(2017/04/26) BP5!ORIGINAL Mummycents spacesaverbags storage solution!Unclutter!


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Hi Mummycents,

Thk i got the wrong calculation.

Total should be $56.14

Topup diff : $4.72

Pls confirm again. Will txf the diff to you later. So sorry abt it.


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Hi, would like to order :

1) 2M + 2L Bags - Mix and match any 4 space saver bags and get 20% off the MORE EXPENSIVE bag (excl hanger bags, as they are already on promo).

5.9+5.9+7.9+7.9*0.8 = 22.08

2) Get the whole family of 6a (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + Electric Pump) for $49.50! (Courier $7)

Total = 22.08 + 49.50 + Courier $5 - $1 = $75.58

FOC : 1s bag + a brabuddy

Payment Details :
To Account POSB Savings
115-66477-8 mummycents_spacebags
Amount S$75.58
Transaction Reference 6761048275

Will pm you my address shortly.
Thank you.


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<font color="0000ff">hi chin

thanks. you want S or M hanger bags?
for 2 S, total will be 6.9*2 = 13.80. for 2 M hanger bags, total will be 7.9*2 = 15.80.


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<font color="0000ff"><font size="+1">Welcome to Mummycents’ <font color="ff0000">5th</font> BP, the <font color="ff0000">1st &amp; Original</font> bp to bring you the space saver bags. Due to SMH restrictions, a BP thread cannot exceed 6 months, so here’s a new BP! Also, do drop by our website www.mummycents.com to see see look look, and feel free to send in your comments! :D

<font color="ff0000">More than 10000</font> of our bags have been sold in our 1st, 2nd, 3rd &amp; 4th BP since June 09 (http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/cgi-bin/forumboard/show.cgi?581296/4633871)

Yup these are the <font color="ff0000">original</font> space saver bags brought <font color="ff0000">1st</font> to SMH.

Their <font color="ff0000">excellent</font> quality and great prices are the reason that this BP is so <font color="ff0000">lasting</font> and <font color="ff0000">inspires</font> other bps attempting to sell similar bags.

But <font color="ff0000">NOT</font> all space saver bags are made the same way! Check out our valves!

Thank you mummies for supporting the original space saver bags brought 1st to SMH!

<font color="ff0000"><font size="+1">Mummycents' Space Saver Bags are distributed exclusively by Mummycents.
No other places are selling the same thing. If it appears similar, it is still not the same. And 99% of the time, they look different.
Just check out our valves!</font></font></font></font>


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<font size="+1">Promotions!</font>

<font size="+1">1. Super Duper Fast Payer Promotion!! </font>

Hehe.. this is a new promo. Hope the response is good.
For buyers who make payment before I advise amount, they will get a $1 discount.
If you have over paid, I will refund the excess in the same/ next day.
For example, you want to buy a family of 6.
You transfer $36.50 + 2.5 postage - $1 (discount for being a super duper fast payer) = 38.00.
Then you post on thread stating your order and payment reference, and email me your address.
That’s it!
No worries about over payment as I will refund the excess in the same/ next day.
Trying out response, and if it’s good, I can continue the promo.
Hope to get your support! :D
This is on top of the free s bag/ bra buddy that i will be giving for making payment within 6 hrs for Fastest Payer Promotion!.
so if you order 8 or more items, you will get a free s bag worth $4.90, a bra buddy worth $2.00 AND a $1 discount if you make pymt before i advise amount. It's simple! }}

<font size="+1">2. Fastest Payer Promotion!! </font>

A free S super space saver bag worth $4.90 &amp; a bra buddy worth $2 will be given to mummies who ordered 8 or more items &amp; make payment within 6 hours (after I advise on payment amount).

A free bra buddy worth $2 will be given to mummies who ordered between 3 to 8 items &amp; make payment within 6 hours (after I advise on payment amount).

Find out more about the bra buddy here!


T &amp; Cs
1. One free S bag per order, and cannot be combined with other promotions.
2. If order is dropped and a new order is made, the new order must be of a higher value than the previous order in order to enjoy the promotion.
3. The free gift is not exchangeable for cash or cash equivalents.

Have fun!

