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Jenny, u sick also muz latch.. cause ur body will produce antibodies which will go to milk then baby will absorb.
Deebee, I nvr handwash from day 1. Throw washing machine with my confinement clothes.
Kadice, how was it? Popped yet?
cyn, thanks for the info! so interesting! i shud hv read more abt this when i had #1 i.e boy.

ktmum, me me me!!! my girl grunts and makes such uncouth noises in the day and night while sleeping. for me i think she's trying very hard to expel the gas in her body to convert it to burp or fart. sometimes it's so bad tat i woke up, tilt her to the side to help burp her by tapping on her back. last night it worked and she burped. oh, sometimes i lay her on her side to sleep instead of back. think it's better for air flow. i also find that burping her very very thoroughly after BF helps a teeny wee bit.

deebee, for #1 we din. jus separate his laundry and run another cycle with his baby detergent jus for his stuff only. but sometimes we scrub the super dirty area abit first b4 dumping into the washer. it also deps if ur baby is allergic. my fren's son, not only must handwash but need to ensure at least 4 rinses.
Petrina, baby was finally borned last night have many hours in labour. Ended up c-section. It was really an unforgettable experience.I started vomitting nonstop after epidural. Shall update more later when I have more energy
Hopecg, I got the bottom spray. Juz in time cos my wound hurting badly. Thanks! For colic, can try ru yi you..my CL using that.

Kadice, congrats for delivering your bb! Share your birth story once u feel better. Meanwhile, work hard on bf-ing!
Congrats Kadice! have a good rest

Hi Smilez, envy you have such good milk flow leh.. i have called up the breastfeeding hotline at TMC to ask about the uneven BM output. jus to share the knowledge which i gathered from the nurse is that she say we have to use the pump to stimulate the side which is producing lesser milk. it seems to work for me leh...i shall monitor leh....

cyn : congrats on goin back home ..home is always the best.....

Jenny : no end to confinement lady stuffs one;...yeah ..for mine, starting mum is here so she use hands to wash, when mum go back she now use our washing machine to wash baby clothes.. i am okie one so long as she takes good care of baby. yeah

do your CL helps you all with household chores huh? my clothes are washed by my hubby one leh...yeah wondering how abt yours huh?

hope my younger bro got a good CL in Oct lor ....hmmhmhmm....

oh yes, have you gals decide where to take your baby for injections huh? PD or poly clinic or KKH clinic huh? mi still tinking leh.....cos got a poly clinic at my house downstairs lor...but some of my frens feel tat PD better cos got emergency line to call if baby got fever lor..yeah so i am tinking what to take ....my hubby feels that baby sick then go PD..injections can take at polyclinics lor...

wat do you gals tink huh? can share with me your tots huh?

Yeah, I really dunno why my girl cries at times. Sigh. She's wants attention i think. When you carry her, she keep looking at you and then snuggles up against you and giggles to herself in glee.

I dunno leh - i thought confinement is one month from date of delivery and my CL is leaving on the 18th Jul. So that should mark the end of my confinement?

To be frank, I left the house few times, been drinking yakult and milk cold from the fridge, showered from Day 3 when I got home, fan is also on cos of my crazy itchy rash. Come to think about it, a lot of freedom at home cos my CL doesn't control me. haha...my MIL also quite modern except she nags about the fan etc so when she pops by every 2-3 days, I make sure I "behave" myself.


CL handwashes baby's clothes and then spins it dry in my machine before hanging it up. I will definitely use the washing machine la..where got time to handwash?!!


Have a good rest and update when you are free. Welcome to the motherhood club!

So you mean we need to pump one side more? For me, the difference between each breasts not that much so I just let it be.

My breasts upsized two cups so don't envy me too much cos i will need to deal with horrid stretch marks etc after that.
A bit frustrated cos most of my old tops don't fit very well - too tight on top and if I wear loose fitting tops, I look so frumpy.

