(2013/02) Feb 2013


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fishoutofwater, eahhh today my hub say "maybe its false alarm" I also quite sad le...

Will wait for next week for a scan... At first I thought Gyane will as me to come back 2 weeks later for scan but I think he kanchong as me to go back next week. So also to earn my $$ again.


Christy, when I was pregnant with #1 I visited the Gynea at Sengkang... I think is Dr. Adrain... he couldn't locate my sac. But the next day I went to another Dr, he almost immediately located my sac.

I'm not sure it depend on the skill of gynea or luck.

Don't worry too much.


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Hi Ladies,i called to make appt w my gynae but the nurses said dont need to go so early .gave me the appt on 14/7 ..by then 7week plus. is this normal? or im too anxious?
So far, my symtoms are super thristy ,tender breast and sleepy!! Very different from my #1 !


Hi all,
I am having my #3 now... Always tired with ms. Now on hospitalization leave for two weeks. Edd is 8 Feb. Gynae is dr Khoo CK at Kkh.
I couldn't drink plain water too, at first crave for green tea, now is milk tea, wonder what's next... Haiz...


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Jerbunny, this I agree with you... but I still sticking with my Gyane lol... so I will wait till sac bigger (next week see the Gyane again)

fishoutofwater, the pain?? U mean she had the pain in 1st trimester??

welyn, it should be ok.. unless u first time pregnant and want to check. Hmm if u not confortable make appt say u going overseas (just to bluff them for a early scan)

blurbabe, hmmm I think I never check before on my HCG level before wor. I think not possible to have false alarm cause I use 2 different clearblue test kit le.. 1 is the normal one and the other is the digital one... If both got problem I think I very sway le.


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Sip a little cold ribena..it might helps..?

Welyn: Don't fret..I'll be going for my first gynae visit when I hit 10weeks..currently coming 8weeks soon..take folic avid daily..other than that..keep yourself in happy mood..as long as no constant pain/cramp, no spotting/bleeding..all should be alright..


Cos I just couldn't work. No strength cos I have no appetite for anything... Even if I eat, I will feel uncomfortable as if the food stuck at the throat.. What abt u?


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Thanks ladies! im exceptionally anxiuos coz just had miscarriage in jan
so hopefully alls well ! ok,shall guai guai wait till 14/7 and update again


Ann, I have the same thing as you.

My first pregnancy was quite ok. Never expect that it can be this bad. So felt kind of sad about the pregnancy though wanted it for a while. It's the weak mind thing now.

I worked from home for 1 week. But is too bored and focused too much on the MS so I went back to work. Which I can easily leave early if I want.

I am counting down every day to W12 and hopefully it will go off.

Sometimes feel like crying after continuous puking.


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Miracle: i take cold drinks every day. find it easier to keep down than warm water which i force myself to drink and end up throwing up.

Ann: what happened that you got hospitalization leave for 2 weeks? cos of ms? it's really tiring dragging ourselves to work. wish can just stay home and rest! i think better dont drink so much tea? cos of the caffeine.

your baby still too small to see i guess. heehee. have faith in him/her who will make an appearance soon!


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Jasline> My #1 also bad thou no vomit... but I can sleep 1hr+ in the morning in the office and than afternoon another 1hr+ its that bad that I need to resort to drink chicken essences every 2 nights before I sleep.

One of my boss dont know that I am preggy thought I got what terminal illness @[email protected]"

The nausea was bad too like having food poisoning... think about it so afraid.


Hi mummies!
Have been quietly reading the posts till I saw Christy’s post and would like to comment on my similar experience.

I am usually on 28 days cycle and my LMP is 2 May (I remembered it clearly as I recorded it). Visited gynae on 6 June (which should be about 6w by then) and gynae couldn’t locate the sac in the womb. Suspected that it could be ectopic so she took my blood test on the same day. Results came back as 337 hcg level and it doubled in the next 2 day as 777 hcg level. Gynae says that I may have ovulate later or that I have remember the dates wrongly as it seems too early to detect the sac and appt was given on 25 June to see her. But I went to see her earlier on 21 June as I was spotting. By then I was able to see the sac in the womb and based on the size of the sac, gynae says I am 5w4d pregnant and my LMP should be 12 May? Totally confused but I choose to believe her so long as I can see the sac.

So Christy, it may be too early to detect, stay calm and have faith that you will see the sac soon!


christy> my gynae also ask mi to go down 1 week later.. when he couldnt see.. but ask mi down with full bladder.. each appt coust $100++.. expensive siah~

miracle> i take cold drinks everyday.. soya bean, cold water.. water chestnut.. trying to cut down on tea.. but i really like green tea.. i just couldnt drink plain water now..


