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(2012/10) Oct 2012

Discussion in 'Year 2012 Mums' started by 0505bride, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    Anyone with EDD in Oct 2012??

  2. divein

    divein Member

    me! :D hello
  3. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member


    When is ur EDD?? U seen gynae already??
  4. mecy

    mecy Member

    Hi, my EDD is supposed to be on the 4th October. I saw a gynea on the 5th week.. could only see the water bag, yolk sac but could not hear heartbeat yet.. will be going back this Thursday to see gynea again.
  5. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    Hi Skies.. [​IMG]

    tis thursday sure can see something.. [​IMG] cause mostly i heard was 6th week then can see heartbeat.... update us okie... [​IMG]

    i yet to see gynae cause ytd then finally decided to see which gynae.. cause dun really feel like goin back to the one who deliver my #1... i should be one week later than u... [​IMG]
  6. waynechan_79

    waynechan_79 New Member

    yeah.. my wife too.. EDD 5 Oct 2012 leh..
  7. waynechan_79

    waynechan_79 New Member

    any FB grp in OCT 2012 mums??
  8. spaahkles

    spaahkles New Member

  9. octomum

    octomum New Member

    Hi in Oct too. Have not seen a gynae yet. Probably in Week 6 or 8.
  10. mecy

    mecy Member

    Hi Little dragon, yes, prayerfully, can hear heartbeat this Thursday. Should be close to 7 weeks by this Thursday. Is this your number 1 kid? This is my number 2. My number 1 is 2 and a half years old.
    Hi Wayne, your wife's EDD is so close to mine. =)Are you a first time father?
  11. spaahkles

    spaahkles New Member

    My tentative EDD is on 12th Oct and I have yet to make a trip to the gynaecologist. I hv learnt (thru the hard way) that early scans can be very stressful and scary cos most of the time, you will not be able to see alot of the stuff that's meant to be there. So I have decided to wait it out this time and only go for a scan at 8+ weeks. [​IMG] **Fingers crossed**
  12. mecy

    mecy Member

    Hi mummies, what symptoms are you having?
  13. spaahkles

    spaahkles New Member

    My boob hurts (only 1 boob hahahaha), wet cm and vivid dreams. thats about it. :s
  14. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    wooo... suddenly so many posting le.. hehehe..

    Welcome everyone... and Big Congrats... [​IMG]

    Wayne, wow... its good to see hubby coming in to share and understand what ur wife is going thru... ur wife is blessed... [​IMG]
    As for the FB group, not yet... [​IMG]

    Spaahkles, Big Hello... [​IMG]
    its true and i agree w you... actualli i wanna bring forward my appt... but it's fully booked liao.. so shall wait till the date that was initially given... [​IMG]

    Octomum, same here... we should be ard the same week... hehe... [​IMG]

    Skies, ur prayer will be answered... sure gonna see baby heartbeat pit pop pit pop... kekeke
    tis is my #2... my #1 is *shy* just turned 6... hehe
    For me, backpain, naseous, not appetite yet easier hungry, tired but now become very light sleeper, boobs pain but bearable kind...
  15. spaahkles

    spaahkles New Member

    Little dragon, when are you headed off to the gynae? Mine's also booked but only close to the 9th week. I remember when I scanned at 5w, 6w and 8w last year, it was horrid! First they told me can't find the embryo, only the gest sac, so it may be a blighted ovum. Then I had to keep going back, and then it was weak heartbeat etc.... In the end heartbeat stopped and I had to go for a d&c last nov. Really traumatic if you ask me.
  16. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    spaahkles, my appt is next weekend... by then should be about 7+weeks liao.. so should be able to see something...
    Gosh... dun tink abt it already... what's past is past, its gonna be a memorable one for you this time round.... [​IMG]
    Which gynae are you seeing? Your #1?