My CL does chores for us - she mops the house daily - washes the common toilet that she uses. She will mop the kitchen after cooking. I typically will still go clean up the kitchen stove and top areas when she goes into the room cos somehow erm, I feel better if I wipe it up one round cos I don't want to have messy food residues leftover and leading to pests in my kitchen cos I seldom cook at home last time.

I still settle my own laundry with my hubby the usual way and wash dishes when I am done. CL will cook an extra portion for my hub if I tell her to. Sometimes, I just get her to keep extra soup for him - no need to cook his share.
Smilezz-- ya my upper arms are clearing off, but those on the thighs/backside are killing me. There are 2 patches which somehow merge together for i dunno wat reason they are at the side of my calves though.

Im on oral medication/ointment/cream/sarna lotion as well. Gynae also pass me cetaphil bpdy shower n moisturiser. Have to see him again in a week time!

Yes jus got back from check up! Ryan jaundice is normal. Tot of changing PD. currently with terence tan but dun seem to see the need to wait like mad. Shld prolly be going to simon ng & i heard his charges r cheaper too
Ok will try your method. Hope to bring down soon. I can't even go out without my breast pump n every 2 hrs pumping bcoz of full breast is really xiong.

Hui maybe u try n c if the herb u use to bath will worsen too. I had rashes when I bath with that.

Congrats kadice!

Wow 150ml. Ur bb has good appetite. My gal only takes 80ml...
hui000, i also had mood swings. my baby gal also struggles and screams her lungs off whenever i try to latch her..she will shake her head and cries until face red red.

then ytday hb went out whole day not at home and i had to manage my #1 alone..i lashed out at him at one point and he was so sad..that makes me sadder!
having someone to just talk to really really helps!

i mostly express and only do direct latch at most once a day since my nipples are sore from all the pumping. i think the baby drink more from expressed milk because when latch my boy took his own sweet time to suck and fall asleep and will release the nipple. but when feeding from bottle, he will suck the bottle dry and then ask for more.


actually i am kinda worried that i am overfeeding. i had no supply in the first few days because my boy was very sleepy due to epidural effect and there was no much latching at the hospital. after came home, and the stored supply runs out, he started screaming for food. but i had nothing for him. i could pump for 30 min and only get barely 1ml out.

he was born a good 3+kg but i had no supply and he came down with juandice. When we sunbath him, he gotten so thin that we can see the skin wrapping the ribs. it was very heart wrecking to see him starve like that so i engage the help of lactation consultant, ate feenugreek, drank 3 litre of water + lots of soup and pump every 1+ hour for 30 min straight, massage, apply heat to breast, whatever i could think of.

when my supply did come in eventually, he gobbled up the milk like no tomorrow. once he even drank like 200+ ml in a span of 1+hour. nowadays it is a more constant of 150 ml or so every 2+hour. still it is more than 1 litre a day and i thinking it is not normal...

i probably have to ask the PD about the suitable amount when i see her during the 1 month checkup...

i think it depends on the baby. some babies' skin is more sensitive. because normal detergent is more harsh on skin and adult clothes might be more dirty and there might be residue in the washing machine

i run the hot water cycle with baby detergent first to get rid of our stronger normal detergent and other dirt in the washing machine before i wash the baby clothings. so far there is no allergy reaction from my boy yet.
Hi Smilez, yes the nurse say let the breast that is producing lesser milk stimulate more to get it going hehehe

thank you very much for sharing on your CL's roles hehehe ...

mood swings - think i oso have such mood swings hehehe ...guess our hormones are acting against us esp if we do not have enuff sleep lor...yeah so try to get a good nap or rest if we can... felt that can sleep lots in the afternoon now...so tired cos woke up at nite to see baby and to pump milk i guess. hehehe the tiredness is worthed it when i see the baby's smile hehee...
My gal also makes such noise whether a not I have burp her.

Congrats on the birth of your baby.

CL and Chores,
My CL does all the laundry at home. She just simply throw everything in the washing machine. So nothing difficult for her. She also cleans the house every alternate days, but I don't think its very clean. She uses just one pail of water for the entire house! She left today and hubby and I cleaned the entire house. It feels so much better now. Smilezz I understand how you feel, hubs also did that after she retires to the room.