<font size="+1">3. Facebook Fan Page Promotion!! </font>

Be a fan of Mummycents' Facebook Page and one fan will get to win a S$50 mummycents.com voucher.

Qualifying period: 1st May to 31st May 2011.

Click "Like".


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<font color="0000ff"><font size="+1">1. Mummycents' Super Space Saver Bags! </font>

Tired of stacking up quilts, blankets, clothes which our kids have outgrown and other clothings in your bursting wardrobe shelves?
Sick of going through messy piles of clothes to find that seldom used fluffy blanket?
Want to keep your clothings clean and neat and free from moulds?

Then you need a Mummycents’ Super Space Saver Bag!

Simply place your clothings inside the <font color="ff0000">strong &amp; durable PVC</font> bag, seal the bag securely using a <font color="ff0000">double zipper seal</font> and suck out the air using a vacuum cleaner, from the <font color="ff0000">specially designed air suction valve</font> and screw the cap to the valve. And voila! You have a neat, flat bag which makes storing and organizing easy and fun!

<font color="ff0000">Do not think this bag is like those ziplock bags sold in the popular <font size="+1">$2 Japanese store</font></font>. I’ve tried those bags and I genuinely feel the difference. Those bags do not come with the air suction valve, and you need to put the vacuum cleaner hose through the zipper portion (eeeeks the dusty vacuum cleaner hose touches my clothes!!!), and have to quickly seal the zipper after taking out the vacuum cleaner hose. In the process, some air would have sipped in. Also, for my case, air re-entered the bags a few weeks later, so I ended up with a few bags of puffy blankets. Not space saving at all.

OK back to my Super Space Saver Bag. It’s <font color="ff0000"><font size="+1">reusable</font></font> by the way, and you can pack and repack many times.

<font size="+1">It comes in 5 generous sizes. </font>

1. S: 50cm x 60cm – For baby clothes, kids clothes, adults clothes, good for organizing cos it’s neater to pack things by different categories (different bags), and small bags work well for this purpose.

2. M: 60cm x 80cm – For clothes, kids clothes, adults clothes, single bed sheet
3. L: 68cm x 98cm – 3 pillows, queen/king bed sheet
4. XL: 80cm x 100cm – Queen/ King Quilt
5. XXL: 80cm x 120cm – Queen/ King Quilt

A similar bag with suction valve cost more than $15 outside. I know ‘cos I bought them before. Get a real bargain here! :D

Need to vacuum your clothes, but <font size="+1">does not have a vacuum cleaner</font>? You can use the manual air extractor instead. It is useful for bringing around when you travel, and is fun to use.

<table border=1><tr><td> </TD></TR><TR><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Size</TD><TD>Dimensions</TD><TD>Price </TD></TR><TR><TD>Small</TD><TD>50x60</TD><TD>4.90 </TD></TR><TR><TD>Medium</TD><TD>60x80</TD><TD>5.90 </TD></TR><TR><TD>Large</TD><TD>68x98</TD><TD>7.90 </TD></TR><TR><TD>XL</TD><TD>80x100</TD><TD>8.50 </TD></TR><TR><TD>XXL</TD><TD>80x120</TD><TD>8.90 </TD></TR><TR><TD>Manual air extractor</TD><TD></TD><TD>5.00 </TD></TR><TR><TD></TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table>
How I vacuumed up a big bag of soft toys into a L bag and end up with plenty of space in my regular toyogo box.

How I kept all this big pile of clothes into 2 S bags, and finally a luggage.

How I use the manual air extractor.

For details on how to use manual air extractor, pls go to http://www.mummycents.com/mummycents-space-saver-bags-faq

<font color="ff0000"><font size="+1">2. Hanger Vacuum Storage Bags </font></font>

Have big and heavy winter jackets to keep but can’t find a place for them?
Hanger Vacuum Storage Bag will solve your problem!

Comes in 2 practical sizes

S – 60cm x 90cm

Good for sweaters and winter clothings

M – 70cm x 120cm
Good for longer pieces of winter clothings

Directions of Usage

Place your coat on a hanger. (Note: you can put a few hangers, ie a few pieces of coats in one bag).

Put the coat into the bag, hooking the hanger into the loop inside the bag.

Zip up the bag with the double zipper seal.

Unscrew the hanger portion that’s outside of the bag.

