(2013/12) December 2013

Chyi..thanks! Was so happy & relieve...chyi wat bloodtest are u doing? U can see gender thr bloodtest? Or u doing scan too?

ytd the sono no tell us the sex...mayb too small cant see..n we didnt ask too..

Faithe, congrats! Next wed my turn. Itchy? Maybe it's growing and stretching?

Cljl, ok noted on that. Thanks! Oh hope can control my diet after that much gorging!!
Hiya. Been so long since post here lol. Thanks for those mummies who made suggestion what to do with old milk bottle from previous baby. I have decided to re use it. Because they are still in good conditions. Glasses and bpa free plastic.

Anyone here already start to buy baby stuff. I still dont know what baby gender is. But my hand already itchy to buy other bulk item like sterilizer, breastpump and cot lol.

Oh also please include me on the list too.
Edd 18 dec 2013
Baby no.2
Maternal age 31
Gynae dr kenneth edward lee
Hospital mt alvernia

Oh ya anyone know how useful the mt a ladies card?
I also just passed 13 weeks. I guess it is 2nd trimester for me. Could anyone invite me to the fb group?
Email [email protected]
I will get invite in fb right? Cause my email is inactive lol.
Faithe, blood test for DS. My gynae did the Nuchal translucency scan for me during my last visit and the result seems normal. I will be going back next month for blood test and scanning as well.
Anyone spotted a small amount of brown discharge when passing motion? I experienced 3 times in 2 months. Dr says due to constipation, pushing too hard can trigger spotting

Brand new
Earth Mama Angel Baby, New Mama Bottom Spray, 4 fl oz (120 ml) $18

Grandpa's, Wonder Pine Tar Soap $6 (for pregnancy rashes, PUPPP)

Lansinoh HPA lanolin nipple cream $10

New but washed
1 Moo moo kow cloth diaper red color
2 Charlie banana cloth diaper red color
Selling each at $15, all 3 for $40

Avent magic cream left 90% $10

Avent baby body and hair wash left 90% $10

Pumpin' Pal Hands-Free Breast Pumping Strap (used twice) $20

Pumpin' Pal Super Shields Medium (used twice, clean and sterilized) $20

Email me at [email protected]
A R, thanks for adding me on fb n here in the list! U really made the effort to scroll thrgh everything that we said n updated the list
thank u! Btw im 32, will be delivering in tmc n its my 1st bb

Faithe, congrats on your oscar result! Yay!! U so lucky, get to see bb for so long! My sonographer turned the screen away fr me while she took the measurements

Chyi, better eat more fruits n veg, n probiotics to prevent constipation.. cos it may get worse as our pregnancy goes on, if kena piles then sure v uncomfortable..
Hey cleodux my edd also 18dec and also baby #2!!

I'm using back my sterilizer from bb #1 and I doubt I will buy anything else except for breast pump and Probably just clothes if the gender is a boy.

How old is ur older one? I'm having headache now. I don't know how to cope with managing 2 together at night. I intend to look after 2 of them at night myself. I hope I can make it.

Hi Chyi, more fluid too coz too much fibre without water will cause constipation too.

Faithe, I have dry skin at my breasts for both my pregnancy. It's fine to apply moisturizer but I feel it helps if u get those pregnancy cream for stretch mark as usually it's more moisturizing.
My bra is also getting tight and it will cause itch as blood circulation is poor. I'm thinking to getting some moulded nursing bras already.

Hi nidellia,
I think my breakfast is no better. As I am not taking any water now in the morning I try to cook plain porridge and go with preserved vege and fermented bean curd. My mil says it's totally bad. But what to do right.?
Thanks mummy_ting & Winny! I know I need to take more fruits and veggies but I'm having terrible craving for heaty food e.g. Nasi Lemak, fast food.

You gals do not have constipation problem at all?
winny, how old is your #1? if #1 and #2 age close, then jialat liao.... last time my #1 and #2 were abt 21 mths apart... when my younger one cries in the middle of the night, e elder one will wake up.... quite jialat....
Hi winny, my first is going 3 years old this august. I am sahm. And next month going to put my boy on childcare I dont care lol. I need to rest preparing for no.2 i know there will be another war after no.2 arrive. My boy so clingy and a spoilt brat. I hope putting him at childcare can make him socialize and be a responsible big brother.

