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Cookie : me! I'm the guilty one - have t finish preparing - clothes bed sheet all not washed.

Btw where to buy those front opening pyjamas? How it looks like? Is it one piece like a dress of two piece? Top and bottom like pants? Is it those from market?

TMC - those who deliver here, we no need to bring baby stuff there righy, as in clothes, mittens n socks, even receiving blanket? Diapers wipes all provided hor. I just bring what's necessary for me. Bathroom got shower facilities for hubby to use? Toiletries bath/ soap/ bath towel provided?

I think I got those satin 2 pc pyjamas stored somewhere - those long sleeve top with front buttons and long pants with rubber band - like those worn by children except this is adult size but made of satin. This kind ok a not? Will it b v cold at night - satin feels cold? Or is it not convenient to wear bottoms cos v pain or incovenient down there after child birth to go toilet? Is dress better? Dress can zao gen, hmmm..
bhoo: congrats to u but u did shock lots of us here esp me since I oso end July.. anyway hope u r recovering well..

mummies I Apologised for not being active here recently coz after mc n work had been too much piling up n need to teach pple wat to do when I'm not ard.. tiring n my manager actually told another colleague next week onwards I gonna b doing another workload again.. Sianx

anyway many archives for me to read up to see wat is happening.. thank god there is Facebook dat allows me to see wat going on w a few of u mummies
Hi bhoo
Congrat to u!! Wah.. What a surprise.. Like what the rest say, bb is more than 2kg so shd be fine.. When is ur last scan bb weight? Actually am just curious, how u know is contraction at 2am? I hv been feeling crampy last night too n has been taking a medicine to control contraction so worry if bbies want come out but i dun know n oso worry how i know their hb rate drop or not..;( so very scare.. Thank god tt u rush to hospital n is a right decision made..

Any other advise ladies on how contraction feel? Crampy feel? I am feeling abit scare due to last night cramp , am happy to feel bbies movement now so does it means bbies r ok? Now wonder shd i go down my gynea clinic to do ctg alone as hubby busy at work today n he already accompany me go checkup yesterday.. Both bbies weighing at 2.9kg & 2.6kg n will be going c sect next wk.. Really full of worries..
i remembered when i delivered #1 at TMC, most of bb stuff was provided. clothes, receiving blanket, diapers and wipes. i think they provided mittens too.

i also dont know how contraction feels. been feeling on and off cramps nowadays. i'm going for my checkup later. will chk with gynae if bb engaged or not. I'm also tentatively going for c-sec at later day of next week.
Joanne, I Nvr really have chance feel real contraction for deliver cos #1 is induced de n I got epidural early so feel a very reduced lvl. If u feel nt right go see doc with ur mum. My hse here quite hard to get cab de..... Hope when time comes hb ard
I've also been having weird feelings in my tummy recently and baby seems to be moving a lot. I wonder what's going on. My mil said my tummy still looks very high up and doesn't look like I'm gonna deliver soon. Im currently at 37 w 2 d. Getting all confused by the different signals that I can't even tell what is a contraction anymore.
Bhoo... Congrats.. dont worry too much k, baby is in good hand
you try to grab as much rest as you can now, you need to recover all your energy!! Jiayou
Bhoo- congrats! U join the "pop" grp
Ur epidural experience was a shock to me. Was dismay to know can ve such side effects.
I myself hv migrain condition not sure if epidural can trigger not.

Now office fire drill...preggies can stay in office. Privilege! Wahaha!!!
Congrats bhoo, dun worry too much bb will be ok. My friend premature very early bb only 600plus grams but oso doing ok now. So dun worry rest well.
win_123: yes; its advised not to to avoid 头风. ill nt be washing la. #1 i washed. ytd i got firedrill but i had to go dwn sign attendance. =( sobs..

bhoo: congrats! =) dont worry too much, take ample rest yea?

rer-rer; standby call cab. i told hub if anything happen *choy* ill call cab. heehehee..

joanne: u chose a date for csec ler?
Bhoo congrates!! Bb just cant wait to see daddy and mummy