Place the hose of the vacuum cleaner over the hole and vacuum the air.

<font color="ff0000">Voila! You have a flat and neat package and you can hang it in your wardrobe! </font>


S - $6.90 (usual price 8.90)
M - $7.90 (usual price 9.90)</font>

<font size="+1"><font color="ff0000">3. New Product - Hanger Helper! </font></font>

<font color="ff0000">Unclutter my hangers! </font>

Too many hangers in your wardrobe? Can't find that skirt that you so wanted to wear today?

Hanger Helper to the rescue!

You can hang up to 5 hangers onto this sturdy HH, and it makes organizing my wardrobe easier!

I can hang 5 polo tees on a HH, or 5 pairs of jeans, so it makes my life easier when i want to look for my tees/ jeans. I know which Hanger helper to go to!

Or I will hang a set of clothes/ accessories/ bags for a particular occasion on one HH, and when that occasion comes along, i'll just take that HH, and no need to search all over the place for the items.

Do take note, as each Hanger Helper is 23cm, the clothes hung on the lowest hole may be folded if your wardrobe space is not long enough. so it works best if you have alot of empty space under your hanging bar.


$4 per piece with $1 postage.

Considered 1 unit of postage if bundled with other purchases.

<font color="ff0000"><font size="+1">4. New Product - Trousers hanger! </font></font>

Tired of fumbling through your wardrobe to find that pair of trousers? Risk crumpling your nicely ironed trousers because of the mess?

Try the Mummycents’ trousers hanger!

This high quality hanger hangs up to 5 pairs of trousers, and it's sturdy and fun to use. Find your trousers easily by pulling out the arm on which the trousers are hanging on. No more taking out the entire hanger just for a single pair of trousers!

Introductory Pricing

Postage units = 1.5

<font size="+1">5. <font color="ff0000">NEW!</font> Electronic Air Extractor </font>

By popular request, I've brought in the electronic air extractor. This fits Singapore voltage.
One side is a deflator, while the other is an inflator for balloons.

This comes with usage instructions.

<font color="ff0000">Courier and self collection only, no mailing pls.</font>
not sure what Singpost will do to the pump when they throw it around.

Introductory Pricing


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<font size="+1"><font color="ff0000">Bundle Promotion!! </font></font>

<font color="0000ff">Mix and match any 2 space saver bags and get 10% off the MORE EXPENSIVE bag (excl hanger bags, as they are already on promo).

Mix and match any 3 space saver bags and get 15% off the MORE EXPENSIVE bag (excl hanger bags, as they are already on promo).

Mix and match any 4 space saver bags and get 20% off the MORE EXPENSIVE bag (excl hanger bags, as they are already on promo).

Get the whole family of 5 (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags) for $33! (Postage $2.50)

Get the whole family of 6 (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor) for $36.50! (Postage $2.50)

Get the whole family of 7 (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + hanger helper) for $39.50! (Postage $3)

Get the whole family of 8 (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + S Hanger Bag + M Hanger bag) for $51.00! (Postage $3, Courier $5)

Get the whole family of 9 (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + S Hanger Bag + M Hanger bag + hanger helper) for $54.00! (Postage $3, Courier $5)

Get the whole family of 10 (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + S Hanger Bag + M Hanger bag + hanger helper + trousers hanger) for $60.00! (Postage $3, Courier $5)

<font size="+1">Bundle Promotion with Electric Pump, Courier and self collection only, no mailing</font>

Get the whole family of 5a (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + Electric Pump) for $46! (Courier $7)

Get the whole family of 6a (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + Electric Pump) for $49.50! (Courier $7)

Get the whole family of 7a (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + hanger helper + Electric Pump) for $52.50! (Courier $5)

Get the whole family of 8a (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + S Hanger Bag + M Hanger bag + Electric Pump) for $64.00! (Courier $5)

Get the whole family of 9a (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + S Hanger Bag + M Hanger bag + hanger helper + Electric Pump) for $67.00! (Courier $5)

Get the whole family of 10a (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags + manual air extractor + S Hanger Bag + M Hanger bag + hanger helper + trousers hanger + Electric Pump) for $73.00! (Courier $5)

Self Collect

Self collect at my place at Jurong west st 61, near pioneer mrt, or Compassvale Walk (Seng Kang).


