge without knowing how many panels. Perharps u are able to provide me with the number of panels, or i can arrange someone to go down to give you a FOC quote? No obligation.
  26. hfaudrey

    hfaudrey Member

    Hi dawn,

    Will like to check the cost for the following:

    ~ Wrought iron main gate
    ~ Wrought iron for balcony
    ~ Casement window & window for yard

    Pls advise available date for on-site quote.
    Thanks [​IMG]
  27. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    HI I am able to arrange today evening/ tomolo evening? please provide me with ur address and contact number?
  28. flyinly

    flyinly Member

    Hi dawn,
    my existing door frame is aluminium
    $250 is for the new door w/frame ?
  29. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    HI yes $250 is with frame. The bifolding part is attached to a frame around 1.5"

    We will remove ur existing door wtih frame before we install our bifold door.
  30. chobits_lek

    chobits_lek New Member


    can you give me a rough estimate on aluminium window grill for living room, 5 glass panel. location in jurong west.thanks
  31. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    HI it would be around $370 for Bronze/ silver colour frame.
  32. lovie_april

    lovie_april New Member


    I would like to enquire the price of installation of window grilles for entire 5room flat.
  33. lynn_t

    lynn_t New Member

    I interested to install a bifold door at my kitchen entrance. What is the design available and what is the cost?
  34. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    HI lala mok: i would require to have the number of panels of windows so i can give an estimate quote. Or i can send someone down to give you an FOC quote? No obligation.

    HI Lynn
    Bifold door would be the picture in my 2nd post. There are colours for you to choose. Prices are around $250 depending on ur size needed, as usually kitchen entrance would requires a bigger size than toilet doors. If you requires, i can send someone down to give you an FOC quote? No obligation.
  35. tracee

    tracee New Member


    He much does it cost for 4 windows. It's a condo n yr prices inclusive of paperwork ? Pls pm mi thks
  36. nissin

    nissin New Member

    How much do u charge for wrought iron main gate? The 3/4 plus 1/4 gate type..ie one side is bigger than the other side?
    Pls do not pm me. Email me your quote and sample pic at tanscj@gmail.com
  37. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi trace: pmed

    HI nissin: emailed
  38. baby1234

    baby1234 Member


    Appreciate if you can help to answer my PM.. Thanks
  39. j1j2

    j1j2 Member


    Do you do repairs as well?
    I have a panel that is coming loose.
    Would you be able to help me with that?
    If yes, what are your charges?

    Do let me know.
  40. chatterbox2004

    chatterbox2004 New Member

    Interested to install wrought iron main gate too. The gate is also like nissin's, 3/4 plus 1/4 gate type. The design is to follow my current wrought iron at my balcony.
  41. ygfyusad

    ygfyusad New Member

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  42. bubblepearl

    bubblepearl Active Member

    Hi, i am also interested to install wrought iron main gate too. The gate is also like nissin's, 3/4 plus 1/4 gate type. I need 2 gate as i have 2 main door, in additional i need the plastic blocking the lower part of the gates. can you quote me?
  43. missycandy

    missycandy Active Member

    <font color="119911">im keen on grilles for my balcony and rooms... able to give rough quotation? Im staying in EA... 4 bedrooms, each bedroom window is only 2 panels... the Balcony has around 6-7 panels... its semi circle shaped... its from around my upper waist to ceiling in height... staying in sembawang... thanks</font>
  44. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    HI Baby1234: already replied ur PM. sry for the late reply

    HI j1j2 : sry we do not do repairs for 1 panel only as HDB requires a form B after repairing, and the Form B is for the whole unit

    HI wendy and bubble pearl:
    a normal size 3ft wrought Iron gate would cost $380, 4ft would be around $480.
    Price quoted are for simple designs.


    HI misscandy:
    the bedroom windows seems small for EA.
    anyway, 2 panels grilles would cost around $180 per set (size within 1200mm X 1200mm)

    for your balcony, Grilles would cost around $600 as it seems quite high.

    If possible, we can give an actual quote for you , no obligations.
  45. missycandy

    missycandy Active Member

    <font color="119911">ya lo! cn u imagine! only 2 panels! one left n one right lor! hahaha. so cham! feel like a bird in a cage at times... zzZZz... =P hmmm ok ok ... so rough price is 180x4 + $600 = $1320(estimates)

    if i go home measure the length n height will be able to give a more accurate quote right? btw, what kind of grille u quoted for? hmmm</font>
  46. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi yes if possible please do measure for a more accurate quote.

    the price i quoted is for Aluminium grille, colour bronze/ silver.
  47. mybabyboos

    mybabyboos Member


    for full height wrought iron 4 panels and a sliding glass door. staying at point blk, this is where the "balcony" is. can have an estimate quote?
  48. xicloudix

    xicloudix Well-Known Member

    Hi you do not mean full heigh window am i right? As full height window has a lots of rules and regulations and it would be not be the same as normal windows

    For a 4 panel sliding glass door it would cost around $1200
    4 Panel wrought iron grille would cost around $1300
  49. mybabyboos

    mybabyboos Member

    okie. thanks for the fast response. will let my hubby know.
  50. kaleigh

    kaleigh New Member

    Hi Dawn,

    Do you replace existing toilet showerscreen as one of the door panel came out? How much is it?

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