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Hi Bray

my #1 age is pretty close to yours. She's 29mths now.
The elder one's very sensitive to our changes as the belly grows and my kid makes funny remarks as well saying she will squish 'meimei' if i carry her

I'm due end Sept but most likely to deliver early/mid Sept and also delivering at Mt E.

Dear Adelynn, din come into forum for a while as I was so tired! Really no strength to do much these days. Do u feel the same too?

We hv a chance to meet each other at Mt E! haha... And our elder child can be playdates when they visit us. lol... This one r u expecting a boy or girl?
Hey Bray

Yea, im exhausted from work and chasing after #1; barely have time or energy to do anything else.
I'm expecting a girl again! :D :D :D
How about you?
Will be delivering a #1babyboy on late Sept :D:D
Any advice about taking care of a boy && precautions when expecting ? Thanks !

anyone looking for day nanny? i have a nanny looking for day care confinement. she is very experienced. trained with the hospitals in singapore. from malaysia. normal rates. no exorbitant rip-offs. PM me asap as all the annies are taken up quickly this year.

she is also looking for live-in confinement, so let me know if you need live-in or day care only.

i am not an agent and not related to any nanny. i am not making a single cent from recommendations. just want to help out and to save people from companies like PEM ripping people off.


seems like there's a lot of interest in the Britax B-Agile stroller. I did a review of the stroller but the thread seems to have disappeared.

It is an excellent stroller. If there is a request for the review of the stroller, I am happy to write it again.

For those who want to get the stroller, this is the information you need.

1) are you looking for the 3-wheel of 4-wheel?
3-wheel is USA version.
4-wheel is UK version.

2) the 3-wheel i bought at wholesale price but the wholesaler said they will not bring in anymore 3-wheel.
the 4-wheel you can get from robinson.
the 3-wheel you can get from paragon (the first few years on level 5)

3) robinson and paragon sell at retail prices which is about $500 for the stroller alone - no car seat or attachments. but it is a very sturdy vehicle and should last a long time.

4) the 4-wheel is heavier than the 3-wheel.

let me know if you need more info.

Hi everyone,

just to advise about my bad experience with a confinement nanny:

BEWARE of this confinement nanny:

Chew Yong Ying from Ipoh. Also known as AH YONG. Ask to see her passport to verify it is her. Born in June.

She is about 55 years old. She is the replacement they sent because the other confinement nanny's father died halfway through the confinement period.

What she looks like:

She is very plump and is a bit hunched over. She burps very loudly too. Talks a lot. Can speak and understand English although not very well and she pretends that she does not understand. (She speaks to and teases my daughter in English all the time). If you need her picture, I am happy to send it to you.

What the living arrangement is:

We let her have the master room with ensuite and the baby in the room. The WHOLE sink and bathroom is full of her stuff - mostly creams and lotions and other beauty products. VERY messy and untidy. She also has a pot of our laundry detergent in there which she uses like it's free.

Basically, she is VERY lazy, very wasteful, complains A LOT, very untidy and has NO knowledge of the right herbs or foods for confinement, and does NOT know much about babies at all. In fact, I know more about babies than she does - and I am half her age, and not a confinement nanny.

These are a few examples of how bad she is. There are many more worse examples:

1) MOPPING - She drops hair (both head hair and pubic hair) all over our floor and refuses to sweep or mop the floor. My husband has blonde hair and my hair is long. And I have brazilian wax. So the black short hair and pubic hair on the floor can only be hers since we do not have other visitors. She says mopping or cleaning any part of the house is not her job.

She is supposedly from GPLS. The last nanny I got from GPLS was excellent and in fact swept the house every day without us asking! She picked up every hair as well. And she was 60 years old. She did not ask for more money and in fact mopping once a week is in the job description.

2) MORE MONEY - This nanny claims that to cook for my husband and wash his dishes, she should be paid extra. My husband eats the SAME food as I do, and uses only ONE plate per meal. All the other confinement nannies have no problem with this. Even the confinement nannies from agencies did not ask for extra money just for this.

3) WASHING BABY - She tried to shower my 14 month old daughter and every time, my daughter would scream very loudly for the whole shower. Finally one day I peeped to see why my daughter is screaming so much and I saw the woman was very rough and did not know how to shower children at all! She let all the soap run into my daughter's eyes and mouth and nose and inside the ears!

4) CHANGING BABY - Every time she changes or cleans the new born baby, the baby will also scream like crazy. So one time I ran in there to see, and saw her poking in my baby's nose with a tissue and she took so long to change a nappy that he got cold and so he was screaming every time she changed or washed him.