My sterilizer died long time ago. And I dont intend to re use my medela swing. I plan to buy ardo calypso based on reviews. I am still thinking if I want to reuse the cot. As my boy cot is exp and quiet sturdy. If no.2 is a girl I also will buy new dresses hehe. Also need to buy lotions baby toiletris etc.
Hi Chyi,
This pregnancy not that bad but when I had my 1st one, I had very bad constipation for the 1st trimester. After that ok already.
I don't have cravings for fried stuff but soupy stuff.

Hi cljl, my first is turning 2 this oct and I will send her to CC next March. I don't have a helper and my mil will be taking care of my 2nd. Don't think she can cope with a toddler and a baby.
I'm very worried about baby crying then elder one wakes up crying too. My no 1 has nightmare almost every night and scream very loud. Aiyo I think have to take a step at a time.

Hi cleodux, my 2nd should be using whatever my 1st is using. Heehee.... Save $.
winny, oh ic.... its not easy coping with a toddler and a baby... only alternative is to slpin seperate rooms... when I jus given birth, I slp seperate room.. But your slp at night will be sacrifice coz you need to pacify the elder one to slp, then slp a while, the younger one wakes up.... quite tiring at initial stage...
chyi, yes i have constipation problems too. and the iron pills that i am taking is making the problem worst

i am also having a headache on how to cope with 3 kids from dec onwards....
Mummies, can consider taking yoghurt to help with constipation. It works for me.

Oh btw, if you intend but haven yet look for a CL, better hurry. I was having a hard time past 2 days looking for one. Finally, managed to get one who's available.

Momma3, are you a SAHM? I'm also expecting #3 and lack of energy these days to spend more time with them. Feel bad.
Cljl, same for me. If only I can just stay at home rest and sleep all I want. Been taking power nap during lunch these 2 weeks. *yawn*
Hi mummies

Sorry to interrupt
I'm May2013 mummy.
I had just gave birth and looking for buyer for my reminding 1 bottle 400 ml unused Elancyl anti stretch cream.
I have reminding half bottle which I can give away too when u buy that bottle fr me.
Thruout my pregnancy I used 2.5 bottles of this anti stretch cream and it works well for me , I don't have stretch mark for my 1st and this 2nd pregnancy at all.
Interested mummy pls pm me
Chyi, ya I didnt have any constipation at all, cos I regularly take my probiotics since I knew abt my pregnancy cos progesterone cn cause constipation, n I used to have piles problem few yrs ago so I v scared it'll come back with pregnancy.. so I kiasu n kiasi.. *cross fingers*

Winny, my gd fren's 2 kids also abt 18mths apart. She let them slp in diff rms, hubby slp with older boy n mummy slp with bb cos anw she has to wake up to nurse the bb..
Hi all, i would like to join the fb group too!

EDD: 16 Dec 2013
Doc: Dr Tham Kok Fan
Hospital: Gleneagles
Baby: #1
Winny,thanks for ur advice..yeah,guess will get those pregnancy cream..any brand good to use?..

chyi,i had very bad constipation in first trim,so i told my gynae doc monitoring my diabetic n she prescribe me a syrup which helps constipation relieve...its a liquid called lactus. This syrup is sweet but she say wont affect glucose level n is for use in pregnancy. She ask mi start on 10ml 3x a day n after getting it regular to reduce. So now i try to take every morning n i had bowel either daily or alternate days.
I also found the liquid is sold in kk pharmcy on shelving so it need not prescription. Mayb u can ask your gynae about this to help ease your constipation.

