(2013/01) Jan 2013

yeh, I have plans to encapsulate my placenta. Like once in a lifetime thingy dunno if I see any benefits, but I am intrigued enough to try. Hehee.

By the way, anyone knows how many of the pills to pop a day?
Junior, the itchiness is the stretching of our skin! Quick apply your stretch mark cream and oil!

I know of gfs who don't get a single stretch mark till the final month, then belly grow rapidly and the lines appear. Sob Sob..
i applied alot of cream and oil already... the problem is the itchiness can be around my arms, belly, legs .. and causes small red spots.. haiz..
junior : it might be eczema. I had it during #1, whold body super itchy and loads of spots, i scratched till i bled. This itchyness started early in my pregnancy till after my delivery, i have gotta go to skin specialist for treatment.
Junior , I also felt so itchy all around, with legs too. Most unbearable still around tummy, esp below tummy that line
During my #1 pregnancy, my SIL asked me about consuming my own placenta but after asking around, I decided not to. My dad who works in TCM hospital said it is very controversial. Sheep placenta is safe coz sheep eats grass only but human placenta is different. What we have been consuming goes into the placenta so imagine you wanna re-use it again...anyway...this topic has been discussed by different schools of thoughts so depends on how much you believe in it..=)

elp_mum, jiayou wor. I fulfilled the 3 challenges for my #1 so hope can do the same for #2. As for cloth diapering, I did it for #1 when he was 1.5-3mth old. On and off, I alternate between cloth diaper and diapers. For #2, I hope to let her wear cloth diaper all the way. Bought lotsa cloth diapers this time too!
Nickole, pumping pals angled flanges please. Softfit too ex and turn flimsy too easily. Must look for alternative. Thks
Thanks Pauline

I forgot to add another in my list: full breast feeding! These are not impossible, jia you

You mind sharing what kind of cloth diapering are you doing? I'll be using cloth diaper covers from Moomookow and bummis super brite. Will line the cloth diaper and liner inside. Not too confident abt using safety pin!
Any mummies need pigeon breastmilk bag 180ml-25 pcs per box.. I have BNIB selling at $12 per box. Have only 4 left. Interested party can pm me. Retail selling at $15.90. Also have a blue baby rocker for sale at $25. Condition 9/10. Deal at sengkang central. Interested can pm me
Elp, u can make your own fastener using thick 2-3 inch elastic band that we use for pants garther, sew velcro tape on ends. My CL teach me this instead of using safety pins
Dear mummies who have itch on your body or tummy like me. You can try use alot of salt with some warm water to clean the allergic area. It helps! Before I try this method, i actually went to see GP and he prescribe me with Hydrocortisone cream to apply. But my MIL said that cream not good will go into blood stream. So she taught me to use salt and it works. keke...
Today I attended Wong Boi Boi class, she showed us the video on all the birth methods. I get to see how the process of baby being delivered. After seeing it makes me and hubby feel like throwing up. Very gross and very scary...
Averie, ya.. It's gross.. All over blood, n doc Also will Ask hubby to watch out w him baby in birth canal n encourage mummy
My gynae ask my hubby to see that's baby hair n ask me to push harder n he will be out n my hubby really did

But his face sort of change but still encouraging n few pushes, my precious is out

Can't imagine that again, 5plus weeks for my Mei Mei to be week 37!
I need ask....

Anyone here whose breasts always itchy? I don't know why mine always lei...then I will scratch and scratch till red red....

Oh ya was it Nickole who has the lobang for the Medela thingy. After figuring out the Medela pump I guess I will only need the valves and membrances.
If anyone buying in bulk got cheaper do add me in.

Angeliqueous> I am attending sunday 12.30pm. Your is Saturday? Tomorrow which is Tuesday class I will be attending doctor talk at SCGS. Anyone going?
Jan11325, I have itchy breast only after I massage it. When it itch I will dap abit of Aloe Vera gel then soothe the itch away.
If you already have nipple cream on standby can try that. I rem having super itchy areola and no moisturiser seemed to work. I used lansinoh lanolin and the itch stopped immediately.
xinyue/shice/Sylvia, the EBM was in the fridge for more than 48hrs. Left over from my gal's feed for the day (so cannot store - she take and put on face). I don't think she put it and left it on. She rinsed off.

If using for bathing purpose, then gotta heat it up la. Psst... 4 yrs on I think i still got about 10 packets of EBM in my freezer, hidden behind some food despite my last clearance. *Sigh* might give my gal one last round of spa again. This is her first spa - http://snowiesnowiegal.blogspot.sg/2009/06/milk-spa.html
Good morning ladies!!!

Nickole : Don't wait for me on the medela spree. I didn't have the time to see what i want over the weekend as i was pretty busy. Will give it a miss.

Went for my gynae's visit on last sat, finally get to meet snowger! Gained 400grams since my last visit 4weeks ago. BB weighs 1.606kg @ 30wks and head still down & Dr Tseng has commented that bb will not be turning up so most likely he has engaged.
canopy, it was nice seeing u at the clinic! :p hope the next time we meet the clinic will be less crowded. :p my baby is still head up at wk 30 but dr say still early, got time to turn.
my bb weight is same same as yrs.
bliss : am going to use medela bottles since my pump is medela freestyle, so can pump straight into the bottles then give to bb. I have bought 5 new medela bottles during the robinson sales last month.
snowger > ah.. i see.. no wonder! my mom put the expired EBM and left it on face..
ok, if this round got excess, will try your method.