Food wise, the entire family just eats what she cooks for me. Just extra rice only.

My PD is also Terrance Tan but we did not go back to him. For jaudice check we also go to the polyclinic, its so much cheaper there. Newborns also have pirority so it was pretty fast.

Vaccinations are by appointments. So if you go by the appointed time, you will need to wait about 10 mins. For the first time they will see you asap as bb is newborn, from there they will ask you to make appointment for the upcoming injections.

I will only go to PD when after seeing GP bb still not well.
Hi ladies, one and a half weeks after delivery, I think I've already broken most of the confinement "rules"... I bathe at night, wash my hair daily, went downstairs myself a few times (today brought baby down to the playground to sun and went to the supermarket to buy a few things), drank coffee (which I'll stop now cos I noticed baby got a bit more jittery than usual :p), on aircon and fan, etc... haha.. so far just going about my life as per normal. I just don't do as much housework or cook as hubby is doing all that :p

Kadice, congrats on your delivery. Do share your birth story when you're more rested.

Cyn, have a good rest and take it easy.

Sunbelle, I'll bring my baby for vaccination at the polyclinic but for more serious illness, will bring to PD.

ktmum, my boy also makes grunting noises especially when he's hungry and fussing :p Have to calm him down before nursing cos he can chomp quite hard on my nipple >.< So now my right nipple is a bit sensitive and I've been expressing from the right while latching on my left for a couple of days.

Deebee, I definitely use the washing machine to wash my bb's clothes. I don't do any rinsing of the machine beforehand either.. it's a waste of water and electricity. I usually use half a capful of detergent to wash a full load so that my clothes don't have a strong detergent smell. I do the same with baby's clothes unless it's soiled, then I'll soak first with baby detergent (I use Tollyjoy) and scrub till clean before washing in the machine with rest of his clothes using the Handwash cycle.
Hi Nattan, i am oso like you leh..yeah broke a no. of confinement rules like wearing shorts hor, on aircon and fan etc. wash hair too..cos i find the dry shampoo like din work too well hahahaha....be careful in not over exerting on your wound leh.....yeah rest more if uou can...

vacination : yes, my hubby wan research yesterdae and seems like poly clinic hor the price difference is like less than 4 times cmpared to PD. hmmhmmm.....

my gal is increasing her milk feeds now leh...now is 2nd week plus more ..hrd there is a growth spurt going on....Smilez, are you experiencing this for your baby huh?

tilsa : where is terence tan based huh? how muchie is his consultation huh? is he full time based at his location huh?

Good that your boy's jaundice is better! My girl's PD is at Glen - Dr Ngiam. He is the PD for my niece and hub's cousins. Pricing wise - first visit was around $60 so I really dunno if considered ex or not leh.

PD vs Polyclinic

I do agree that there are costs savings - it's comparing going to a regular GP vs a specialist right? In any case, there isn't any nearby polyclinic for my place and PD at Glen is really the nearest for me so out of convenience, I think we will stick with the PD.


I thought usually nipples will be more sore for those who latch? Anyway, the nipples will have to toughen up somehow. :p


Yup yup, hopefully your breasts don't feel so heavy and engorged after that. I know the feeling can be so terrible.


I think the only reason why I am not going out of the house that much is because we can't leave the CL alone with baby. :p


Aiyoh, I wear shorts and sleeveless tops all day long. Never wear slippers around the house too. My CL doesn't nag about such things - she just focuses on the baby more. She said if the mothers are tired, just rest lor..no point being under control if not, sure very depressing one.

Yes - my girl is 2 weeks+ now. Yesterday, she kept fussing and drinking more than usual and pooping non stop from morning after her shower till evening time. Poor girl. Put her in her cot, she cries and wants to be carried. Then when she falls asleep, she will wake up like 20-30 mins later.

I kept reminding CL to put diaper rash cream cos I see her butt getting red. The good thing is she was totally knocked out last night and at least she did not fuss as much after having her night feeds.

