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Sorry, just saw all the message, can can, I got the VIP cos i ordered quite alot when i had my no. 1. I pm u all who interested ok.. Whoever want, PM me also..

I pmed the following mummies:

1) Rykiel (kiel)
2) Hazel Nutty (hazel_nutty)
3) tea (tea)
4) meishan (meishan)
5) Clim (connie_lcl)

LSK (kerosnoppy66), u dun accept PM. Think they quite flexible ba, shldnt be a problem..
Hi Hazel, i like to join in the buy for the breast pads, can you let me know the pricing? and how i can help to put the order through?

@TBUxoxo - i am one of those people lor! :) before my pregnancy both my husband and i have pretty active social night life, i would say he has cut down slightly after my pregnancy - very slight only, but wed and fridays (esp Fridays)are days i will not even bother to find out where he is cos he is out with his frds. maybe cos i used to be like that before, that's why i dont bother, i know he is at a specific place with that same grp of friends. do you know where your hubby is and with whom? maybe if you know you will feel better?

and the best part is having said the above, there were few times i still got really emo as well, i wonder why he doesnt worry abt me being alone at home, fall down steps etc etc.

i suggest you talk to your husband if you are not happy rather than choke these emotions inside you, sometimes after raising it you will encourage them to go out have some fresh air, and they will be happier too. rem to take care and dont tink too much!

all mummies - i went to grab the mustela non rinse baby cleansing fluid and the shower fluid today at OG. it says "sans paraben" which all of you were talking about the other day re shower foams! hope it is good!
my cakes getting from Kyo cakes.
is the old sch type, got for my wedding and #1 full mth.
recently recieved cuppies from e-creative. find it way too sweet.

my hb goes on a need to basis for entertainment with work ppl. he cannot hold his liquor so don enjoy drinking. i use to get angry but am use to it since its not frequent.
if its not frequent then don get too upet, men also need their own time off. if u don feel comfortable maybe talk to hb tat u would love to have him ard more often? also is there anything at hm tat he feels stress when hm tat he stays out?
if frequency don increase then i think talking will b gd, but don restrict all
<center><table border=1><tr><td>
DryMaMa Order List
DryMaMa Order List.xlsx (10.2 k)</td></tr></table></center>

Dear Mummies,

Please update the list if you are interested.

I will email the sale person to get the best deal (looking to match the price at motherhoodexpo sale) on monday &amp; get back to all of u.

Thank you.
@ Hazel, i saw the thread and know the pricing already. thanks a lot in advance for helping to consolidate, i will wait for your excel.
ET: received with thanks! =D

Jen: e-creative ar? v sweet.. hmm tink old ppl wun like. heheha.. i tinkin get sweetest moments n chocz both! chocz who got vip ? =x
ELC having storewide 50% discount for all or selected items?
Surprised if they are giving the discount for all items cos their usual sales is 20%!

We tend to get a little emo and sensitive at this stage of time.
Your Hb may also be a little tensed on expecting your little one soon and just chilling out.
As soon, he'll be getting real busy on his new role as a Daddy. Cheer up ya!
star, is there any other pdt brand that is sans paraben? i am planning to use drapolene diaper cream and nipple cream ( though i have a bottle of pigeon nipple cream, anyone tried pigeon and its good?)
Dear Movenpick,
I copied and pasted that list of things to bring from another source, havent really look thru it yet. I also wonder what are the bank statements for, lol. Anyone knows?

Dear Ling,
Congrats on getting a good maid! Mine has been here 2.5 weeks and still 10/10, no faults, lol. Lucky lucky!!! Must continue!!! So fast you wanna send her for cooking classes? I gonna wait til after 6 months when she has off day then i propose to her on going for classes instead of gallivanting.

Dear Rykiel &amp; Star,
My appt on Friday, baby is 1.863kg at 30.5 weeks. I told my gynae my tummy feels tight very easily, walk less than 50metres already start to tighten, so I was prescribed Utrogestan pills too, to prevent early contractions. Moreover I have adenomyosis and swollen uterus, so baby more squeesed inside. Rykiel, hope your maid is good!!!