Bliss > hehe.. will be re-using my Avent bottles..

Shice > NTUC having promo for PETPET (Size S and Newborn)... $5.50 per pack for the whole of Nov..
Bliss_ling, I am going to let bb use Pigeon. Reason being I have a full set of Pigeon BN one left over from my gal's time. My gal was using Avent.

Canopy, my cough like yo yo leh... it was btr for one night (Saturday). Then the cough seem to have came back
this morning got yellow phelgm with a bit of blood dot. *roll eyes* I DONT WANT TO EAT Anti-b!!!! :'(
Morning mummies!

bliss > i'll be using Medela and NUK bottles. Cos' NUK bottles can also fit into Medela freestyle pump.

Petpet diapers > Mummies who use Petpet b4, how do you find the diapers? I used Mamypoko for my #1 but very expensive since newborn needs so many diapers in a day. So thinking of getting cheaper diapers for #2 to use in the day.

Nickole > If the Medela spree/bp, pls let me know. I would like to get some bottles (probably 5-6) and the Freestyle tubing. May get some other spare parts too, but need to check on the condition of my existing ones first. Thanks!
Bliss - me using Avent, still have alot of left over bottles. Just intend to replace the teats.

Canopy and all - I am ok with any dates I guess...intend to eat snake.

Shice - I saw Shop n Save Drypers NB 2 for $10.90.

Luckymummy - thanks! will try that...gosh...its all red and itchy..
Ok got lobang share with you all, not sure if anyone already in it.

There is this taobao website from China. Very cheap and good. Am addicted to it and stuck there for the past 2 hours already (as I haviing trouble figuring the Chinese words).

There is an agent to help us purchase and all we have to do is to order

My friend got bottle brush for as cheap as $1 plus and I found some nursing clothes less than $10.

First time trying to order.
thanks aspialle,hammiebao,canopyhaze and Celia.

Do you gals know if it is possible to take piriton the small yellow tablet which is also use for flu to stop the itch?
Friends, noted

Celia, my fren told me how many placenta capsules to take, depends on the mother and her needs. she would recommend 3 capsules twice a day. if feeling PND, can take 3 capsules 3 times per day for 2 full weeks. if just normal take can take 2 per day.

Canopy, ok . noted. i think there's another 20% + 20% for robinson card members this month.

Jan, u need 2 valves 6 membranes right? got ur orders liao. its abt $20.
for breast itchy, think can apply stretchmark cream. i always put it around mine whenever i apply my stretchmark cream on tummy. got excess so apply upwards. haha. but not on the areola..

Snowger, wow! ur milk spa really thick one lor!! haha.. so concentrated!!

Haiza, pls refer for the Medela spree and let me know ur orders by today ok? thanks! http://www.singaporemotherhood.com/forumboard/messages/581296/5972614.html?1350020449

Mummies, wide neck bottles, other than Pigeon and tommee tippee, still got other brands in glass wide neck bottles? i want use glass bottles, since i dun change bottles frequent, i better get glass ones. so far i seen NUK only have in standard size glass bottles.
OMG...I just got a freaking scare.

I feel the whole room spinning just now when sitting on the chair...I held tight on the table for fear I will fall... giddy spells??? jialat..later I still need to drive..
Yes Nickole - thanks! Let me know on the transaction if confirmed getting

Am trying to go into taobao to see got cheaper not..not sure if they have.
juniorjj, piriton as I understand has an active ingredient that is an anti-histamine, which is good for curing things related to allergy (like running nose, etc). Some docs do prescribe it for "itch". U can check the pharmacy...

Nickole, LOL! Think this one was quite "early" period of milk - so the milk is thicker. I noticed as time went by, the milk like not so thick... :p
I just went into taobao..

They are selling the valves and membranes for Medela at RMB55.00 plus additonal shipping RMB6.00

About 61.00 / 4.7 so about SGD$13.00++
Milk powder offer
Bought Mamil Gold stage 4 (1.7kg @$48.90/tin) and got a small tin of 900g free) @Gaint, Hubby cleared the shelf which have 4 bundles left.
ladies : am having tummy upset since saturday and has been vomitting since last saturday nite, looks like my morning sickness is coming back again.
Hi Nickole - sorry drop me for the Medela order. I try to order from taobao first. see how is it. If it is good then I can get for u all too at cheaper rates.
canopy - think it might be the weather. I had LS on friday too..... then just now fainting spells..hoping to last fine till end of day.
snowger, wow ur baby ger's milk bath looks really "professional". Like those milk bath that we have at spas. haha..

xinyue, really? I go check out the NTUC at my place tonight. Hopefully it's promo across all NTUCs and not just the super big ones. Time to stock up some diapers. Thanks for the info!

haiza, do let Nickole know your medela orders by today so that we can consolidate the items. As for petpet, it's a cheaper option to use if ur baby's backside is not sensitive. No leakage or sore backside when i used for #1.

Jan, not very accessible to shop n save. Had bad experience with drypers for #1, as the poo keep leaking out. Maybe I try petpet first. coz understand that the baby's backside must also "fit" with the brand of diapers we buy. Else will leak. haha.. btw, if u feel giddy, better dun drive. very dangerous coz dunno when the giddy spells will come back. Maybe take cab??
Going to raffles city for lunch + shopping liao. Talking to you ladies again when i am back in the office after lunch. Have a great lunch mummies!

shice > yup.. I saw the offer at NTUC last weekend. Ya, me too had not so nice experience with dryper as it leaks..

canopy > enjoy ur lunch cum shopping