By the way, mummies may i know what tablet your gynae prescribe u in 2nd trim? I was on folic acid,vitamin b6 in firsr trim..wed when i visited dr han,he ask mi to start multi-vitamin n calcium tablet. I was told 1 tablet multi in morning n after 2 hrs then calcium..initially i was told by nurse take 2 calcium a day,but she ask if i drink milk often i say no as i not really like milk n puke sometimes,so she told mi take 2 tablet instead. I started the medic ytd but today i started experiencing headache, esp after i took the calcium pill..so i was wonderinh is it the side effects...n if i should reduce to 1 pill a day..
Faithe, yup lactus wont affect your blood sugar. Cos although its primarily made up of a complex sugar, its nt broken down in our body so cant b absorbed at all, all it does is to absorb water into the large intestines so that stools will b softened n increased bulk, then u will get the urge to go toilet.. however u also need to ensure that u drink sufficient water for it to work
u cn buy it fr any retail pharmacy like Guardian, Watsons n Unity too..
My gynae didnt prescribe me anything for 2nd trimester, cos I told him 1st trimester that im already on my own multivit, omega3, n calcium already. As for how many tablets u shd take, u need to check the amt of calcium per tablet, each day we need abt 1200mg nw. If u dun take dairy pdts n soy pdts, better to ensure u get sufficient fr the calcium tabs. If 2 tabs at 1 go is too much for u, u cn consider taking them separately at different times of the day, also ok de.
hi cljl and mummy ting, I have no other rooms. I'm staying with my in laws so......got to live with it. I hope it could work out as the last thing I want is my 1st child to sleep with my mil.

Today I visited my Gynae and I'm happy that my risk for Down syndrome is low. Phew!
He prescribed me with folic acid, vitamin B, fish oil.
No calcium pills as he said as long as we eat there should be enough calcium in us. Calcium pill is one of the culprit to constipation.

Faithe, last time my friend bought me this cream called BUDS. Quite good. I guess it's moisturized enough as my tummy did not have any stretch marks. Breasts too.
Winny,congrats to your good result.! :)

Hmmm...i am curious why different gynae give different type of vitamins? My gynae told me now no need folic liao as multi vita alrdy hv it..vitamin b6 is for nauseas right? N i also curious y my gynae no give me fish oil...cos i seldom take fish. Winny, i thought iron then will cause constipation? I remb i read up somewhere in the net,not calcium. But calcium will reduce absorption of iron...i think i read from a book which my colleague lend mi...she got fr tmc as she give birth there...i think the book called Guide to Childbirth..
Hi my Gynae just explained what's the purpose of folic acid. Think is for baby's development and fish oil is for baby's brain. This is my one and only Gynae since my first bb so I cannot explain too. But so far so good.
I asked for calcium pills during my 1st but he told me no need but gave me anyway and I didn't take. I remember it will cause constipation la but I might remember wrongly.
My Vit is called Beaplex something like that. Pink in color. I think that might be iron pills for blood.
Winny, I guess u got no choice. Dun think too much abt it bah, juz b mentally prepared n take things as they come bah.. beaplex is the brand name for vit B complex, meaning contains mixture of vitB, gd for energy release. 1 of the key function of folic acid is to help with closure of neural tube during 1st trimester, which will develop further to form spinal cord n stuff, failure of neural tube closure may cause other defects.. thats y folic acid is v impt for 1st trimester, n recommended for ladies trying for bb too.

Faithe, different gynaes give different supplements cos theres no std guidelines on supplements during pregnancy to date. So it really depends on the sch of thoughts that your gynae belongs to. There r still some gynaes who advocate getting all your nutrients fr normal food n nt supplements, which is pretty outdated in my opinion..
Mummy ting...i see...thanks for the advice.winny..i guesd we should b on gd hands undee our gynae..just follow our medic regularly. :)

can i ask for those experience mummy who has engaged CL before, does the CL's duty include cooking for hubby n doing hsewk? Usually wat is the mkt rate? Also, is it our bb will sleep w CL? I m thinking to get a day confinement lady, that is to help preparing meals n look after bb n bath bb plus hsewk..n night time thinking to look aftdr myself..is it managable? Cos i read abt stories of bad CL who nv care bb at night,abit relunctant to let bb sleep w her. For day cl, is it cheaper rate? N is it usually local since they need go home daily....
Woah the thread is moving fast. My gynae also prescribed me with different vitamins. I haven't taken any vitamin B n the doctor only given me multi vitamins so far. It was only yesterday that the gynea prescribed me with fish oil.

I had my Oscar scan yesterday, was so nervous the whole morning luckily everything turns out fine.
Found that none of my work clothes fit this morning. Anyone knows where to find affordable work clothes for our expanding tummy?