Tanny, I prepare 2 sets of satin pajamas, dress kind but above knee length, and at the side is even higher so yea easily zao geng imagine parents in law will come and visit?!? so I bought satin sleeping pants to go with it. found good deal at suntec Carrefour, material so soft and light and it's only $9.90!!
For me I am not so strict with the bathing part. Yes once I can get down of bed first thing is to shower and wash my hair!! LOL! then during confinement one day I wanna shower twice. Knotty knotty.
yes. we are supposed not to bath or wash hair after delivery. but i'm going to bath everyday as the weather is too hot. i need to keep clean and hygiene else how to carry bb or try to bf lor.
I thot of using dry shampoo. Not sure how gd it is. Plus i didnt cut my hair short cos weather hot i wan to tie up. Too short hair i cannot tahan...if cut til shoulder its not here or there n cannot tie. Weird aso. Anyone try dry shampoo before?

So fr the forum, some wil shower( incl wash hair) while some totally refrain fr showering.

Maybe i try to wipe body with warm water. When discharge then shower. I heard my confinement lady wil prepare water for me to wipe everyday. Then shower, incl wash hair, once a week.

Aso heard cannot blow fan during cf right? Suppose to sweat out to remove the wind trapped. I cannot imagine this weather no fan no shower. Maybe i use cardboard fan myself.

Suddenly wonderin why give birth wil ve wind trap in our body. So strange.
Hi Cherish
Will be delivering at tmc since bbies already more than 2kg..;)
U? how many wks r u now? U gonna stay at single bedded ward? Then ur maid gonna be alone at home? Am abit headache abt this as what if she goes out n make more friends.. Sigh..

Hi all
Ya, i almost get depression when didnt wash hair for first 2wks.. Feel scalp so dirty n imagine tt time my boy is born in december, i already almost cant take it. The weather now even more jialat.. So i prepare to wash hair after 10days instead of 14days.. Last time i only turn on aircon at night, this time, me gonna turn on almost whole of day time since we cant be under the fan then be in an aircon rm to make ourselves feel better lor.. I try to restrict for this CL mth since will be gd to our body in long term.. Many pp say is a 重生 to our body.. So no harm to suffer for one mth ba.. One of my collegue no wash hair at all for 40days neh.. Really admire her determination.. But she gain a strong body as she was very week before her pregnancy de..

As for dry shampoo, heard many say is no gd for our scalp As will clot it so i decide to give tt a miss since we will drop alot of hair at 4th mth, dun wish to further worsen the condition..;)
i will also deliver at tmc. i heard tmc service drops liao. so praying hard that we will still get some good service when we're there. just back fr checkup today. baby est weighs 3.1kg at wk38 now. i'm opting for single bedded ward. won't put maid alone at home. will ask mil to come over as still hv #1 to take care. i told hb upfront yesterday, if the maid cannot take care nb well, i will hv to change her as i cant possible forever checking if she does this, does that. i need a maid to help me and not another 'child' for me to take care of.
Hi cherish
Yes, i agree with wht u say.. We need a helper n not a burden..;) i let her do things slow now but if bbies out n still slow, will fire her too.. Just now asks her wipe my son cupboard n she can take the things out n stand at the door to watch my tv than to pay attention to wipe well.. My mum say she can oso wipe a glass same spot for 20times as her eyes r looking outside.. Oh ya, u know wht happen yesterday., i asks her to wash my bb gal dress which pass down by my collegues and when she try to hang it, she cry n throw my bb gal dress back to washing machine.. Then pickup n throw in n cry again.. Then go to toilet cry.. Stand near the wall n cry again.. Then she pickup few more dress n throw back in n cry again.. I saw all this fr my camera.. N she no wash hand n hang my gal clothes finally.. I think she miss her 3yrs old daughter alot.. But my hb is worry as will she has the heart to work here since she miss her daughter alot.. Sigh.. We worry abt her mental too... What u think?

Nice weight ur bb has.. Me will only be at 36th wk next wk..
Cherish, so u will be csect or natural?

Joanne, u still can tahan till 36 weeks, not bad leh. By right twins should have come out by now.
Hi Qin
I am glad too.. Hv been telling my bbies tt if they feel cramp and want to come out.. I welcome them anytime.. Worry too squeezy inside for them too...
Jo I seriously think u need to let her go soon. Backup plan on help rather dep on her n not sure what will happen! Scary.

Cherish, I like ur attitude! Dragon mummy giving ultimatum.

Bhoo, u out oredi?