How much is your girl drinking now ah?
glad u got the spray! how's the wound nw? the spray nice smelling, should lift your spirits up too! it did for mine! tho now no longer have the wound pain, i still use it for the cooling effect and fragrance =)

haha! i opened the fridge door at least 5 times a day.. quickly gulp my drink and act normal! hahaha! cannot tahan la! i think you are enjoying ur end of confinement nw lo! wah!!!

i also wearing loose tops that are airy and fbt shorts, on fan direct blowing.. i think i'm so gonna get it next time le! =P

nattan, you put your bb clothes w urs to wash or separate? my previous CL recommend separate cos of the strong smell that we have =P
Ssmilezz, hope your rashes are better. I have butt acne instead
Probably due to perspiring so much and sitting too much :p I've also applied Desitin to the affected area since it contains zinc oxide like some pimple cream.. hope it works! Was just telling hubby, it's ironical that I bought the diaper rash cream for baby but he doesn't need it as much as I do! :p I do spray the California Baby Diaper Area Spray on him after a diaper change as a preventive measure.

sunbelle, hehe at least I'm not the only one.. the only rule I'm careful not to break is drinking cold stuff cos it's really bad for recovery and I still have lochia. I've been trying to rest whenever baby sleeps...

hopecg, I wash my clothes separate from baby's. I use Dynamo Anti-bac on mine and Tollyjoy on his.

BTW, I find that baby sleeps better after I feed him ebm (about 2oz) and then let him latch a while to top up. He can sleep 4hrs straight after that. Just sharing
<font color="aa00aa">So all June mummies have popped ya.

We wash bb's clothes together with ours in the washing machine using milder detergent (Country Save). So far, so good.

Am glad that the weather is cooling these few days though last night was quite hot for me.

Have you started or finished your post-natal massage? I think if time &amp; help is available, it's good to indulge in one. My tummy is still quite big &amp; the massage helps to reduce it a little.</font>
Hope, ya, the spray really helps. I tore my stitches a little, hence the pain. Gynea gave me cream to apply, hope it heals soon.

Nat, when bb latch they dun really drink a lot cos they usually fall asleep...so ebm u control how much they drink. Full stomach naturally sleep longer. Better for mummies too, we can sleep longer.

Moi, I start my massage yest and wore binder till this morn. Tummy flatten quite a bit..less flabby. If can continue like this, my tummy will be flatter than pre-pregnancy. Yay !
Finished my massage already last week. Tummy still got a bit, leftover from #1 too as I am not that dilligent in wearing the binder, only wear 1 mth huhu.
Some more I look in the photos I look slimmer in #1 period becoz last time I have lots of water retention. This time as I suspect I have more fats! Huhuhu. Even though the weight difference is only 1 kg heavier this time before give birth and baby is 0.4 kg heavier some more huhu
<font color="aa00aa">prettibride,
U still can wear the binder overnight? I removed it after 5 hours max as I can't z &amp; nurse bb with the discomfort.

In addition, there's no way I can flatten my tummy totally due to poor muscle tone &amp; extra-huge pregnancy tummy. </font>

The rashes on my arms are almost gone. The rest are slowly getting abit less itchy but really need to diligently applying medication before it gets itchy.

Diaper rash cream works wonders!! I'm sure your butt acne will clear up. I noticed that the rash on my butt area got worsen due to the disposable undies which I was wearing earlier. So i stopped wearing them already. My skin must be sensitive to the fiber.


Rashes are a bit better. I still eat chicken leh...:p but not daily la..maybe every 3 days.
I have got the PUPPP. So I dunno if I shld start on my massage jus yet in case the oil they use itches my rash further? What do u all think?
Moi, I m still able to sit down n nurse my bb. 5hrs not enough to sweat it out. My binder will b wet with sweat when I removed it..that's wat makes it effective.

