(2012/06) Jun 2012

btw adeline, u were saying that you are going to look through your cuz's glen E hospital bill huh? so are we charged for disposable underwear, pads and all? or first pack free?

if chargeable then i bring my own...

Hi Kadice,
It was charged for my cousin so she is going to query them. I found out from the nurses that (22pcs) of Huggies diapers & baby wipes are complimentary.
No mentioned abt disposable underwears or pads, so I am bringing my own.
Did u sign for a single room package?

Fleur is at GlenE now, she can advice us later when she has rested well.
Fleur, can u advice us? Thks!
Adeline: totally unprepared. We were expecting after he is back then maybe few days later she might be ready. Really god's timing. 2.7kg
Jolene, I came in glen's at 3am. Constant n strong contractions bag burst at home.
16Hr labor End up csec. Failed vbac. Dilation stopped @ 6cm. Given drip to increase contractions n push bb down. After being stuck at 6cm from 2pm-6pm, gynae say csec. Cause too long labor scared old wound rupture, also scared if natural, uterus may be too tired to contract which will can hemorrhage
lili >my gynae also sy no induce n bb mus b below 3kg to try vbac for me. My bb is alrdy 2.9kg, so i tink i cant opt for vbac liao. Bt my last visit, he sy if i really wan2 try, thn he wil jus let me go into labor naturally n wil monitor the csec wound closely. Any sign of tearing, i wil b pushed into op immediately. Sound abit scary to me. So i m really in a dilemma.
Petrina, u feeling ok ma? Saw ur fb updates... Is your bladder torn caused by Vbac? No matter what, do rest well k.. Do upload baby phebe picture when possible
@petrina how you gave birth? My daughter arrived at 2.14am yesterday.

Had to injection on my thigh for my back pain but it only lasted for 3 hours where I had a good rest before all the action and drama. It helps I guess. I didn't use Epidural

Are u feeling ok? Dont feel so down k? You tried your best and most imptly your girl is safe and sound. Now focus on getting well and recovering. If u need to talk or let go, we are here. Take care!!


So you haven't decided what to do next? When is the latest u need to let yr gynae know?


Congrats! How big is your girl? Have a good rest too!!
many mummies seem to have given birth...most seem to be early??

petrina, cheer up...most imptly both baby and you are safe

jolene, congrats to you too!

We're in the same dilemma! My gynae only mentioned about no induce for vbac but never say anything for weight though..
<font color="aa00aa">My gynae always measure the fetal height and press my tummy before she do ultrasound scan during routine visits. Guess she's trying to feel baby's position.

My baby is still in transverse position. Hope he'll turn his head down as I'm approaching 38 weeks.</font>
Whao! Congrats to all the mummies that have given birth! I m bored to tears at home! I m coming 39 weeks this fri and no signs of contractions. Bb is engaged since 2 weeks ago and she is already 3.5 kg last sat.I m really worried that I can't deliver naturally due to her size. My bump is really big now!
chris, which wk r u at now? wt is very subjective right? cos their machine estimation might not be so accurate. me also hoping for vbac but of cos scared rupture. but i hate the cut open feeling. so i think i'll still try natural first then emergency c-sect later if anything happens. kp my gynae on his toes i guess.

petrina, must be hard on you. last time mine also stuck at 6cm. hopefully this time will move. is it due to our c-sect wound which is not so elastic that's why bb stuck? did u hv epidural? most imptly, glad you and baby are well! congrats!

jolene, congrats! u r really brave without epidural. and good size!
minnzo, same here! bored to tears!! being bored caused me to do more online shopping and thats SO evil! haha. when is ur next checkup? you going to induce?

I'll be 39 weeks on Mon too. Also not engaged and my girl is 3.5kg too. Now just waiting for home relaxing! Is this yr no 1? My bump is massive I tell you.


It's ok la we can still chit chat here. Keep ourselves occupied for now. Haha


Is there still time for yr baby to turn down? Enough space?