    So far skies and me is having #2, any one else?? [​IMG]
  17. aspialle

    aspialle Active Member

    Dear all, if u miss ur menses, how early u all detect ur pregnant? I missed mine for 3 rd coming week... Boobs pain too and backaches. Easily hungry n gained weight but doc ask me wait for end if this week to test again.
  18. aspialle> My wife waited till 5 days of missed period for the BFP. Perhaps, different bodies may give off hCG in different amounts enough to be detected at their stage of pregnancy.
  19. spaahkles

    spaahkles New Member

    Little D> Thanks! [​IMG] Yes I hope that everything will turn out well this time. Yups, my #1... As for gynae, I'm actually living in Aust [​IMG]

    Aspialle> I tested a few days before my period... I used test kits which allows for testing before your period is due, they are more sensitive and detect lower levels of hcg e.g 50-100 iu.
  20. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    aspialle, i tested 2 days after menses due... cause i got very clear symptoms once i ovulate.. so from there count 14 days... [​IMG]
    do u know when u ovulate?

    spaahkles, u are stayin in Aust... cool place... hehehe i always wanted to go... but never have chance.... [​IMG]
    it will be... positive oki... [​IMG]
  21. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    shall i do up a chart for our thread? for those who wanna give infor, you can post here, then i do up a chart... [​IMG]

    information like:
    3.Expecting # baby
    (what other infor??)

    for those who yet to see gynae (like me) can give after u seen the gynae or at ur convenience... [​IMG]
  22. spaahkles

    spaahkles New Member

    Little D... Yes its a cool place, not so stressful as compared to sg! They do have funny practices thoh, like how you don't get to see a gynae till you are 10w and you must be referred by a GP. You should come over for a holiday - I think its a great place for families with kids and you'll definitely feel very relaxed!
  23. waynechan_79

    waynechan_79 New Member

    Hi Skies- ya ya i first time father lor.. hehe.. so excited..
  24. waynechan_79

    waynechan_79 New Member

    Hi little dragon.. yaya.. my wife is also active in here nick is liang (pinky) but she was is hosptial last week due to spotting n need bed rest.. so this week went back to work and so busy with back log..
    so when want to create a secrect group in FB ? MTB sept 2012 had a group liao..
  25. happi01

    happi01 Member


    My EDD should be around 11 Oct. Now I am about 5 weeks plus pregnant. Going to see gynae for the first time next week so I hope everything is ok (kinda worried too). This is my #2, my #1 is only 7 months old so I am worried #2 might not be growing well (Too close to my first delivery). I am seeing Dr Heng at Bedok (Parkway East Hospital)
  26. candizhu

    candizhu New Member

    Hi all,

    Juz found out that I am pregnant.. maybe 3 -4 wks ?? Going to hang around this forum often as I am a first-time mum...
  27. sha85

    sha85 Member

    Hi Mummies, congrats to all of you! I'm expecting my no. 2 and 7 wks preggie now. My no. 1 is just 11 mths old. Really worried about how to take care of both kids as I'm a SAHM and usually home alone :s
  28. dey

    dey Active Member

    Hi all,

    Glad that there is a Oct thread finally [​IMG] I am expecting my 3rd and should be in my 5 weeks+ now...
  29. chocoball

    chocoball Member

    hi everyone,
    i m in the same boat as sha85.
    expecting no.2 ard 7-8 weeks now.
    my no. 1 is also 11 months old =)
  30. sha85

    sha85 Member

    Rach: nice to know that I'm not alone. Hehe..