Jasline, understand how u feel. I also sometimes cry after puking. So worried something will happen to bb but gynae it's normal dun worry.
Twinkle joy- Cos I am teaching so just couldn't stang long during this period hence gynae told me to rest which I am thankful for. Ok will try to cut down on my tea intake. Maybe shd try Ribena instead. N yes, I take cold drinks too


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Minmin, thanks for sharing your experience here I do hope everything come back with good news

Now I am experiance lower back cramp... sign of pregnancy. very + it is lor.

Really wish the day could pass faster le.. its hard to wait... its like the waiting game.


Christy, totally agree. Writing on all my calendars on the weeks of pregnancy to come and striking off each day when it past.

Ann, I think I am so selfish. I kind of assume baby will be fine and is more concern about my own comfort.


wah lynette so lucky u can take.. i intially was not vy happy lar whn dh says i cannot take or cut dwn on cold drinks.. bt then i realised tat if i take cold stuff it sort of worsens my bloatedness & nauseous.. so i only take warm stuff nw.. or cool.. not like straight out of fridge .. if go out eat & share drinks w dh.. i aso dun take tat much as well.. only sip abit


babydino> but i heard also not to take cold drinks.. but i just cant stand the weather hot, the drink also hot..
dh dun really care if i drink cold or hot drinks.. this #2 is giving mi the bloatedness that i nv had before..

i heard ppl saying cannot eat crab.. but i got super craving for chilly crab.. bbq stingray..
Ann, another teacher!

Be careful w e puking, ladies. I puked so much that I was dehydrated, totally weak, fd n drinks all came out. One look at me last week n my gynae admitted me n put me on drip 24 hrs. Painful until I cried when e needle went in.

Try to stomach whatever u can.


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To all mummies who are suffering from MS, the constant queasiness and bloatedness, you may wan to try this recipe, which works wonders for me but temporary....

Steamed black chicken with slices of ginger and dash of soy sauce. The sweet and gingery essence from this dish soothe my tummy for awhile.


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The feeling of bloatedness is really terrible! I feel that my throat constantly got something to throw out. 2nd pregnancy is really no fun, can't get rid of this super uncomfortable feeling and there isn't anything I can do, except to try burping it out.


tigger: i agree! bloatedness and indigestion is really super uncomfy. i have it at this time of the day esp everyday! Tried to puke cannot puke, hungry yet cant eat too. super miserable...

Lynette: try to stay away from stingray. it's high in mercury.

Christy: Hugs. God is with u and ur baby!


Thanks tigger! How are you coping besides the bloatedness? Hope everything is well with you. =)

Haven't seen Vanilla around as well. Guess she's busy..

Just had my dinner and was able to only eat the veges without feeling sick. I seem to really stay away from meat now. Had rock melon for fruits. Ultra sweet and yummy!


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Hi Ladies,
Gotten 1wk HL but ended up admitted to Mt A today, cos my ms too serious till lost 4kg within 5 days, keep vomitting n not much food absorbing. On the drip now and I'm able to eat slowly now. Mtb who are having ms don't worry your bb is safe as long as you are still experiencing ms. Let's jiayou ba


Having my number 2 also but I am now 35 years old ... anyone here like me? Heard that the amniocentesis is mandatory .... do they do the oscars before they even consider this test or do they go to this test straight?


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Dear GBOB & Luv, thanks. My ms last till I gave birth, all were whole day kinda of thing so can imagine how bad and this is worst. Haha. Doc scare I faint so admitted me but gd also at least now I feel better.

Hb don't like my current gynae leh so he suggested (strongly) to change. Any gd recommendation from sistas here? I'm staying at SK.


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Miracle: am staying away from meat too. the smell of it, especially pork, makes me want to throw up.

bb_Gen: take care! you really lost a lot of weight in a short amt of time.


bbgen: totally know how u feel. i puked till i lost 4.5kg in a week n went on drip twice when i had my #1. hang in der!

Re: confinement
it ranges from 3k - 3.8k for 28 days i thnk, but many of the good ones either want to go back for few days during the cny period, r booked or dun do cny period at all. as such, i hafen found one! super stress...


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Hi gladgoh, wah u went on drip twice. Hope I will be better after this drip, gynae who dropped by earlier also keep his fingers crossed for me.

Wa, CL during CNY went up so high now!! 3 yrs bk my #1 mkt rate was still abt $2.8k in CNY.

Thinking abt it coming CNY can stay at home and rest, no house visiting. Gd. :D


This is crazy. Woke up to pee and couldn't get to slp because was too hungry. Ate something and had juice, now can't sleep because too full. Plus stupid lower left eyelid keeps twitching. How annoying!