For the experienced mummies out there, do you know how our confinement should be done? I spoke to one confinement agent yesterday and I was told that the confinement nanny will only start cooking nutritional soup for us from week 3 onwards, is it true?
darbebe, i am working mom now, but quitting my job in aug. will take care of 3 monster plus maid. dunno if can manage, plus #1 only goes to school half a day.

iamnewmummy, drink soup from week 3 meh? i start drinking soup from the day i return home. some soup v impt, like papaya fish soup to boost milk supply, etc.
i had my gynae visit last thurs, as of now, gender is still a mystery. #1 is boy, #2 is girl, so gender doesnt really matter much, as long as healthy. Am trying to tahan not knowing the gender till birth, playing the mystery game. Hope i can tahan the suspense.
Faithe,CL will cook hubby's share and do basic housework like sweeping & mopping the floor, cleaning the stove, washing the dishes etc. My CL looked after the baby at night, unless the times when I informed her that I want to latch that night then she will pass me the baby when its milk time. She'll do the burping thereafter.

Momma3kids, you going to forgo the 4 months maternity leave?
Faithe, I heard fr my fren different CL got different working style so better to chat n discuss with potential CL b4 confirming their service..

Iamnewmummy, I dun wish to overspend on clothes that im nt sure whether I'll wear again next time. I happened to come across a neighbourhood shop at clementi central selling normal clothes, but they've quite a number of loose fitting chiffon dresses n tops, those type that some blogshops sell n u go with a belt type? Each dress only $18, top abt $12.. I bought 3 dresses fr there 2wks ago, workmanship nt too bad, in fact better n cheaper than wat I bought fr online maternity wear shop. N I think it shd b able to last me thrgh 2nd trimester, thinking of wearing them with leggings in 3rd trimester if they get too short with my bulging tummy
if u stay near west side, mayb u wanna chk it out

I juz discovered over the weekend that i cant fit into my last pair of wearable denim shorts liao
need to start looking for casual bottoms liao..

Btw, anyone had their confinement done by mum or mil? Did u all pay mum or mil? If yes, how much did u pay mum or mil?
Hi Mommies & mommies-to-be,

I have the following items for sale:

1. Brand new in box - Classic bottles starter kit for sale @ S$40.

2. Brand new in box - Avent Teat travel pack (2 pcs) @ $10.

3. Brand new in box - Three Natural bottles (260ml/9oz) in box @ S$38

4. Brand new in box - 3m+ teats (for Classic bottle) @ $7

5. Avent Warmer bag with ice pack @ $10

The above are all brand new and will throw in some 0m+ & 1m teats for free.

6. Lightly used Belly belt combo kit, in excellent condition with box selling at $25

7. Kotex adhesive maternity pads @$5 per pack, take all three packs @ $12

8. BRAND NEW Bumwear prefolds (washed but not used):

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Hi Bernice,

Sorry for the late reply. I took SGH cos Dr Yu was taking care of me since my miscarriage last year. So think I will stick with her this time too.

I heard Dr Yu dun have any maternity packages, everything is a la carte. Is it true??

I'm a 1st time mum-to-be. EDD in Sept 2013.

Being a kiasu 1st time mum to be, Bought the latest Quinny Buzz 2013 (Black colour) during May Baby Fair 2013, @ promotional price $799 (Original Price: $1099)this year.

I received the exact same stroller as a gift for my baby. So will be selling the extra set @ the promotional price I bought, $799. (I have receipt with me)

Pm me @ [email protected] as soon as possible if keen.

I chose SGH cos Dr Yu has been taking care of me since 2011. I heard SGH has no maternity packages and only goes on a la carte basis. Is it true??
Hi faithe,
Different CL is has their own style. For mine, I asked if she could go market with my in law and cook our meals and does housework and she can.
At night she takes care of bb and sleeps with bb. My CL strongly believes the mother should rest well. BF is not as important.