1 S bag = 0.5 unit
1 M bag = 1 unit
1 L bag = 1 unit
1 XL bag = 1.5 units
1 XXL bag = 1.5 units
1 S hanger bag = 1.5 units
1 M hanger bag = 1.5 units
1 manual air extractor = 1.5 units
1 hanger helper = 1 unit
1 trousers hanger = 1.5 units

1 to 2 units - $1.00
3 to 4 units - $1.50
5 to 8 units - $2.50
More than 8 units - $3.00

<font color="ff0000">Free normal postage for repeated space saver bags buyers!</font> Small way to thank mummies.

For purchases > $120, <font color="ff0000">free courier</font>!

For purchases > $90 (excl postage), get courier for <font color="ff0000">$3</font>! I will top up for courier at my end. <font color="ff0000">Free courier above $90 for repeated buyers</font>.
For purchases > $50 (excl postage), get courier for <font color="ff0000">$5</font>. I will top up the rest at my end. <font color="ff0000">$3 courier above $50 for repeated buyers</font>

Order Format


Pls transfer to <font color="ff0000">POSB Savings 115-66477-8, UOB Uniplus a/c 4223787198., or OCBC a/c 553-5-022114</font> and email your address to [email protected] </font>


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<font color="0000ff"><font size="+2"><font color="ff0000">Real</font> Testimonials from <font color="ff0000">REAL</font> customers!!</font></font>

Mummies can scroll back to the page histories to check out these testimonials, or the best part, just see why so many customers return!

<font color="ff0000">yest I went to my fren's place and she showed me the vacuum bags she bought fr the other bp. I still prefer yours cos yours is a screw on type and is very ez to close. I can flick flick and the cap will screw on le..... Its my personal preference la, so just thought I share my 1 cents worth here. </font>

Hi Mummycents

Thanks for your prompt delivery, got my storage bags today. I've been a fan of the storage bags since it was out. Been using all the expensive bags for a long time.

I've compared the ones sold by you and the ones that I've bought for over $10 each. I've found that the quality is almost the same, in fact <font size="+2">I like your valve better. No difference from the expensive ones</font>. I'll definitely be back for more.

Thanks again for bringing such a good and cheap product

<font color="ff0000">“You were right about the quality of your bags. Hve been frustrated with the cheaper type and ur BP came just in time!” </font>

“I'd like to share my experiences with the bags I got from Mummycents.
I used to buy suction bags from departmental stores but they are pretty costly, and I feel the pinch to use them for nonsensical things(clothes) which Im not sure if I'll ever wanna used again, but yet can't bear to throw, and too messy and disorganised to throw around
So when I saw Mummycent's BP, I tried my luck and order 12 bags of various sizes(I was abit skeptical, coz I always think cheap things might not be good, and even complained to my hb in the car after I picked up my items from mummycent that the bag looks lousy. :p)

Boy was I wrong!!!

Im glad I ordered it, coz they work as well as their expensive counterparts and I've used up almost all the bags I got!!!
It is really useful and I'd have to say, this is one of the more useful things I got from BPs. Heheheheh.
Its so satisfying to see the clothes shrinked up to nothing inside the bags when I sucked out the air with the vaccum cleaner.”

<font color="ff0000">“mummycents i am hooked on ur bags lor.. i ordered the other time and I love them!!!” </font>

Hi Mummycents,

I also wan to drop a note about your bags.

Last time i used to buy this kind of bag from Da*so and i thought it will be good. But very soon like about 2 month, the bag will puff up and not space saving after all. And very tedious to use. Cos the vacuum cleaner always suck air and suck in the plastic bag also. I have to force open the bag to vacuum the air inside.

Then i tried your bag, was skeptical at 1st. But hor, very easy to use. i just put the vacuum cleaner at the opening then within a min, the air is out lor. Then till now i think 2 months already, the bag haven't puff up. i like it a lot.

i think now i better source if i have anymore clothes to keep, hehe. then i can buy more bags to store them away, haha. Then buy more new clothes. haha.

