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Beanie: mine 4 months tomorrow... so fast! kinda miss their tiny times and the moment when gynae placed my bb on my body for the first time.. now so notti!!!!



I am a fellow victim of xiaocui. I gave birth in Jan 2013 and I had a similar experience. I also placed a deposit upfront but she claimed that an earlier job extended and cos I delivered 10days early, she had to get a friend to cover for her for 1 week. However, after 1 week, she MIA-ed and refused to pick up my calls or her friend's calls. I was left dangling over CNY as I gave birth about 2 weeks before CNY. I also had to resort to threatening with a police report before my deposit was returned to me. Please be wary of this lady as you really do not want to go through this sort of stress just after you give birth.


Hi Mommy,
I'm quite desperate for solution for my 3yrs old girl at Nursery. The school requests 1 parent/Guardian to sit in class to 'control/look after' her or pull her out of this school. I agree to attend 2 days as I look after my 4mths bb. After 1 day, teacher says I should go daily.
My girl is strong in character and strength. The ratio is 2:15. The teacher say the assistant and herself tried many ways but when my girl throw her 'little girl temper' (words used by the teacher), too tiring for them.
Can I go to MOE on this matter?
Pls. give your views. Thanks
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Ashgray: I tot preschool teachers are supposed to be well trained in how to handle an active kid? My nephew went through the same thing.. Got "kicked" out by 3 diff childcare centres.. But one of the teacher told my sil sometimes it's not becoz the teachers can't handle but some parents complained that the kid bullied their kid and sort of like stress the teachers to ask the notty child to transfer...


Hi Winkle,
My girl has delay in speech and occupational thus can't communicate well, sometimes throw tantrums. The Principal say the teachers are not trained for special needs student. If I can't go daily, let her study shorter hours on days when I can't sit in. Hope she pick up fast from the private Early Intervention and improves.


Hi Mummies i delivered in e same mth too and have frozen breastmilk to bless dating Feb onwards. Kindly pm me for more details. :)
Cheers & Happy Mother's Day to all!!


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Hello, i'm a first time mum with a baby born on 21 nov 2013, wish to join the nov mtb support group but i can't seem to find the group in fb. Could anyone kindly advise?


Hi mummies,

I just confirmed my pregnancy with a blood test on fri
Would like to check, my hubby uses quite a bit of medicated oil and yoko yoko for headaches and neck ache everyday, especially at nite.. Is it alrite for me to be smelling all that? Don't wish to be paranoid, but i had an m/c a yr ago, and now finally conceived again with ivf, just a little worried.. But i also feel bad to tell him to stop using, cos it's not like he's feeling good with the aches..
lol i actually was googling yoko yoko to use then changed upon this thread. actually smelling it shld be fine.
i think moderation is the key. i uses yoko yoko for muscle aches too
and i ask my doctor abt it, he said its fine as long as don't over use it..... same for any other medicated oils too

yoko yoko medicated oils

remember - key is moderation