Haha a lot of numbers combi to buy for this weekend 4D draw. Wish u luck!!


Try to get as much rest as you can. You must have really overworked your body.
Hi mummies, I just gave birth on 5th May 2012, and had tried to use Medela Freestlyle to pump, but well… first, my supply is not perfect, and I feel that Freestyle is not suitable for me.. Thus, im selling it away. I’ve used a couple of times since I gave birth… Can email me at [email protected] if interested.

2nd hand set selling for $450 includes:
• 1 - Freestyle pump
• 1 - Lithium ion battery
• 1 - AC adaptor/charger
• 2 - Medium (24 mm) PersonalFit™ breastshields
• 2 - Large (27 mm) PersonalFit breastshields
• 2 - Freestyle breastshield connector bodies
• 1 - Set of tubing
• 2 - Membranes
• 1 - Hands-free accessory kit
• Instructions for use
Breastfeeding Information Guide
• 1 - Insulated cooler bag and ice pack (UNUSED)
• 1 - Black microfiber tote bag (UNUSED)
• 4 - 5 oz/150 mL BPA-free breastmilk bottles and lids (I’ve used the one from the box but will include 6 brand new medela bottles that I’ve gotten extra instead)

Jasmine: my next check up is this sat. Dr nvr mention anything about inducing and I nvr ask too. Haha... I guess will just have to wait. I like watching online drama but dunno why recently will get headache and need to nap a while after watching one episode only... Guess my gal dont like drama?!?! Lol

Ssmilezz: yes, this is my no one... My bump is huge too!! Can't sleep well at night... I need to wake up every 1-2 hrs to pee and drink water!!! Such a torture.... Bb is also torturing me by turning my tummy square shape and round and square again!!!
Lili girl

Yup. Just started my leave at 38weeks+ which was yesterday.


Just do abit of chores here and there. Then rest abit. Then find food to fill our tummies then rest again. Must take advantage of this ME time while we can.


Haha. I also like watching online dramas. So I keep myself busy watching shows but usually i can't sit thru the entire one hour episode now. Maybe watch half hour max.

I also wake up like every 2-3 hours to pee and drink water now. your girl sounds just like mine leh. Super active moving inside. Think she's very comfy inside still.

When is your EDD? Should be just a few days before mine - 18 jun.
minzo &amp; smilezz, yah... doing some last minutes packing here and there. but tummy kept getting strong contractions. minnzo! my girl also torturing me by turning my tummy into square shape hahaha... buay tahan lo....

U having contractions now? How often? Getting worse?

Our girls all like super active hor.

Man, it's so hot at home. I have two fans blasting at me - still hot.
congrats to those who hv delivered their bb.
me oso delivered on 2june late afternoon. i only start my ML on 30 May and i basically go out jalan as much as i can. cos now confinement got to stuck at home. hv been taking confinement food from natal essential. i must said the dishes is not bad. but if you guys order from them too.. must tell them to exclude chicken from the menu for first 2 wks. cos they served chicken on my 2nd day menu liao. heard that first 2 wks cannot eat chicken if got wound. i got stitches below.
yesterday bring bb go chk jaundice, lvl at 10.5. so got to sunbath him at hm and give him drink as much as he can.
smilez, my contraction was quite irregular but was pretty strong last night that i only slept at 4am. almost teared when i got the shooting pain right down to my pubic bone there. anyone experience this?

i think our tummy have limited space for them le. my baby is 3.3 - 3.4kg as of Monday. Im trying to control my diet now cos my first child was close to 3.9kg and it really was a torture.
jasmine &amp; ssmilezz, no wonder time passes so slow cos u r on ML already! hahahaa... such a drag waiting for bb to quickly come right? me in 37th wk tmr already feeling impatient.. bu nai fan.

jasmine, started already? timed yet?
lili gal, i doubt its the real contraction. Could be just Braxton Hicks. It was quite irregular though with back pain, shooting pain, groin pain.. COMBO! haha
Congrats to all mummies who have given birth already. Do rest well. Its a pretty hot month to have confinement, hope it will get better.