Anyway I still got a long way to go for my ideal weight. Need to lose another 17kg. Hopefully the bf-ing can help.
hi smilez,

yes, my gal drinks around 70ml now every two hours. issit a lot huh? how much your gal drink huh? think we our gals only different by one day only leh....

good to hear that your rashes are clearing up hehe think these two days weather are muchie better too hehee cooling with the rain ...P

hi nattan : guess we are in the modern age so we dun really care about all these confinement tinggy hhahahaa true i still believe in them but reasonable meausres leh hhehee

today is my first day massage leh hehehee
yeah my massage lady ask me to wear only 3 hrs leh...mi wear til 4.5 hrs before removing and go for a short bath...yeah right side still got a bit of pain from c-sec. Smilez : u started on your massage huh?

for me, the polyclinic is downstairs at less than 4 mins walk so my hubby felt is super convenient leh....for vacinnation ....

yo, ladies, jus wondering whether how do you all count end of confinement huh? cos tinking of goin temples to return offerings but wondering what should be the right date to count til huh?

hi ladies, jus wanna to ask
hi prettybride, breast feeding really helps losing weight..i lose more than 10 kgs now...yeah still got 6 more kgs to go....yeah but the older folks keep saying hor, dun diet leh...
Hopecg - I think end of confinement is 30 days fr delivery but as for how long the CL works, it's 28days fr the day they start work which is usually on the day u discharge fr hosp.

Bb circumcision - I think 1st mth mayb still can do. U can try to ask.

Btw, what is both u n prettibride talking abt on "bottom spray"? For wound? My wound still hurt when I move or walk. Can't use binder somemore also.

I haven't engage massage, dunno still can get or not. How long did u all with csec wait then start? Last time I waited 3-4wks.

My bb isn't drinking alot but he likes to sleep next to me at nite! Every nite when I put him back to his playpen, he will fuss n cry asking for milk! This is what Im afraid of! Exactly same as my #1 time till now still don't want to sleep by himself unlike my #2.

What did you do differently with no 2? How come no2 can sleep alone?

I didn't engage any massage too. In any case, since I ended up with a c sec, if I do want to go for massage will be at least after 3-4 weeks right? At the moment, still no plans yet.


If the binder is all wet with sweat, then maybe need to wash and dry it? If not like not very clean leh, to wear back over and over when it's so drenched with sweat?

I put on 17kg in total - today is Day 17 after delivery, I am around 6kg above my usual weight. BF definitely plays a part considering I am eating pretty well cos always hungry now.


It's not the oil that may irritate your PUPP. I think it's the after effect, all the sweat and heat that will irritate your PUPP. Proceed with caution!!


Yeah, our girls' date of birth very close. One after one. My girl also drinking 70ml every 2 hourly now. So she keeps waking up lor..Seriously, I'm dreading the night feeds man. Anyway, walk one step see one step.

Thank god the weather is cooler these few days. Dunno if today will rain again or not?

If your polyclinic so nearby, then it's very convenient for you guys to go there for the jabs!! Where are you staying BTW?

I didn't get any massage. :p I never really like having massages leh..the oily greasy feeling.
Ssmilezz - didn't really do anything diff purposely, it's more of bb himself. My #2 doesn't suckle to sleep, after he doze off fr bf, I can put him back into his playpen n he can sleep till next feed. No fuss most times, so now almost 2yrs old, he auto will request to b put into his bb cot to sleep or drink milk. My #1 n #3 will cry after I put them in playpen or cot even though they doZe off after bf but if sleep next to me, can sleep long with no fuss till next feed n ask for suckle all the time. My #2 also don't need pacifier at all!