    Any mummies with morning sickness?
  31. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    Welcome new MTBs... [​IMG]

    spaahkles, i always heard of Aust is such a nice place.... but hb never want to bring me... kekekekeke
    huh... so funny one... then surely the heart heavy heavy while waiting.... :p

    Wayne,icic... glad tat she is fine liao... just ask her to take care and dun walk too much ya... [​IMG]
    as for FB group, temporary wun be joining if the group is up.. else my whole company will know i am preggy liao.. hehehehe

    Donkey, ur #1 is 7 mths old only... but by then should be 1 year plus liao.. its gonna be tough but hang on... few years down, u can relax like dunno what liao... hehehehe

    Candy, u just tested BFP... congrats.... [​IMG]

    sha85, can understand cause some of my frens also have like 2yrs gap... maybe consider gettin a helper??
    For MS, i have... morning sure naseous... and thru the day, it can just happen anytime... [​IMG]
    told my hb tis is the only way to make myself ease that bb is ok cause got to wait till next weekend then can see gynae...

    Njon, wow... tink u are the #1 to conceive 3 kids in the thread... how old are ur #1 and #2??

    Rach, good to have someone who shares the same situation hor.. at least can discuss discuss.... [​IMG]
  32. dey

    dey Active Member

    Hi Little D,
    My #1 and #2 are 6 and 4 respectively. Both boys.

    Hi Sha,
    I would call mine the evening sickness. It usually happens after 6pm and continues till I sleep.

    By the way, anyone has brown spottings? I have some brown spottings last week so my gynae gave me duphaston
  33. waynechan_79

    waynechan_79 New Member

    hi Hjon.. my wife got spotting.. took jab n med too..

    hosp for 4 days, condition ok.. discharged.. but still on n off got dark red n dark brown spottings.. emm she is worried ..
  34. spaahkles

    spaahkles New Member

    Hi little d... Ya waiting till 10w is pretty dreadful.. But the the GP can always send u off to the radiologists first if you want an early scan. This time round I can go to the gynae at 8w cos I'm high risk due to previous miscarriage. [​IMG] So at least its not such a long wait!
  35. mecy

    mecy Member

    Dear dragon, thank u for collating the information. The following is mine:
    1. Nick: skies
    2. LMP: 29th Dec
    3.Expecting # baby 10/4/12
    5.Hospital KKH

    I do not have a specific gynea as I went via the polyclinic and got referred to KKH.. Think will be seeing a team of gyneas during my pregnancy...

    Looks like there are many second time mummies here. Does your first child become more clingy after u got pregnant? My little gal becomes super clingy after I got pregnant, even though I have not told her...

    Welcome all the new mummies... 
  36. mecy

    mecy Member

    Hi sha85,
    Maybe u can put ur first one in a playgroup... By the time ur second one arrives, ur no. 1 should be about 20 months... A few hours at the playgroup will help make a great difference in helping u cope with ur new arrival..
  37. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    Njon, wish u get a girl tis time round... [​IMG]
    u try not to walk too much or take heavy things oki...

    spaahkles, ya.. i can imagine... here waitin to see next week at ard Wk7 is so far liao.. cannot imagine 10wks.... kekekeke

    skies, not a problem... [​IMG]
    can i ask u.. when u get referred to KKH, is there any subsidy or what a not huh? coz my hb told me there is... if u go KKH, i would recommend Dr John Tee to u.. he's a nice gynae.. [​IMG]
    i yet to tell my girl also.. but she been sayin n sayin she wan baby... make me so pek cheh like tat...
  38. dey

    dey Active Member

    Did the gynae ask your wife to bedrest? She needs to rest more and walk less..especially if she on and off still have spotting. I have no more spotting since Tuesday and hope it stay this way.

    Little D,
    We hope for a little girl too [​IMG] wait till neck long liao. My boys knew that a baby coming...my elder wants a mei mei too...said didi gave him headaches...haha
  39. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    <font color="aa00aa"><font size="+2">October 2012 Babies</font></font>

    <table border=1><tr><td>Nick</TD><TD>LMP</TD><TD>Expectin BB#</TD><TD>Hospital</TD><TD>Gynae</TD><TD>Current Week</TD><TD>EDD </TD></TR><TR><TD>skies</TD><TD>29.12.11</TD><TD>2</TD><TD>KKH</TD><TD>TBA</TD><TD>6wks 6days</TD><TD>04.10.12 </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table>
  40. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    Njon, so cute... hahaha didi gave him headache... haha... wow if really a girl tis time round sure very good.. got 2 gor gor to sayang...
  41. mecy

    mecy Member

    Hi little dragon,
    Yes, heavily subsidized. Think I only paid $28 for the consultation... Less than $50 for the scan...