Market rate as of what I know, it's about 2.4 - 2.6k

Here's what she did for me previously:
1. Wash clothes for bb and myself. All hand wash but machine spin dry, this include the cloth diapers
2. Prepare 3 meals for me and if family wish, she will include just add portion
3. Prepare red date drink for me
4. Prepare herbal water for me to bath everyday. She believes mother especially bf mom to keep clean but doesn't support washing hair
5. Vacuum and mop house twice a week
6. Taking care of bb
7. If needed, she can follow my in law to the market to buy stuff
8, wash dishes and bb's bottles include sterilizing them
9. Prepare all the disgusting tonics and forcing me to drink. Kakaka!
10. And so forth.....
NOTE: their job usually last either 28 or 30 days and they start counting from the day you deliver even though they are not with you yet.
I don't know about the agencies one but this is the way the Malaysian CL works.
So besides the salary agreed, some also give red packet on the day they come and last day of work.

Hi iamnewmummy, I drink soup from the day I returned.

Hi mummy ting, I altered my unwanted pants during my first pregnancy. That means the seamstress will cut away the buttons and zips to replace with elastic bands. Though its not as nice as those made specially for maternity, it's still wearable. I paid abt $15 per pair but that was 2 years ago,
Other than that, I keep wearing back my dresses.
Winny,thanks for sharing so much info on CL..now i have a clearer idea wats their duties. Btw,beside the salary we need to pay them, we also need to give them money if we asking them do mktg for us right?
And for our food ingredient, they will give us list on wat to buy? Eg. Like chinese herbs n tonics, rice wine etc..is it we need to stock up before CL comes?
Letting go Avent breast shells (BNIB) - $10

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* 1 bottle of Brand new GNC Fenugreek - $20

* 1 bottle of Brand new Goldminds DHA - $30

* BNIB 1 box of Avent Breast pads - $10

* Pink color rocket (the one with tinny holes) - $10 . Condition: 9.5/10 cos hardly use

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Hi mummies!

The thread is moving fast, need to catch up reading the posts.

faithe: Glad that everything is ok for your Oscar, you can have a peace of mind.
Think Dr Han might be more friendly cos he's not that busy liao ba. I'll be seeing him in 2 week's time for my routine scan, hope the queue is more manageable then. Keeping fingers crossed.

For the supplements, I didn't take the ones Dr. Han prescribed as I already have supplements that I'm taking. I'm taking soft-gel (water soluble) capsule calcium pills as I have a history of constipation when I take normal calcium tablets. faithe, you might want to try asking pharmacist if they have recommendations for water-soluble calcium instead, if the current ones are not suitable.

I'd started wearing loose dresses as my bump is showing more prominently these few weeks. I have elastic band pants and jeans but still feel dresses are more comfy as they don't restrict my tummy.

I just heard of horror story of my friend's CL trying to use a blanket to cover his new-born daughter's face while trying to quieten her cries at night. Lucky he got CCTV inside baby's room, else he wouldn't know. The CL was fired straight-away.

Please be careful while choosing a CL, ladies.
Hi Cher, I saw on SGH website that they do have antenatal package but they only start offering from 16wks or 18wks onwards. If everything ala-carte price, then isn't it more ex?
Hi all! I'm back
MS eased up and I'm feeling much better le. Hopefully it goes away forever!!

For those looking to buy new clothes, I would suggest getting those with nursing access so can continue to wear long after give birth. Last time I duno, buy buy many maternity clothes then aft give birth have to buy even more nursing clothes. So waste money la. Plus have to pack away the maternity ones to clear cupboard space, waste time.
ruru,long time no see...;) my constipation has improved...initially i thou i headache due to the multi vit or calcium..then i realised its the haze most likely..haha! Hmm..i m thinking to start on fish oil my own, think shd b ok ba..
Waatt,omg, thats y finding a gd CL is almost like pure luck..since we nv meet them before..most realiable is thr frd's recommendation. Recently my frd just given birth..she was recommended 1 v gd cl but was taken up n this cl recommend her frd..initially i thinking to book her..but my frd say her bad pt is she v rough n few x forgot off the stove while boiling soup or herbs...bb wise she say still ok..just initially 3wk more hard working but lax on last wk n v straight fwd lady..so i m still thinking...she chrg 2.3k to my frd..
anyone noe non stay in local CL to recommend or where to find?