Went for my 37th week check yesterday. Bb 2.3kg head down but not engaged yet, gynea says still alot of water inside, i'm hoping bb will at least gain 200g every week till delivery, but nowadays the weight of my belly is just killing me.

I starting to have stomach cramps more often. Almost forgot how it felt like to have period cramps.

Smilezz: I'm also blasting the fan right now. My aircon started raining ice last night, thankfully hubby got woken and cleaned up the mess, can't imagine slipping on melted ice when i go to the toilet in the middle of the night. Hopefully can get the aircon repaired before i deliver, else my confinement will be hell.

Hopecg: For the spray, is it ok if you mail it to me instead? Lately i'm feeling too lethargic to go out. sorrie. Let me know how much to pay you for the postage k. Thanks a mil!
rellako, u having BH? wow... 3.9kg natural or c-sect? mine was 3.5kg last time and had to be c-sect. u take care yah? and update update!

xiao wei, 2.3kg good size. mine was tat wt at wk34! i m hoping she's out by early wk38.
Haha such vivid description! Your #1 nv keep you occupied?? Mine's keeping all 3 on our toes! Myself, helper and my mum! Dont know how to divide job scope later when Bb comes along! Haha

Gonna start taking e breastpump to see if need replacement parts liao.. The standard thing is to change the membrane right? Anything else? For Medela pisa
Lili gal, normal birth with assisted delivery. Really tough man.

Xiaowei, if water level goes down does it imply that delivery is around the corner? My Gynae also say my water still enough but I don't really know what does it meant...

Hopecg, #1 having school holiday. Everyday got gaigai with MIL. He is 4 now, pretty much have his own activities. Sometimes he will ignore me, ask me don't disturb him hahaha

Think you need to have specific roles - like a job description. haha..then each person will know who do what. haha...


wah! 3.9kg?! So how was your labour experience for no 1? You should be more well prepared given that this is your second.

I haven't been eating a lot more but yet baby is still gaining without me doing anything!!! I was telling my hubby i think even if i breathe, i put on weight now. LOL!!

It's the pain shooting down the back that really irritates me.

Xiao Wei

Typically at each visit, baby is gaining around 200g - 300g weekly so not to worry k?

Try to arrange for your aircon servicing while u are at home. We will definitely need aircon to survive.

I ended up switching on aircon liao..cannot take it...just too humid and I'm getting heat rash.


Congrats to you too!!
At least you did get one or two days break before you delivered. Hope you are coping well at home. You ordered Natal Essentials for the entire month? Do share your birth story if you have time.


Hmm...i think i'll miss my girl's movement when she's out so Im telling myself to enjoy this bond while it lasts.

Not that bored la, i can find things to occupy myself. When are you starting your ML?

Aiyoh, your boy very independent yah? Is he looking forward to meeting his mei mei?

How long did your first one take? I think pushing out a 3.9kg baby is no joke. Got to really salute you!!

I don't think less water means it's time. It just means that there is a higher chance the doc might want to induce instead. Cos I have quite a few friends who had to be induced as the water level is insufficient.

I dunno what makes the water level low but based on my last visit on Tues, gynae says there's still more than enough water inside.
Rellako: Coz my bb's weight is on the lower side, gynea say as long as theres alot of water, it means that bb is not starving, so no cause for worry. He say prob hereditary since me and hubby also small - medium build. If water getting lesser then need to get bb out le, if not bb dont get enough nutrients the weight will start to drop.

liligal: I'm hoping for him to be out around 39weeks so hopefully by then he will be around 2.8kg. Was hoping for slightly above 3 so that he's easier to manage. Haha. But i'll let nature take its course, wont stuff myself silly with durians.
ssmilezz, me cnt wait to hv her out! i always preferred to hv bb outside vs inside. hahaha... me working from home starting tmr until the day i pop then ML starts. good arrangement. hehehee.. but hoping she'll want to come out soon in wk38.