    My first one was complicated and cost me closed to $10k in Mt Alvenia... She was underweight and had to stay in the neonatal ward for one week... So this time round, I thought I better go for the cheaper route, just in case complications arise again..

    Ya.. Your girl will be so excited.... She will see the di di or Mei Mei as her doll and help you take care... 
  42. dey

    dey Active Member

    Hi Skies,

    What type of complication do you have?
    My #2 is a premature baby ( born 32+ weeks) and i spent 10K+ in gleneagles too becos he has to stay in neonatal for 1 week but i still stick to my gynae for this pregnancy cos she knows my condition well.
  43. 0505bride

    0505bride Active Member

    skies, but tat would mean u will see any gynae that is on duty rite?
    which week did ur girl came out at?
    she is super excited... cause its like her wish comes true.... since she know things, she have been on and off asking... imagine after 6 yrs... :p

    Njon, i agree w u... especially when u undergo certain thing when u had #1, better to stick to one that knows u...
  44. mecy

    mecy Member

    My gal actually was delivered on 37 weeks... So consider full term... But half way through my pregnancy, my amniotic fluid became quite low... So started me on aspirin midway... When I saw the gynea for a routine check at 37 weeks.. he said that my fluid has dropped very low and my baby was starving in my womb.. So arranged me to go for c section the following day... He thought that the baby would be at least 2 kg but she was only 1.8 kg when born..

    This time round, I told my kkh gynea my condition so she said that she would start me off on aspirin once we can see the baby's heartbeat...

    Little dragon, u r right.. I will see whichever gynea is on duty... Last week, I saw the gynea and she wrote a detailed report of my condition on the paper..think probably for the next gynea to follow up.. So far, I am comfortable with the arrangements.. Will monitor and see how...if not good, will go back to my old gynea...

    Njon, why was hrs delivered at 32 weeks?
  45. mecy

    mecy Member

    Hi Njon, mine was born on 37 weeks.. So consider full term... Halfway through my pregnancy, gynea detected that my amniotic fluid was quite low.. So started me on aspirin mid way.. When I went for my routine check at 37 weeks, he noted that the fluid was at a very low level and that my baby was starving.. So arranged me to have a c section the following day.. He thought the baby would be at least 2 kg but who knew she was only 1.8 kg... So had to stay in the neonatal ward until she was heavier...

    Why was ur baby born at 32 weeks?
  46. mecy

    mecy Member

    Ha.. Ha.. Thought my first message did not go through so did a second one...
  47. elffie

    elffie Member

    Hi! I am from May 2012 and so happy to see Oct thread cos it means, I am a month nearer! heehee =X

    Be safe girls!
  48. dey

    dey Active Member

    I have pre-term contractions since 20 weeks so was put on ventolin to control the contractions till week 32 when it couldn't be control anymore.
  49. sha85

    sha85 Member

    Skies, I'm also referred thru polyclinic. Wanna save a bit of money esp since I'm not earning now. But my appt is only on 16Mar which is ways too late. Plus I will be traveling in early Mar. Would really wanna see gynae b4 I travel. When is your first appt?

    For the other mummies, do you feel super tired lately? I've been sleeping at 9 plus every night and waking up at 6am. Even my baby sleeps shorter..
  50. zeezzen

    zeezzen Member

    Hello All Mummies &amp; Mummies-to-be!

    little_dragon, can help me update?
    #2, Mount Alvernia, Dr. Lim Teck Chye, 5 Weeks, 15 Oct 2012


    Are we gonna create a Facebook group??

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