Dear ET,
So nice of you! Do PM me too ya? I wonder if sweetest moments will faint, lol.

Dear Hazel,
I am also keen to buy drymama. I think you use google doc might be easier!
nikki: I can say 95% of their stuff are at 50% off. Only a small number are without offer. A lot of stocks are gone when I visit today (at united square) although hbby visited ytd and told me nothing great to buy (well, hubby is those typical guy who don know what to buy -_-"). There are still some good toys for newborn, which are those I recommended. ^_^

Hazel: Can use google doc? After you have uploaded the document, post the link here so that who's interested can fill in themselves? Let me know if you need more info or the mummy who created the initial google doc excel (those containing our bb info) can advise too?

Ling: Last I check, saw that sebamed and little me organics at kiddy palace? I only saw for lotion but I believe the rest of the products are also paraben free, esp little me organics, but that is a little pricey. Nipple cream wise hubby colleague recommend lansinoh which only consist of pure medical grade lanolin which means bb can latch on directly even after applying.

I am from Nov mummy. I am interested to purchase the dry mama. Can I join too? I would like to get the below

1. Dry mama plus (black &amp; white) - 2 pairs get 1 pair free
2. Dry mama (black &amp; pink) - 2 pairs get 1 pair free

Thank you
Hey gals, let me go call sweetest moments on MOnday to check how u gals can order under my name.. That time i ordered was coordinate by my Jan 2010 mummies who formed a group buy and our offer is buy 10 boxes free 2 boxes instead Of the usual 1 box..
Many thanks on the info for ELC sale!

Ling, Star
You can try Iherb for paraben free products.
I'm getting the bb lotion from there but have to order online either by spree or direct.
So far I have ordered direct and takes about 2 weeks to reach me.
But I'm confused on the nipple cream as Lansinoh-(contains Lanolin) is mostly recommended by mummies but then when I see Earth Mama Nipple Butter it says Lanolin-free.
So not sure if Lanolin is actually good or not and which one is better..

Nikki: lanolin is frm the wool, so my guess if there might be a minority of ppl who are allgeric to it. But overally, high grade pure lanolin without any other added chemicals is a natural mositeriser and protective barrier for the skin. Compare to the one u mention, that's all natural as well but the ingredients are plant based, whereelse the lanolin can be considered animal based? So in conclusion, it depends who which on suits u better ba. At least these 2 are better than those nipple creams that contains artifical chemicals.
jojo: any recommendations? =D hehe

anyone getting anymore pyjamus? i got another item nt sure if u all interested. post ltr.=)
<font color="orange"><font size="+2">Diaper Frenzy</font></font>

<font color="red"><font size="+0">Diaper Stacker - DS#1 to #10 - $18/-</font></font>

Measurements: 57.2*30.5*18.5CM
Top embroidery: 15*30cm
Filling space: 43*30cm
Base: 20*30cm

<font color="red"><font size="+0">Diaper Pocket DP#1 to #2 - $8/-</font></font>

Coffee Or Pink
Measurements: 34*25cm (Opened)
Tentatively fitting 2-3diapers / 2 side pockets

<font color="red"><font size="+0">Diaper Cloth Storage DC#1 to DC#17- $18/-</font></font>


Measurements: 60*50cm
Row 1 = 4 pockets / Row2 = 3 pockets / Row 3 = 2 pockets
NOTE: you can select the same design diaper stacker for an additional of $15/-

<font color="green"><font size="-1">Thanks mummies, those ordering use same spreadsheet -> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AjqRtB8baMtEdEhycF9Ob29FMVBTYzdwMEtEcTB0OXc 2nd tab. payments to posb sav 126-93221-9.. Deadline with payments in by this Friday. Same with the pyjamus kks? </font></font>
HUGGZZZ Ling &amp; HazelNutty.