Massage - I like massage but don't really like post natal type bvos it's greasy oily sweaty n smelly. Can't really bathe immediate or everyday n ve to put on the wrap for Afew hrs even if u bf, v uncomfortable but then still I find it help a lot with water retention, getting rid of wind n help with uterus contractions n release of blood clots. So I think I will still do it. What ever uncomfortable things i'm doin now or facing, I keep reminding myself "this is my last bb Liao!". Actually my hub has been saying this statement to console me since my bb #2 but then "oops!" came #3! I hope this time is really last! Haha!
i think it'll rain today! weather looks gloomy! it's been raining for a while nw.. this yr is water dragon year?? haha!

my binder the lady asked me to wear overnight! nv the kinda that can take off after a couple of hours.. but i dun sweat in it lei.. just v uncomfy w something round the waist and the oily bits.. hate it..

it's the mama earth bottom spray we are talking abt.. it's to spray at the bottom for relief. you want one? ha.. i still have the one bliss_ling reserved, but she din get back to me lei.. been a while, PM-ed her alr no reply.. who should i check w for the circumcision huh? PD?

polyclinic vaccination just as gd.. since so near to your place somemore, i will just go for poly clinic lo.. need to make quite a no of trips during first yr too
Smilez, I wash the binder every morn before my massage. So still ok. The cream my masseur use is not very oily...the hot feeling after wrap is actually quite shiok. I keep requesting her to put more.

2nd day after wrap, tummy shrink again..and I had urge to poo n let out gas. Think it should be the effects from the massage.

Anybody wan to go baby bellies , I have a $10 voucher to give away..just pm me.
Hopecg - u mean the spray is for baby? Or mummy who had epistomy ?

U can ask ur pd but not all pd does it. The pd who did for my kids r recommended by my Gynae but my pd also know this pd. this pd is specialize in urology.
hi gals, sorry to disturb, i'm from may 2012 thread and wanting to spree manduca carrier. if anyone interested can pm me? save about $70 compared to sg regular retail price. thanks alot!
The spray is for mummy who has episotomy.. Hmm you can gimme the PD contact? Perhaps I can call n ask the clinic direct?

Your massage n mine v diff lei.. Mine the binder must not be washed.. And there isn't really a hot sensation.. Just plain oily feeling.. And my binder needs to be put on overnight not like yours a few hrs only.. U sweat it out, I don't.. Hmm diff methods of jamu?
Understand ur feelings then. Must be very worried ...me too coz my girl warded iin NICU and premature...saw her skin so wrinkled and bony.

I think boys do drink more. Ur son so cute...scared no milk so drink more to store izit. My #1 also drank a lot . I think if they want just give coz breastmilk is easily digested.

Thanks for ur advice I manage to reduce my pump frequency to 4 hrly now... At first super pain need to than the engorgement then it seems to settle better. But every 4 hrly I can pump 4 bottles in 15 mins....faint. Dunno if my body calcium is depleting soon
Cyn here
Same sentiments. Feel so uncomfortable to bf feeling oily all over n smelling of ointment. But since last bb so just did it. Hehe what if oops a #4? Then u maximise the govt baby bonus
Mine w days earlier.
How have u been coping? Are u bf-ing your child? Im trying to manage my mik supply now.
Also thinking what to do for full month.
Lucky thing is I've been allowed to on aircon

Hi all!!

It has been slightly more than a week I had my C-sect. Congrats to all mommies who have popped. Looks like everyone's into moomoo mode now.

Nattan: Haha, actually I don't believe in "confinement"at all. I mean, sure, we had a surgery/ had just had a baby, and need sufficient rest. But we do not live in some cold part of China and if we do not move around more, how is anything going to heal and function?

When I had my first child, there was this mommy in the forum who really did not bathe/wash her hair for 30 days. She said her hb refused to go into the room after a week. This is tropical Singapore. Not bathing = encouraging germs to thrive, no?

Ssmilez: Postpartum rash. Gosh, this time round I really am suffering from rashes. Beside calamine, is there anything that can help?? I am now really dreading the wrapping. I recall having rashes the last time I had it down. Am considering not wrapping.

Sunbelle: The cost of vaccination is 4 times lower at the polyclinic?? That is a lot of difference! We took our #1 to our GP for his jabs. She is so efficient at it we usually do not even realise that the jab has been administered until he started to wail for like 5 seconds.

I have a question. I gained 11kg throughout the entire pregnancy. It has been 10 days and I have lost about 8kg. I am wondering if this is way too fast. I thought that since it took me 9 months to gain 11kg, it will take me about that long to lose it as well. Any one has any ideas to share?