I'm in confinement now but absolutely relaxed n felt normal. What's there to do? Ok I wear long pants cos feeling chilling even tho will perspire. Kept my feet in those hotel slippers or under cover cos feeling chilly oso. Bathe n wash hair as per normal. Drink only red date tea or milo. Blow fan but not directly. Air con at night but at 26C. Snacking on biscuits chocolates in between cos after BF v hungry. Play w #1 occasionally. What else do I nd to do? All seemed so easy n no stress vs last time. Eat drink feed sleep. A cow n pig's life. Haha.
Hi lili
What a relax confinement u hv.. Is it due to not c sect so wound recover faster?
We need her help now for confinement as per request by my CL lady so will see how after my CL ends.. Looks really scary hor...;p
I think another reason is bec u bath n wash hair like normal...last time my mild depression is due to no bath n no wash hair...
I also think u need to let her go soon. My maid had 2yrs old daughter so I don't know how she will react when my gal is born.

Liligal, no choice lo. I already closing one eye as now tummy big n no strength to bother so much. This morn I just told hb when I'm in ML period, it might be her nitemare. I spot chk my coffeetable in living rm n realize she only wipe e top surface, below shelf totally no wipe as I touched a layer of dust.

C-sec for me. No courage to try natural leh.
Sorry to barge in but I'm a silent reader

Joanne, the reason u shd let Ur maid go is v obvious.
- her work is too slow
- she's so new in Ur hse n so fast can chu pattern alrdy
- make Frds wz other maids n even sneak away to somewhere else when she shd be running an errand. If she can be so daring now, next time she will be worse

I used to hv a maid who I trusted.
I'll ask her to go to provision shop downstairs to buy bread, etc
She started to take longer n longer time each time she go downstairs
Finally 1 day we found out she bought a hp secretly from other maid n worse thing is, a lot of Bangla men msg her asking for sex
Imagine if u let her bring Ur son to n fro school, who knows if she will sneak away to meet men? Wat if she bring Ur son along to meet men n hv hanky panky

So my point is, if a maid can be so dishonest right from the start, u shd not keep her at all
How can u entrust Ur kids to a dishonest person?
Moreover, she's always so slow in her work
Based on Ur posts abt her, I dun see any gd points abt her so i'll say good riddance!
Any other maid can also do hse work but impt thing is to hv a honest maid
Congrats bhoo!

Shann, the pedicure shop might forbid you to do:p

Liligal, you seems really comfy..what a relaxed mum loh. haha. Btw, I left a message for you in June thread. Im scheduled to be induced coming tue if nothing happens these few days.
btw my old piles already out now before delivery. doctor said, it's common due to the weight and pressure...think would worsen for me after labour.
I personally feel she doesn't hv the 心 to work here. Stardust did list out the pts too. She's only here for few mths n already so many patterns. N going to friend hse at ur back. These are our opinions but ultimately, discuss wif ur hb n see what is best for u. Don't get too frustrated or upset wif it.
Just now my hb was hinting me he didn't want to change e maid even if not up to our expectation. I just listened n made no comment. Shall see how it's goes too.

Talking abtpiles, mine also suddenly comes out! Funny ia I don't hv constipation now, bowel quite ok but still comes out. I'm also worried will get worse after delivery.
Kadice, I did my pedi liao now with pretty nails make me so happy! Usually I will even put bling bling but this time I just did a 2 tones gelish nails.

Joanne, yup I agree with the rest, u need to let her go, you don't feel at peace with her around.. There are too many reasons for you to terminate her. The earlier the better, don't drag. You can just send her back to agency and get a replacement asap.

Today I stock up all Chinese herbs for chicken soup (later stage during confinement) and Red dates tea. Yay one thing off my mind. Will ask my helper to buy all the pork fillet/stomach/kidney/liver and thread fish/bone when I am in hospital. Luckily I stay above sheng siong and near wet market, quite convenient to do groceries shopping.
ok much overdue but here's my princess Rina's birth story:

22 Jun Fri
Membrane sweep done. supposed to have reaction within 48hrs. but didn't happened.

25 Jun Mon
10am gynae checkup
weight dropped, water level dropped, baby moving less. dilation still the same at 2.5cm from fri.
2nd membrane sweep. asked to check in hospital to be induced. still going for VBAC with gynae support.
11am mucous plug came out at home.
2:00pm reached Mt A. registered for check in. had lunch in the ward.
2:30pm called for nurses and say we are ready. checked for BP.
3:00pm tablet inserted by gynae. strapped for 1hr to monitor baby's heartbeat and contractions and for tablet to melt.
4:00pm unstrapped. moved around with painless contractions.
7:00pm more mucous plug came out. think melted tablet also out as well.
12am VE by nurse. dilation only at 3cm. inserted 2nd pill. strapped again. few mins later huge contractions every 5mins. painless but high tightening everywhere and draining on entire body. felt like shitting.
1am unstrapped. shit in between contractions which are now 2-3mins apart. requested for epidural. nurse say need to check dilation as only after 4 or 5cm then they give. also need to check delivery suite and with gynae. once i requested for epi, suddenly everything became painful even when contractions are of lower intensity. whole body shoke.
1:40am finally wheeled into delivery suite. asked for epi again. they say need to strap first and monitor. then see if epi doc available. used laughing gas as an interim.
2:15am ok to go for epi. wait for doc (any doc now, i dun care).
2:45am doc came in. epi given. low dosage first to monitor. used laughing gas. this doc very good. no pain at all and in good mood so very user friendly.
3:02am epi kicked in. shivering. requested for higher dosage.
3:15am given highest and whole body can move but no pain felt. very good. laughing gas not needed. allowed hubby to go toilet.
3:40am gynae arrived.
3:45am broke water bag & prepare for baby arrival
3:55am apparently fully dilated. was asked to push. very odd feeling cos i can't feel my muscles down under. so i just pretend to push and wanted to laugh. that din work. then was taught how to imagine and breathe in without laughing. imagine push from tummy. decided a vacuum is needed to assist baby out.
4:00am baby out with more imaginery pushes. VBAC success! cleaned up stitches, took pics and admire baby.
5am pushed out of suite into labour ward
6:40am baby came for 1st feed.
end up, I had many firsts with this #2 kid.

- it was really surreal especially the last few hours. the delivery suite experience was good and short compared to my #1. yeah.. i wanted short labor.
- the best part for me was when bb was out in between cos that mean VBAC success for me. something that i prayed for.
- also wanted it to be after 21st but before 27th Jun so that miss my anniversary and hubby can travel out on 27th. so 26th was perfect.
- first time on total breastfeeding since day 1 cos boy was on FM as they wanted me to rest well for c-sect.
- everything healed very fast as well vs c-sect. even the side effects were minimal. last time i was shivering and cold. then whole body itchy for 2 days. on drip for 2 days. this time, only vomited twice slightly, slight shivering in delivery suite for 2hrs and itchy for 30mins on hands and face only.
- i can go for massage!!! din get to do it with #1.

really thankful.
the downside is....
- my tummy muscle apparently "split". cos i dun use them very much before and with all the stretching for baby, it "split" and now needs to do more sit up exercises.
- i had a pile. first time as well...
- my girl small small at 2.8kg (oh.. this is also one thing i prayed for i.e. 2.7-2.8kg only) so her sucking and drinking powers not very big yet. my twin peaks are very very full and not fully utilized.

but overall still happy lah.
jo, basically, i can't seemed to trust your maid anymore from what you are writing here. if trust is gone, i can't have this person living IN my house. that's very dangerous. and not forgetting i'm going to have babies in the house. even if u have watchful eyes around, u can't be there 100% of the time. it's like the chinese saying on "luring a wolf into your house". seriously suggest you remove her. think of backup plan e.g. get another CL to help or hire a daily part time helper or just bite the bullet for everyone in 1 mth. oh... and plus, she's not exactly doing the work well to begin with.