Ya am trying to rationalize this with myself too. the piss off part is he can even say the 9mths preg is nothing compare to their 2.5 yrs NS.So sometimes i really canot be bother with him. I jus wan baby &amp; myself to be very happie.
TBUxoxo: ignore his negative comments for nows. =) u must b happy n cheer up. let him say whatever he wans. dun get angry. we cannot 动胎气. *hugs*

the weather fuggings hot i gg kisiaos................ROAR.
got try to talk to hb? urs is #1?
some men is a bit stress n insensitive to preg.
first time daddies got their own problems to face as much as first time mummies.
don hold grudge in heart better to talk it out

relax n don let all these affect u k?
I have just sent my maid away yesterday. She told lies. When i was away from home, i gave her list to do, but she didnt even bother to ask me what else to do since i already at home. She rests each night at 8.30pm. Got a second handphone and talking at midnight, the worst thing is, she didnt boil water and just get the tap water in my pot. This means i was drinking tap water in the last 2 days.
I did not tell her we dont want her. just told her that we going to overseas and sending her to the agency for 2 days, in case she got time to steal my things and do harm to me and baby.
She is new, trained her for 10 days and she cries everyday due to home sickness. Sigh.. now i m without maid and have to wait till November 2012 for a experience maid to come in.
Thks jen &amp; rykiel, xoxo... Yup my no.1.

Yeayes i wont hold grudge coz my priorty chg le teeheee.

Anyone buy e breast pump alredi? Coz am thinkin shld i buy before or after givin birthhh
jen: tie string der.

yanling: omg.. sounds scary leh. so whos helping u out till nov?

TBU: i hvn bought any.. ill get a manual one first. if got supply than get auto. i tink its natural, once u get ur #1 everything elses change. no clubbing to u also ok der. hehaho~

Housework continues done by hubby.
My mum in law will come over for my confinement. I m going for elective c-sect 3 weeks earlier.
Any nanny who is experience in looking after infact at Bt Panjang?
Sigh hire maid also so much problem. I let my maid go out supposed to come back at 6pm late never even call... Some more first week with us... From half day want full day... Than now this type of pattern.
So I think Earth Mama would be a safer choice since plant based.
Thanks for the explanation!

Ours is the 3rd maid before we find her satisfactory. The 1st 2 are problematic also..
Our main priority is that as long as the bb is fine, we don't dare to expect a lot from her.

DRYPERS(NB-28) at $12.15 for 2 pkts(0.217cts/pc)
HUGGIES(NB-24) at $12.75 for 2 pkts(0.266cts/pc)
PET PET(Small-32) at $10.95(0.171cts/pc) for 2 pkts.
Rykiel: i got the diaper stacker but i got it frm the motherhoid fair. Looks useful!

Nikki: hummz, actually it depends there r ppl who are allergic or sensitive to plants. Like me i cannot use shokubutsu shower cos skin will itch wor..
tanny: =))

star: hw muchie u bought it, i went kiddy-palace saw 20+? i like leh. can use for other things. WUAHAHA. can put inside waredrobe hang stuffed toys also.hehehe
No prob!
Hope more mummies post all the good deals out there so that we can have more savings!

Star, Jojo
Didn't know that some people could be allergic to plant products, thought that plants based should be safe..
Think gotta trial &amp; error then.
Dear mummies,

My pc got virus attack last night system hang and crush. Sorry can only try using my company laptop to upload the link tml.
Rykiel, the no rinse shapoo seen not bad. I try looking for another brand at guardian today but was told out of stock aldy. And a bit more ex like $14 plus with 20% off.

Hi mummies to be, any advice on baby cots pls? Looked at ikea baby cots tdy and found that there can be some space between cot frame and the cot mattress which i read online as a no no as baby can flip and get head stuck in that small space. Which brands if cot have all of you bought? Or is it ok to use a playpen instead of a cot? Thanks