<font color="ff0000">Hi mummycents
I also want to give my two cents for your bags. This is the first time I use storage bags and I find your bags <font size="+1">very very user friendly</font>. At first I tot the manual pump must be very hard to use as we need to pump out the air manually. But it turns out to be <font size="+1">very easy and not energy exhausting at all</font>. Sure will buy again from you. </font>

hi, i find it convenience to store my items and give me more space and less messy. Overall happy with it.

<font color="ff0000">Hi, It's me again! I liked the bags that I got and I'll like to order more! </font>

Yes yes, i love the bags. So happy to see more space in the wardrobes, meaning can buy more things, hee...

<font color="ff0000">hi mummycents,

I want more of your bags!!! they are really useful and of <font size="+1">good quality too</font>. </font>

Hi i am back again...indeed the bag does wonder... i am still in process of packing my old baby clothings... last nite i tried your bag and indeed it works wonder!

<font color="ff0000">It was so fun to use the bags... : >
Would like to order more: </font>

I compressed all my clothes in many S size bags, and my luggage has so much excess space for shopping!
Extractor is necessary, in case customs ask you to open up to show them contents and you need to flatten them again.

<font color="ff0000">The Super Space Saver Bags are good. Need to order few more as follow </font>

Hi mummycents
I got my bags today and need more of it.

<font color="ff0000">i'm so excited after using my 1st bag!!!...imagine a big box of soft toys are SHRINKED into a medium size bag, or 2 small bags!
OMG OMG OMG!!!! </font>

Hi Mummycents,
I am back. The bags I bought have been extremely useful. I vacumn packed the stuffed toys, the winter clothes, the maternity clothes, the clothes that are too big for my children at the moment etc. i need some more of them! I

<font color="ff0000">Hi mummycents, this is my second time order from you, those saver bags are just a wonder! </font>

Hi Hi,

I am amazed by your BAG! it suck dry dry dry for all the air. The quality of the zip and the bag are indeed different. the zip is definitely stronger than those valueshop/daiso.

The hanger design is superb. I zap up all our winter clothings, including my expensive leather jackets.

<font color="ff0000">Got the items from courier today...am happy with purchases
- the<font size="+1"> trousers hangers is better </font> than the type I got from Howard's

Likely to be going back to you for more stuff </font>

hi there..
i received my package tdy thnks!

things i noticed:
1. Neatly packed and labelled
2. the cap is easy 2 open n close. no fear of air escaping coz even if u unscrew the cao, air doesn escape(unlike other bags)
3.Best Feature(u shld advertise this feature!!): XXL bag opening is at the longer side. this makes it easier to push in items.(unlike one bag i got from another source, i had to keep pushing in n space got wasted n was afraid bag might tear). i managed to put in a single size mattress n vacuum it!was howing off 2 my hubby wad a space saver his wife was

Overall, i'm very pleased with my buys.thnks!

to other forum readers:im a kind of person who believes in praising good quality service n buys &amp; in no way noe mummycents in a personal capacity(i dun even noe her name!!lol!) juz sharing my experience so tht other mummies can noe the hype bout these stuff

<font size="+1">Hi! I am back for more bags. I bought the bags from you more than a year ago, and have been using them over and over again! .. </font>

<font size="+1">Thank you mummies, once again, for your testimonials and support..

Sorry mummies if I have missed out your testimonials. I value every one of them, seriously!

Thank you once again for choosing to buy the high quality space saver bags brought first to SMH. </font>

Can u tell me the diff in ease of usage btwn manual and electronic air extractor? If i order today, can still get by courier tmr?



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<font color="0000ff">hi tigger

For the manual air extractor you need to use hands to pull and extract the air. Electronic air extractor runs on electricity and you just press button to extract the air. Manual air extractor is very quiet. Elec air extractor will sound like a smaller version of vacuum cleaner.
One thing to note, Im currently out of elec air pump. Stocks coming next week, so courier will not be able to send u your order tomorrow if u order the elec pump.
For manual air ext ordeR tomorrow delivery is possible if u make payment by today pm.