She does not know how to change nappy at all. The bed had to be changed 3 times in 1 week because she let shit and pee go all over the bed, even with a changing mat under the baby!

5) MINDING BABY - She complains a lot about the baby waking up all night and crying all the time. This is what babies do and the job of confinement nanny is to mind the baby 24 hours. This is why she is being paid more than a full-time maid. She complains that Singapore is so hot, the baby is so noisy, she is so tired, her throat is sore, her tummy is sort, etc etc.

6) BURPING BABY - She refuses to wind / burp my baby properly. He has a lot of wind and I recognise the cry because of wind. But she said "oh he is breast fed so he doesn't have wind." End up I have to burp him and care for him myself. She only washes him once a day.

7) COOKING - She does NOT know what to cook. So you have to plan the cooking and herbs yourself. She will say you can take everything.

8) EATING - She loves to eat. Every time I open the fridge, she will come to the kitchen to see what food I am making to eat, and ask me what I am eating. She even asked my mother to bring more pig trotters and vinegar soup for her because she likes to eat that soup! She thinks she is the queen or what?

She is very picky about food and asks us to bring her special white bread, special 3-in-1 Milo, etc etc. She wants to eat our cheese, our fruits, everything. We are ok with that IF she is a hard worker. But she is SO LAZY, we do not feel like giving her more food! She is not here to eat. She is here to cook confinement food and to mind the baby and she is not doing her job.

9) WASTING OUR STUFF - She uses our things like it's free. In 7 days that she's here, the laundry powder ran out. The toilet paper ran out. The kitchen paper ran out. Even the garbage bags ran out because she used a huge bag for a little thing and then threw the whole thing away. All these were NEW and replenished when she arrived. Even the mops were new when she arrived.

The garbage bin got flooded inside because she somehow made a hole in the garbage bag and the garbage fluids leaked through. I had to wash the garbage bin because it is not in her job description! The mop turned black because she did not wash the mop after using it.

10) In the 7 days that she's been here, she requested to go downstairs to have dinner with her son because it's her birthday. We allowed that without problem. Then she said she wants to end the confinement period early by 3 days because she wants to go and attend a wedding in Malaysia. No sense of responsibility at all! Very selfish and lazy and greedy.

11) She had the cheek to ask me to find her $3000 (28 days) jobs. She says that she heard some nannies get $3000 this year because it is dragon year. I said to her those nannies are very experienced and very hardworking. She did not get the hint. There are also nannies getting only $1800.

So she said, in her previous nanny assignments, she's always gotten very large ang pows - hundreds of dollars each. (I heard her mention only 1 or 2 other jobs that she's had.) And that if she worked for agency, she would get very large ang pows as well. She was trying to hint to me to give her very large ang pow! We gave her ang pow out of courtesy only as the ang pow was given to the original nanny and not supposed to give to the replacement nanny. And ang pow is based on performance - not on what the nanny demands.

12) She sleeps so much that my husband commented how come she sleeps more than the new born baby. She eats and sleeps most of the time. And tries to change everything in my house. She opens windows that are closed, and closes windows that are open. She folds our clothes haphazardly so that I have to refold them. I have to wash up a lot of dishes and clean up after her. She leaves garbage on top of the bin instead of pushing it down and into the bin. She drips garbage water on the floor and does not wipe it up. So basically I am not resting that much!

13) She asks me personal questions like what do I do, what does my husband do, how much money our furniture costs, how much our rent costs, how much we have to make to pay for all these. She even counts how many rooms and air conditioners we have and how much it costs. She even asks what my parents do, how much money they make, etc. She is basically trying to gauge how rich we are and then trying to spend our money by using up all our stuff, and then make us pay her more by giving her big ang pow! She keeps saying "oh go and buy more of this and more of that. Just go and buy!" Every day she is here, there is something to buy!

I have been very stressed in the 7 days that she has been here. But I cannot get a replacement as it is towards the end of my confinement period and no nanny will take up the remaining days on her behalf. As she is not from agency, I also cannot force her to find a replacement. even if she's with agency, I doubt they will find a replacement for such a short number of days left.

I do NOT feel safe with this woman at all. I would not leave her alone with any of my children and have to keep an eye on her all the time. She has no experience and is very lazy.

She claims she does not know why the baby is crying or why something is finished, etc. She has no sense of responsibility or urgency.

She can spend hours in the bathroom and in the kitchen. We can't go into the kitchen when she is in there as there're plates and vegetables (and meat!) all over the kitchen and we can't do anything in there as there is no space. We have to mind the baby when she is in the bathroom, so basically we are doing her job for her.

