(2013/02) Feb 2013


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Hello All Mummies

First timer here (both forum and baby)
My EDD is 14th Feb 2013.

May I know, what is the facebook page for this forum to join?


Hi mummy. I need ur advice do any one had this issue cannot poo. Feel very uncomfortable my belly. My edd 07/02/2013. Is there anyone had this issue?


Hi mommies, I'm expecting my #2 on 10 Feb. Would like to join your group please.

Babydino i've sent u an FB request, please add me thanks!


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hi all mummy to be, im expecting my first baby in feb 2013 too...would like to join the group... but how do i join?
Good day everyone


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hi babydino and all,
hopefully it's not too late to join u ladies for some support! my Edd is Feb 10, 2013. have added babydino on fb, my nsame is Ophelia on fb! hope to chat eiyh everyone soon!


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Hi mummies! I am expecting my baby on 4/02/2013! And would like to join the group. How should I go about it? Only recently, I started to call a few confinement nannies and most of those highly recommended is already taken up .. Now started to panic .. One of the confinement nanny recommended by my friend's friend's happened to be available but quoted me $4000 excluding $200 ang pao money . Wow .. Really expensive to give birth during these time of the year.. So in total got to pay $4400 for the confinement .. Now , still considering whether to engage her or not.. How's the rest of the MTB confinement? Do all the MTB pay such a high price for your confinement?


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Hi all, I am a first time mummy to be, due on 13 Feb. will be adding baby Dino on FB. Hope to join the group for chats and support. Thanks.


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Charmaine, $4400 is TOOOOO expensive. Please don't engage her. I engaged mine at $3,600 and is considered one of the more expensive ones already. The highest beside mine I heard was only about $3,500..


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Please add me to the fb grp - [email protected]

thanks =)

charmaine - 4.4k is very very high!!! i had a hard time finding one too...she's charging 3.3k (excl ang pow + work permit application cost). if u need some numbers, i can pass to u.



Melody & Meiji - unable to locate u on fb using ur email. could be u have set ur privacy settings.. Could u add me instead

Hopeful.. have added u as a fren..

There are 2 other ladies who added me.. I would like to confirm if u r frm SMH as i have PM u on fb but no reply.. thanks


Hi Meiji,

have added u in to the group.. welcome..

The 2 mummies who added me, could you confirm please? Initials S.L & D.L on facebook..

THanks so much


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Dear all

This is my first time joining a forum. My EDD is 15 Feb, excited and scared at the same time!

I wonder if there are any of you who finds it hard to sleep like me. I keep having insomnia. I end up writing to-do lists of what I need to buy and prep on nights like that.

Looking forward to knowing you guys!

Btw, my email add is: [email protected] for my FB. Please add me. Thanks and looking forward to more babytalk!


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Has anyone bought your pump yet?
I'm shopping around now and found the Medela Freestyle for $699 at Kiddy Palace, looks like the best price so far.

Anyone know of a better offer for the freestyle anywhere?


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Hi fellow mommies!~

Im currently expecting my first child and feeling overwhelmed yet excited! Hope all of us will have a smooth and good pregnancy.

For mommies who are thinking of taking up an insurance policy for Mum and baby, I can share more about mine.

Feel that it really give me a peace of mind and it is very flexible too.
Feel free to PM or SMS me at 90660284.



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Hi.. I'm from the June 2012 thread

I've got an opened pack of Goon S52 to sell at a low price of $15. Only used less than 5 pcs as my baby outgrew it. Usual price is $21-23 so this is a great deal. Do PM me for fast deal. Self collect at Cityhall or Bedok.


Hi mummies,

I'm a Oct 12 mummy. Now having my confinement.
I would like to recommend my CL aunty Demei. Actually we have engaged her 2nd time for my #2 this year. She is free from end of Feb 2013. She has taken care of my 2 kids and my brother in law's 2 kids too.

We trust her entirely with our newborns. Her confinement meals are definitely yummy, with chicken chop for lunch at times. She is pro breastfeeding and she always give lots of encouragement when my milk supply was low. I find her very diligent and humble. Frankly speaking, the confinement month is when we feel very emotional and lost. So far, my confinement month has been a breeze with her help around.
Therefore I would like to recommend her to mummies who will appreciate her help and enjoy confinement month.

If keen, pls email me at [email protected]


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Hi all,

My edd is 4 feb 2013. Has already engaged a highly recommended cl at $3300 (excluding levy). After discussing w hubby, we decided to let go and save some money. Anyone interested to take over, please PM me.