Thanks. </font>


Hi, am interested to order and try out these.
Manual Extractor – 1pcs
Mix and Match:
Total: 21.50+24.02+13.01+ 5 + 5(courier) + 2.90 (topup for the bra buddy to S bag) - $1 (discount for being a super duper fast payer) = 70.43.
Hope my calculation is correct. Please check.
Amt transferred:
To Account POSB Savings
115-66477-8 Mummycents
Amount S$70.43
Transaction Reference 6762722636

Will pm u my add. When can I get these cos is clearing up the house lately.


Hi there ,
Am back for more!
would like to order 2 big and 2 medium.

Transefered $29.1 reference number 6762858616



New Member

My Order,

3 medium 3x$5.90
1 Large size $7.90 x 0.8 (mix &amp; match promo)
Postage $1.50
Top up $2.90 for a S bag

Total = $28.42 - $1 (discount for being super duper fast payer)
= $27.42

Have transferred the amount to you. Please check if the calculation is correct. Thanks.
Transcation REf No.: 6763003429


Sorry i miss it out. I want M size hanger bags. Please post to the same address. Thank you

Transaction Reference 6763257764 $13.80


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<font color="0000ff">hi chin

you mean 2 S hanger bags ? :p
for 2 S it's 6.9 * 2 = 13.80.
for 2 M hanger bags it's 7.9*2 = 15.80....</font>


New Member

I like to order:
Family of 6+M+L bag
Total: $36.50 + $5.90 + $7.90*0.90 + $2.50 - $1= $51.01

The amount is tsf to u. Pls check whether the calculation is correct. Thks!


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<font color="0000ff">hi chin

no prob.
thanks. :D

hi elin2201

thanks for your payment. postage for family of 6 + 1 M 1 L is $3 instead of $2.50. kindly top up $0.50. Pls pm me your address as well.



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I like to get
1. S bags x 5 = $24.50
2. M bags x 1 = $5.90
3. L bags x 2 =$9.48 ($15.80 less 20% bundle promotion)
4. Trouser hanger x 1 = $7.90
Amt transferred to u ref no. 6764176464
I like to pick up e items fro u at sengkang mrt, is it ok?

Tks pls advise.


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<font color="0000ff">hi junie

Thanks. Total should be 7,9*0.8*2 + 5,9+4,9*.5+7.5 - 1 = 49.54
Pls top Up 1.76.

For Seng kang collection it's only avail at compassvale walk as I don't wanna trouble my aunty to walk to interchange. Sorry about that. Collection is on mornings before 1pm or nights after 8pm.</font>


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Ok sorry for e error.will top up.so i will also get a free s bag rite? For pick up at ur aunty pl can i get it tonight? Tks


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hi mummycents,

i'm a return customer &amp; i wish to order 2 M &amp; 2 L space saver bags.

i had transferred $27.60 (5.90 x 2 + 7.90 x 2) to your posb a/c already. the transaction reference no. is 6764858005. pls let me noe if d amt is correct. i'll pm u my address.

tks in adv.


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hi, im back again with ur saver bags.

i would like to order the following Bundle Promotion

1) small x 4
2) medium x 2
3) large x 2
4) manuel pump x 1

pls advice the total amt to tt.



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<font color="0000ff">hi helenteh

thanks. total will be 7.9*0.8*2 + 5.9*2 + 4.9*4 + 5 = 49.04 with free normal postage.

hi elin

thanks. i will mail out tmr.</font>


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Hi mummycents,

I am a repeated buyer.

My order:

1 manual air extractor

Amt:$5 - $1 ( fast payment promotion)
= $4 ( free normal postage)

Have txf to u thru atm. Pls chk n confirm.
Ref: 1347
Amt: $4
Date: 23/05/2011

Will pm u my address shortly. Thxs


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Hi Mummycents,

I am a return customer and would like to these:

5 x S Bags $4.90
1 x M Bag $5.90
2 x M Hanger Vacuum Storage Bag $7.90

Free - 1 x S Bag and 1 x Bra Buddy

Total : $46.20 - $1 (Super Fast Payment)
= $45.20

Return Customer (Free Postage)

To Account POSB Savings
115-66477-8 mummycents
Amount S$45.20
Transaction Reference 6767742108

Thanks! Will email you my address shortly.



My order 1 set of the whole family of 5 (S, M, L, XL, XXL space saver bags) for $33! (Postage $2.50)

Transaction Reference:6768048761
Amount $35.50

will email you my address shortly.