xiaowei, i'm trying to do the reverse! how to ensure she is small. i hope to hv her ard 2.7-2.8kg only. wat's the reverse of durians? mangosteens? hahaha..
<font color="aa00aa">The baby swallows the amniotic fluid, and sufficient amount of it will ensure that baby is well-cushioned and umbilical cord will still float around.</font>
Smilez, every pregnancy is different and I'm still having jitters though it's my second. First labour took around 18 hours, was nausea and vomitted. Back breaking as well cos it's a big baby. My #1 4 years old already, so tink pretty much easier to handle. He do keep candies for his Meimei. Haha.

Xiaowei, oh I see. No worries so long Gynae didn't say raise any concern. Too much durian also not good.. Will caused high bp and gd. Let nature takes it's course.
ya. i order confinement food for lunch and dinner from natal essential for 28days. very ex lor. but bo bian, don't wan my mom to cook separate and 2x.

hmm.. my birth story very short one.
sat 5am, having contraction but irregular. bo chap cos got a few times the contraction disappeared after 5hrs.

830 am go out breakfast with my boys and then proceed to their childcare for PTC at 9am. still feeling contraction but din really time and some more oso very irregular.

at 12noon +, tell my hubby, this may be it, cos after so many hrs, there's still contraction. so we pack bait here and there. called my mom to come back take care of my boys.

left for TMC at 2pm. on the expressway jam. lucky only jam awhile cos of accident, still joke with my hubby the other side of the expressway jam even worst than our side.
reach hospital almost around 2.45pm. wana wait for hubby to do admition first b4 go ob ward. but the staff is so slow there, so we proceed to go lvl 2 ob ward first.

at ob ward, b4 midwife do CE, i said i wan EPI
midwife do CE and shocked tat i'm already 9cm dilated and suggest tat i don't take since already can deliver. of cos me oso shocked. i thought only 3-4 cm and got to wait for few hrs for dilation. so i thought since already 9cm and i wanna try drug free, so no epi. midwife quick moved me to the delivery ward and then wait for my gynae to come from the OT nearby doing c-sec.

gynae come 1 hr later and i'm ready to push, cos got the urge to push is strong when contraction come. after 5-6 pushes, my heaviest bb delivered at 3.620kg.
<font color="aa00aa">angtay,
Thanks for sharing. This is one of the most perfect drug-free birth stories that most of us would want to have.


Amazing man! U must have a super high threshold of pain and looks like practice does make perfect (given that this is no 3!). Not easy given that your baby is not a small one too!
Thanks for sharing.

How are you finding the quality of food so far from Natal Essentials?


Good that your boy is looking forward to his mei mei coming out soon. So cute of him to keep candies for her.

Xiao Wei

Don't stuff yourself silly with durians la. Better to eat like more protein. In any case, how well the baby grows really depends on how good the blood flow is to help baby absorb all the nutrients.


then for your case u need to do everything u can to bring on labour naturally. haha..talk to your baby everyday.

I just realized that there are many experienced mummies here! One after one popping!
Hi Redtea, thanks for sharing.. think you're indeed very blessed to have such a smooth drug-free delivery! Congratulations! Let's all hope we can achieve this!
RedTea: cool leh...seems fast and little pain.think everyone hopes that their deliveries would be this fast!

actually we would not know even if we are dilated right?
Ssmilez: No la I won't. Haha... I don't fancy durians also. Let nature takes it course. Hope my BM power enough that when he is out I can fatten him up. Keke

Redtea: Wow, did you feel pain when u had your contractions? I'm amazed you could still go about your daily activities till u were 9cm dilated. So lucky

Hi mummies, any suggestion or where can I buy those colourful mobile for graco pack &amp; play pen? Been hunting around but no luck as mostly are for cots.