so bad tat even the silent reader stardust has to be not so silent anymore! hahahaha... lol.
Hi gals, I got a very bad evening..... #1 decided to stick to me....cry in car n insist I carry him at front seat. Cry so pitifully for half an hr in jam , no choice let him climb over, hug him n immediately doze off..... Woke up fr his pram n still decided he only wants me!!!! Make me so tired, manage to negotiate to walk to drink stall...but after papa bought his ribena, he sob n insists I carry him....no choice cos he is almost gonna lie on flr...carry him bk to seats with hb half carrying him! Fil go n buy ice Milo for him n he drank Milo with ribena..... After coaxing n warm up he ok to play with bil n his papa. Run up n dwn! Ok finally we get him to go bk n singing happily in car. Almost hm.... He decided to puke on car, merlion style! Call hm n ask my helper to go to carpark clean car!!! Hb tell me she kinda stupid. Got clean water but the cloth Nvr rinse, she let the water run in pail with dirty cloth...I tell him u must teach her cos her hm town water is dirty water!
Shann, pretty mummy..heheh..my nails are in bad conditions now..really no mood to bother:p

cherish, same here..this time round i have no constipation yet the piles came out. and the cream i applied did not help or reduce the swelling, so i guess it is really the pressure. think after delivery could be worse coz we would be pushing realy hard. no choice...

liligal, that was a really detailed write up & dun sound that daunting..enjoy ur confinement now.soon i would be joining you..haa
Hi mummies, thanks for the well wishes =) I'm now sleepless in Mt Alvernia!

I'm recovering well from my c-sect but my son is still in NICU under observation =( pediatrician was very reassuring but I cannot help but still worry abt his progress. I think I'm going crazy with all the online information on preterm babies. There seem to be so many short term and long term complications to preemies health and learning abilities.

lili_gal, you are making me so envious! Your whole delivery process and confinement is like a breeze.

Now all I hope is for my confinement nanny to be experienced enuff to care for premature babies and on breastfeeding.
Bhoo, Hvg ur bb under observation is better than hvg him bk home. Its professional care. All u cn do is rest n trust the PD n nurses. worry also no use cos u cnt do anything. Pray then n rest.

My prob now is bb not drinking. Kp waking up for food but only drink 5mins n fall asleep again. Bb turning yellow. N my single pile is hurting w constipation. CL cooking sucks. Not to my liking.

Rer Rer ur son might b sensing his imminent shift in position when #2 is out. Did u mention it to him? He went thru a struggle n refused to hv me w him or become super duper sticky. I hv to kp giving him the attention at all times. Putting him first n assuring him. The gift exchange worked wonders for my son when he came to visit at the hosp. But now n then he's getting quite possessive of his things eg his blanket (which he doesn't use at all) shouldn't b on meimei's cot. His lil piggy as well. think it's hard for them to turn from 100% attention to 50% next time. Must strategize!!!! Lol.
Btw I really wondering. Did I miss anything in confinement? Like something missing leh.

Now hv to bathe w herbs n next few days they dun want me to wash hair. Later CL making some concoction for hair wash. Hmmm not sure if cn last till then. If I just go n wash she also cnt do much. Ha!

Tmr morn got malay massage. So looking fwd to it. Gd I let u all know. Me plan to do it daily till end of confinement if shiok, w diff folks, just to try for fun.
lili_gal, you are now on confinement so shouldn't you be resting instead of being up at this time of the nite?

Yea, I also agree that baby is in good hands in NICU. Now can only pray. This is my #1 so I have to admit that I'm a bit obsessed and overly dramatic at times. I must learn from my bo chup husband who is now snoring loudly beside me without a care in this world.

By the way, I washed my hair and bathed the moment I felt good enuff to walk after my c-sect. A nice hot shower really is a good mood uplifter =)
Don't get too worry or crazy abt pretern babies info in online. My friend bb was born pretern too, put in icu too. Now he's growing strong n healthy at 2yrs old n can recite mths n days. so much faster than my son.
Hi gals n stardust
Thanks so much for ur nice feedback on maid, after discuss with Hb, we hv decide to change her after my Confinement ends,. Appreciate for giving me feedback and lend a listen ear to me..;)

Hi bhoo
Sorry for being forgetful.. How big is ur bb? Dun worry, like wht the rest say.. Ur bb is in gd hand.. Btw, u r in tmc also? U start to walk around at 2nd day n lie on bed whole day on first day? Usually we stay how long for c sect in hospital?

Hi gals
I hv pop today morning..;) my waterbag burst at 4plus am n i feel water gush out.. 7am do c sect.. All happens so fast n my bbies r deliver at 35wks 3days withboy weight 2.6kg n gal at 2.4kg.. Thank god no need nicu..;) i cry upon hearing their crying as doing half c sect.. What a touching moment..;)