She even took pictures of my children without my permission. I am very dissatisfied and unhappy with this woman. She is wasting my time and money. And compared to my experience with other confinement nannies, she is VERY TERRIBLE and NOT recommended. We have been very forgiving and open-minded and have given her face by not telling her off. But she is one of those people who think that if you give her face, she must be right.

In summary, she is a very greedy, very lazy and very bad confinement nanny. She has no characteristics or skills that are essential to this job and she should not be doing this job. I do not feel safe or rested with her around.

Just to warn every one about this nanny. Engage her at your own peril. Especially if you have high standards or have experience with very good nannies, this nanny will make you very upset and unhappy.
HI Sept mummies, I am due in early Sept and will like to deliver at Mt A. For mummies who have delivered there before, is there any pre-admission check in that we have to do? And how much is the deposit for admission is like?

I've previoously delivered at TMC and thus not sure about Mt A's admission. Please advised, thank you!
Hi all,
I just celebrated my bb full month party. I ordered the cake from Ecreative and I'm utterly disappointed with them!
On the day of delivery, they driver just put the cakes in the function room and went off. We were puzzled as normally they will request someone to endorse on the delivery order. As were were busy with preparing the buffet and other things, we did not ponder further.
The horror started when we were about to give out the cakes. All the cupcakes and mini cakes were toppled inside! Imagine cupcakes with creams which were toppled! We had no choice but to salvage what we can secretly so as not to let our relatives see... This is why I only had time to take a photo of 1 of the boxes out of the 20 odd boxes !
The next day, we call Ecreative n demand an explanation. Guess what? They denied saying we should take photos of all boxes, return all boxes if we want compensations, n denied that the driver did it! How to take photos of all boxes when we were secretly salvaging the boxes?how to return the boxes when we had to give out the cakes that day which is a Sun when they don't take in calls?if it's not the driver, then who?
Another nightmare is, a few relatives called n said the glutinous rice had turned bad! We had since called NEA for this!
So pls boycott this coy if u want to have a happy full month party.
qx13: hi dear, my edd is 9/9/12, also chose mt a . need to do admission for sure, but not v sure about pre-admission. if u have your gynae , they should have prebooked for you. deposit is approx $700 onwards to $2970 depends on which room type u have booked.if you are unclear, you can get their packages brochures from ur gynae.
Hi mummies, our thread very quiet hor.. everyone busy? =)

I am buying all the necessary items for baby! (sad=( jus gave away those that i bought for b1 last yr)
I want to buy avent products including breast pump from www.amazon.com . its much cheaper. let me know if anyone keen too.
HI ow_mummy, thank you for the explaination!
Will have to check with my gynae then, but I read from another thread that he discourage another mum-to-be from delivering at Mt A as its under renovations now and he keep insisting she delivers at TMC in case of traffic jams and what nots.

This is my no.2 and his movements are alot fiercer than my no. 1! Sometimes my belly almost feels like it has tremors! LOL.. any mummies experienced it too?
qx13: ive called mt a & they advised tat their overhaul wldnt b ready by sep.
contractory.. my gynae insists on not delivering @ tmc.. im so sad can!!
now deciding btw glen e & mt a...
qx13: btw, this is my no2 too... n i can feel her movements so much stronger than my #1 who usually sit upright machiam doing yoga.
Hi DQ, thanks for the heads up! For Mt A, I've heard many good reviews on their lactation consultants, thus I decided to go Mt A. TMC's nurses like not very pro-bf and will keep asking to feed formula. Back then as a new mother, I thought ok lor, just feed cos dun wanna let baby be hungry. Then after discharge, had a super stressful and depressing time trying to bf again.

So this time, I'm determined to do it right! haha.. Yes my no 1 is very relaxed one, move abit abit can liao.. this no 2 really can move and sometimes he like machiam move throughout the day like no need to sleep like that! I hope when he comes out is not like that too heehee..
qx13: i heard many gd reviews abt tmc. most imptly ppl keep saying the food v nice!! hahahha...
too bad my gynae doesnt like tmc.
hence mite be considering mt a. but cons is now under overhaul.. parking is an issue.
my #2 now also super active! i can c the tummy tremble!
Hi all,

I'm 27 weeks now, edd 9/9 and baby still in breech position. Doc says should turn by my next appointment next month. As this is my first child, so can't help feeling worried. How about u all?
URGENT: GUI LAN Auntie! Confinement Lady

Dear Mummies To Be,

For mummies whom have engaged Gui Lan's Auntie for the coming months.

Please note that she have lost her sg handphone number. You may wish to contact her at 83558541

You may also find her on Facebook @ Wong Qui Lan

Thank You!
pai sek, i myself also dunno how to do my private setting.. hehe!

gan chiong daddy,
need your help le. please pm Elaine. Thanks!